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111 年 - 111 自學進修普通型高級中等學校畢業程度學力鑑定考試:英文#111061 

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1.1. Our new assistant is very _______ and can deal with all the letters and phone calls she receives very quickly.
(A) efficient
(C) portable
(D) balanced

2.2. The structure of the building wasn’t strong enough to _______ the shock of the earthquake.
(A) access
(B) sustain
(C) debate
(D) retreat

3.3. Susan may be too shy to _______ her gratitude, but she is truly grateful for everything you’ve done for her.
(A) express
(B) contain
(C) suspect
(D) prevent

4.4. This tall building used to be an American _______ base which was crowded with soldiers.
(A) energetic
(B) positive
(C) distant
(D) military

5.5. Anybody who tries to ______ the social order should be put in jail.
(A) disgust
(B) disguise
(C) disturb
(D) distinguish

6.6. The witch put a curse on the prince and _______ him into a frog.
(A) transplanted
(B) transformed
(C) transferred
(D) translated

7.7. To _______ the professor, Tina has spent most of her free time preparing for the presentation.
(A) impress
(B) express
(C) depress
(D) oppress

8.8. Physical _______ is said to hurt children’s bodies and minds, so it is forbidden both at home and school.
(A) stretch
(B) generosity
(C) distribution
(D) punishment

9.9. Adapted from a famous novel, this movie is definitely _______ seeing.
(A) worth
(B) worthy
(C) worthless
(D) worthwhile

10.10. Doctors strongly _______ that he should quit smoking as soon as possible.
(A) reproduce
(B) rehearse
(C) recommend
(D) reschedule

11.11. It is said that the airport may be the terrorist _______. Therefore, the police have reinforced the security of the area.
(A) figure
(B) target
(C) award
(D) symbol

12.12. The continuous heavy rain was _______ for the crop failure in the country.
(A) responsible
(B) domestic
(C) excellent
(D) physical

13.13. This species is _______, so many experts are taking measures to prevent it from extinction.
(A) cheerful
(B) capable
(C) sensitive
(D) endangered

14.14. The teacher has tried many teaching methods to _______ her students to study harder.
(A) eliminate
(B) motivate
(C) celebrate
(D) announce

15.15. After years of abuse from her husband, the lady _______ divorced him.
(A) typically
(B) universally
(C) eventually
(D) regularly

16.16. The kids _______ into laughter when the clown showed up on stage.
(A) burst
(B) spread
(C) boasted
(D) aroused

17.17. Don’t jump to _______ too fast before you really find out all the facts.
(A) connections
(B) conditions
(C) conclusions
(D) contributions

18.18. Sharon tried to explain what had just happened, but her rude neighbor kept _______ her.
(A) emphasizing
(B) interrupting
(C) mentioning
(D) supporting

19.19. The dishes and drinks in the café weren’t tasty. They didn’t meet our _______ at all.
(A) development
(B) significance
(C) philosophy
(D) expectation

20.20. Joan, born into a bilingual family, is _______ in both English and Japanese.
(A) stable
(B) fluent
(C) prompt
(D) tricky

21.1. People’s diets vary. Some people like beef. _______ like pork. Still others like fish.
(A) Another
(B) The other
(C) The others
(D) Others

22.2. The cat, _______ name was Molly, was sitting on the piano.
(A) whose
(B) which
(C) that
(D) who

23.3. Helen stood by the window with tears _______ down her cheeks.
(A) rolling
(B) rolled
(C) roll
(D) to roll

24.4. Either you _______ Judy will have to make dinner tonight.
(A) nor
(B) or
(C) and
(D) with

25.5. Not _______ Joey’s phone number, I wasn’t able to ring him.
(A) know
(B) to know
(C) knowing
(D) knew

26.6. Tina sings beautifully and can play _______ instruments as well.
(A) few
(B) a few
(C) little
(D) a little

27.7. Linda couldn’t have her laptop _____ for free because it is no longer under warranty.
(A) repairs
(B) repaired
(C) repairing
(D) will repair

28.8. A good chef has to keep sampling all kinds of ingredients _______ he or she can create new recipes.
(A) such that
(B) in case
(C) so that
(D) as if

29.9. Before I cleaned them up, the pile of books _____ at the stairway for days.
(A) are
(B) been
(C) will be
(D) had been

30.10. If I finish my schoolwork before eight o’clock, my mother will let me _______ games for thirty minutes.
(A) play
(B) played
(C) to play
(D) playing

31.11. My sister likes to read novels, _______ I prefer to read comic books.
(A) since
(B) while
(C) when
(D) because

32.12. The baseball game was cancelled because of the upcoming typhoon. We had no choice but _______ back home.
(A) to go
(B) go
(C) going
(D) to going

33.13. I believe you can make it _______ you try your best.
(A) as long as
(B) as soon as
(C) as well as
(D) as if

34.14. _______ the bad weather, we had to give up the plan to climb Jade Mountain.
(A) According to
(B) In addition to
(C) As to
(D) Due to

35.15. Mary devoted her life to her students. We all regarded her _______ a good teacher.
(A) to
(B) of
(C) as
(D) in

36.16. Only one percent of the students _______ studying right now.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) be
(D) to be

37.17. This house _______ Martin around ten million dollars.
(A) cost
(B) gave
(C) made
(D) paid

38.18. I ______ English for twenty years since I graduated from school.
(A) teach
(B) taught
(C) will teach
(D) have taught

39.19. To George’s _____, he failed the driving test and couldn’t get the license this year.
(A) surprise
(B) surprised
(C) surprising
(D) surprisingly

40.20. She doesn’t know _______ her lost keys.
(A) where can she find
(B) where will she find
(C) where she can find
(D) where she finds



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111 年 - 111 自學進修普通型高級中等學校畢業程度學力鑑定考試:英文#111061-阿摩線上測驗

111 年 - 111 自學進修普通型高級中等學校畢業程度學力鑑定考試:英文#111061