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110 年 - 110 關務特種考試_三等_各科別:英文#98163 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1 Several stylish  _______ can be found on the chairs on display, even though one could easily recognize the prototype.
(A) visionaries
(B) variations
(C) vocations
(D) valuations

2.2 Our manager often meditates for about twenty minutes right in his office; afterwards, one could clearly see that he has this _______ look on his face.
(A) radiate
(B) radish
(C) radiant
(D) ragged

3.3 The robber _______ ran into the police when he was just about to turn around a corner where he was trying to escape with his raid.
(A) immensely
(B) implicitly
(C) incidentally
(D) indifferently

4.4 Chemotherapy did not make John feel better. Instead, his health started to _______   soon after.
(A) underscore
(B) illustrate
(C) deteriorate
(D) stimulate

5.5 The journalist was finally caught _______   all the stories he had made up for the newspaper he worked for.
(A) dazzling
(B) equating
(C) fabricating
(D) greasing

6. 6 Even in the face of personal  _______ , she does not see herself as totally defeated. She does what she can to make the world a better place.
(A) adversity
(B) contribution
(C) denomination
(D) opulence

7. 7 Although many people still view Bosnia with  _______ , its dramatic landscapes and singular history are making it an increasingly popular destination.
(A) ingenuity
(B) proximity
(C) revelation
(D) trepidation

8. 8 What you are getting now is a  _______ schedule for events in the coming year, which should be finalized by the end of this month.
(A) permanent
(B) tentative
(C) terminal
(D) deviating

9. 9 When traveling along the coast, we  _______  across the ruins of an old fort and enjoyed the historical site.
(A) sneaked
(B) skipped
(C) scrambled
(D) stumbled

10.10 Your visa expired 7 months ago. It is not  _______  anymore. You need to apply for a new one.
(A) vacant
(B) valid
(C) variable
(D) verified

11.請依下文回答第 11 題至第 15 題
        A significant event that marked me indelibly occurred when I was twelve. That year my school held a music   11   and I was one of the students chosen to play the piano. I managed to get up the steps to the stage without any problem, but as I walked across the stage, I fell. Out of the audience, a voice said loudly and clearly, “Ayah! A baikah shouldn't be allowed to perform in public” I got up before anyone could get on stage to help me and, with tears   12   uncontrollably down my face, I rushed to the piano and began to play. Beethoven's “Fur Elise” had never been played so   13   fast before or since, but I managed to finish the whole piece. That I managed to do so made me feel really strong. I never again feared   14   . In later years I was reminded of this experience from time to time. During my fourth year as an assistant professor at the University of California at Berkeley, I won a   15   teaching award.

(A) citadel
(B) recital
(C) script
(D) score

(A) blurring
(B) rising
(C) fleeing
(D) streaming

(A) fiendishly
(B) categorically
(C) adversely
(D) transiently

(A) research
(B) rigor
(C) ridicule
(D) rebellion

(A) distinguished
(B) distinguishing
(C) extinguished
(D) extinguishing

16.請依下文回答第 16 題至第 20 題
        For most pet lovers, pets are parts of the family. For some, pets are even more important than family members. They see pets as indispensable partners, and spoil and love them as much as or more than parents do their kids. Therefore, their mission in life becomes   16  their pet’s well-being, and making sure they stay healthy and active.
        For instance, pet lovers often wish to   17   what their pets do when they are away. In order to   18   their pets, a new technology called a “smart collar” was developed. This wearable  19   enables pet owners to follow their pets’ activities. It can also observe pets’ health and exercise habits. Voyce Health Monitor, which collects health information about a dog, is an example.
        In addition to following pets’ behavior and gathering pets’ health information, some products feature a microphone and built-in speaker which allow pet owners to communicate with their pets when they are not present. The   20   in technology have made the relationship between pets and their owners more convenient and accessible.

(A) looking after
(B) looking away
(C) looking down
(D) looking up

(A) maintain
(B) migrate
(C) monitor
(D) moderate

(A) get rid of
(B) do justice to
(C) keep track of
(D) make way for

(A) component
(B) device
(C) inventory
(D) issue

(A) advances
(B) impediments
(C) responses
(D) fulfillments

21.請依下文回答第 21 題至第 25 題
        A Tokyo-bound flight made a U-turn while flying over the Pacific Ocean and returned to Los Angeles because one passenger, for reasons still unclear, had boarded the wrong flight. All Nippon Airways Flight 175 left the Los Angeles International Airport at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday Pacific Standard Time, spent about eight hours in the air and landed back in California just after 7:30 p.m., majorly inconveniencing its passengers, including model Chrissy Teigen, who live-tweeted the “flight to nowhere” to her 9.2 million followers. Teigen, who was traveling with her husband John Legend, wrote on Twitter that the plane was turned around about four hours into the flight. The Twitter world watched in amusement as Teigen kept her followers updated on the ordeal, which apparently involved an hours-long wait at the airport, unanswered questions, some police presence and a microwaveable Ramen meal.
        The incident involved two brothers, one of whom was an authorized All Nippon Airways, or ANA, passenger while the other had a United Airlines ticket, Transportation Security Administration spokesman Mike England said.
        The brothers, who were not identified, went through security screening without incident and had valid passports and boarding passes. Both were headed to Tokyo and were scheduled to leave around the same time. Both ended up on the ANA flight even though only one of them was an authorized passenger. It remains unclear how that happened. The airline said the decision to turn around was part of a security procedure.
        Weather concerns, mechanical problems, medical issues and terrorist threats are among the common reasons for diverting a plane. Others are unusual, but not unheard of.
        In 2015, for example, a British Airways flight flew back to Heathrow Airport just 30 minutes into the seven-hour flight to Dubai because of an overwhelming odor coming from the lavatory. A similar incident happened earlier this year, when a SpiceJet flight headed to New Delhi was diverted because of a “very foul smell” coming from the lavatory.

【題組】21 What is the main subject of this passage?
(A) Airline customer complaints.
(B) Violent treatment.
(C) Unusual flights.
(D) Client-oriented services.

22.【題組】22 What is the main reason for the ANA flight to turn back to Los Angeles?
(A) The famous model Chrissy Teigen attracted 9.2 million followers on Twitter.
(B) The Security Administration Mike England needed to investigate the two brothers.
(C) The airline was required to check the overwhelming odor in the lavatory.
(D) One of the two brothers boarded ANA with a United Airlines ticket.

23.【題組】23 Which of the following statements best describes the author's opinion about the flight turning back?
(A) Flight delay is not acceptable.
(B) It sounds ridiculous but unavoidable.
(C) It is a second-best solution.
(D) The passengers should fight for their rights.

24.【題組】24 Which of the following reasons for diverting a plane has been mentioned in this passage?
(A) Toilet problems.
(B) Police presence.
(C) Publicity stunts.
(D) Twitter updates.

25.【題組】25 What can be inferred from the passage?
(A) Most causes of flight delay are beyond control of airlines.
(B) Passengers on board are aware of what they should not do.
(C) Long-haul passengers might get extravagant compensations.
(D) To fly fast and on schedule is the top priority for all airlines.

26.一、英譯中:請將下列英文句子譯成中文。(15 分)
 Throughout human history, there have been a number of pandemics of diseases such as smallpox and tuberculosis. The most fatal pandemic in recorded history was the Black Death(also known as The Plague), which killed an estimated 75–200 million people in the 14th century. Current pandemics include COVID-19 and AIDS.

27.二、中譯英:請將下列中文句子譯成英文。(15 分)
長榮海運貨櫃船在蘇伊士運河擱淺,之後運河堵住了 6 天,其他船隻 無法繞行長賜輪。此運河是世界上最繁忙的貿易路線之一,其阻塞對 歐洲與亞洲及中東之間的貿易產生了重大影響。(長賜輪:the Ever Given)

28.三、英文作文:(20 分)
Write an English composition in about 200 words on one of the environmental issues in Taiwan. Identify the problem, propose a solution, and imagine its consequence. Give a title to your composition to attract the reader’s attention.



30. 關於「集村」與「散村」的敘述,下列何者正確? (A)集村與散村皆屬於鄉村聚落 (B)散村的住宅分布較密集,集村的住宅分布較分散 (C)集村聚落...

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110 年 - 110 關務特種考試_三等_各科別:英文#98163-阿摩線上測驗

110 年 - 110 關務特種考試_三等_各科別:英文#98163