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93 年 - 2004年浙江省高考英语真题#13170 

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1.1. The winter of 1990 was extremely bad. _____ most people say it was the worst winter of their lives.
(A) At last
(B) In fact
(C) In a word
(D) As a result

2.2. The Wilsons live in _____ A-shaped house near the coast. It is _____ 17th century cottage.
(A) the , /
(B) an, the
(C) /, the
(D) an, a

3.3. The discussion ____ alive when an interesting topic was brought in.
(A) was coming
(B) had come
(C) has come
(D) came

4.4. ______ students are required to take part in the boat race.
(A) Ten strong young Chinese
(B) Ten Chinese strong young
(C) Chinese ten young strong
(D) Young strong ten Chinese

5.5. We wanted to get home before dark, but it didn’t quite _____ as planned.
(A) make out
(B) turn out
(C) go on
(D) come up

6.6. I ____ pay Tracy a visit, but I am not sure whether I will have time this Sunday.
(A) should
(B) might
(C) would
(D) could

7.7. ---- What do you want to do next? We have half an hour until the basketball game. ----- _____. Whatever you want to do is fine with me.
(A) It just depends
(B) It’s up to you
(C) All right
(D) Glad to hear that

8.8. --- Brad was Jane’s brother! ---_______ he reminded me so much of Jane!
(A) No doubt
(B) Above all
(C) No wonder
(D) Of course

9.9. Linda worked for the Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining Company, ____ as 3M.
(A) knowing
(B) known
(C) being known
(D) to be known

10.10. If you are feeling so tired, perhaps a little sleep would _____.
(A) act
(B) help
(C) serve
(D) last

11.11. _____ modeling business is by no means easy to get into, the good model will always be in demand.
(A) While
(B) Since
(C) As
(D) If

12.12. I’ve never seen anyone run so fast---- ______ David go.
(A) just watch
(B) just to watch
(C) just watching
(D) just having watched

13.13. We had three sets of garden tools and we seemed to have no use for ______.
(A) none
(B) either
(C) any
(D) each

14.14. Because the shop _____, all the T-shirts are sold at half price.
(A) has closed down
(B) closed down
(C) is closing down
(D) had closed down

15.15. Anyway, that evening, ____ I’ll tell you more about later, I ended up staying at Rachel’s place.
(A) when
(B) where
(C) what
(D) which

16.16. “It was all his own idea,” says Pat, the wife of California high school football coach Bob Peters. Bob had 36 made a “motherhood contract(合同)”—declaring that for 70 days this summer he would 37 the care of their four children and all the housework. 38 he didn’t even know how to make coffee when he sighed, he was very confident. After40 of the 70 days, he was ready to 39 . “ I was beaten down, “ admits Bob. “Not only is motherhood a 40 task, it is an impossible job for any normal human being.” Bob and Pat were married in 1991. After the married, Pat 41 a secretary to help put him through university. 42 Bob has been the football coach while Pat raised the kids. 43 two years ago Pat went back to work. “ I had been 44 children so much,” she 45 , “I couldn’t talk to a grown-up.” She continued to run the household, 46 -- until Bob sighed the contract. Bob tried hard to learn cooking, but the meals he prepared were 47 . For the last three weeks, the family 48 a lot--- sometimes having MacDonald’s hamburgers for lunch and dinner. 49 housekeeping, a home economics teacher had told Bob that a room always looks clean 50 the bed is made. “ I found 51 –I shut the doors,” he says. Soon the kids were wearing their shirts inside out. “When we went to 52 Pat at work, I made them wear their shirts 53 side out so they would look clean.” Now that Bob has publicly 54 he was wrong, he is 55 the child-raising and household tasks with Pat.
(A) only
(B) just
(C) nearly
(D) ever

(A) stick to
(B) set about
(C) think about
(D) take over

(A) If
(B) As
(C) Since
(D) Although

(A) carry on
(B) give up
(C) break down
(D) find out

(A) strange
(B) pleasant
(C) difficult
(D) serious

(A) sent
(B) employed
(C) learned from
(D) worked as

(A) In time
(B) Before long
(C) Since then
(D) Later on

(A) Then
(B) Thus
(C) So
(D) Still

(A) near
(B) after
(C) about
(D) around

(A) insists
(B) sighs
(C) jokes
(D) apologizes

(A) besides
(B) therefore
(C) however
(D) otherwise

(A) terrible
(B) tasty
(C) expensive
(D) special

(A) starved
(B) traveled
(C) worked out
(D) ate out

(A) Due to
(B) As for
(C) Along with
(D) Except for

(A) until
(B) before
(C) if
(D) unless

(A) an easier way
(B) a cheaper way
(C) a cleaner way
(D) a harder way

(A) receive
(B) welcome
(C) greet
(D) fetch

(B) wrong
(C) right
(D). opposite

(A) admitted
(B) suggested
(C) agreed
(D) explained

(A) operating
(B) realizing
(C) sharing
(D) performing

36.36.That cold January night, I was growing sick of my life in San Francisco. There I was, walking home at one in the morning after a tiring practice at the theatre. With opening night only a week ago, I was still learning my lines. I was having trouble dealing with my part-time job at the bank and my acting at night at the same time. As I walked, I thought seriously about giving up both acting and San Francisco. City life had become too much for me. As I walked down empty streets under tall buildings, I felt very small and cold. I began running, both to keep warm and to keep away from any possible robbers (抢劫犯). Very few people were still out except a few sad-looking homeless people under blankets. About a block from my apartment (公寓房间), I heard a sound behind me. I turned quickly, half expecting to see someone with a knife or a gun. The street was empty. All I saw was a shining streetlight. Still, the noise had made me nervous, so I started to run faster. Not until I reached my apartment building and unlocked the door did I realize what the noise had been. It had been my wallet falling to the sidewalk. Suddenly I wasn’t cold or tired anymore. I ran out of the door and back to where I’d heard the noise. Although I searched the sidewalk anxiously for fifteen minutes, my wallet was nowhere to be found. Just as I was about to give up the search, I heard the garbage truck (垃圾车) pull up to the sidewalk next to me. When a voice called from the inside, “ Alisa Camacho?” I thought I was dreaming. How could this man know my name? the door opened, and out jumped a small red-haired man with an amused look in his eye. “Is this what you’re looking for?” he asked, holding up a small square shape. It was nearly 3
(A)M. by the time I got into bed. I wouldn’t get much sleep that night, but I had gotten my wallet back. I also had gotten back some enjoyment of city life. I realized that the city couldn’t be a bad place as long as people were welling to help each other. How did the write feel when she was walking home after work? ACold and sick
(B) Fortunate and helpful
(C) Satisfied and cheerful
(D) Disappointed and helpless

37.37. From the first paragraph, we learn that the write was busy ______.
(A) solving her problem at the bank
(B) taking part in various city activities
(C) learning acting in a n evening school
(D) preparing for the first night show

38.38. On her way home the writer _______.
(A) lost her wallet unknowingly
(B) was stopped by a garbage truck driver
(C) was robbed of her wallet by an armed man
(D) found some homeless people following her

39.39. In the fifth paragraph, why did the writer say she was dreaming?
(A) Someone offered to take her back home.
(B) A red-haired man came to see her.
(C) She heard someone call her name
(D) Her wallet was found in a garbage truck.

40.40. From the text, we can infer that the writer _________.
(A) would stop working at night
(B) would stay on in San Francisco
(C) would make friends with cleaners
(D) would give up her job at the bank.

41.41. These days a green building means more than just the color of the paint. Green building can also refer to environmentally friendly houses, factories, and offices. Green building means “reducing the impact (影响) of the building on the land”, Taryn Holowka of the U.S. Green Building Council in Washington, DC, said. According to Holowka, building account for (占了) 65 percent of total U.S. electricity use. But green building can reduce energy and water use. Also, the building are often located near public transportation such as buses and subways, so that people can drive their cars less. That could be good for the environment, because cars use lots of gas and give off pollution. Green building are often built on developed land, so that the buildings don’t destroy forests. Marty Dettling is project manger for a building that put these ideas into action . The Solaire has been called the country’s first green high-rise building . According to Dettling, “We’ve reduced our energy use by one-third and our water by 50 percent,” The Solaire cuts energy in past by using solar power. “On the face of the building we have solar panels which change the sun’s energy into electricity,” Dettling explained. The solaire also has lights that automatically turn off when people leave the room. In addition, the building has lots of windows, allowing people to use the sun for light during the day. The solaire cuts water reusing it. Not everyone is eager to move into a green building, however. Some people think that things like solar panels cost more money than more traditional energy sources. Anyhow, Holowka said, “It’s going to be big.” In the second paragraph, the underlined words “the building” most probably refer to ____.
(A) an ordinary building
(B) an energy-saving building
(C) a green-colored building
(D) a building in Washington DC

42.42. A green building is often built on an area of land______.
(A) which has thick forests around
(B) which has already been for buildings
(C) where people of high income live
(D) where traveling around by car is most convenient

43.43. When Holowka says in the last paragraph, “It’s going to be big”, she means that green buildings_____.
(A) will be more comfortable
(B) will become popular in future
(C) will be more environmentally friend
(D) will take the place of traditional building

44.44. When is the main subject discussed in the text?
(A) Dettling designed the first green building in the U.S.
(B) Energy shortage calls for buildings of new design.
(C) Green building help save environment.
(D) The Solaire serves as a model of high building.

45.45.Central Park Outside among the trees, watch the wildlife – both the human and animal varieties. Call (212)360 – 3465 or (212)360 – 2726 for events and tours. Central Park stretches from 59th to 110th Sts. , and from 5th Ave. to Central Park. West. Empire State building This is among the most striking building in the city, the nation, even the world. The observation dock (瞭望台) on the 86th floor is open to general public, offering a wonderful view of the second floor you’ll find the New York Skyride, a simulated (模拟的) helicopter ride. Over Manhattan. 5th Avc. at 34th St. , Midtown/ (212)736– 3100. Intrepid Sea – Air – Space Museum Five blocks west of Time Square, this museum has hundreds of air, deep – sea and space exhibits. Walk the fight deck of the 900–foot–long aircraft carrier Intrepid, see dozens of old and modern aircraft and ride the Intrepid Navy Flight Simulator. Pier 86 , W . 46th St. and 12th Ave./(212)245–0072. Madison Square Garden. If it’s big, it probably happens at the Garden. Check out sporting events, concerts and much more. Tours are available. 7th Ave , btwn. 31th and 33th Sts. , Midtown /(212)465 – 6741. The New York Skyride is for _______.
(A) sightseeing
(B) fight training
(C) model plane-sports
(D) city transportation

46.46. If a visitor is interested in music, he will probably go to_______.
(A) Central Park
(B) Empire State Building
(C) Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum
(D) Madison Square Garden

47.47. What is the purpose of these texts?
(A) To provide information of living in New York.
(B) To provide directions of city traffic in New York.
(C) To give visitors a guide to New York.
(D) To give a brief introduction to the history of New York.

48.48.We live in a technological society where most goods are mass-produced by unskilled labor. Because of this, most people that craft (手艺) no longer exists. One of the ways these people wrongly support their view is by pointing to 100-year-old homes which are still solid, and arguing that it is the craftsmanship that is responsible for their durability (持久性). “Homes in those days were well-built,” they say. No doubt these homes were well-built, but what these people have done is mix up the quality of material used in the house with the quality of the craftsmanship. Homes today could be built to last just as long as those old homes if people were willing or able to pay the price. For example, more people can no longer afford solid oak stairways, although they were once fairly common in older homes. Nor can they afford the high labor cost of employing a carpenter (木匠) to built the stairway. Yet if someone can pay the high cost, there are still plenty of carpenters around able to make those stairways. And not only would these carpenters know how to built them, they would probably do a better job than carpenters of old. One thing the modern carpenter has which enables him to do a better job is much more advanced tools. Such tools as laser beams and power planes help them lay out a house better and make more precision cuts (精确切割) on the wood. Also, it is not uncommon any more to find carpenters with college degrees and carpenters with a solid knowledge of mathematics, which would enable them to deal with more difficult house designs. The problem of modern quality, then, really boils down to the problem of material, for the modern carpenter is just as able to produce craftsmanship as the carpenter of fifty years ago, but only if given proper material. Compared to the carpenters in the past , modern carpenters are_______.
(A) more successful
(B) more learned
(C) more imaginative
(D) more hardworking

49.49. what does the underlined word “they” (paragraph2) refer to?
(A) Carpenters who are fond of oak stairways.
(B) Carpenters who have college degrees.
(C) people who think highly of carpenters of old
(D) people who think that modern material is of low quality.

50.50. What does the third paragraph mainly discuss?
(A) People in the past preferred to use oak to built stairways.
(B) It is now expensive to employ a carpenter.
(C) Modern houses last as long as the old one.
(D) Good carpenters still exist in modern times.

51.51. What would be the best title for the text?
(A) Is Craft Dead?
(B) Craft, Back to life?
(C) History of craftsmanship
(D) Carpenters Today and Yesterd

52.52. It was an early September day, cool and bright and just right for running, and I was in the first few miles of a 10-mile race over a course (路线) with a few high hills. Still, I felt energetic; despite the hills it was going to be a fine run. Just ahead of me was Peggy Mimno, a teacher from Mount Kiseo, New York. She too was running easily, moving along at my speed. The pace (步速) felt comfortable, so I decided to stay where I was; why pay attention to pace when she was setting such a nice one? I’d overtake (追上) her later on when she tired. So I ran behind her. The course headed north for miles, wandered west for a hilly mile, then turned south again along a winding road. The race was getting harder. We had four miles left and already it was beginning to be real work. Peggy overtook a young runner. She seemed to known him, for they exchanged a few cheerful words as she passed him. Their exchange worried me. You don’t chat during a race unless you feeling good, and Peggy plainly was. Still, I was close enough to overtake her if she tired, so I didn’t give up hope completely. We were getting nearer to a long, punishing hill now and it would be the test. We were a mile from the finish line, so whatever happened on the hill would almost determine who crossed it first. As I moved up the hill, my attention wandered for a few minutes. When I looked up, Peggy was moving away-first five yards, then ten, then more. Finally it was clear that there was no help of catching her. She beat me soundly. There is an important lesson in that race. Women are thought to be weaker, slower and not nearly as skilled in sport. Yet as Peggy Mimno so clearly showed, the similarities between men and women runners are more important than differences. I have run with a number of women, and I can say it is often hard work.. What did the writer think of the race in the beginning?
(A) It would be hard work.
(B) It would be an easy race.
(C) It would be a test of his strength.
(D) It would be a good learning experience.

53.53. What worried the writer when Peggy greeted the young runner?
(A) Peggy overtook the young runner.
(B) Peggy was running energetically.
(C) Peggy was laughing as the writer.
(D) Peggy paid no attention to the writer.

54.54. By saying “a long, punishing hill” (paragraph5), the writer implies that ______.
(A) Peggy would fail to reach the hilltop
(B) men are more skilled at climbing hills
(C) overtaking Peggy would be easy
(D) climbing the hill would be a demanding task

55.55. What lesson dose the writer learn from the race:
(A) Women are as good as men in sport.
(B) Women are better at climbing hills.
(C) He should have more training in a cross-country race.
(D) He should set a quicker pace at the beginning of a race.