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95 年 - 2006年重庆高考真题(英语)#13584 

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1.21.I have to go to work by taxi because my car at the garage.   
(A)will be repaired
(B)is repaired  
(C)is being repaired
(D)has been repaired

2.22.-Would you like some more soup?   - .It is delicious,but I’ve had enough.
(B)No,thank you.
(C)Nothing more
(D) I'd like some

3.23.In time of serious accidents, we know some basic things about first aid,we can save lives.   

4.24.I’ve tried very hard to improve my English. But by no means with my progress.   
(A)the teacher is not satisfied
(B)is the teacher not satisfied  
(C)the teacher is satisfied
(D)is the teacher satisfied

5.25.Everywhere man has cut down forests in order to grow crops,or to use wood as fuel or as building material.

6.26.Isn't it time you got down to the papers?   
(B)be marked  
(C)being marked

7.27. and I’ll get the work finished.   
(A)Have one more hour
(B)One more hour  
(C)Given one more hour
(D)If I have one more hour

8.28.——How are you managing to do your work without an assistant? ——Well,I somehow.
(A)get along
(B)come on
(C)watch out
(D)set off

9.29.My grandma still treats me like a child.She can,t imagine grown up.   

10.30.Costomers are asked to make sure that they the right change before leaving the shop.   
(A)will give
(B)have been given   
(C)have given
(D)will be given

11.31.I in London for many years,but I,ve never regretted my final decision to move back to China.   
(B)was living 
(C)have lived
(D)had lived

12.32.-Mr.Gordon asked me to remind you of the meeting this afternoon.Don't you forget it! -OK,I .   

13.33.Nobody believed his reason for being absent form the class he had to meet his uncle at the air port.    

14.34.I saw a woman running to ward me in the dark.Before I could recognize who she was,she had run back in the direction she had come.    
(A)of which
(B)by which    
(C)in which
(D)from which

15.35.—How about seeing the new movie at the theatre tonight?— ,but I,ve got to go over my notes for tomorrow's exam.   
(A)All right
(B)Sounds great   
(C)I can,t
(D)No,I am terribly sorry

16.  Eleven-year-old Agela had something wrong with her nervous system(神经系统).She was unable to 36. In fact,she could hardly make any 37.Athough she believed that she had a 38 chance of recovering,the doctors said that 39,if any,could come back to normal after getting this disease. Having heard this,the little girl was not 40.There,lying in her hospital bed,she 41 that no matter what the doctors said,her going back to school was 42.  She was moved to a specialized health center,and whatever method could be tried was used.Still she would not 43.It seemed that she was 44.The doctors were all fond of her and taught her about 45 that she could make it.Every day Agela would lie there,46 doing her mental exercise. One day,47 she was imagining her legs moving again,it seemed as though a miracle(奇迹)happened:The bed began to 48!“Look,what I'm doing!Look!I can do it!I moved! I moved!"she 49. Of course,at this very moment everyone else in the hospital was 50.More importantly,they were running 51 safety. People were crying,and equipment was 52. You see,it was an earthquake.But don't 53 that to Agela. She has 54 that she did it ,just as she had never doubted that she would recover. And now only a few years later, she's back in school. You see,to such a person who can 55
【題組】36.the earth,such a disease is a small problem,isn't it?  







(A)get up
(B)give up
(C)turn up
(D)stand up













36.A   When I was in the third grade,I was picked to be the princess(公主)in the school play.For weeks my mother had helped me practice my lines.But once onstage,every word disappeared from my head.Then my teacher told me she had written a narrator's(解说者的)part for the play,and asked me to change roles.Though I didn't tell my mother what had happened that day,she sensed my unhappiness and asked if I wanted to take a walk in the yard. It was a lovely spring day.We could see dandelions(蒲公英)popping through the grass in bunches,as if a painter had touched our landscape with bits of gold.I watched my mother carelessly bend down by one of the bunches."I think I am going to dig up all these weeds,"she said."From now on,we'll have only roses in this garden." "But I like dandelions,"I protested."All flowers are beautiful-even dandelions!" My mother looked at me seriously."Yes,every flower gives pleasure in its own way,doesn't it?"she asked thoughtfully.I nodded."And that is true of people,too,"she added. When I realized that she had guessed my pain,I started to cry and told her the truth.   “But you will be a beautiful narrator,”she said,reminding me of how much I loved to read stories aloud to her. Over the next few weeks,with her continuous encouragement,I learned to take pride in the role.The big day finally came.Afew minutes before the play,my teacher came over to me.“Your mother asked me to give this to you,”she said,handing me a dandelion.Ater the play,I took home the flower,laughing that I was perhape the only person who would keep such a weed.
【題組】56The girl did not play the role of the princess mainly because .
(A)she felt nervous on the stage.
(B)she lost her interest in that role.
(C)she preferred the role of the narrator
(D)she had difficulty memorizing her words

37.【題組】57.Why did the mother suggest a walk in the garden?
(A)To remove the dandelions
(B)To enjoy the garden scene
(C)to have a talk with her daughter.
(D)to hlep her daughter with the play.

38.【題組】58.What is the main idea of the story?
(A)Everybody can find his or her own way to success.
(B)Everybody has his or her own value in the world.
(C)Everybody should learn to play different roles
(D)verybody has some unforgettable memory.

39.B Italian Lakes and Greek Islands(12Dys) Prices starting from $1,999 Your tour begins in Milan,Italy,and moves on to the pretty Italian Lake Dstrict and the attractive resort(胜地)of Stresa,your home for two nights. Cllette Vacations has carefully chosen the Csta Victoria as your home away from home for your 7-night journey along the waterways of the Mediterranean. The cruise ship is filled with the warmth and culture of Italy and is richly designed with entertainment(娱乐)areas and very good living conditions. It will take you to the places of your dreams. You'll spend 4 days touring Greek cities you've always heard about. In Katakolon,you will have the only unguided tour to nearby Olympia on the whole journey. Then with a local guide you will visit the Greek islands of Santorini,which is often related to the story of the lost city of Alantis,and Mykonos,a wonderful island with beautiful beaches. Your journey ends in Verona,home of the love story Romeo and Juliet,with a fun-filled farewell dinner-a perfect ending to a pleasant journey. 12Dy,25Meals:10Beakfasts,6 Lunches,9Dnners Dy 1 Overnight flight to Italy Dy 2-3 Regina Palace,stresa,Italy Dy 4-10 Csta Victoria(Csta cruises) Dy 11 Hotel Leopardi,Verona,Italy Dy 12 Leave for home Please Note:
【題組】59.How is the journey planned?
(A)It starts and ends in Italy.
(B)It starts and ends in Greece.
(C)It starts in Italy and ends in Greece.
(D)It starts in Greece and ends in Italy.

40.【題組】60.What can be inferred from the travel plan?
(A)The price may get lower than those in the plan.
(B)The prices include three meals a day.
(C)The price is the highest in summer.
(D)The prices include entertainment service.

41.【題組】61.What does the underlined part“the Csta Victoria”most probably refer to?
(A)Afamous hotel.
(B)Abeautiful resort.
(C)Acomfortable ship.
(D)Along-distance bus.

42.【題組】62.Tourists will travel on their own in .

43.C When a Swedish ship that sank in 1628 was recovered from the port of Stockholm,historians and scientists were overjoyed with the chance to examine the remains of the past. The ship construction showed how ships were built and operated during the seventeenth century. In this way,artifacts,objects made by human beings,provided a picture of daily life almost 400 years ago. Underwaterarchaeology-the study of ships,aircraft and human settlements that have sunk under large bodies of water-is really a product of the last 50 years. The rapid growth of this new area of study has occurred because of the invention of better diving equipment .Bsides the Swedish ship wreck(残骸),underwater archaeologists have made more exciting discoveries such as the 5000-year-old boats in the Mediterranean Sea. Underwater archaeology can provide facts abut the past.In ancient ports all over the world are ships sunken in the past 6,000 years. There are also sunken settlements in seas and lakes telling of pelples way of life and their systems of trade in ancient times.Underwater archaeologists want to study these objects to add to the world's knowledge of history,but they have to fight two enemies. One enemy is treasure hunters who dive for ancient artifacts that they can sell to collectors. Once sold,these objects are lost to experts. The second enemy is dredging machines(挖掘机)often used to repair ports.These machines destroy wrecks and artifacts or bury them deeper under sand and mud.B teaching the public about the importance of underwater“museums”of the past,archaeologists are hoping to get support for laws to protect underwater treasures.
【題組】63.What purpose does Paragraph 1 serve in the passage?
(A)To provide background information of the topic
(B)To attract readers' attention to the topic
(C)To use an example to support the topic
(D)To offer basic knowledge of the topic

44.【題組】64.The aim of underwater archaeology is to .
(A) exploit water bodies
(B) search for underwater life
(C). study underwater artifacts
(D) examine underwater environment

45.【題組】65.Underwater archaeologists are worried because_____.
(A)sea hunters have better diving equipment 
(B)their knowledge of world history is limited 
(C)dredging machines cause damage to the ports 
(D)sold artifacts can hardly be regained for research

46.【題組】66.What is the main purpose of the passage?
(A)To introduce a young branch of learning. 
(B)To discuss the scientists’problems. 
(C)To explain people’s way of life in the past. 
(D)To describe the sunken ships.

47.D Tragedy at the Crcus In yesterday’s circus(马戏团)show,a tiger suddenly attacked its trainer and had to be shot dead.A the circus packed up and left,circus officials said the show would go on,even without tigers. However,the officials can’t simply turn a blind eye to the ethical problems left behind.Even before this tragedy(悲剧),animal rights activists protested against keeping wild animals in unnatural conditions and forcing them to suffer for the profit(利润)of circus organizers. It is now time for us to take effective steps to make sure that circus animals are treated properly. ******************************* Crcus Safe for Aimals Our circus recently suffered a most tragic event in its history.While we are thankful for the pity from the public,we are also astonished by the opinion exprssed in “Tragedy at the Crcus.” First,our performing animals are not taken from the wild.A to the ethical problems.we always believe humans and animals can—and should—live together nicely.To us,the performing animals are representatives of their species(物种),and our circus is one of the only places left willing to support this special role of performing animals in the existence of the species.Those who argue that circus life is harmful to animals show little knowledge of these facts.Life in the “wild”is unsafe,but a continuous struggle for existence.To overlook these reslities is the greatest fault against the animal kingdom. This circus has proven that animals are stronger and smarter than we could imagine.Within the circus is a joyful atmosphere for both animals and humans:people are educated,and species saved. What is the main purpose of the first passage?
(A)To show pity for the performing animals.
(B)To express worries about ainimal trainers'safety.
(C)To deal with the difficult situations of the circus.
(D)To call for action to protect circus animals.

48.【題組】68.What will the circus most probably do?
(A)Take no notice of the tragedy.
(B)Cntinue its performances.
(C)Use fewer wild animals.
(D)Limit its profit.

49.【題組】69.What does the circus think of its performing animals?
(A)They are as clever as human beings.
(B)They struggle continuously with human beings for existence.
(C)They are helpful in saving their species.
(D)They have equally natural living conditions as wild animals.

50.【題組】70.What is the most probable relationship between the two passages?
(A)Apublic request and a newspaper report.     
(B) Anewspaper article and a reply to it.
(C)Two parts of a newspaper article.
(D)Two newspaper reports.

51.E The flag,the most common symbol(象征) of a nation in the modern world,is also one of the most ancient.With a clear symbolic meaning,the flag in the traditional form is still used today to mark buildings,ships and other vehicles related to a country. The national flag as we know it today is in no way a primitive(原始的)artifact.It is ,rather,the product of thousands of years' development.Historians believe that it had two major ancestors,of which the earlier served to show wind direction. Early human beings used very fragile houses and boats.Often strong winds would tear roofs from houses or cause high waves that endangered travelers.People's food supplies were similarly vulnerable.Even after they had learned how to plant grains,they still needed help from nature to ensure good harvests.Therefore they feared and depended on the power of the wind,which could bring warmth from one direction and cold from another. Using a simple piece of cloth tied to the top of a post to tell the direction of the wind was more dependable than earlier methods,such as watching the rising of smoke from a fire.The connection of the flag with heavenly power was therefore reasonable.Early human societies began to fix long pieces of cloth to the tops of totems(图腾) before carrying them into battle. They believed that the power of the wind would be added to the good wishes of the gods and ancestors represented by the totems themselves. These flags developed very slowly into modern flags. The first known flag of a nation or a ruler was unmarked:The king of China around 1000 BC was known to have a white flag carried ahead of him.This practice might have been learned from Egyptians even further in the past,but it was from China that it spread over trade routes through India, then across Aab lands, and finally to Europe,where it met up with the other ancestor of the national flag.
【題組】71.The best title for the passage would be
(A)Dvelopment of the National Flag
(B)Power of the National Flag
(C)Types of Flags
(D)Uses of Flags

52.【題組】72.The underlined word "vulnerable" in Paragraph 3 means
(A)impossible to make sure of
(B)likely to be protected
(C)easy to damage
(D)difficult to find

53.【題組】73.The earliest flags were connected with heavenly power because.
(A)they could tell wind direction
(B)they could bring good luck to fighters
(C)they were handed down by the ancestors
(D)they were believed to stand for natural forces

54.【題組】74.What does the author know of the first national flag?
(A)He knows when it was sent to Europe.
(B)He believes it was made in Egypt.
(C)He thinks it came from China.
(D)He doubts where it started.

55.【題組】75.What will the author most probably talk about next?
(A)The role of China in the spread of the national flag.
(B)The second ancestor of the national flag.
(C)The use of modern flags in Europe.
(D)The importance of modern flags.