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95 年 - 2006福建高考真题(英语)#13866 

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1.21.---Who ealled me this morning when I was not? ----A man ealling______Robert.

2.22.Look out! Don’t get too close to the house______roof is under repair.
(C)of which

3.23.Sorry. Madam. You’d better come tomorrow because it’s______the visiting hours.

4.24.I adies and gendemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane________.
(A)takes off
(B)is taking off
(C)has taken off
(D)took off

5.25.----How long do you think it will be______China sends a meanned spaceship to the moon? -----Perhaps two or three years.

6.26.Green products are becoming more and more popular because they are environmentally_______.

7.27.If it were not for the fact that she_______sing, I would invite ber to the party.
(D)might not

8.28.She______Japanese when she was in Japan. Now she can speak it freely.
(A) say
(D) speaking

9.29.I’m sure you’d tather she went to school by bus,_______?
(A)hadn’t you
(B)wouldn’t you
(D)didn’t she

10.30._______homework did we have to do that we had no time to take a rest.
(A)So much
(B)Too much
(C)Too little
(D)So little

11.31.The moment the 28th Olympic Comes_______open, the whole world cheered.
(B)have been declared
(C)have declared
(D)were declared

12.32.The workers will go on strike if the demands they_______put forward are lurned down.

13.33._______for the breakdown of the school computer network, Alice was in low spirits.
(C)To blame
(D)To be blamed

14.34.---It’s burning hot today, isn’t it? ----Yes. ________yesterday.
(A)So was it
(B)So it was
(C)So it is
(D)So is it

15.35.Always read the________on the bottle carefully and take the right amout of medieine.

16. The battle was followed by a terrible slorm. Therefore, it wasn’t until October 26 that Vice. Amiral(海军中将)Collingwood was 36 to send off his report to Bitain 37 the victory and Nelson’s death. He chose 38 the task one of the smallest ships in his flect. Pickle, 39 by Cptain Lapenotiere. In spite of 40 winds and rough seas. Pickle made the 41 of more than 1, 000 miles in just over eight days, 42 Falmouth on the morning of November 4. From there. Cptain Lapenotiere 43 a fast post chaise(轻便马车)to London, traveling 44 for 37 hours. He reached the Amiralty in Whitehall at 1 a. m. on Wednesday, November 6-less than 11 days after he had 45 Clingwood. Mest of the offieials had gone to bed 46 , but the seeretary was still 47 in the famous Bard Room. Lapenotiete hurried in and 48 the report whit the simple words; “Sir, we have gained a great victory. Bt we have 49 Lord Nelson.” Cpies of the report were quickly made and 50 to the prime Minister and King Corge 111. Aspecial edition of a 51 was rushed out and delivered all over the country. The atmosphere of public 52 fot the victory was weakened by widespread sorrow the 53 of Nelson. A one poet later wrote; “The victory of Trafalgat was 54 ,indeed, with the usual forms of rejoicing(欢庆), 55 they were without joy.”





(A)leaving for
(B)arriving at
(C)staying in
(D)sailing for

(A)leaving for
(B)arriving at
(C)staying in
(D)sailing for



(A) seen

(A)long before
(B)fon ago

(A)on leave
(B)on business
(C)at work
(D)at sea

(A)took over
(B)handed over
(C)ave out
(D)turned out








36. A Getting paid to talk about the World Cup is a great job. I’m not a football commentator(评论员),though-just an English teacher in japan. I came to japan two years ago, and didn't think I would stay, but japan has that effect on you. People after endup tiving bere longer than they planned. I think it’s best to teach in a biggest eity where there are onther foreigners to mix with. Rather than a small town where English teachers often complain of feeling like a goldfish in a bovd. Many people choose to live in Tokyo, of course, which is good for the nightlife factor. But I’d say that for geueral quality of living, cities of neither too large nor too small, like Sapporo where I live, are better choices. I teach English privately, which means I’m my own boss. If you want to devote yourself to private teaching, it’s well worth doing a TEFL eourse first. Beause your lessons will be much better for it. The problem with private teaching is finding students; it took me a year to build up a full schedule(日程表)of private lessons, so I started out teaching in schools part time. Most of my foreign friends here work full-time for big English conversation schools. The salary is fine to live on. But whether you can save money depends on how much going out and traveling you do here. The schools are reluetam to take time off –even teachers with tichets for the England-Agentina game had trouble getting the day off.
【題組】56. From the passage we know in japan the write likes to jive in_______.
(B)a small town
(C)a city of middle site
(D)a bit city

37.【題組】57.Acording to the writer, one had better________first to do private teaching better.
(A)take a TEFL course
(B)decide his or her own lessons
(C)find students
(D)build up a full schedule

38.【題組】58.The underlined sentence in the second paragraph implies that_______.
(A)there ar many foreigners in japan
(B)Japan is good for nightlife
(C)they can teach English privately in japan
(D)japan has something more nuractive than expected

39.【題組】59.The underlined word“reluetant”in the passage may probably mean_____.

40. B A skies are filled with millions of migrating(迁徙)birds, Eutopean scientists say the seasonal weadcr appears to be strange; the fatter that bird, the better it flies. The results of their study led to a theory opposite to a eentral one of acrodynamies(空气动力学), whieh says that the power needed to fly inereases with weight. For birds, obvionsly, the cost of flying with heavy fat is much smalleg than we used to think. Resenrchers found that red knoll wading birds double their normal body weight of 100 grams before making their twice-a-year nonstop flight between the Bilish lsles and the Russian Actic. Dstance; 5, 000 kilometers. Aother study in the magazine Naturn measured the ndvanrage of flying in an acrodynamic group which allows birds to save energy by flying smoothly and quielly in the lead bird’s air strearn. Flying in groups, their heart rates were 14.5 pereenl lower than flying alone, according to Henri, a French scientist. The findings help explain how birds complets difficult migrations. Rescarehers had thought that thinner, stronger birds would have the best chance to survive. The first study suggests that building up fat to be burnt as fuel during the migration is worth more than the energy it takes to carry the additional weight. In the study, researeherd said their learn studied the birds flown at different body weights during 28 simulated(模拟的)flights. They foreed a small amount of special water into the birds’ bodies so that they could measure the amount of energy burnt during the flight.
【題組】60.Ared knot wading bird of 100 grams will probably weigh_____before making its nonstop migraling flingt.
(A)50 grams
(B)100 grams
(C)150 grams
(D)200 grams

41.【題組】61.Dring their migrating flight, red knot wading birds can save energy by flying_______.
(C)in groups
(D)in pairs

42.【題組】62.A______red not wading hird has a benet chance to survive during its migrating flight.

43.【題組】63.The best title for this passage may probably be________.
(A)Birds Thin Down For Journey
(B)Birds Fatten Up For Journey
(C)How Birds Bild Up Fat For Journey
(D)How Birds Brn Energy For Journey

44. C Cfe Hub Next to the Cstle lies The Hub, home of the Edinburgh lnternational Festiveal and one of the most talked about spots in lown. Our cafe in open every day for mouth-watering lunches, snncks and fine dining. Come in and enjoy the The liub, Csfleill. Royal Mile, Edinburgh. Open every day from 9:30 a. m. till late. Tel: 0131 473 2067 www. Thehub-edinburgh.com Farm Warid Enjoy being “AFarmer for a Dy”. Join in delivering and feeding our spring babis-bottle feeding sessions twice daily. Fun for all family. Horse Rides, BoX Bikes Cross Cuntry Curse, Tractor through 600 acres, New Aventurn Playground. Naturn Trails. Full details on website. Open:May-Oct Wednesdays to Saturdays and daily during school holidays 11 a. m.-p. m. Tel:01797 260256/260321 www. Farmworld-rye. C. uk Enter the Europe-wide student competition! Are you curious, creative and energelic? Are you interested in the new medin? Are you between 12 and 19 years of age? Then Join ldulimedia 2006 is for you! Your challerge will be to build a team and develop a multimedia presentafion in English-based on one of three different lopics. You can register(报名)between May I and June 15, 2006 and will have to lurn in your enlry before September 15.2006. The rewards are wonderful& 150,000 in prise for schools and the chance to-attend a European student eamp-plus new experienees, an opporturnity to make friends throughout Eerope! For further informarion and regitration forms go to; www. Siemens. Cm join. Multimedis.
【題組】64. You’ll have to register first if you want________.
(A)to enjoy delieiours food
(B)to lry Trelor Ride through 600 acres
(C)to enter the Europe-wide student compelilion
(D)to watch ithe world go by from the beautiful terrace

45.【題組】65.Aeording to the passage, there will be______rewards for the Europe-wide student competition.
(A)only one

46.【題組】66.You can visit Farm World________.
(A)on Monday in May
(B)any day in October
(C)at 2 p. m. at Christmas
(D)at 10:30 a. m. during school holidays

47.【題組】67. From the adverlisements above, we can learn that_______.
(A)Cofe Hub is a peopular phice in the local arca
(B)families can enjoy Horic Rides on New Aventre Plavground
(C)Farm World provides lunches, snacks and fine dining.
(D)the Europe-wide student competition will be beld on Jine 15.2006

48. D There are two main forms of teaching in Notinghain University: serninar (研讨会)and leelure. They are very different from the sort of teaching most often used in schools and colleges. In seminars you will be taught will discussion focusing on a lexl or lopic sel in sdrance in a Friendly and inforrrad alrnosphere. The purpoce is to provide an opportunity to try out new idesas and to think through diffieulties with fellow. Learners. Students develop friendsips through groups, as well as learning more about other people’s ideas. You can also know your tutors as an individual rather than a face at the end of the room. Lectures are the most formal. There may be over a hundred in the audieace and the lecture will last about fifty minutes. The value of the lecture is that it ean present to a large number of people infornution which is not readily avsilshle in books, that it can give you an opportunily to hear a specialist develop a coherent(有条理的)argument, and that it ean show visual matcrial to a wide audience. You typicrd week’s a work will feel strange after school or college since there are fewer timelzhled teaching hours. Each week in the first year you may attend about six lectures and four to six seminars or tutorials(辅导). For the rest of the time you are working on your own, doing the nccessary reading in preparation for tutorials or writing seminar papers. When writing an eassay or carrying out project work, you can often discuse with your about the ritle and topic.
【題組】68. The purpose of the passage is_______.
(A)to intreduce two main forms of resching
(B)to persuade you to try out new ideas
(C)to stress the importance of discussion
(D)to make you believe that seminar is more helpful

49.【題組】69.One of the values of the leeture is______.
(A)to make friends through groups
(B)to learn more about other people’s idens
(C)to offer a chatiee to discuss with a specialist
(D)to present to students inforntation not found in books

50.【題組】70.Your typical week’s work in the university will feel strange beeause______.
(A)you may have no project work after class
(B)you may give leetures and seminars
(C)you may have fewer timetabled teaching hours
(D)you may write seminar papers with fellow-learners

51.【題組】71.We can learn from the passage that__________.
(A)scminar is better than lceutre
(B)lecture is better than seminar
(C)seminar is more formal than lecture
(D)lecture is more formal than settirar

52. E Despite the high technology and investment(投资)in flood defences by the Envirunment Aeney.(环保局),there is no way to stop all flooding-sooner or later nature will produce something that will beat even the strongest defences. Warning people of this danger is very important if we are to prevent the greal loss of life seen fifry-three years ago. Indeed if the Flood Warning system that currently exists had been around on that eold, stormy night in January 1953 ,many lives would have been spared. The Environment Aeney took over the mle of flood warning in 1995 from the police who had to go door to door or sound alarms to get the news not.The service is being constantly improved and a combination of better technology and increased investrnent following the Easter Floods of 1998 has led to the creation of Floodline and an autornatie(自动)messaging systenl that can warn thousands of people in very little time. The Flood Warning team in Kent has also sent letters to the people living close to the rivers or the sea and invited them to join the AM(automated voiee messaging)systern. Ayone chooeing to take up this free service will receive a recorded message directly to their home, business or pager telling them of the level of warming, giving them as much time as possible to carry out their flood plan and save iterns that cannot be replaced if lost or daraged, such as photographs or children’s farorite toys.
【題組】72.Coose the earrect statements from the following according to the passage. a.Many people lost their lives in the flood in 1953. b.The Flood Warning system was already in use in 1953. c.Flood defences can stop all flooding. d.The Environrnent Acney began to warn people of flood in 1995. e.Floodline was crcated after the Easter Floods of 1998.

53.【題組】73.What does the underlined word“pager”nean in the passage?
(A)Aboy employed to acrry luggage in lsotels.
(B)Apicce of equipment designed to rcceive and show messages.
(C)Apage of papers written to offer messages.
(D)Aperson invited to write pages pages of messages.

54.【題組】74.People can easily get information and advice about flood any time of the day from______.
(A)automatic messaging system
(B)Floodline 0845 988 1188
(C)the Flood Warning team in Kent
(D)automsted voice messaging system

55.【題組】75.The best title for this passage may probably be_______.
(A)Envinoupent Aeney
(B)Technology In Flood Dfences
(C)Flood Warning System
(D)Easter Floods