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1.21.—I think I’ll give Bob a ring . —You . You haven’t been in touch with him for ages .
(C)have to

2.22.My most famous relative of all , who really left his mark on America , was Reb Sussel , my great-grandfather .
(B)the one

3.23.—I don’t suppose the police know who did it . —Well , surprisingly they do . A man has been arrested and now .
(A)has been questioned
(B)is being questioned
(C)is questioning
(D)has questioned

4.24.This new model of car is so expensive that it is the reach of those with average incomes .

5.25.—Are you going to have a holiday this year ? —I’d love to . I can’t wait to leave this place .

6.26.The committee is discussing the problem right now . It will have been solved by the end of next week .

7.27.Although medical science control over several dangerous diseases , what worries us is that some of them are returning .
(B)has achieved
(C)will achieve
(D)had achieved

8.28.—It took me ten years to build up my business , and it almost killed me . —Well , you know what they say . .
(A)Thee is no smoke without fire
(B)Practice makes perfect
(C)All roads lead to Rome
(D)No pains , no gains

9.29.The owner of the cinema needed to make a lot of improvements and employ more people to keep it running , meant spending tens of thousands of pounds .

10.30.Whenever he was asked why he was late for class, he would answer carelessly , always the same thing .
(C)to say
(D)having said

11.31. environmental damage is done , it takes many years for the ecosystem (生态系统)to recover .
(A)Even if
(B)If only

12.32.—There is a story here in the paper about a 110-year-old man . —My goodness ! I can’t imagine that old .
(A)to be
(B)to have been
(D)having been

13.33.I wish you’d do talking and some more work. Thus things will become better .
(A)a bit less
(B)any less
(C)much more
(D)a little more

14.34.A poet and artist coming to speak to us about Chinese literature and painting tomorrow afternoon .

15.35.We haven’t settled the question of it is necessary for him to study abroad .

16.I know I should have told the headmaster at the time .That was my real 36 . He had gone out of the study for some 37 , leaving me alone . In his absence I looked to see 38 was on his desk . In the 39 was a small piece of paper on which were written the 40 “English Writing Prize 1949. History Is a Series of Biographies (人物传记).” A(n) 41 boy would have avoided looking at the title as soon as he saw the 42 . I did not . The subject of the English Writing Prize was kept a 43 until the start of the exam so I could not 44 reading it . When the headmaster 45 , I was looking out of the window . I should have told him what had 46 then . It would have been so 47 to say : “I’m sorry but I 48 the title for the English Writing Prize on your desk . You’ll have to 49 it.” The chance passed and I did not 50 it . I sat the exam the next day and I won. I didn’t 51 to cheat , but it was still cheating anyhow . That was thirty-eight years 52 when I was fifteen . I have never told anyone about it before , 53 have I tried to explain to myself why not . The obvious explanation is that I could not admit I had seen me title 54 admitting that I had been looking at the things on his desk . 55 there must have been more behind it . Whatever it was , it has become a good example of how a little mistake can trap (使陷入)you in a more serious moral corner (道德困境).




















36.The Marches were a happy family . Poverty, hard work, and even the fact that Father March was away with the Union armies could not down the spirits of Meg , Jo, Beth , Amy , and Marmee , as the March girls called their mother . The March sisters tried to be good but had their share of faults . Pretty Meg was often displeased with the schoolchildren she taught ; boyish Jo was easy to become angry ; golden-haired schoolgirl Amy liked to show up ; but Beth , who kept the house , was loving and gentle always . The happy days passed and darkness came when a telegram arrived for Mrs . March . “Your husband is very ill,” it said , “come at once.” The girls tried to be brave when their mother left for the front . They waited and prayed . Little Beth got scarlet fever (猩红热)when she was taking care of a sick neighbor . She became very ill but began to recover by the time Marnee was back . When Father came home from the front and at that joyful Christmas dinner they were once more all together . Three years later the March girls had grown into young womanhood . Meg became Mrs .Brooke , and after a few family troubles got used to her new state happily . Jo had found pleasure in her literary efforts . Amy had grown into a young lady with a talent for design and an even greater one for society . But Beth had never fully regained her health , and her family watched her with love and anxiety . Amy was asked to go and stay in Europe with a relative of the Mareches’ . Jo went to New York and became successful in her writing and had the satisfaction of seeing her work published there .But at home the bitterest blow was yet to fall . Beth had known for some time that she couldn’t live much longer to be with her family , and in the springtime she died . News came from Europe that Amy and Laurie , the grandson of a wealthy neighbor , had planned to be married soon. Now Jo became ever more successful in her writing and got married to Professor Bhaer , and soon afterwards founded a school for boys . And so the little women had grown up and lived happily with their children , enjoying the harvest of love and goodness that they had devoted all their lives to .
【題組】56.The members of the March family were Father March , Mrs, March and their .
(A)four daughters
(B)five daughters
(C)son and four daughters
(D)son and five daughters

37.【題組】57.Who was the most successful in career (事业) among the March girls ?
(B)Beth .
(C)Amy .
(D)Meg .

38.【題組】58.Which of the following would be the best title for the passage ?
(A)The March Family .
(B)The March Parents .
(C)The March Girls .
(D)The March Relatives .

39.【題組】59.It can be inferred from the passage that the March family had .
(A)both happiness and sadness
(B)wealthy neighbors
(C)more girls than boys
(D)a lot of rich relatives

40.The first reality TV show in the world was called Expedition Robinson and it was shown in Sweden in 1997 . Half the population of the country watched the final event and a new kind of TV program was born . Two years later in Holland , the first series of Big Brother was filmed. Again , it was a great success and the final program was watched by 15 million people . Now more than 20 countries around the world have Big Brother or Expedition Robinson on their TV screens . The ordinary people who take part in the programs are known by millions of people in their own countries and reality TV has become big , big business . For the TV producers , reality TV is a dream come true because many of the programs cost nothing to make . At some point , the television viewers (观众) are asked to telephone the program to vote or to apply to take part in the show . It is the cost of these telephone calls that pays for the shows . One of the most popular shows is Pop Idol. In the show, a group of attractive young people are made into pop stars. TV viewers vote for their favorite person on the show. The winner makes a record and millions of copies of the record are sold . His or her pictures are published on the covers of magazines or on the front pages of newspapers , and then , they are quickly forgotten . But not everyone is happy about reality TV. In Portugal , two TV channels got into trouble because they showed too much of the personal lives of the people in the shows . In France , reality TV is called “rubbish TV ” and the TV studios of Big Brother were attacked three times in one week . In Greece , Big Brother was described as “against human rights and civilization”.
【題組】60.Those who take part in reality TV shows are usually .
(A)common people
(B)pop TV Stars
(C)attractive people
(D)famous film stars

41.【題組】61.Who would pay for the cost of reality TV shows according to the passage ?
(A)TV producers who make reality TV shows .
(B)TV actors who take part in reality TV shows .
(C)TV viewers who telephone reality TV shows .
(D)TV companies which broadcast reality TV shows .

42.【題組】62.Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage ?
(A)Pop Idol is one of the popular reality TV shows in the world .
(B)Big Brother was one of the first reality TV shows in the world .
(C)Rubbish TV is one of the personal reality TV shows in the world .
(D)Expedition Robinson was the first reality TV show in the world .

43.【題組】63.It can be concluded from the passage that .
(A)everyone is happy about reality TV
(B)reality TV will do well in many countries
(C)all the people in Europe are in favor of reality TV
(D)reality TV will not be broadcast in any countries

44. I The opening ceremony of this famous yearly competition (比赛)will begin at 11:30 a.m. There will be music groups , rappers and children’s chorus . 12:25p.m. sees the introduction of the eaters who come from all over the world . At 12:40 p.m., the historic 12-minute all-you-can-eat competition will begin .The world record stands at over 50 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes . Will anyone beat the record this year ? Viewing is available on a first-come-first-served basis . Television crews are invited to use a two-tiered (两层) stage three metres from the main stage . The area in front of the main stage is kept for photographers and television cameras without tripods (三脚架). Ⅱ Few periods in history are as exciting as the time when the Vikings (北欧海盗)were known—and sometimes feared—throughout Scandinavia , the British Isles, Russia , all the Meditierranean , Africa and even America . Fro(••)jel is a family-based society , which aims to relive and describe the Vikings from a harbor—Fro(••)jel , on the Swedish island of Gotland , Fro(••)jel was one of the richest trading centers in the Viking world . The members of the society aim to recreate the clothing , weapons , tools , jewellery , games , food and furniture of that long-gone period .They want to enjoy an escape to a simpler , more relaxed time , with like-minded people . They will also use the items they have made to relive that age at various public entertainments .
【題組】64.According to Advertisement I, the famous yearly competition is .
(A)a music competition
(B)an eating competition
(C)a cooking competition
(D) a picture-taking competition

45.【題組】65.People who come to watch the competition earliest may .
(A)get the best watching position
(B)get the best food
(C)watch whatever they want to
(D)take good pictures

46.【題組】66.The best title for Advertisement II would be .
(A)The Vikings
(B)Reliving of the Vikings
(D)A Viking Reliving Society

47.【題組】67.From the advertisement we know that Fro(••)jel used to be .
(A)a Viking club
(B)a family-based society
(C)a European island
(D)a trading center

48.In a recently published book , I came across some exercises with interesting names such as fishbone diagrams , lotusflowers and clustering . As I used these exercises in my classes , I noticed that students were interested . They said more and wrote more . They enjoyed expressing their ideas and sharing them in groups .They were no longer passively waiting for the bell, but actively took part in the lesson . I find that creativity (创新)can act as a way to increase participation and improve fluency (流利程度). Creativity has become a popular word in recent years . Scholars in the arts ,psychology (心理学), business , education , and science are all working to get a deeper understanding of it . Robert J. Sternberg is a creativity specialist and Yale professor of psychology . He defines creativity as “the ability to produce work that is both new (original )and appropriate (applicable to the situation )”. This definition is useful, as we want our students to use language in a new way , and to use it correctly and properly . Most scholars say there are two types of creativity : big “C” creativity and small “c” creativity. Big “C” creativity refers to genius level thinking that results in artistic masterpieces and scientific breakthroughs . Small “c” creativity refers to everyday level thinking that can be used in any situation . Our emphasis is on the latter . While it goes without saying that any of our students could go on to be the next Picasso or Edison , our aim is to help students produce more ideas and use language in new ways .
【題組】68.The underlined words “waiting for the bell” in the first paragraph probably mean .
(A)longing for a phone call
(B)hoping to have a bell
(C)expecting the end of the class
(D)wanting to speak in class

49.【題組】69.It can be inferred from the passage that the author thought the exercises in the book were .

50.【題組】70.When you use a very familiar word in a new way , you are .
(A)creative in the sense of big “C” creativity
(B)creative in the sense of small “c” creativity
(C)not creative in the sense of big “c” creativity
(D)not creative in the sense of small “c” creativity

51.【題組】71.The main purpose of the passage is to .
(A)show how useful the book is
(B)explain what creativity is
(C)discuss how one can be creative
(D)tell what reaching aims at

52.A new eight-kilometre road is under construction that links the port area with the motorway system . It is expected to carry 20,000 trucks and cars a day, which greatly reduces the overcrowded traffic in the center of the city . As part of the project , two four-kilometre road tunnels are being built below the central area of the city , one for traffic to the north and the other for traffic to the south .The two tunnels are about 20 metres below the surface and are 12 metres wide , providing for two lanes of traffic in each direction . In the upper part of the tunnel two air-conditioning pipes remove the waste gas of trucks and cars and keep the quality of air inside the tunnel . The lighting is at the top of the tunnel , practically at its highest point . There will also be electronic signs at frequent intervals (间隔). They show traffic conditions ahead , and can be seen clearly by drivers . The wall is made up of four main elements , which include a waterproofing covering and , on the inside of the tunnel , a concrete lining (混凝土衬砌). Each tunnel is roughly round and the lower part of the tunnel is somewhat flat .The surface of the road lies on the base , which is made of concrete and steel The drainage system (排水系统), just below the road surface on one side , removes any extra liquid , particularly water . In the event of fire , the fire main , which is made of steel , pipes water to many fire hydrant stations at regular intervals along the length of the tunnel . The fire main is at the side of the tunnel , and at the level of the road surface . Other systems in the tunnel will include emergency phones .
【題組】72.Each of the tunnels under construction is .
(A)eight kilometers long and twenty metres wide
(B)eight kilometers long and six metres wide
(C)four kilometers long and twenty metres wide
(D)four kilometers long and six metres wide

53.【題組】73.Which part of the tunnel in the diagram is used to pipe out extra water ?

54.【題組】74.Driving in the tunnel , one can know the traffic conditions ahead through .
(A)the lights
(B)the electronic signs
(C)the trucks and cars
(D)the emergency phones

55.【題組】75.The passage is mainly about .
(A)the construction of a road
(B)the design of a road
(C)the construction of two tunnels
(D)the design of two tunnels