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1.21.Christmas is ____________special holiday when________whole family are supposed to get together.

2.22.—Have you handed in your schoolwork yet? —Yes, I have, I guess it_________ now.
(A)has graded
(B)is graded
(C)is being graded
(D)is grading

3.23.I have been living in the United States for twenty years, but seldom _______ so lonely as now.
(A)have I felt
(B)I had felt
(C)after it
(D)after this

4.24.Eric received training in computer for one year, ________ he found a job in a big company.
(A)after that
(B)after which
(C)after it
(D)after this

5.25.Health problems are closely connected with bad eating habits and a_______ of exercise.

6.26.—Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the British Museum? —Sorry, I ‘m a stranger here. — __________
(A)Thanks, anyway
(B)It doesn’t matter
(C)Never mind
(D)No problem

7.27.The information on the Internet gets around much more rapidly than ______ in the newspaper.

8.28.Help others whenever you can______ you will make the world a nicer place to live in.

9.29.The crowd cheered wildly at the sight of Liu Xiang, who was reported_______ the world record in the 110-meter hurdle race.
(B)having broken
(C)to have broken
(D)to break

10.30.— Turn off the TV, Jack. _____ your homework now? — Mum, just ten more minutes, please.
(A)Should you be doing
(B)Shouldn’t you be doing
(C)Couldn’t you be doing
(D)Will you be doing

11.31.Don’ t be ________ by products promising to make you lose weight quickly.
(A)taken off
(B)taken out
(C)taken away
(D)taken in

12.32.We had to wait half an hour ______ we had already booked a table.

13.33.— Has your father returned from Africa yet? — Yes, but he_____ here for only three days before his company sent him to Australia.
(B)has been
(C)will be
(D)would be

14.34.You’ll imagine what difficulty we had_____ home in the snowstorm.
(C)to walk

15.35.— Tony said he could fix my bicycle, but I really doubt it. —_______He’s very good at this sort of thing.
(A)Don’t worry
(B)I couldn’t agree more
(C)Of course
(D)A piece of cake

16.Lang Lang is a world-class young pianist who grew up in Shenyang. He went to a piano school in Beijing when he was just eight. “You need 36 ,” his father said. “But if you don’t work hard, no fortune will come.” What made him sad was 37 his piano teacher in Beijing didn’t like him. “You have no talent. You will never be a pianist. 38 a nine-year-old boy Lang Lang was badly 39 . He decided that he didn’t want to be a 40 any more. For the next two weeks he didn’t touch the piano 41 his father didn’t push, but waited. Luckily, the day came when his teacher asked him to 42 some holiday songs. He didn’t to, hut as he placed his fingers on the piano key., he 43 that he could show others that he had talent__44__.That day he told his father 45 he had been waiting to hear--- that he wanted is study with a new teacher. 46 that point on, everything turned around. He started 47 competitions(比赛). In the 1994 International Young Pianists Competition, when it was 48 that Lang Lang had won, he was too 49 to hold back his tears. Soon 50 as clear that he couldn’t stay in China forever—he had to play on the world’s big 51 in 1997 Lang Lang 52 again, this time to Philadelphia, U. S. There he spent Two years practicing. And by 1999 he had worked hard enough for fortune to take over. After his 53 performance at Chicago’s Ravinia Festival, gigs(特邀演出)in Lincoln Center and Carnegie hail started 54 Lang Lang finally worked to reach the place where fortune spots(发现) him, and lets him 55






(B) sing


(A)in all
(B)above all
(C)after all
(D)at all












36.A What will people die of 100 years from now? If you think that is a simple question, you have not been paying attention to the revolution that is taking place in bio-technology(生物技术). With the help of new medicine, the human body will last a very long time. Death will come mainly from accidents, murder and war. Today’s leading killers, such as heart disease, cancer, and aging itself, will become distant memories. In discussion of technological changes, the Internet gets most of the attention these days. But the change in medicine can be the real technological event of our times. How long can humans live? Human brains were known to decide the final death. Cells(细胞) are the basic units of all living things, and until recently, scientists were sure that the life of cells could not go much beyond l20 years because the basic materials of cells, such as those of brain cells, would not last forever. But the upper limits will be broken by new medicine. Sometime between 2050 and 2100, medicine will have advanced to the point at which every 10 years or so, people will be able to take medicine to repair their organs ( The medicine, made up of the basic building materials of life, will build new brain cells, heart cells, and so on—in much the same way our bodies make new skin cells to take the place of old ones. It is exciting to imaging that the advance in technology may be changing the most basic condition of human existence, but many technical problems still must be cleared up on the way to this wonderful future.
【題組】56.According to the passage, human death IS now mainly caused by____.
(A)diseases and aging
(B)accidents and war
(C)accidents and aging
(D)heart disease and war

37.【題組】57.In the author’ s opinion, today’s most important advance in technology lies in____.
(B)the Internet
(C)brain cells
(D) human organ

38.【題組】58.Humans may live longer in the future because_____.
(A)heart disease will be far away from us
(B)human brains can decide the final death
(C)the basic materials of cells will last forever
(D)human organs can be repaired by new medicine

39.【題組】59.We can learn from the passage that ______.
(A)human life will not last more than 120 years in the future
(B)humans have to take medicine to build new skin cells now
(C)much needs to be done before humans can have a longer life
(D)we have already solved the technical problems in building new cells

40. B Danielle Steel, America’s sweetheart, is one of the hardest working woman in the book business. Unlike other productive authors who write one book at a time, she can work on up to five. Her research some before writing takes at least three years. Once she has fully studied her subjects, ready to divided into a book, she can spend twenty hours nonstop at her desk.. Danielle Steel comes from New York and was sent to France for her education. After graduation, he worked in the public relations and advertising, industries. Later she started a job as a writer which she was best fit for. Her achievements are unbelievable: 390 million copies of books in print, nearly fifty New York Times best-selling novels, and a series of “Max and Martha” picture books for children to help them. Deal with the real-life problem of death, new babies and new schools. Her l998 book about the death of her was shot to the top of the New York Times best-selling list as soon as it came out. Twenty-eight of her books have been made into film. She is listed in the Guinness Books of World Records for one of her hooks being the Times best-seller for 381 weeks straight. Not content with a big house, a loving family, and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Danielle Steel considers her readers to be the moat important resource(资源)and has kept in touch with them by e-mail. While she is often compared to the heroines(女主人公)of her own invention. Her life is undoubtedly much quieter. But if she does have anything in common with them, it is her strength of will and her inimitable(独特的)style. There is only one Danielle Steel.
【題組】60.Danielle Steel is different from other writers in that ______
(A)she can write several books at the same time
(B)she often does some research before writing a book
(C)she is one of the most popular American women writers
(D)she can keep writing for quite a long time without a break

41.【題組】61.Children who have read “Max and Martha” picture books may know ______
(A)how to deal with affairs at school
(B)what to do if Max and Martha die
(C)what to do when new babies are born into their families
(D)how to solve the difficult problems in their writing classes

42.【題組】62.One of Danielle Steel’ a achievements is that______
(A)some TV plays were based on her books
(B)her picture books attracted a lot of young men
(C)one of her books became a best-seller in 1998
(D)she wrote the Guinness Book of World Records

43.【題組】63.We can learn from the passage that Danielle Steel ______
(A)lives an exciting life
(B)values her readers a lot
(C)writes about quiet women
(D)is pleased with her achievements

44. C Most rain forests lie close to the equator(赤道), where the climate is often mild and there are long hours of sunshine. The warmth of the land heats the air above, causing it to rise and tiny drops of water to fall as rain. The rainfall can reach at least 98 inches a year. This wet, warm world with plenty of sunlight is perfect for plants to grow so the trees grow fast with green leaves all the year round, The trees themselves also have an effect on the climate. They gather water from the soil and pass it out into the air through their leaves. The wet air then forms clouds, which hang over the treetops like smoke. These clouds protect the forest from the daytime heat and nighttime cold of nearby deserts, keeping temperatures fit for plant growth. Rain forests slightly farther away from the equator remain just as warm, but they have a dry season of three months or morn when little rain falls. Tree leaves fall during this dry season and new leaves grow when the wet season or monsoon(雨季)begins. Thus these areas are known as the “monsoon forest”. Another type of rain forest grows on tropical mountains. It is often called the “cloud forest” because clouds often hang over the trees like fog. The rain forest is the ideal place for the growth of many different trees. Most of them depend on animals to eat their fruits and spread their seeds. When the fruits are eaten, the seeds inside them go undamaged through animals’ stomachs and arc passed out in their droppings. The seeds lying on the forest floor then grow into new trees.
【題組】64.The climate of the rain forests near the equator is______
(A)mild, wet and windy
(B)hot, rainy and foggy
(C)hot, wet and cloudy
(D)warm, wet and sunny

45.【題組】65.We can learn from the passage that_______
(A)tree leaves are green all the lime in the monsoon forest
(B)there is a dry season in the cloud forest on tropical mountains
(C)clouds help the plants in the rain forest near the deserts to grow
(D)the formation of climate in the rain forest has little to do with the trees

46.【題組】66.According to the passage,______ play with the most important role in the spreading seeds.

47.【題組】67.This passage is most likely to be found in ______
(A)a travel guide
(B)a story book
(C)a technical report
(D)a geography book

48. D All her life, my mother wanted busy children. It was very important that her house should remain at all times clean and tidy. You could turn your hack for a moment in my mother’ s house, leave a half-written letter on the dining room table, a magazine open on the chair, and turn around to find that my mother had put it back where it belonged,” as she explained. My wife, on one of her first visits to my mother’ s house, placed a packet of biscuits on an end table and went to the kitchen to fetch a drink. When she returned, she found the packet had been removed. Confused(疑惑的), she set down her drink and went back to the kitchen for more biscuits, only to return to find that her drink had disappeared. Up to then she had guessed that everyone in my family held onto their drinks, so as not to make water rings on the end tables. Now she knows better. These disappearances had a confusing effect on our family. We were all inclined to(有……的倾向)forgetfulness. And it was common for one of us, upon returning from the bathroom, to find that every sigh of his work in progress had disappeared suddenly. “Do you remember what I was doing was a question frequently asked, but rarely answered. Now my sister has developed a second-hand love of clean windows, and my brother does the cleaning in his house, perhaps to avoid having to be the one to hit his feet. I try not to think about it too much, but I have at this later time started to dust the furniture once a week. We have all become busy persons.
【題組】68.Which of the following is TRUE about my mother?
(A)She enjoyed removing others drinks.
(B)She became more and more forgetful.
(C)She preferred to do everything by herself.
(D)She wanted to keep her house in good order.

49.【題組】69.Sly wife could not find her biscuits and drink in my mother’ a house because______.
(A)she had already finished them
(B)my mother had taken them away
(C)she forgot where she had left them
(D)someone in my family was holding them

50.【題組】70.The underlined part in the fifth paragraph suggests that my sister _______
(A)is happy to clean windows
(B)loves to dean used windows
(C)is fond of clean used windows
(D)likes clean windows as my mother did

51.【題組】71.This passage mainly tells us that _______
(A)my mother often made us confused
(B)my family members had a poor memory
(C)my mother helped us to form a good habit
(D)my wife was surprised when she visited my mother.

52. E Ii may help you to know that there is no such thing as a perfect speech. At some point in every speech, every speaker says something that is not understood exactly as he has planned. Fortunately, the moments are usually not obvious(明显的)to the listeners. Why? Because the listeners do not know what the speaker plans to say. They hear only what the speaker does say. If you Lose your place for a moment, wrongly change the order of a couple of sentences, or forget to pause at a certain point, no one will be any the wiser. When such moments occur, don’t worry about them. Just continue as if nothing happened. Even if you do make an obvious mistake during a speech, that don’ t really matter. If you have ever listen to Martin Luther King’ s famous speech—“I Have a dream ”, you may notice that he stumbles(结巴)his words twice during the speech, Most likely. however. you don’t remember. Why? Because you were fixing your attention on his message rather than on his way of speech-making. People care a lot about makings mistake in a speech because they regard speechmaking as a kind of performance rather than as an act of communication(交流). They feel the listeners are like judges in an ice-skating competition. But, in fact, the listeners are not looking for a period performance. They are looking for a well-thought-out speech that expresses the speaker’s ideas clearly and directly. Sometimes a mistake or he can actually increase a speaker’s attractiveness by making him more human. As you work on your speech, don’t worry about being perfect. Once you free your mind of this, you will find it much easier to give your speech freely.
【題組】72.The underlined part an the first paragraph means that no one will ______
(A)be smarter than you
(B)notice your mistakes
(C)do better than you
(D)know what you arc talking about

53.【題組】73.You don’t remember obvious mistakes in a speech because_____
(A)your attention is on the content
(B)you don’t fully understand the speech
(C)you don’t know what the speaker plans to say
(D)you find the way of speech-making more important

54.【題組】74.It can be inferred from the passage that_____
(A)giving a speech is like giving a performance
(B)one or two mistakes in a speech may not be bad
(C)the listeners should pay more attention to how a speech is made
(D)the more mistakes a speaker makes, the more attractive he will be

55.【題組】75.What would be the best title for the passage?
(A)How to Be a Perfect Speaker
(B)How to Make a Perfect Speech
(C)Don’ I Expect a Perfect Speech
(D)Don’t Expect Mistakes in a Speech