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94 年 - 2005年山东省高考英语真题#11703 

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1.21. -Have you been to New Zealand? -No, I’d like to, ______.
(A) too
(B) though
(C) yet
(D) either

2.22. -
(C)uld you do me a favor and take these books to my office? -Yes, ________.
(A) for pleasure
(B) I could
(C) my pleasure
(D) with pleasure

3.23. I knew _______ John Lennon, but not ________ famous one.
(A) 不填;a
(B) a; the
(C) 不填;the
(D) the; a

4.24. It was some time ________ we realized the truth.
(A) when
(B) until
(C) since
(D) before

5.25. With more forests being destroyed, huge quantities of good earth _______ each year.
(A) is washing away
(B) is being washed away
(C) are washing away
(D) are being washed away

6.26. The shopkeeper did not want to sell for ________ he thought was not enough.
(A) where
(B) how
(C) what
(D) which

7.27. Oil prices have risen by 32 percent since the start of the year, ________ a record US$57.65 a barrel on
(A)ril 4.
(A) have reached
(B) reaching
(C) to reach
(D) to be reaching

8.28. Mr. Smith owns _________ collection of coins than anyone else I have ever met.
(A) larger
(B) a larger
(C) the larger
(D) a large

9.29. Modern plastics can _________ very high and very low temperatures.
(A) stand
(B) hold
(C) carry
(D) support

10.30. He was educated at a local grammar school, ________ he went on to
(A) from which
(B) after that
(C) after which
(D) from this

11.31. -________ that he managed to get the information? -Oh, a friend of his helped him.
(A) Where was it
(B) What was it
(C) How was it
(D) Why was it

12.32. What shall we use for power when all the oil in the world has _______?
(A) given out
(B) put out
(C) held up
(D) used up

13.33. -Let’s go to a movie after work, OK? -_______.
(A) Not at all.
(B) Why not?
(C) Never mind.
(D) What of it?

14.34. He paid for a seat, when he ________ have entered free.
(A) could
(B) would
(C) must
(D) need

15.35. The country life he was used to _________ greatly since 1992.
(A) change
(B) has changed
(C) changing
(D) have changed

My sister and I grew up in a little village in England. Our father was a struggling 36 , but I always knew he was 37 . He never criticized us, but used 38 to bring out our best. He’d say, “If you pour water on flowers, they flourish. If you don’t give them water, they die. ”I 39 as a child I said something 40 about somebody, and my father said, “ 41 time you say something unpleasant about somebody else, it’s a reflection of you. ”He explained that if I looked for the best 42 people, I would get the best 43 . From then on I’ve always tried to 44 the principle in my life and later in running my company.
Dad’s also always been very 45 . At 15, I started a magazine. It was 46 a great deal of my time, and the headmaster of my school gave me a 47 : stay in school or leave to work on my magazine.
I decided to leave,and Dad tried to sway me from my decision, 48 any good father would. When he realized I had made up my mind, he said, “Richard, when I was 23,my dad 49 me to gointo law.And I’ve 50 regretted it.I wanted to be a biologist, 51 I didn’t pursue my 52 .You know what you want. Go fulfill it. ”
As 53 turned out, my little publication went on to become Student, a national 54 for young people in the U.K. My wife and I have two children, and I’d like to think we are bringing them up in the same way Dad 55 me.

(A) biologist
(B) manager
(C) lawyer
(D) gardener

(A) strict
(B) honest
(C) special
(D) learned

(A) praise
(B) courage
(C) power
(D) warmth

(A) think
(B) imagine
(C) remember
(D) guess

(A) unnecessary
(B) unkind
(C) unimportant
(D) unusual

(B) Some
(D) Other

(A) on
(B) in
(C) at
(D) about

(A) in case
(B) by turns
(C) by chance
(D) in return

(A) revise
(B) set
(C) review
(D) follow

(A) understanding
(B) experienced
(C) serious
(D) demanding

(A) taking up
(B) making up
(C) picking up
(D) keeping up

(A) suggestion
(B) decision
(C) notice
(D) choice

(A) and
(B) as
(C) even if
(D) as if

(A) helped
(B) allowed
(C) persuaded
(D) suggested

(A) always
(B) never
(C) seldom
(D) almost

(A) rather
(B) but
(C) for
(D) therefore

(A) promise
(B) task
(C) belief
(D) dream

(A) this
(B) he
(C) it
(D) that

(A) newspaper
(B) magazine
(C) program
(D) project

(A) controlled
(B) comforted
(C) reminded
(D) raised

Last August, Joe and Mary Mahoney began looking at colleges for their17-year-old daughter, Maureen. With a checklist of criteria in hand, the Dallas family looked around the country visiting half a dozen schools. They sought a
university that offered the teenager’s intended major, one located near a large city, and a campus where their daughter would be safe.
“The safety issue is a big one, ”says Joe Mahoney, who quickly discovered he wasn’t alone in his worries. On campus tours other parents voiced similar concerns, and the same question was always asked: what about crime? But when college officials always gave the same answer. “That’s not a problem here. ”-Mahoney began to feel uneasy.
“No crime whatsoever? ”comments Mahoney today. “I just don’t buy it. ”Nor should he: in 1999 the U.S. Department of Education had reports of nearly 400,000 serious crimes on or around our campuses. “Parents need to understand that times have changed since they went to college, ”says David Nichols, author of Creating a safe Campus. “Campus crime mirrors the rest of the nation. ”
But getting accurate information isn’t easy. Colleges must report crime statistics (统计数字)by law, but some hold back for fear of bad publicity, leaving the honest ones looking dangerous. “The truth may not always be obvious, ”warns S. Daniel Center of Security on Campus, Inc., the nation’s leading campus safety watchdog group.
To help concerned parents,Center  promised to visit campuses and talk to experts around the country to find out major crime issues and effective solutions.

【題組】56.The Mahoneys visited quite a few colleges last August________.
(A) to express the opinions of many parents
(B) to choose a right one for their daughter
(C) to check the cost of college education
(D) to find a right one near a large city

37.【題組】57. It is often difficult to get correct information on campus crime because some colleges _______.
(A) receive too many visitors
(B) mirror the rest of the nation
(C) hide the truth of campus crime
(D) have too many watchdog groups

38.【題組】58. The underlined word“buy”in the third paragraph means _______.
(A) mind
(B) admit
(C) believe
(D) expect

39.【題組】59. We learn from the text that “the honest ones”in the fourth paragraph most probably refers to colleges _______.
(A) that are protected by campus security
(B) that report campus crimes by law
(C) that are free from campus crime
(D) that enjoy very good publicity

40.【題組】60. What is the text mainly about?
(A) Enact campus crime statistics.
(B) Crimes on or around campuses.
(C) Effective solutions to campus crime.
(D) Concerns about kids’ campus safety.

Fidenzio Salvatori is determined that the city of Toronto will have an outdoor marketplace for merchants from its immigrant community, complete with dancing and other forms of amusement from their native countries. “Toronto is truly
multicultural (多元文化的),”he said in a newspaper interview. “It’s a city from many places, and a multicultural marketplace will help Torontonians to understand and appreciate the rich variety of cultural groups in our city.”
Salvatori, aged 12, will soon complete his studies at the University of Toronto. He was eleven years old when he came to Canada from Italy with his parents. “Most of Toronto’s immigrants are from lands where the marketplace has always been part of daily life,”he said.
Salvatori has been interested in getting an open-air market for Toronto for the last three years. This year, with the help of two fellow students, he prepared a proposal on the subject and presented it to the city’s Executive Committee, asking for their support. The proposal pointed out Toronto’s rich variety of national groups, “whose customs include market shopping.”
Under a Canadian government program for multiculturalism, the three students have received two thousand dollars with which they will do a study to find out whether Toronto’s immigrant businessmen would support an open-air market. They hope the merchants will support the plan strongly. “A study done earlier this year showed that 90 percent of shoppers would be in favor of it, ”Salvatori said. “At first it would be an experiment. But we think it will prove to be good business for the merchants, as well as a tourist attraction. ”

【題組】61.What is Fidenzio Salvatori’s purpose of having an outdoor marketplace for Toronto?
(A) To provide different forms of amusement.
(B) To inspire its immigrant community.
(C) To keep the cultural variety of the city.
(D) To satisfy its immigrant merchants.

42.【題組】62. Fidenzio Salvatori, with two other students, has got two thousand dollars from the government ________.
(A) to make an experiment
(B) to perform a research
(C) to start a marketplace
(D) to operate a business

(A)cording to Salvatori, the marketplace may also help to improve Toronto’s _______.
(A) market management
(B) travel industry
(C) community service
(D) city planning

44.【題組】64. It can be inferred from the text that the
(C)nadian government supports ________.
(A) the protection of different cultures
(B) the plan of an open-air market
(C) the request of merchants
(D) the attitude of shoppers

45.Millions of people visit Yosemite National Park every year to see the tall waterfalls and mountains. These mountains are a splendid sight when viewed from the valley floor. Lots of stores, hotels, and restaurants are needed to handle the crowds. Also, water, roads, and other service systems are part of the infrastructure (基础设施)that must be maintained. Unfortunately, these systems are starting to break down. It’s not just in Yosemite but in national parks around the nation. Yosemite is thirty years old according to Dennis Galvin, a National Park Service worker. The park is not only old but worn out. Two or three times as many visitors come every year. That is too many visitors for the park to deal with. Four years ago a storm washed out a water pipeline in the Grand Canyon. The National Park Service had to send water trucks to provide water for the visitors. Last month pipes almost broke again and roads had to be closed for a while. Why hasn’t the National Park Service kept up the park repairs? There is a lack of money. The United States has 378 monuments, parks, and wilderness areas. Between three and four billion dollars are needed for repairs. Yosemite is one national park that does have money for repairs. It has two hundred million dollars but cannot spend it any way it chooses. When the park workers started widening the road, they were forced to stop by the Sierra Club. The club claimed that the road work was damaging the Merced River that runs through the park. A Sierra Club lawyer, Julia Olson, feels that the infrastructure needs to be moved out of Yosemite. That way less pressure will be put on the already crowded park.
【題組】65.According to the text, the mountains in Yosemite look most splendid when they are appreciated from _______.
(A) the bottom of the valleys
(B) the top of the mountains
(C) the side of the mountains
(D) the edge of the valleys

46.【題組】66. National parks like Yosemite in the U.S. find it increasingly difficult to meet the need of visitors because ________.
(A) their transport management needs improving
(B) they spend too much on their service systems
(C) their service systems frequently go out of order
(D) they need help from environmental organizations

47.【題組】67. The main problem of Yosemite National Park is its _______.
(A) rundown water pipes
(B) overcrowdedness
(C) lack of money
(D) narrow roads

48.【題組】68. According to the text, the Sierra Club is most likely to be ______.
(A) an environmental group
(B) an information center
(C) a travel service
(D) a law firm

Use your American Express Card to enjoy one-day privilegesat four of America’s greatest museums. Note the participating museums, and their exciting special exhibitions that you will not want to miss, listed below.
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
February 11- May 8,2005
Italian furniture expert Fausto
(C)lderai and Indian photographer
(D)yanita Singh present an exhibition of chairs from the museum’s collection and “chair photographs”from around the world presented in a Veretian-style hall housing world-famous masterpieces.
For more information: www. Gardnermus. eum. org
New York
The Noguchi Museum
Noguchi and Graham
December 1,2004 May 1, 2005
Noguchi’s long-term collaboration with dancer Martha Graham is regarded by many as a high point in the history of both modern dance and art. The exhibition highlights nine of the sets created through this collaboration.
For more information: www.noguchi.org
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
In Full View: American Painting (1720-2005)
January 11-
(A)ril 10,2005
Founded in 1805, the Pennsylvania
(A)ademy has been home to
(A)erica’s artists for 200 years. The Academy collects and exhibits the works of famous American artists, and is well-known for training fine artists. 2005 at the Academy begins with the largest exhibition of the Academy’s distinguished American collection in the institution’s history.
For more information: www.pafa.org
Seattle Museum of Glass
Murano: Glass from the Olnick Spanu Collection
Through November 7,2004
This exhibition includes over 200 pieces of beautiful glass from Murano, the island of glassblowers near Venice, Italy. Watch live glass-blowing shows in the Hot Shop and see other modern glass exhibitions.
For more information: www.museumofglass.org

【題組】69.Which of the following websites offers information about the furniture show?
(A) www.pafa.org
(B) www.museumofglass.org
(C) www.noguchi.org
(D) www.gardnermuseum.org

50.【題組】70. We learn from the text that Martha Graham is _______.
(A) a dancer
(B) a glassblower
(C) a painter
(D) a photographer

51.【題組】71. If you want to know the history of American painting, you may visit _______.
(A) The Noguchi Museum
(B) Seattle Museum of Glass
(C) Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
(D) Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

A device that stops drivers from falling asleep at the wheel is about to undergo testing at Department of Transport laboratories and could go on sale within 12 months.
The system, called Driver Alert, aims to reduce deadly road accidents by 20%-40% that are caused by tiredness. Airline pilots can also use it to reduce the 30% of all pilot-error accidents that are related to fatigue.
Driver Alert is based on a computerized wristband. The device, worn by drivers or pilots, gives out a sound about every four minutes during a car journey. Alter each sound the driver must respond by squeezing the steering wheel (方向盘). A sensor in the wristband detects this pressing action and measures the time between the sound and the driver’s response.
Tiredness is directly related to a driver’s response time. Usually, a watchful driver would take about 400 milliseconds to respond, but once that falls to more than 500 milliseconds, it suggests that the driver is getting sleepy.
In such cases the device gives out more regular and louder sounds, showing that the driver should open a window or stop for a rest. If the driver’s response continues to slow down, the sounds become more frequent until a nonstop alarm warns that the driver must stop as soon as possible.
The device has been delivered to the department’s laboratories for testing. If these tests, scheduled for six months’ time, are successful, the makers will bring the product to market within about a year.

【題組】72.According to the text, Driver Alert _______.
(A) aims to reduce tiredness-related accidents
(B) aims to prevent drivers from sleeping
(C) has gone through testing at laboratories
(D) has been on sale for 12 months

53.【題組】73. How should a driver respond to the sounds from Driver Alert?
(A) By sounding a warning.
(B)By checking the driving time.
(C) By touching the writstband
(D) By pressing the steering wheel.

54.【題組】74. We can learn from the text that the driver needs to stop for a break when his response time is ________.
(A) about 400 milliseconds
(B) over 500 milliseconds
(C) below 500 milliseconds
(D) about 4 minutes

55.【題組】75. When the driver gets sleepy while driving, Driver Alert _____.
(A) moves more regularly
(B) opens the window for the driver
(C) stops working properly
(D) sounds more frequently and loudly