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6.6. I used to earn_______than a pound a week when I first started work.
(A)a little
(B)a few

7.7. —You look very tired_______at all last night? —No,not really.I’m stired out now.
(A)Do you sleep
(B)Were you sleeping
(C)Did you sleep
(D)Had you slept

8.8.She as educated at Beijing University,________She went on to have her advanced study abroad.
(A).after which
(B)from which
(C)from that
(D)after that

9.9.His plan was such a good one_________we all agread to accept it.

10.10.My sister was against my suggcestion while my brother was_________it.
(A)in favout of
(B)in memory of
(C)in honour of
(D)in searvh of

11.11. —I’m terribly sorry that I made your table cloth dirty. —___________.
(A)Never mind
(B)Don’t mention it
(C)That’s right

12.12.The construetion of the two new railway lines__________by now.
(A)has completed
(B)have completed
(C)have been completed
(D)has been completed

13.13.It is difficult to imagine his________the decision without any consideration.
(C)to accept

14.14.With no one to________in such a frightening situation,she felt very helpless.
(A)turn to
(B)turn on
(C)turn off
(D)turn over

15.15.According to_________World Health Organization,health care plans are needed in all big cities to prevent_________spread of AD.

16.16.Only then___________how much damage had been caused.
(A)she realized
(B)she had realized
(C)had she realized
(D)did she realize

17.17.Faced with a bill for $ 10,000,________.
(A)John has taken an extra job
(B)the boss has given john an extra job
(C)an extra job has been taken
(D)an extra job has been given to John

18.18. He hurried to the booking office only_________that all the tickets had been sold out.
(A)to tell
(B)to be told

19.19.As you worked late yesterday,you_________have come this morning.

20.20.This is a very interesting book.I’ll buy it,+__________.
(A)how much may it cost
(B)no matter how it may cost
(C)however much it may cost
(D)how may it cost

21.The child in the hospital bed was just waking up after having a throat(喉咙) operation.His throat 21 ,and he was afraid.However.the young nurse 22 B his bed smiled so 23 hat the little boy smiled back.He 24 to be afraid.The young nurse was May Paxton 25 e was deaf (聋的).May Paxton graduated 26 the Missouri School for the Daf near the year 1909.Three years 27 she went to see D.Richard son about 28 nurse.D Richardson was one of the founders of Mercy Hospital of Kansas City. 29 had never heard of a deaf nurse.She told May that her 30 would be very low and that the work would be 31 . However,May said that hard work did not frighten her.D. Richardson was 32 her,and accepted May as a student nurse. D.Richardson never 33 her decision 34 ,she was so pleased with May’s work that she later accepted two other deaf women as student nurses.The 35 was Miss Marian Finch,who was hard of 36 .The second was Miss Lillie Bssie.These three were 37 “the silent angles(天使) of Mercy Hospital”during the 38 they worked there. D.Richardson often 39 her faith in the girls’ ability to learn nursing.She wrore to May,“For three years,you have been with us… It is wonderful to me that no man. 40 or child ever,to my knowledge,made a complaint(投诉) against you…”











(A)angry with
(B)sagtisfied with
(C)sorry for
(D)ashamed of

(B)thought of

(A)In fact
(B)In a hurry
(C)In surprise
(D)In public





(A)spoke of
(C)heard of


41.A For centuries,the only form of written correspondence (通信)was the letters were,and are,sent by some form of postal service,the history of which goes back a long way .indeed,the egyptians began sending letters from about 2000 B,as did the Chinese a thousand years later. Of course,modern postal service now are march more developed and faster.depending as they do on cars and planes fore delivery.Yet they are stell too slow for some people to send urgent documents (紧急文件)and letters. The invention of the fax (传真) machine increased the speed of delivering documents even more.When you send a fax you are sending a copy of a piece of correspondence to someone by telephone service.It was not until the early 1980s that such a service was developed enough for bussinesses to be able to fax documents to each other. The fax service is still very much in use when copies of documents require to be sent ,but,as a way of fast correspondence,it has been largely taken the place of by email ,Email is used to describe messages sent form one computer user to another. There are advantages and disadvantages with emails.ifyou send some one an email ,then he will receive it extremely quickly .Normal postal services are rather slow as far as speed of delivery is concerned. However,if you write something by email,which you might later regret ,and send it immediately,there is no chance for second thoughts.at least,if you are have to address and seal(封)the envelope and take it to the post box..there is plenty of time to change your mind .The message is think before you email!
【題組】41.We can learn from the tex that__________.
(A) email is less popular than the fax service
(B) the postal service has over the years become faster
(C) the postal service has over the years become slower
(D) the fax service has a history as long as the postal service does

42.【題組】42.It can be inferred from the text that_________.
(A) the fax service had been fully developed by the 1980s
(B) letters have been used in China for about 1,000 years
(C) the fax machine was invented after the 1980s
(D) letters have been used in Egypt for about 2,000 years

43.【題組】43.In the last paragraph,the wrin intentings think before you email”to show then________.
(A)you may regret if you than’t your envelope
(B)you may regre l before you send something by email
(C)you’d better not send your email in a hurry
(D)you regrse before you on time to send an email

44.【題組】44.The text madtry deal with_________.
(A)the progress in correspondence
(B)the advantage of fax machines
(C)the advantage of emails
(D)the invention of fas machines

45. B LONDN Thursday Just Read—Eddy missed his girlfriend so made he flew back to Bitain from Astrahe to propose(求婚) to her.The pooblem is she did the same in the opposite diffion. He and Ana crea manaed to miss each other when the the same airporr waiting room in Singaoore at he same time to wait for connecting mghrs. Ana,heartbrok,when she arrived at Eddy’s Sydney flat lind he had flow to London,told times,“It was as though someone was playing a cruel joke on. ” “He is the most romantic person I have ever known.I think our problem is that we are both quite impulsive(冲动的)people.We are always trying to surprise each other.” After an 11,000-mile flight across gome,she wa greeted by Eddy’s astonished roommate asking what she was doing. Eddy,a 27-year-old enginee taken year off to travel round Astr be he was missing Ana,a 26-year sece,so much he got a job on a Syd (工地)and started savir for a surprase. He then flew bome no and went to her flat armed with engegerment(订婚) ring,wine and thougens. “I really miseed Ana and I’d been thinking about her all the come I was so excited when she phoned me flom Asrralia,”he said. Eddy then asked Ana to marry him on tbe phone .“I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but I accepted,”she said. Ana was given a tour of Sydney by Eddy’s friends before going back home.Eddy and to stav in Bitain for two weeks beean a could not change his ticket.
【題組】45.What does the last sentence of the first paragraph tell us?
(A)Ana flew to Bitain from Astralia to marry him.
(B)Ana flew to Astralia from Bitain to marry him.
(C)Ana flew to Bitain from Astralia to propose to him.
(D)Ana flew to Astralia from Bitain to propose to him.

46.【題組】46.The underlined word“miss”in paragraph 2 most probably means_______.
(A)escape from
(B)fail to understand
(C)fail to meet
(D)long to see

47.【題組】47.Eddy got a job on a Sydney building site because he________.
(A)wanted to travel round Astralia
(B)needed monev to pay his daily cost
(C)was an engineer at this building site
(D)hoped to make money from this job

48.【題組】48.Which of the following is TRUE about Eddy and Ana according to the text?
(A)Eddy proposed to Ana on the phone and Ana accepted.
(B)Ana stayed in Astralia waiting for Eddy’s arrival.
(C)Ana bad a good time touring Sydney with Ddy.
(D)Eddy met Ana in the airport waiting room by chance.

49. C If you’re like most students,you probably read both at home and outside your home:perhaps somewhere on your schoolyard and maybe even at work during your breaks.Your reading environment can have a great effect on your understanding,so give some thought to how you can create(营造)or choose the right reading environments.The right environment allows you to stay alert(专注的) and to keep all of your attention on the text,especially when it is both interesting and difficult. When you’re at home,you can usually create effective conditions for reading.You might want to choose a particular place-a desk or table,for example-where you always read.Make sure the place you choose is well lighted,and sit in a chair that requires you to sit straight.Reading in a chair that’s too soft and comfortable is likely to make you sleepy!Keep your active reading tools(pens,markers,notebooks or paper) and a dictionary close at hand. Before you sit down for a reading period,try to reduce all possible interruptions.Turn off your phone,the television,and the radio,Tell your family members or roommates that you’ll be busy for a while.If necessary,put a“D not disturb”sign on your door!The more interruptions you must deal with while you read,the harder it will be to keep your attention on the task at hand.
【題組】49.The author believes that the right reading environment_________.
(A) hels readers a little in their reading tasks
(B) helps readers a lot in their readers a lot in their reading tasks
(C) can only be created at one’s home
(D) can only be created outside one’s home

50.【題組】50.Which type of the following interruptions is mentioned in the text?
(C)Phone calls.

51.【題組】51.What would be the best title for the text?
(A) How to read fast
(B) Ceating an Effectuve Reading Environment
(C) The Ways to Reduce Possible Interruptions
(D) What to Read

52. D In many countries the standard of living enjoyed by their peole has increased rapidly in recent years. Sadly,not everyone in these coyntries is so fortunate and many people in rich contries are homeless. The reasons for homelessness are various, but poverty(贫穷)is undoubtedly one of the main causes. The homeless people may have become jobless and then been unable to pay their rent and so no longer have a roof over their heads. Often, the fact that unemployed people get help from the government prevents this from happening, but not always. Some homeless people are mentally ill and have no one to look after them. Some are young people who, for one reason or another , have left home and have nowhere to live. Many of them have had a serious disagreement with their parents and have left home, choosing to go to a city and live on the streets. Sometimes they have taken such action because they have been unable to get on with a step-parent. Many homeless people get into the habit of begging to get enough money to stay alive, but many of the general public tefuse to give anything to beggars. Often they are moved on by the police, being accused (指控),whether rightly or wrongly, of forceful begging . There are many who disrespect homeles people. Some cynics(愤世嫉俗的人)declare that homeless people choose to live the life which they lead. Bt who would willingly choose to live in z shop doorway, under a bridger or in a cardboard box?
【題組】52.Acording to the text, what causes some people to be homeless?
(A)Lack of money.
(B)The increased standard of living.
(C)No government help.
(D) Areement with their parents.

53.【題組】53.It can be inferred from the text that________.
(A) the homeles are willing to live under a bridge or in a cardboard box
(B) you will not find homeless people in countries with a high standard of living
(C) the mentally ill live on the stress becausethey want the company of other homeless people
(D) the unemployed who receive help may still be among the homeless

54.【題組】54.In paragraph 2 , “a roof over their needs ”most probably means _________.
(A)a cap
(B) a car
(C)a home
(D)a covering

55. E Along rich countries , people in the United States work the longest hours. T hey work much longer than in Europe. This difference is quite surprising because productivity per hour worked is the same in the United States as it is in France, Spain and Germany, and it is growing at a similar speed. In most countries and at most times in history, as people have become richer they have chosen to work less. In other words they have decided to “spend”a part of their extra income on a fuller personal life. Over the last fifty years Europeans have continued this pattern, and hours of work have fallen sharply. But not in the United States. We do not fully know why this is. One reason may be more satisfying work,or less satisfying personal lives. Longer hourd do of course increase the GD (国内生产总值). So the United States has produced more per worker than, say,France.The United States also has more of its people at work,while in Frence many more mothers and older workers have decided to stay at home.The overall result is that Aerican GD per head is 40% higher than in France,even though productivity per hour worked is the same. It is not clear which of the two situations is better.A we have seen, work has to be compared with other values like family life, which often get lost in interest.It is too erly to explain the different trends(趋势)in happiness over time in different countries. Bt it is a disappointingidea that in the United States happiness has made no progress since 1975, while it has resen in Europe. Culd this have
【題組】55.anything to do with trends in the work-life balance (平衡) ?
(A)believes that longer working hours is better
(B)prefers shorter working hours to longer ones
(C)says nothing certain about which pattern is better
(D)thinks neither of the patterns is good

56.【題組】56.From the text we know that the autor .
(A)believes that longer working hours is better
(B)prefers shorter working hours to longer ones
(C)says nothing certain about which pattern is better
(D)thinks neither of the patterns is good

57.【題組】57.Which of the following countries has mone of its pcople at work?

58.【題組】58.In the last paragraph,the underlined word“which”refers to_______.
(A)family life
(C)other values

59.【題組】59.What message can we get from the text?
(A)The GD of Europe is higher than that of Aerica.
(B)Two possible reasons are given for working longer hours in the US.
(C)People all over the world choose to work less when they are richer.
(D)Aerleans are happler than Europeans.

60.【題組】60.Which of the following would be the best title for the text?
(A)Aericans and Europeans
(B)Staying at Home
(C)Work and Productivity
(D)Work and Happiness