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93 年 - 2004年内蒙古高考英语试题#14789 

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1.21. - Can I look at the menu for a few more minutes before I decide? - Of course. _______ sir.
(A) Make yourself at home
(B) Enjoy yourself
(C) It doesn't matter
(D) Take your time

2.22. When flint _______ to the market, these products enjoyed great success.
(A) introducing
(B) introduced
(C) introduce
(D) being introduced

3.23. There were dirty marks on her trousers ______ she had wiped her hands.
(A) where
(B) which
(C) when
(D) that

4.24. The evening news comes on at Seven o' clock and ______ only thirty minutes.
(A) keeps
(B) continues
(C) finishes
(D) lasts

5.25. - Has Sam finished his homework today? - I have no idea He ______ it this morning.
(A) did
(B) has done
(C) was doing
(D) had done

6.26. The forest guards often find campfires that have not been ______ completely.
(A) turned down
(B) put out
(C) put away
(D) turned over

7.27. _____you call me to say you' re not coming, I'll see you at the theatre.
(A) Though
(B) Whether
(C) Until
(D) Unless

8.28. "We can' t go out in this weather," said Bob, ______ out of the window.
(A) looking
(B) to look
(C) looked
(D) having looked

9.29. You ______ be tired - you've only been working for an hour.
(A) must not
(B) won' t
(C) can' t
(D) may not

10.30. I ______ you not to move my dictionary -- now I can' t find it.
(A) asked
(B) ask
(C) was asking
(D) had asked

11.31. If you buy more than ten, they knock 20 pence off ______.
(A) a price
(B) price
(C) the price
(D) prices

12.32. - Do you like ______ here? - Oh, yes. The air, the weather, the way of life. Everything is so nice.
(A) this
(B) these
(C) that
(D) it

13.33, I must be getting fat - I can ______ do my trousers up.
(A) fairly
(B) hardly
(C) nearly
(D) seldom

14.34. According to the art dealer, the painting ______ to go for at least a million dollars.
(A) is expected
(B) expects
(C) expected
(D) is expecting

15.35. That' s an unpleasant thing to say about your father after______ he' s done for you.
(A) something
(B) anything
(C) all
(D) that

16.第二节:完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从36~55各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Tracy Wong is a well-known Chinese-American writer. But her writing ___36___ was something she picked up by herself. After her first____37____, teaching disabled children, she became a part-time writer for IBM. ___38___, writing stories was simply a ___39___. interest. Tracy sent three of her stories to a publisher(出版商).___40____, they immediately suggested that she put them together to make a single one long___41___and paid Tracy a $ 50,000 advance. "A pretty money," said the publisher, "for___42____writer.” ___43___Traey's characters(人物) are interesting, her stories sometimes___44___readem uneasy: those about the supernatural. "My mother believed I could___45___the afterlife world," she told a close friend "She used to have me speak with my grandmother, who died many years ago." "Can I? I don't think I can," Tracy said with a laugh. "But l do have___46___ when things come to me___47___. " Once, she was wondering how to complete a ___48___set in ancient (古代的) China ___49___the doorbell rang. It was a FedEx delivery man, with a copy of a book on Chinese ___50___. It came without her having ___51___it. Though she has published 10 books, Tracy has remained ___52___by her fame. She lives in the same ___53___she lived 27 years ago - although in a mom comfortable home. There' s more room for___54___in her life - and it wasn’t just ___ 55___.
(A) skill
(B) experience
(C) practice
(D) method

(A) duty
(B) effort
(C) job
(D) task

(A) Instead
(B) Normally
(C) Certainly
(D) Then

(A) general
(B) deep
(C) personal
(D) lively

(A) Interested
(B) Anxiously
(C) Seriously
(D) Encouraged

(A) film
(B) story
(C) program
(D) article

(A) a foreign
(B) a popular
(C) an unusual
(D) an unknown

(A) Now that
(B) Even though
(C) Just because
(D) Except that

(A) find
(B) turn
(C) leave
(D) hold

(A) make up
(B) 'connect with
(C) control
(D) explain

(A) events
(B) chances
(C) feelings
(D) moments

(A) for no reason
(B) from a distance
(C) by accident
(D) as gifts

(A) description
(B) pointing
(C) scene
(D) talk

(A) Surprisingly
(B) Suddenly
(C) Expectedly
(D) Fortunately

(A) cooking
(B) history
(C) play
(D) medicine

(A) known
(B) sent
(C) realized
(D) ordered

(A) unchanged
(B) excited
(C) determined
(D) unmoved

(A) life
(B) city
(C) house
(D) way

(A) success
(B) work
(C) joy
(D) variety

(A) writing
(B) reporting
(C) luck
(D) fun

36.第三部分:阅读理解(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A Rome had the Forum. London has Speaker' s Comer. Now always-on-the-go New Yorkers have Liz and Bill. Liz and Bill, two college graduates in their early 2Os, have spent a whole year trying to have thousands d people talk to them in subway stations and on busy street comers. Just talk. Using a 2-foot-tall sign that says, "Talk to Me," they attract conversationalists, who one evening included a mental patient, and men in business suits. They don't collect money. They don't push religion (宗教). So what's the point? "To see what happens," said Liz. "We simply enjoy life with open communication(交流)." Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, they decided to walk from New York City to Washington, a 270-mile trip. They found they loved talking to people along the way and wanted to continue talking with strangers after their return. "It started as a crazy idea," Liz said "We were so curious about all the strangers walking by with their life stories. People will talk to us about anything: their jobs, their clothes, their childhood experiences, anything." Denise wanted to talk about an exam she was about to take. She had stopped by for the second time in two days, to let the two listeners know how it went. Marcia had lest her husband to a serious disease. "That was very heavy on my mind,” Marcia said "To be able to talk about it to total strangers was very good," she explained To celebrate a year of talking, the two held a get-together in a city park for all the people they had met over the past year. A few hundred people showed up, as well as some television cameramen and reporters. They may plan more parties or try to attract mare people to join their informal talks. Some publishers have expressed interest in a book, something they say they'll consider.
【題組】56.What did Liz and Bill start doing after September 2001?
(A) Chatting with people.
(B) Setting up street signs.
(C) Telling stories to strangers.
(D) Organizing a speaker's comer.

37.【題組】57. What they have been doing can be described as______.
(A) pointless
(B) normal
(C) crazy
(D) successful

38.【題組】58. Why are Denise and Marcia mentioned in the text?
(A) They knew Liz and Bill very well.
(B) They happened to meet the writer of the text.
(C) They organized the get-together in the city park.
(D) They are examples of those who talked to Liz and Bill.

39.【題組】59. What will Liz and Bill do in the future?
(A) Go in for publishing.
(B) Do more television programs.
(C) Continue what they am doing.
(D) Spend more time reading books.

40.【題組】60. How do they like the idea of writing a book?
(A) They have decided to wait a year or two.
(B) They will think about it carefully.
(C) They agreed immediately.
(D) They find it hard to do that.

41. B My first reaction was annoyance. It was Friday afternoon, and I was within an hour of finishing my work for the week. As I was leaving, a nurse brought me one more patient message. The statement read: "Mm. Jones called to say that she has had blurred vision (视觉模煳) ever since her medical test this morning. " I smiled Suddenly our tests were causing eye problems. This week my patients had questioned everything. My patient with high blood pressure had stopped coming to her treatment on the advice of an Internet chat room. A woman who had a mental problem was substituting ( 用......代替) St. John' s word for her medication. Now Mrs. Jones was imagining problems. I rolled my eyes. My second reaction was worry. As I looked through her record, I tried to figure out why she would have blurred vision, but nothing in her record explained the new problem. She' s probably just anxious, I thought. Still, she wouldn't have called if she had been all right. I picked up the phone. What 1 next felt can only be described as delight. Before I made the call, the nurse ran in: Mrs. Jones called Her vision is fine. Turns out she picked up the wrong glasses when she left the office. The X-ray technician has been having the same problem. I let out a lugh. Mrs. Jones had been right. Her vision had been blurred Now we know why. Finally I felt shame. I came to realize what Mrs. Jones had taught me. I had first known she was wrong, that her anxiety had clouded hex judgment. Instead, my medical training had clouded mine. Now I feel thankful that Mrs. Jones figured it out before I made a mistake about our relationship. Patients come to me for my help. They pay me to listen, diagnose (诊断), treat and talk. That suggests trust; I must remember that, and trust them too.
【題組】61.The writer smiled while reading the patient message because he knew_____.
(A) Mrs. Jones would ask for more tests
(B) the patient was being unreasonable
(C) the nurse was joking with him
(D) Mrs. Jones would call him

42.【題組】62. What has caused Mrs. Jones' eye problem?
(A) Wrong glasses.
(B) Medical checkup.
(C) Her own imagination.
(D) Chatting on the Internet.

43.【題組】63. The underlined words "clouded her judgment" in the last paragraph probably mean_______.
(A) made her less trustful toward the doctor
(B) put her in control of her own feelings
(C) made her less able to think clearly
(D) put her in a dangerous situation

44. C It's not the flashiest car in the world Not even close. But the 1971 Volkswagen named Helios can do something most cars can't: nm on solar energy - energy from the sun's light and heat! Joshua Bechtold, 14, and the other students at the Riverside School in Lyndonville, Vermont, worked many months to get Helios ready for the 1999 American Tour de Sol ( "Sol" is the Latin word for "sun"). They named their car after Helios, the sun god in Greek mythology(神话). The 4-year-old Tour de Sol encourages the use of "green", or environmentally friendly, cars to help reduce pollution and save energy. It' s not a race. Cars are judged on fuel efficiency(耗油量) rather than speed In the week-long event, 44 cars took the 350-mile tour from Waterbury, Connecticut, to Lake George, New York. Of the 23 student cars, Helios was the only one built by middle school students. A teacher drove Helios, but the children talked with people wherever they stopped along the mad "That was my favorite part," says Anna Browne, 15. "We explained how the car runs.” Due in part to old, inefficient batteries(电池), Helios finished fourth - out of four - in its kind, the sun-powered class. "We were there for the fun of it," Anna says. "We're proud of Helios," says Ariel Gleicher, 14. "It's a car that's good for the environment."
【題組】64.What is special about the car Helios in the text?
(A) It was built by middle school students.
(B) It has an' attractive design.
(C) It was made in 1971.
(D) It won the fourth prize.

45.【題組】65. How many sun-powered cars took part in the race?
(A) 1.
(B) 4.
(C) 23.
(D) 44.

46.【題組】66. What would be the best title for the text.'?
(A) The Making of Helios
(B) 1999 American Tour de Sol
(C) Sun-powered Cars on the Road
(D) Use of Green Cars in Connecticut

47.【題組】67. The students felt proud of Helios because______.
(A) it could run as far as 350 miles
(B) it was favored by many children
(C) it had high-quality batteries
(D) it was driven by clean energy

48. D The other day, my friend Jane was invited to a 40th birthday party. The time printed on the invitation was 7.30pm. Jane went off with her husband, expecting a merry evening of wine, food, and song. By 9.45, everybody was having great fun, but no food had appeared Jane and David were restless. Other guests began whispering that they, too, were starving. But no one wanted to leave, just in case some food was about to appear. By 11.00, there was still no food, and everyone was completely off their heads. Jane and David left hungry and angry. Their experience suggests that the words an the printed invitations need to be made clearer. Everyone reads and understands the invitations differently. Most of us would agree that 6.30 -8.30pm means drinks only, go out to dinner afterwards; 8.00pm or 8.30pm means possible dinner, but 9.30pm and any time thereafter means no food, oat beforehand, roll up late. But this is not always the case. If asked to a students' party at 6.30pm, it is normal for guests not to appear before midnight, if at all, and no one cares. Being the first to arrive - looking eager - is social death. When my mother is asked to a party for 6.30, she likes to be them, if not on lime, then no later than seven. My age group (late thirties) falls somewhere between the two, but because we still think we're young, we're probably closer to student-time than grown-up time. The accepted custom at present is confusing (混乱的), sometimes annoying, and it often means you may go home hungry, but it does lend every party that precious element (成分) of surprise.
【題組】68. The underlined words "off their heads" probably mean______.
(A) tired
(B) crazy
(C) curious
(D) hopeless

49.【題組】69. Jane and David' s story is used to show that______ .
(A) petty-goer8 usually get hungry at parties
(B) party invitations can be confusing
(C) people should ask for food at parties
(D) birthday parties for middle-aged people are dull

50.【題組】70. For some young people, arriving on time for a students' party will probably be considered_______.
(A) very difficult
(B) particularly thoughtful
(C) friendly and polite
(D) socially unacceptable

51.【題組】71. According to the writer, people in their late thirties_______.
(A) are likely to arrive late for a party
(B) care little about the party time
(C) haven' t really grown up yet
(D) like surprises at parties

52.【題組】72. What is the general idea of the text?
(A) It' s safe to arrive late just when food is served
(B) It' s wise to eat something before going to a party.
(C) It' s important to follow social rules of party-going.
(D) It' s necessary to read invitations carefully.

53. E ■ Cannes will rock to the sound of a cancan dance this year when Moulin Rouge by the Australian director Baz Luhrmann opens the French film festival (电影节) in May. The musical stars Nicole Kidman as a singer, and John Leguizamo as the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec It will be competing for the Palme d'Or, the festival's top prize. The festival runs to May 21. ■ The American actor Tommy Lee Jones, 54, has married his longtime girlfriend, Dawn Maria Laurel, 36, in a private wedding in San Antonio. "It wash' t a big to-do, ' said Fred Biery, a U. S. District Judge who performed the service. He refused to discuss things further. "These are very private people," he said ■ Loretta Lynn is being treated for a very bed cold in Tennessee and will miss several appearances. The country singer, 65, was admitted to a hospital near her home in Hurricane Mills. "She is in good condition, but the doctors are watching her closely," a spokeswoman said ■ The French-Algerian singer Enrico Macias was named a United Nations peace messenger. Enrico joins eight other people who act as goodwill envoys (使者) for the United Nations, among them are the writer Elie Wiesel and the basketball player Magic Johnson.
【題組】73.We can learn from the text that Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is ______
(A) a figure in a film
(B) a dancer in a show
(C) a country singer
(D) a prize winner

54.【題組】74. We know from the text that_______.
(A) Moulin Rouge won the top prize in a film festival
(B) Loretta Lynn is under the doctors' care
(C) eight people serve as the UN goodwill envoys
(D) Fred Biery was Tommy Lee Jones' assistant

55.【題組】75. This text most probably appears in_____.
(A) a book on film stars
(B) a film review in a magazine
(C) a newspaper
(D) a notice