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96 年 - 2007年北京高考真题(英语)#13321 

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1.21. This is a junior school.You should go to a senior school _____girls of your age.
(B) about
(C) from
(D) to

2.22.I looked under _____bed and found ______bokkd I lost last week.
(A)the; a
(B) the: the
(C) 不填;the
(D) the:;不填

3.23.We shouldn’t spent our money testing so many people,most of _____are healthy
(A) that
(C) what
(D) whom

4.24.-----How can I apply for an online course? ------Just fill out this form and we _____ what we can do four you.
(B)are seeing
(C) have seen
(D) will see

5.25.---Where’s that report? ---I brought it to you ____you were in Mr.Black’s office yesterday.
(A) if
(B) when
(C) because
(D) befor

6.26. In crowded places like airports and railway stations,you___ take care of your luggage.
(A) can
(B) may
(C) must
(D) will

7.27. He has made a lot of films,but ____ good ones.
(B) some
(C) few
(D) many

8.28.---Excuse me sir,where is Room 301? ---Just a minute.I’ll have Bob ____you to your room.
(C) to show
(D) showing

9.29.It’s so nice to hear from her again.______,we last met more than thirty year ago
(A)What ‘s word
(B) That’s to say
(C)In other words
(D) Believe it or not

10.30.The new group of students is better-behaved than the other group who stayed here ___.
(A) early
(B) earlier
(C) earliest
(D) the earliest

11.31.You have failed two tests.You’d better start working harder,____you won’t pass the course.
(B) so
(C) but
(D) or

12.32.I got caught in the rain and my suit____.
(A) has ruined
(B) had ruined
(C) has been ruined
(D) had been ruined

13.33.Leave your key with a neighbor ___ you lock yourself out one day
(A) ever since
(B) even if
(C) soon after
(D) in case

14.34.When you’ve finished with that book,don’t forget to put it back one the shelf,____?
(A) do you
(B) don’t you
(C) will you
(D) won’t you

15.35.----It was really very kind of you to give me a lift home. -----Oh,don’t mentiong it.I _____past your house anyway.
(A) was coming
(B) will come
(C) had come
(D) have come

16. Ban the Band(乐队) Every year,out school has a dance for all the students.It’s a little funny seeing friends in clean shoes and trousers or colorful __36____,instead of the usual school uniform. Most of us think the dance is great _37___ ---even the teachers enjoy being there.___38__,two weeks ago someone said that there would be no ___39___ band this year ——only CDs. “I don’t __40__ it!”Amy cried out during the lunch break. “Someone said the school couldn’t __41__ a band,and they think it’s too noisy anyway/”added Daniel. “Well,I don’t think it’s __42__ enough without a band!”declared Angela.”and I’m going to see what can be done.” Angela was as good as her __43__.In the afternoon she went to see the school headmaster who agreed to give the __44__ some more thought.And he suggested that one __45__for having a band was to increase the price of each ticket from $5 to $10.Angela had to ___46__ out whether the students would like to do that. “I need all of you to help me,”she __47__to our group before school the next day.”Mr.Berry gave me a list of all the names,and suggested we ask each one their __48__ about the band and the extra cost.” ___49___ the day we asked around as Angela suggested,and wrote down peoples’s feelings about the band and the cost.We were amazed how much __50__ there was for the band and everyone agreed to pay the extra $5. “I’m surprised,”smiled Mr.Berry,when we gave him the __51__.”I realty thought that only a few people __52__ their band and that the cost would be too high.OK.Angela,your next __53__is to find a good band and line them up for the dance. ” Angela was all smiles and __54__ the news to Amy and Daniel.”You’re __55__,”smiled Daniel to Angela as he thought how close they came to having a less than perfect dance.
(A) shapes
(B) dressed
(C) flowers
(D) pictures

(A) fun
(B) work
(C) effort
(D) progress

(A) Besides
(B) Otherwise
(C) However

(A) new
(B) live

(A) mean
(C) accept

(A) lead

(A) good
(B) clear

(A) look

(A) schedule


(A) call



(A) On
(B) For
(C) By







36.A EXERCISE IN EXACTLU 4 MINUTES PER DAY! $14,615 TIME IS IT.Over 92% of people who own exercise equipment and 88% of people who own health club memberships do not exercise.A 4-minute complete workout is no longer hard to believe fot all the pelple who have bought our excellent Range for 30 days end up buying it,due to the health benefits experienced during that tryout and the ROM performance score that tells the story of health and fitness improvement.At under 20 cents per use the 4-minute Rom exercise is the least expensive full body complete exercist a person can do,How do we know that it is under 20 cents per use?Over 90%of Rom machines go to private homes,but we have a few that are in commercial use for 12 years and they have endured over 80,000 ueses each,without need of repair.The ROM 4-minute workout is for people from 10 to over 100 years old and highly trained athletes as well,The ROM balances blood sugar,and repairs bad backes and shoulders.Too good to be true?Get out free video and see for yourself.The best proof for us is that 97%of rentals become sales.Please visit our website at www.fitness.com or call(800)123-6460/ Pactory Showroom:EOMFA
(B)823 Main Street,Batom Ronge,LA70893 Fax(800)123-6461 Email:sakes@fitness.com

【題組】56. What is ROM?
(A)A piece of exercise equipment
(B)A club membership card
(C)A commercial health club
(D)An electric wheelchair

37.【題組】57.How many people bought ROM after trying it out?

38.【題組】58.One setting point of ROM is that ____
(A) it makes full body exercise possible in 4 minutes
(B) it can kill back and shoulder pains in 10 minutes
(C)it needs no repair in the first 20years
(D)it is sold on a 3-month trial basis

39.【題組】59.The advertisement is made believable by ___
(A) telling stories
(B)using figures
(C)making comparisons
(D)asking questiongs

40.B The Book Of Life So far,scientists have named about 1.8 million living species(物种),and that’s just a small number of what probably exists on Earth.With so many plants,animal,and other living things covering the planet,it can be tough to figure out what type of grass is growing by the roadside or what kind of bird just flew by. A soon-to-be-started Web site might help.An international term of researchers has announced the creation of Web-based Encyclopedia(百科全书) of Life (EoL).The project aims to list every species on Earth in a single,easy-to-use reference guide. To get the encyclopedia started,the creators will use information from scientific databases(数据库)that already exist.And eventually,in special sections of the site,non-scientists with specialized knowledge will come to helf.Bird-watchers,for example, will be able to input what birds they’ve seen and where. To make sure the encyclopedia is accurate, scientists will review much of the information added to it. As the EoL develops,you might find it useful for school. Projects,The site will feature (以……为特色) special pages for kids who are studying ecosystems in their neighborhoods.Another convenient feature of the EoL is that you’ll be able to pick the level of detail you want to see to match your interests,age,and knowledgs. It now takes years for scientists to collect all the data they need to describes and analyze species.The creators of the Encyclopedia of Life hope that their new fool will speed up that process.
【題組】60. The Web based EoL aims to ___
(A) fine out what covers the earth
(B) list all living things on Earth
(C)work out the number of birds
(D)save the existing plants

41.【題組】61.One characteristic of the EoL is that ____
(A) it is run by school students
(B) it focuses on different types of grass
(C) it provides different levels of information
(D)it allows non-scientists to review its data

42.【題組】62. In the last paragraph,”that process”means ___
(A) analyzing species
(B) creating a new tool
(C) collecting data
(D) describing species

43. C Lying in the sun on a rock,the cougar(美洲豹)saw Jeb and his son,Tom before they saw it.Jeb put his bag down quickly and pulled his jacket open with both hands,making himself look big to the cougar,It worked.The cougar hesitated,ready to attack Jeb,but ready to forget the whole thing,too. Jeb let go of his kacked,grasped Tom and held him across his body,making a cross.Now the cougar’s enemy looked even bigger,and it rose up,ready to move away,but unfortunately Tom got scared and struggled free of Jeb. “Tom,no”shouted his father. But Tom brokd and ran and that’s the last thing you do with a cougar.The second Tom broke free,Jeb threw himself on the cougar,just as it jumped from the rock.They hit each other in mid-air and both fell,The cougar was on Jeb in a flash,fotgeiting about Tomm,which was what Jeb wanted. Cougars are not as big as most people think and a determined manstands a chance,even with just his fists.As the cougar’s claws(爪子)got into his left shoulder,Jeb swung his fist at its eyes and hit hard.The animal howled(吼叫)and put its head back.Jeb followed up with his other fist.Then out of the corner of his eye.Jeb saw Tom.The boy was running back to help his father. “Knife,Tom,”shouted Jeb. The boy ran to his father’s bag,while Jeb strated shouting as well as hitting,to keep the cougar’s attention away from Tom.Tom got the knife and ran over to Jeb.The cougar was moving its head in and out,trying to find a way through the wall Jeb was making out of his arms.Tom swung with the knife,into the cougar’s back.It howled horribly and ran off into the mountains. The whole fight had taken about thirty seconds.
【題組】63. Why did Jeb pull his jacket open when he saw the cougar?
(A) To get ready to fight
(B) To frighten it away
(C) To protect the boy
(D) To cool down

44.【題組】64.What do we know about cougars?
(A) They are afraid of noises
(B) They hesitate before they hit
(C) They are bigger than we think
(D) They like to attack running people

45.【題組】65.How didi Jeb try to hold the cougar’s attention?
(A) By keeping shouting and hitting
(B) By makding a wall out of his arms
(C) By throwing himself on the cougar
(D) By swinging his fists at the cougar’s eyes

46.【題組】66.Which of the following happened first?
(A) The cougar jumped from the rock
(B) Tom struggled free of his father
(C) Jeb asked Tom to get the knife
(D) Jeb held Tom across his body

47.D The Best of Friends The evidence for harmony may not be obvious in some families.But it seems that four out of five young people now get on with their parents,which is the opppsite of the popularly held image(印象)of unhappy teenagers locked in their room after endless family quarrels. An important new study into teenage attitudes surprisingly shows that their family life is more harmonious than it has ever been in the past.”We were surprised by just how positive today’s young people seen to be about their families,”said one member of the research team.”They’re expected to be rebellious(叛逆的) and selfish but actually they have other things on their minds;they want a car and material goods,and they worry about whether school is serving them well.There’s more negotiation(商议) and discussion between parents and children,and children expect to take part in the family decision-making process.They don’t want to rock the boat.” So it seems that this generation of parents is much more likely than parents of 30 years ago to theat their children as friends.”My parents are happy to discuss things with me and willing to listen to me,”says 17-years-old Daniel Lazall.”I always tell them when L’m going out clubbing.As long as they know what I’m doing,they’re fine with it.”Susan Crome,who is now 21,agrees.”Looking back on the last 10 years,there was a lot of what you could call negotiation.For example,as long as I’d done all my homework,I could go out on a Saturday night.But I think my grandparents were a lot stricter with my parents than that.” Maybe this positive view of family life shoululd not be unexpected.It is possible that the idea of teenages rebellion is not rooted in real facts.A researcher comments,”Our surprise that teenagers say they get along well with their parents comes because of a brief period in out social history when teenagers were regarded as different beings.But that idea of rebelling and breaking away from their parents really only happened during that one time in the 1960s when everyone rebelled.The normal situation throughout history has been a smooth change fromm helping out with the family business to taking it over.”
【題組】67. What is the popular images of teenagers today?
(A) They worry about school
(B) They dislike living with their parents
(C) They have to be locked in to avoid troubles
(D) They quarrel a lot with other family members

48.【題組】68.The study shows that teenagers don’t want to ___
(A) share family responsibility
(B) cause trouble in their families
(C) go boating with their family
(D) make family decisions

49.【題組】69.Compared with parents of 30 years age,today’s parents___.
(A) go to clubs more often with their children
(B) are much stricter with their children
(C) care less about their children’s life
(D) give their children moren freedom

50.【題組】70.According to the authour,teenage rebellion____.
(A) may be a false belief
(B) is common nowadays
(C) existed only in the 1960s
(D) resulted from changes in families

51.【題組】71.What is the passage mainly about?
(A) Negotiation in family
(B) Education in family
(C) Harmony in family
(D) Teenage trouble in family

52.E Hunting The days of the hunter are almost over in India.This is partly because there is practically nothing left to kill,and partly because some steps have been taken,mainly by banning tiger-shooting,to protect those animals which still survive. Some people say that Man is naturally a hunter.I disagree with this view.Surely out earliest fordfathers,who at forst possessed no weapons,spent their time digging for roots,and were no doubt themselves often hunted by meat-eating animals. I believe the main reason why the modern hunter kills is that he thinkds people will adminre his courage in overpowering dangerous animals.Of course,there are some who truly believe that the killing is not really the important thing,and that the chief pleasure lies in the joy of the hunt and the beauties of the wild countrysidel.There are also those for whom hunting in fact offers a chance to prove themselves and risk death by design;these men go out after dangerous animals like tigers,even if they say they only do it to rid the countryside of a threat.I can respect reasons like these,but they are clearly different from the need to strengthen your high opinion of yourself. The greatest big-game hunters expressed in their writings something of these finer motives(动机).One of them wrote. “You must properly respect what you are after and shoot it cleanly and on the animal’s own territory(领地)。You must fix forever in your mind all the wonders of that particular day.This is better than letting him grow a few years older to be attacked and wounded by his own son and eventually eaten,half alive,by other animals,Hunting is not a cruel and senseless killing – not if you respect the thing you kill,not if you kill to enrich your memories,not if you kill to feed your people.” I can understand such beliefs,and can compare these hunters with those who hunted lions with spears(矛) and bravely caught them by the tail.But this is very different from many tiger—shoots I have seen,in which modern weapons were used.The so—called hunters fired from tall trees or from the backs of trained elephants.Such methods made tigers seem no more dangerous than rabbits.
【題組】72. Theere is no more hunting in India now partly because___.
(A)it is dangerous to hunt there
(B)hunting is already out of date
(C)hunters want to protect animals
(D)there are few animals left to hunt

53.【題組】73.The author thinks modern hunters kill mainly____.
(A)to make the countryside safe
(B)to earn people’s admiration
(C)to gain power and influence
(D)to improve their health

54.【題組】74.What do we learn about the big-game hunters?
(A)They hunt old animals
(B)They mistreat animals
(C)They hunt for food
(D)They hunt for money

55.【題組】75.What is the author’s view on the tiger-shoots he has seen?
(A)Modern hunters lack the courage to hunt face-to-face
(B)Modern hunters should use more advanced weapons
(C)Modern hunters like to hunt rabbits instead of tigers
(D)Modern hunters should put their safety first