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1.1.The disease spreads very fast. Therefore, doctors suggest that everyone should wash hands to prevent ______.
(A) construction
(B) infection
(C) invention
(D) instruction

2.2.Because his speech was _______ , the audience gave him a big hand.
(A) meaningless
(B) flawless
(C) useless
(D) helpless

3.3.Thank you for applying for the position of assistant manager currently available in our company, and the secretary will get in touch with you thereafter.
(A) report
(B) watch
(C) charge
(D) contact

4.4.This piece of land is _______ for wild animals and plants; it is not open for the general public.
(A) shocked
(B) reserved
(C) responded
(D) smelled

5.5.Writing is a very useful ______ for students. In the future, they can use it at different workplaces.
(A) belief
(B) culture
(C) skill
(D) feature

6.6.According to research, good leaders are made, not _______; one learns to be a leader by observing other leaders.
(A) stood
(B) born
(C) lent
(D) moved

7.7.After many years of extensive research, Taiwanese computer companies have upgraded their quality.
(A) polite
(B) deep
(C) secret
(D) broad

8.8.The house owner will lower the price of the house if the Lins agree to make a ______ in two weeks.
(A) purchase
(B) difference
(C) break
(D) living

9.9.Research has shown that loneliness is harmful to health.
(A) bad
(B) deep
(C) free
(D) heavy

10.10.The problem was so difficult that most students could not ______ it.
(A) add
(B) open
(C) solve
(D) create

11.11.Very often we hide our feelings so as not to hurt others.
(A) do not understand
(B) do not show
(C) disturb
(D) express

12.12.The woman had trouble falling asleep, so the doctor gave her some ______ to take every night before going to bed.
(A) bills
(B) hills
(C) mills
(D) pills

13.13.The police surveyed the scene of crime carefully for fear of missing any clue that was related to the murder.
(A) checked in
(B) turned up
(C) looked over
(D) got around

14.14.It has long been suggested by doctors that a healthy diet should ______ mainly grains, vegetables and fruit with proper amounts of meat and dairy products.
(A) fill with
(B) refer to
(C) consist of
(D) search for

15.15.In the U.S. one should make a(n) ______ before going to see a doctor.
(A) appointment
(B) dressing
(C) exchange
(D) limitation

16.16.For over 2000 years, paper has been used as a major tool of communication; however, e-mail today has become a _______ practice.
(A) common
(B) difficult
(C) last
(D) traditional

17.17.John ran into _______ when he tried to expand his new business too quickly.
(A) stock
(B) trouble
(C) market
(D) floor

18.18.The benefits of vitamins and minerals are emphasized because they play an important role in maintaining good health.
(A) helping
(B) keeping
(C) predicting
(D) starting

19.19.Mike is a machine operator. His life in the factory is so dull that he often sings to entertain himself.
(A) uninteresting
(B) professional
(C) challenging
(D) charming

20.20.Here are the golden rules for beautiful skin: keep it clean, don’t smoke, and stay out of the sun.
(A) colorful
(B) important
(C) pleasant
(D) metal