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95 年 - 2006全国英语高考真题(卷一)#11555 

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Most people think of racing when they see greyhounds(灰狗) and believe they need lots of exercise. They can actually be quite lazy! Greyhounds are good at fast races but not long-distance running. They do need regular exercise but they like to run for a short burst and then get back on the bed or a comfortable seat. Another misunderstanding is that greyhounds must be aggressive(好斗的) because they are big in size. In fact greyhounds love people and are gentle with children.
Greyhounds can live for 12-14 years but usually only race for two or three years, and after that they make great pets. They don’t need a lot of space, don’t make a lot of noise, and don’t eat a lot for their size.
Normally, greyhounds can be as tall as 90 cm. There is, however, a small-sized greyhound, which stands only 33 cm. Greyhounds come in a variety of colors. Grey and yellowish-brown are the most common. Others include black, white, blue, red and brown or a mix of these.
Greyhounds have smooth body coats, low body fat and are very healthy. Because they’re slim(苗条的)they don’t have the leg problems like other dogs the same height. But they do feel the cold. Especially since they would much rather be at home in bed than walking around outside.

【題組】56.The text is written mainly .
(A)to tell people how to raise greyhounds
(B)to let people know more about greyhounds
(C)to explain why greyhounds are aggressive
(D)to describe greyhounds of different colors

2.【題組】57.It can be inferred that greyhounds .
(A)love big doghouses
(B)like staying in bed all day
(C)make the best guard dogs
(D)need some exercise outdoors

3.【題組】58.Why does the author say that greyhounds make grest pets?
(A)They are big in size.
(B)They live a very long life.
(C)They can run races for some time.
(D)They are quiet and easy to look after.

4.【題組】59.If you keep a pet greyhound,it is important .
(A)to keep it stim
(B)to keep it warm
(C)to take special care of its legs
(D)to take it to animal doetors rcgularly

Many years ago,when I was fresh out of school and working in Danver,I was driving to my parents’ home in Messouri for Christmas.I atopped at a gas station(加油站) about 50 miles from Okiahoma City,where I was plsning to stop and visit &friend.While I was standing in.line at the cash register(收款台),I said hello to an older couple who were also paying for gas.
I took off,but had gone anly a few miles when black smoke poured from the back of my car.I stopped and wondered what I should do.A car pulled up behind me. It was the couple I had spoken to at the gas station.They said they would take me to my friend’s.We chatted on the way into the city,and when I get out of the car,the husband gave me his business card.
I wrote him and his wife a thank-you note for helping me.Soon afterward.I received a Christmas present from them.Their note that came with it said that helping me had made their holidays meaningful.
Years later,I drove to a meeting in a nearby town in the morning,In late afternoon I returned to my car and found that I’d left the lights on all day,and the battery(电池) was dead.Then I noticed that the Friendly ford dealership-a shop selling cars-was right next door.I walked over and found two salesmen in the showroom.
“Just how friendly is Friendly Ford?”I asked and explained my trouble.They quickly drove a pickup truck to my car and started it.They would accept no payment;so when I got home;I wrote them a note to say thanks,I received a letter back from one of the salesmen,No one had ever taken the time to write him and say thank you ,and it meant a lot,he said.
“Thank you”- two powerful words.They’re easy to say and mean so much.

【題組】60.The author planned to stop at Oklahoma City .
(A)to visit a frend
(B)to see his parents
(C)to pay or the cash register
(D)to have more gas for his car

6.【題組】61.The words“took off”underlined in Paragraph 2 mean“ ”
(A)turned off
(B)moved off
(C)put up
(D)set up

7.【題組】62.What happened when the author found smoke coming out of his car?
(A)He had it pulled back to the gas station.
(B)The coupls sent him a business card.
(C)The couple offered to help him.
(D)He called his friend for help.

8.【題組】63.The hattery of the author’s car was dead because .
(A)something went wrong with the lights
(B)the meeting lasted a whole day
(C)he forgot to turn off the lights
(D)he drove too long a sistance

9.【題組】64.By telling his own experiences,the author tries to show .
(A)how to write a thank-you letter
(B)how to deal with car problems
(C)the kindheartedness of older people
(D)the importance of expressing thanks

A study of English learning problems was carried out among a total of 106 foreign students.It shows that most students considered understanding spokeu English to be their bigges problern on asrival.This was followed by speaking,Writing increased as a problem as students discovered difficulties in writing papers that they were now expected to hand in.Reading remained as a signifioant(显着的)problem.
The information gsined helped up in determining where special attention should be paid in our course.Although many atudents have chosen to join the course with a reasonnble motivation(动机),we considered it important to note what seemed to encourage inleresl.Neady all the students have experienced some kind of grammar-based English teaching in their own country.To use the sarnc method would be self-defeating because it might reduce motivation,especially if it has failed in the pest.Thereforc a different method may help henause it is different.
Variety of activity was also seen as a way of maintsining(保持)or incressing motivation.Several years ago we had one timetable that operated throughout,but we soon found that both the students and the teachers lost interest by about halfway through the ten weeks.This led up to a majoc re-taink,so finally we hrought it into line with the expressed language needs of the students.

【題組】65.What is the text mainly about?
(A)Foreign students have more problems.
(B)There are many ways to improve English.
(C)Tesching should meet students’needs.
(D)English learning probles should be studied again.

11.【題組】66.Writing became a bigger problem when foreign students .
(A)had to writs their paers
(B)became better at speaking
(C)became less interested in reading
(D)had fewer problems with listening

12.【題組】67.We may infer from the last lwo paragraphs that .
(A)different teaching methods should be used
(B)grammar-hased teaching seems to be encouraging
(C)English courses are necessary for foreign students
(D)teaching content should be changed halfway

13.【題組】68.The word“it” underlined in the last paragraph refers to“ ”.

Since my retirement(退休)from teaching music in 2001,I have epent a good deal of time paintingas an artist.I aotually beagan drawing again in the summer of 1995 when my lather died.so perhaps I was trying to recover from the loss of my father,or maybe it was just that it brought back memories of him.In any case,I drew pen and ink animals and landscapes(风景画)much influenced(影响)by krenkel and St. John for five years.
  For some strange reason, I had been waiting until my retirement to start doing walereolors again, but as soon as I walked out of the school door for the last time I picked up my brushes and rediscovered Andrew Wyeth, who quickly became my favorite artist. I had looked through all the art books I had on my shelves and found his watercolors to be the closest to how I thought good watercolors should look. So I painted landscapes around Minnesota for three years and tried out many other types of painting. However, watercolors remained my first choice, and I think I did my best work there, showing my paintings at a number of art exhibitions.
Art is now together with my piano playing and reading. There is a time for everything in my world, and it is wonderful to have some time doing what I want to do. As Confucius once said,“At seventy I can follow my heart’s desire.”

【題組】69.What is the text mainly about?
(A)Learning to paint in later life.
(B)How to paint watercolors.
(C)An artist-turned teacher.
(D)Life after retiroment.

15.【題組】70.The author started drawing again in 1995 because .
(A)he hoped to draw a picture of his father
(B)he couldn’t stop missing his father
(C)he had more time after retirement
(D)he liked animals and landscapes

16.【題組】71.We can infer from the text that the author .
(A)had been taught by Krenkel and St. John
(B)painted landscapes in Minnesota for 5 years
(C)believed Wyeth to be the best in watercolors
(D)started his retirement life at the age of seventy

17.【題組】72.How does the author probably feel about his life as an artist?
(A)Very enjoyable.
(B)A bit regretful.
(C)Rather busy.
(D)Fairly dull.

Phillip Island Penguins(企鹅)
The Little Penguin has called Phillip Island home for untold generations. Get to Phillip Island in plenty of time to watch a summer sunset at Summerland Beach-the stage is attractively set to see the Little Penguin leave water and step onto land.
•Leave Melbournc at 5:30pm for a direct journey to Phillip Island
•Sec the Gippsland area-Guinness Book of Records place for the world’s longest earthoworm(蚯蚓)
•Journey along the coastal highway around the Bay with French Island and Churchill Island in the distance
•Cross the bridge at San Remo to enter Phillip Island-natural home for Little Penguins and many animals
•Take your place in special viewing stands(看台) to watch the daily evening performance of the wild Little Penguins
Ultimate Penguins(+U)
Join a group of up to 15. This guided tour goes to an attractive, quiet beach to see Little Penguins. You can see penguins at night by wearing a special pair of glasses.
Adult(成人) $60.00      Child $30.00
Viewing Platform Penguin Plus(+V)
  More personalized wildlife viewing limited to 130 people providing closer viewing of the penguin arrival than the main viewing stands.
  Adult $25.00          Child $12.50
Penguin Skybox(+S)
  Join a group of only 5 in the comfort of a special, higher-up viewing tower. Gain an excellent overview of Summerland Beach.
Adult Isyrs+$50.00

【題組】73.What kind of people is the text mainly written for?

19.【題組】74.What can learn from the text that Little penguins .
(A)have been on Phillip Island for years
(B)keep a Guinness record for their size
(C)are trained to practice diving for visitors
(D)live in large groups to protect themselves

20.【題組】75.How much would a couple with one child pay for a closer viewing tour?