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110 年 - 110 關務特種考試_四等_各科別:英文#98290 

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1. 1 Don't pay too much attention to such a _____ thing. Instead, you should focus on important issues.
(A) cautious
(B) crucial
(C) trivial
(D) valid

2. 2 A human eye includes a controlling _____ which can increase or reduce the amount of light entering the eye.
(A) panel
(B) detector
(C) organism
(D) mechanism

3. 3 _____ speaking, doing exercise every day can help people get stronger and healthier.
(A) Proudly
(B) Generally
(C) Independently
(D) Pessimistically

4. 4 Please arrive 20 minutes earlier for your scheduled _____. For cancelation, please let the front desk know two hours in advance.
(A) announcement
(B) appointment
(C) assembly
(D) argument

5. 5 “Poor-quality sleep puts individuals at _____ increased risk of developing high blood pressure,” said Susan Redline, M.D.
(A) improvingly
(B) importantly
(C) significantly
(D) conventionally

6. 6 _____ place first in 1954 and then opened to international competitors in 1960, the Macau Grand Prix has been a firm favorite on the racing circuit ever since.
(A) Ultimate
(B) Making
(C) Taking
(D) Preliminary

7. 7 We should never _____ to the enemy known as addiction. Once we give in, we give ourselves up.
(A) surrender
(B) resign
(C) withdraw
(D) decline

8. 8 The hotel was full and the owner consented to give us a discount, _____ we would put up with the inconvenience of all four of us sleeping in one room.
(A) despite
(B) concerning
(C) provided
(D) regardless

9. 9 Matthew did not show up for the midterm exam. His professor issued a written _____ to inform him that if he misses the make-up exam and final exam, he will be failed.
(A) warning
(B) judgement
(C) support
(D) permission

10.10 The heavy rains have eroded the riverbank, so all the roots of the trees and bushes are now _____.
(A) exported
(B) excelled
(C) expelled
(D) exposed

11.11 The manager knows how to pay _____ to his staff and improve their relationship.
(A) compliments
(B) complaints
(C) committees
(D) competitions

12.請依下文回答第 12 題至第 16 題
        The Buddhist attitude towards death is fundamentally conditioned by a belief in reincarnation.   12    Hindus, Buddhists believe that, after death, the soul is reborn in another body. The kind of body and the station of life into which the individual is reborn   13   upon the kind of life he or she led previously. Those who led virtuous lives and attained merit are reborn into conditions that allow them to practice even greater virtue and to achieve a yet more   14   incarnation. The   15      also holds true; those who lead depraved lives can suffer a series of rebirths, each lower and more wretched than the last. This process is not endless, however. The soul seeks the upward path, and after innumerable incarnations can, through meditation and contemplation, become aware of the universal meaning of things. The Buddha is released from the cycle of death and rebirth,   16   the forms and changes of the material universe, and dwells forever in a timeless, formless, and unchanging state known as Nirvana.

(A) In addition to
(B) In common with
(C) Likewise
(D) Same of

(A) depend
(B) keep
(C) switch
(D) turn

(A) advanced
(B) retarded
(C) conditioned
(D) defected

(A) significance
(B) difference
(C) diversion
(D) reverse

(A) follows
(B) detaches
(C) embodies
(D) transcends

17.請依下文回答第 17 題至第 20 題
        An experimental Ebola drug healed all 18 monkeys infected with the deadly virus in a study,   17   hopes that the treatment might help fight the outbreak raging through west Africa — once more of it can be made. The monkeys were given the drug, ZMapp, three to five days after they were infected with the virus and when most were showing symptoms. It is not known how well the drug would work in people, who can take up to 21 days to show symptoms and are not infected   18   the lab monkeys were. Several experts said it is not possible to   19   a window of opportunity for treating people, but that it was encouraging that the animals   20   when treated even after advanced disease developed.

(A) crushing
(B) reducing
(C) deleting
(D) boosting

18.【題組】 18
(A) with
(B) against
(C) the place
(D) the way

19.【題組】 19
(A) conclude
(B) broadcast
(C) estimate
(D) isolate

20.【題組】 20
(A) progressed
(B) regressed
(C) recovered
(D) prevented

21.請依下文回答第 21 題至第 25 題
        There is an app for everything these days. You have a mobile app for waking you up in the morning to one that lets you play music from your favorite play store, read the news and watch the latest TV serials. But what is it that makes an app truly great and keep users from removing it from their devices later on? The   21      for developers who create these apps is pretty fierce. Studies show an app that doesn't keep users interested would be   22   within the first three days. It is important to understand that people share things which evoke positive emotion or provide them with good experiences. A mobile app that offers value is also likely to be recommended by a friend or acquaintance more. If you want your app to be shared a lot after   23   , ask yourself some questions: Does your app offer something your target audience will like? Does it have anything worth sharing? You also need to avoid   24    your users by giving them unnecessary features, advertisements, or untimely push notifications. Another important tip is always to test your app on real users, which can help you pinpoint annoyances and use them as a basis to improve your product. Anything from connectivity to navigation that makes users experience inconvenience in any way is a   25   . How successful your product is depends on your users. You need to look out for anything that might prompt users to abandon your app.

(A) communication
(B) competition
(C) cooperation
(D) consideration

22.【題組】 22
(A) uninstalling
(B) installing
(C) installed
(D) uninstalled

23.【題組】 23
(A) launch
(B) purchase
(C) production
(D) lease

24.【題組】 24
(A) pleasing
(B) annoying
(C) informing
(D) testing

25.【題組】 25
(A) kind gesture
(B) positive attitude
(C) quick solution
(D) red flag

26.請依下文回答第 26 題至第 30 題
         In contrast to other host cities who have often taken on the Olympic Games without clear objectives, the organizers of the Barcelona Olympics set one major goal: the transformation of Barcelona into one of Europe's great centers of tourism and business. For this reason, the organizers worked to   26   the direct costs of hosting the Games while focusing their investment on improvements that would benefit the city for years to come. The construction of sports venues   27   less than 10% of the construction costs; the rest of the money went to expanding roads, green spaces, housing, hotels, and business centers. Most notably, the Olympic Village was built to reconnect the city with its waterfront; an attractive port was added, and over two miles of beaches were created. In terms of its direct profit from the Games, Barcelona had a modest surplus of about $5 million.   28   , the positive effects in future years were immense. The improvements to the waterfront and roads greatly improved the quality of life. Furthermore, the Olympics helped   29   Barcelona from an often-overlooked city to a prime destination for tourism and business. In 1990, it was ranked as only the 11th-best European city to do business in, but by 2011 it had   30    to number four. Tourism doubled, and the Olympics generated over 20,000 permanent jobs for the city.

(A) minimize
(B) dismiss
(C) suspend
(D) shorten

(A) put down
(B) accounted for
(C) was made from
(D) was composed of

(A) In the meantime
(B) Inversely
(C) As a result
(D) On the other hand

(A) transform
(B) migrate
(C) transmit
(D) initiate

(A) descended
(B) soared
(C) alighted
(D) merged

31.請依下文回答第 31 題至第 35 題
        Researchers have found interesting facts about birth order. Psychologists say many firstborns face pressure to succeed from their parents. They tend to be the parents' main focus until a brother or sister is born. These facts may help explain why firstborn children tend to be high achieving. Firstborns tend to score higher on intelligence tests and are usually taller and healthier than siblings born after them. Firstborns tend to be highly successful. More than half of all members of Congress are firstborns, as have been many U.S. presidents.
        Studies show middle children can feel lost in a family because they have to deal with parents on the one hand and with siblings on the other. This position often helps them learn to negotiate conflicts. It can help make them highly competitive. They are often less self-confident than their siblings and are the most likely to get into arguments and become rebels.
        Researchers has shown that youngest children can be the focus of the rest of the family, but sometimes feel lost while the focus is on older children. They tend to be the most emotionally sensitive siblings. That may be why many of them draw attention to themselves with humor or artistic interests. This fact may help explains why many youngest children become artists or performers.
        Not everyone, however, agrees that birth order is important. For example, Serena Williams says she is motivated by sibling rivalry, not birth order. "No one gets more motivated than [Venus], her sister, because I don't want her to catch up with me."

【題組】31 Why do first children tend to be high achievers?
(A) Their parents usually focus on them a lot.
(B) They learn to deal with their parents and siblings.
(C) Their parents force them to be.
(D) They need to compete with the youngest for attention.

32.【題組】32 Which of the following words is closest in meaning to "rebels"?
(A) Supporters.
(B) Criminals.
(C) Fighters.
(D) Gangsters.

33.【題組】33 Which of the following traits does NOT describe firstborns?
(A) Highly intelligent.
(B) Healthier than their siblings.
(C) Artistic.
(D) Highly successful.

34.【題組】34 What does Serena Williams' statement mean?
(A) Her achievements connect closely to her birth order.
(B) Her success is driven more by sibling competitiveness.
(C) She is forced by her sister to become successful while she only wants to stay normal.
(D) She does not like her sister to steal her thunder on the tennis court.

35.【題組】35 What is the main idea of this passage?
(A) One’s birth order may say something about one’s personality to some extent.
(B) One’s personality is determined solely and completely by birth order.
(C) One's siblings usually have a negative influence on one’s personality.
(D) It is always a blessing to be born first and to have a sibling.

36.請依下文回答第 36 題至第 40 題
        The idea of parallel universes, worlds that exist side by side along with our own, used to be viewed with suspicion by scientists as being the realm of cranks and at best, mystics. Any scientists who dared to work on parallel universes were often subject to ridicule.
        However, the tide has turned dramatically today and the issue of parallel universes has come to fascinate scientists well beyond mere speculation. Physicists and astronomers around the world are now wondering what parallel universes may look like and how they were born. It has been postulated that parallel universes occupy the same space as our own in some ghostly manner.
        Like our own universe, a parallel universe is an intersection of time and space and contains matter, stars, galaxies, and living things. In other words, parallel universes are very similar to our own. There may be human beings who are duplicates of ourselves. Furthermore, they are connected to us multidimensionally through mechanisms explainable only by the theory of quantum physics. Normally, parallel universes do not interact with each other. However, some scientists believe that at times the so-called wormholes may open up, making it possible to communicate and travel between them.
        It is very likely that our universe is not alone at all. Instead, it is one of many possible parallel universes. Still, some scientists smugly refuse to admit that parallel universes or dimensions can exist next to ours, just beyond our grasp.

【題組】36 Which of the following statements is NOT true according to this passage?
(A) Some scientists still do not believe the existence of parallel universes.
(B) Matter and living things are not likely to exist within a parallel universe.
(C) Quantum physics can be used to explain multidimensional connections.
(D) The idea of parallel universes was not supported by scientists in the past.

37.【題組】 37 Which of the following words is closest in meaning to the word “duplicates”?
(A) Copies.
(B) Hostages.
(C) Fantasies.
(D) Acquaintances.

38.【題組】 38 What function are wormholes believed to perform by some scientists?
(A) Offering the channel for communication.
(B) Blocking the possibility of multidimensional travel.
(C) Acting as the mechanism that explains quantum physics.
(D) Interfering with parallel universes in some ghostly manner.

39.【題組】 39 Where is a parallel universe most likely to be found according to this passage?
(A) A system where no wormhole exists.
(B) The same space as our own universe.
(C) A plane in which galaxies can be found.
(D) The birthplace of physicists and astronomers.

40.【題組】 40 What is the main purpose of this passage?
(A) To analyze the origin of parallel universes and to discover how they were formed.
(B) To prove the existence of parallel universes and to argue against all the opposite beliefs.
(C) To show the difference between parallel universes and wormholes and to explain its reasons.
(D) To reveal various attitudes toward the idea of a parallel universe and to introduce its basic nature.

41.請依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題
        I got sick last July with a crushing flu-like illness, and since then I have suffered from insomnia, day chills and night sweats, nausea, debilitating fatigue, low blood sugar, low appetite, shooting pain, anxiety, and more. This is why you have not seen me around much. I have had to cancel or turn down so much of my work and have missed so many friend and family experiences. I have seen eight doctors, two acupuncturists, and an herbalist. Finally one month ago I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. 
        Lyme disease, first reported in the town of Lyme, Connecticut, in 1975, is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Borrelia Burgdorferi, which is transmitted to humans by ticks. Usually, the tick must be attached for 24 to 48 hours to transmit infection. One of the signs of infection is a “bull’s eye” rash, a sign that bacteria are multiplying in the bloodstream. The rash is neither itchy nor painful, and about 25-50% of infected people do not develop a rash. I never had this bull’s eye rash, and I was never aware of a tick bite last summer. Ticks are very tiny and most people with Lyme disease have no memory of a tick bite. Besides the rash, early symptoms include fever, sore throat, headache and fatigue, many of which are common in other diseases. These are why the disease is often misdiagnosed. I’ve been misdirected by doctors for the past ten months. I just learned that May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Here is some more information we all need to know.
        Lyme disease is estimated to affect 300,000 people a year in the United States. Infections are most common in the spring and early summer. Lyme disease is best treated in the early stages. Early treatment is a simple 14 to 21 day course of oral antibiotics to eliminate infection. If it is not diagnosed and treated early, the bacteria can spread and go into hiding in different parts of the body. Months or years later, patients may develop problems with the brain and nervous system.
        I’d like to thank everyone close to me who has been a huge support. I have been receiving antibiotic treatment for one week and hoping for the best recovery. Late Lyme detection makes the disease difficult to treat and heal, but I am hopeful.

【題組】41 What is the author's main purpose to write this passage?
(A) To describe medical symptoms to doctors.
(B) To alert friends and family to an infectious disease.
(C) To urge the government to take action against a disease.
(D) To make a complaint to medical staff about misdiagnosis.

42.【題組】42 According to the passage, which is one of the reasons that Lyme disease is difficult to be diagnosed?
(A) It is common to be bitten by ticks.
(B) There are few experts in this disease.
(C) Many patients do not develop rashes.
(D) The bacteria are not visible to the naked eye.

43.【題組】43 What is the author's tone in the last paragraph?
(A) Optimistic.
(B) Curious.
(C) Defensive.
(D) Worried.

44.【題組】44 Which of the following statements about Lyme disease is true?
(A) Cold weather increases the risk of infection.
(B) The disease can be transmitted through water or food.
(C) Treatment is not easy even if the disease is diagnosed early.
(D) The duration of tick attachment is a factor in bacteria transmission.

45.【題組】45 Which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage?
(A) The passage was written near the end of summer.
(B) The author has been hospitalized for the past ten months.
(C) Lyme disease is named after the place where it was first discovered.
(D) The medical expenses have led to financial hardships for the author.

46.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題 
        Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20s and 30s living in urban areas. They are typically described as affluent or middle-class young Bohemians who, with a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility, value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and alternative music, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter. The term in its current usage first appeared in the 1990s and became worldwide popular in the 2010s. 
        Hipsters tend to be well educated and often have liberal arts degrees, or degrees in mathematics and sciences, which also require certain creative and analytical thinking abilities. Consequently, many hipsters tend to have jobs in the music, art, and fashion industries. Hipsters are also very racially open-minded, and the greatest number of inter-racial couples in any urban environment are typically found within the hipster subculture. 
        Although "hipsterism" is really a state of mind, it is also often intertwined with distinct fashion sensibilities. Hipsters reject the culturally-ignorant attitudes of mainstream consumers. In comparison to the much larger mainstream mass, they are pioneers and leaders of the latest cultural trends and ideals. For example, the surge of jeans made to look old and worn, that have become prevalent at stores such as The Gap, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Hollister, were originally paraded by hipsters who shopped in thrift stores years before such clothing items were mass produced and sold to the mainstream consumers. 
        The true irony here is that many people who look down upon hipster culture are in fact unknowingly following a path that hipsters have carved out years before them. This phenomenon applies to music as well, as many bands have become successful and known to mainstream audiences only because hipsters first found and listened to them as early-adopters of new culture. Once certain concepts of fashion and music have reached mainstream audiences, hipsters just move on to something new and improved. 
        Nowadays, the word "hipster" is used in a mixed sense—both positive and negative. In a less positive way, it is often used to describe someone who is pretentious, overly trendy, or overrefined. Interestingly, members of the subculture typically do not self-identify as hipsters in either sense. Some analysts contend that the notion of the contemporary hipster is actually a myth created by marketing to serve various kinds of commercially-related purposes.

【題組】46 Where is this passage most likely to be seen?
(A) A financial services report.
(B) A political science textbook.
(C) A food and health magazine.
(D) A fashion and lifestyle website.

47.【題組】 47 What is the second paragraph mainly about?
(A) Hipsters' general educational backgrounds.
(B) Hipsters' being found racially open-minded.
(C) Typical personal traits and profiles of hipsters.
(D) Creative and analytical thinking abilities of hipsters.

48.【題組】 48 What is the third paragraph mainly about?
(A) The influence of hipsters on fashion trends.
(B) The surge of the old-and-worn looking jeans.
(C) The stores where mainstream consumers like to shop.
(D) The link between hipsters and mainstream consumers.

49.【題組】 49 Which of the following statements is NOT true about hipsters?
(A) Hipsters generally show distinct cultural and fashion sensibilities.
(B) Members of the hipster subculture enjoy being labeled as hipsters.
(C) Many hipsters tend to work in the music, art, and fashion industries.
(D) Hipsters have helped new fashion and music trends reach the public.

50.【題組】 50 What does "prevalent" in the third paragraph mean?
(A) Recent.
(B) Typical.
(C) Popular.
(D) Creative.



聯合國指出,由於人口急速成長、氣候變遷及城市化 等影響,估計到 2030 年,全球供水量將減少 40%,影響29 億人,面對缺水的未來,台灣到底該怎麼...

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110 年 - 110 關務特種考試_四等_各科別:英文#98290-阿摩線上測驗

110 年 - 110 關務特種考試_四等_各科別:英文#98290