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96 年 - 2007年广东英语高考真题(A卷)#11957 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
  Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to remember passwords (密码) ever again?If we could just sit in front of our computers and be   21    logged in (登录? Crave mentions how NECSoft BiodeLogon system uses face recognition technology to log you on to Windows, rather than using a  22  All you need is a webcam and your pretty face to   23   your PC No more 24   , confusing passwords to remember or change every few months.
After doing a little research, I found this type of  25   already available to consumers via a relatively   26   application called FaceCode. The  27 requires the use of a webcam to recog- nize and log PC users into their systems. You can add as many  28  as you want, provided they each have a Windows account. If the system   29   to recognize your  30  , you can recall the Windows user name and password by using a hot-key combination.

【題組】21. .
(A) automatically
(B) personally
(C) correctly
(D) occasionally

(A) face
(B) password
(C) software
(D) system

(A) access
(B) connect
(C) recognize
(D) remember

(A) simple
(B) complicated
(C) special
(D) useful

(A) computer
(B) technology
(C) password
(D) application

(A) independent
(B) infrequent
(C) inexpensive
(D) instant

(A) account
(B) consumer
(C) designer
(D) software

(A) users
(B) passwords
(C) systems
(D) computers

(A) begins
(B) tries
(C) fails
(D) stops

(A) account
(B) name
(C) password
(D) face

    How should one invest a sum of money in these clays of inflation (通货膨胀)? Left in a bank it will hardly keep its value, however high the interest rate. Only a brave man, or a very rich one, dares to buy and sell on the Stock Market. Today it seems that one of the best ways to protect your savings, and even increase your wealth is to buy beautiful objects from the past. Here I am going to offer some advice on collecting antique clocks, which I personally consider are among the most interesting of antiques.
   I sometimes wonder what a being from another planet might report back about our way of life. "The planet Earth is ruled by a mysterious creature that sits or stands in a room and makes a strange ticking sound. It has a face with twelve black marks and two hands. Men can do nothing without its permission, and it fastens its young round people's wrists so that everywhere men go they are still under its control. This creature is the real master of Earth and men are its slaves."
     Whether or not we are slaves of time today depends on our culture and personality, but it is believed that many years ago kings kept special slaves to tell the time. Certain men were very clever at measuring the time of clay according to the beating of their own hearts. They were made to stand in a fixed place and every hour or so would shout tire time. So it seems that the first clocks were human beings.
     However, men quickly found more convenient and reliable ways of telling the time. They learned to use the shadows cast by the sun. They marked the hours on candles, used sand in hour- glasses, and invented water-clocks. Indeed, any serious student of antique should spend as much time as possible visiting palaces, stately homes and museums to see some of the finest examples of clocks from the past.
    Antique clocks could be very expensive, but one of the joys of collecting clocks is that it is still possible to find quite cheap ones for your own home. After all, if you are going to be ruled by time, why not invest in air antique clock and perhaps make a future profit?

【題組】41. According to the passage, collecting antique clocks____.
(A) can hardly keep the value of your savings
(B) will cost much of your savings
(C) may increase your wealth
(D) needs your bravery

12.【題組】42. By quoting (引用) the remark of a being from another planet, the author intends to____.
(A) suggest human beings are controlled by a clock
(B) describe why clocks can rule the planet Earth
(C) tell readers what clocks look like
(D) compare chicks to human beings

13.【題組】43. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a way to measure the time?
(A) Counting the beating of one's own heart.
(B) Making use of candles, sand and water.
(C) Observing shadows cast by the sun.
(D) Keeping slaves busy day and night.

14.【題組】44. The underlined phrase stately homes in paragraph 4 means
(A) state-owned houses
(B) houses in very good condition
(C) grand houses open to the public
(D) houses where statesmen meet regularly

15.【題組】45. The purpose of the passage is
(A) to introduce the culture of antique clocks
(B) to offer some advice on collecting antique clocks
(C) to compare different ways to make a future profit
(D) to explain convenient and reliable ways of telling time

      Do you want to live with a strong sense of peacefulness, happiness, goodness, and self- respect? The collection of happiness actions broadly categorized as "honor" help you create this life of good feelings.
      Here's an example to show how honorable actions create happiness.
     Say a store clerk fails to charge us for an item. If we keep silent, and profit from the clerk's mistake, we would drive home with a sense of sneaky excitement. Later we might tell our family or friends about our good fortune. On the other hand, if we tell the clerk about the uncharged item, the clerk would be grateful and thank us for our honesty. We would leave the store with a quiet sense of honor that we might never share with another soul.
     Then, what is it to do with our sense of happiness?
     In the first case, where we don't tell the clerk, a couple of things would happen. Deep down inside we would know ourselves as a type of thief. In the process, we would lose some peace of mind and self-respect. We would also demonstrate that we cannot lie trusted, since we advertise our dishonor by telling our family and friends. We damage our own reputations by telling others. In contrast, bringing the error to the clerk's attention causes different things to happen. Immediately the clerk knows us to be honorable. Upon leaving the store, we feel honorable and our self-respect is increased.  Whenever we take honorable action we gain the deep internal rewards of goodness and a sense of nobility.
     There is a beautiful positive cycle that is created by living a life of honorable actions. Honorable thoughts lead to honorable actions. Honorable actions lead us to a happier existence. And it's easy to think and act honorably again when we're happy. While the positive cycle can be difficult to start, once it's started, it's easy to continue. Keeping on doing good deeds brings us peace of mind, which is important for our happiness.

【題組】46. According to the passage, the positive action in the example contributes to our
(A) self-respect
(B) financial rewards
(C) advertising ability
(D) friendly relationship

17.【題組】47. The author thinks that keeping silent about the uncharged item is equal to___.
(A) lying
(B) stealing
(C) cheating
(D) advertising

18.【題組】48. The phrase "bringing the error to the clerk's attention" (in para. 5) means___.
(A) telling the truth to the clerk
(B) offering advice to the clerk
(C) asking the clerk to be more attentive
(D) reminding the clerk of the charged item

19.【題組】49. How will we feel if we let the clerk know her mistake?
(A) We'll be very excited.
(B) We'll feel unfortunate.
(C) We'll have a sense of honor.
(D) We'll feel sorry for the clerk.

20.【題組】50. Which of the following can be the best title of this passage.*
(A) How to Live Truthfully
(B) Importance of Peacefulness
(C) Ways of Gaining Self-respect
(D) Happiness through Honorable Actions

     Malaria, the world's most widespread parasitic(寄生虫引起的) disease, kills as many as three million people every year—almost all of whom are under five, very poor, and African. In most years, more than five hundred million cases of illness result from the disease, although exact numbers are difficult to assess because many people don't (or can't) seek care. It is not unusual for a family earning less than two hundred dollars a year to spend a quarter of its income on malaria treatment, and what they often get no longer works. In countries like Tanzania, Mozambique, and the Gambia, no family, village, hospital, or workplace can remain unaffected for long. 
   Malaria starts suddenly, with violent chills, which are soon followed by an intense fever and, often, headaches. As the parasites multiply, they take over the entire body. Malaria parasites live by eating the red blood cells they infect (感染). They can also attach themselves to blood vessels in the brain. If it doesn't kill you, malaria can happen again and again for years. The disease passed on to humans by female mosquitoes infected with one of four species of parasite. Together, the mosquito and the parasite are the most deadly couple in the history of the earth—and one of the most successful. Malaria has five thousand genes, and its ability to change rapidly to defend itself and resist new drugs has made it nearly impossible to control. Studies show that mosquitoes are passing on the virus more frequently, and there are more outbreaks in cities with large populations. Some of the disease's spread is due to global warming.
    For decades, the first-choice treatment for malaria parasites in Africa has been chloroquine, a chemical which is very cheap and easy to make. Unfortunately, in most parts of the world, malaria parasites have become resistant to it. Successful alternatives that help prevent resistance are already available, but they have been in short supply and are very expensive. If these drugs should fail, nobody knows what would come next.

【題組】51. According to paragraph 1, many people don't seek care because___.
(A) they are too poor
(B) it is unusual to seek care
(C) they can remain unaffected for long
(D) there are too many people suffering from the disease

22.【題組】52. People suffering from malaria___.
(A) have to kill female mosquitoes
(B) have ability to defend parasites
(C) have their red blood cells infected
(D) have sudden fever, followed by chills

23.【題組】53. Which of the following may be the reason for the wide spread of the disease?
(A) Its resistance to global warming.
(B) Its ability to pass on the virus frequently.
(C) Its outbreaks in cities with large populations.
(D) Its ability to defend itself and resist new drugs.

24.【題組】54. It can be inferred from the passage that___.
(A) no drugs have been found to treat the disease
(B) the alternative treatment is not easily available to most people
(C) malaria has developed its ability to resist parasites
(D) nobody knows what will be the drug to treat the disease

25.【題組】55. Which of the following questions has NOT been discussed in the passage?
(A) How can we know one is suffering from malaria?
(B) How many people are killed by malaria each year?
(C) Why are there so many people suffering from malaria7
(D) What has been done to keep people unaffected for long7