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96 年 - 2007年陕西高考真题(英语)#13867 

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6.6. Could I use your computer for a few moments,please? - . I’m not using it myself.
(A)Come on
(B)It depends
(C)Go ahead
(D)That’s great

7.7.Though he started late. Mr. Guo played the piano as well as,if ,
(A)not better than
(B)not better
(C)no better than

8.8. parents say and do has a life-long effect on their children.

9.9.As a result of the serious flood, two-thirds of the buildings in the area .
(A)need rcpairing
(B)needs to repair
(C)needs repairing
(D)need to repair

10.10. that Maric was able to set up new branches clsewhere.
(A)So successful her business was
(B)So successful was her business
(C)So her business was successful
(D)So was her successful business

11.11.We had wanted to finish our task by noon, but it didn’t quite .
(A)find out
(B)give out
(C)hand out
(D)work out

12.12.He and his wife are of the same ;they both want their son to go to college.
(C)hand out
(D)work out

13.13. – I think he is taking an active part in social work. I agree with you
(A)in a way
(B)on the way
(C)by the way
(D)in the way

14.14.I told your friend how to get to the hotel, but perhaps I have driven her ther.

15.15. that she didn’t do a good job, I don’t think I am abler than her.
(A)To have said
(B)Having said
(C)To say

16.16.- There is still a copy of the book in the library. Wall you go and bottow? - No, I’d rather buy in the bookstore.

17.17.In film Cast Away.Tom Hanks plays man named Chuck NolanD

18.18.- when has the country been open to international trade? - 1978, I suppose.

19.19.I there little more than a week when I set to work with the scientist.
(A)would be
(B)have been
(C)had been
(D)will be

20.20.Today, we’ll discuss a number of cases beginners of English fail to use the language properly.

21. I was having my dioner at McDonald’s one evening when so old couple siowly walked in. They 21 their meal. Took a table near the window and started 22 food out of the plate. There was one hamburger, one order of French fries(炸薯条) and one drink. The man 23 the food into two halves and carefully placed 24 before his wife. He took a sip(一小口)of the drink. His wife also took one and then 25 the cup down between them. “That 26 old couplel All they can 27 is one meal ofr the two of them,”thought L 28 the man began to eat his French fries. I 29 to my feet, went over and said that I was 30 to buy another meal for them. Bet he 31 refused me and said that they made it a 32 to share everything. 33 ,the lady didn’t take a bite, She sat there 34 her husband eat, and taking turns (轮流) sipping the drink, Again I 35 to buy them something but was refused,When the man finished eating and was 36 his face with a napkin (纸巾). I 37 no longer stand it. I made an offer to them a third time. 38 being politely refused, I asked the lady 39 ,“Madam, why aren’t you eating? You said that you share everthing, 40 is it that you are waiting for?”“The teeth,”she auswercd




















41. A Louis Armstrong had two famour nicknames (绰号). Some people called him Bagamo. They said his mouth looked like a large bag, Musicians often called him Pops,as a sign of respect for his influence (影响) on the world of music Born in 1901 in New Orleans, be grew up poor, but lived among great musicians. Jazz was invented in the city a few years before his birth. Armstrong often said,“Jazz and I grew up together.” Armstrong showed a great talent (天赋) for music when he was taught to play the cornet (短号) at a boy’s home. In his late teens, Armstrong began to live the life of a musician. He played in parades, clubs, and on the steamboats that traveled on the Mississippi River. At that time, New Orleans was famous for the new music of jazz and was home to many great musicians. Armstrong learned from the older musicians and soon became respected as their cqual. In 1922 he went to Chicngo. There, the tale of Louis Armstrong begins. From then until the end of his life, Armstrong was celebrated and loved wherevet be went Armstrong had no equal when it came to playing the American popular song. His cornet playing had a deep humanity (仁爱) and warmth that caused many listeners to say, “Listening to Pops just makes you feel good all over.” He was the father of the jazz style(风格) and also one of the best-known and most admired people in the world His death, on July 6,1971, was headline news around the world
【題組】41.Armstrong was called Pops because he .
(A)looked like a musieian
(B)was a musician of much influence
(C)showed an interest in music
(D)traveled to play modern music

42.【題組】42.The third paragraph is developed .
(A)by space
(B)by examples
(C)by time
(D)by comparison

43.【題組】43.Which statement about Armstrong is true?
(A)His tale begins in New Orleans.
(B)He was born before jazz was invented
(C)His music was popular with his listeners.
(D)He learned popular music at a boy’s home.

44.【題組】44.Which would be the best title for the text?
(A)The Invention of the Jazz Music
(B)The Father of the Jazz Style
(C)The Making of a Musician
(D)The Spread of Popular Music

45.B When people want to know about the wcather, they usually go to there radios, TVs, pewspapers, or to the Internet. However, you can also find many weather signs among wildlife, because of their highly developed senses. Drops in air pressure(压力) produce an effect on small animals in many ways. Mice and deer are good weather indicators. People who spend a lot of time outdoors have observed that, before a storm, field mice come out of their holes and run around, Deer leave high ground and come down from the mountains. Birds are especially good weather indicators because they also show the effect of a prcssure drop in many ways. For example, some birds become irritable(急躁的)and qusrrelsome and will fight over a picce of bread Other birds chirp(叽叽喳喳)and sing just before a storm. It seems they know they won’t get snother chance for an bour on two. Birds also seek safe placcs before a storm, You will sometimes see birds settling in trees or gathering together on a wire close to a building. Pre-storm low pressure makes the are so thin that birds have difficulty flying. It is unusual to see many birds flying overhead in the summertime, rather than during the periods in the spring or autumn. Watch for other weather signs if you see this. If they fly in the wrong direction,they may be flying abead of a storm. By paying closer attention to some important signs in nature, we can become better prepared for any kind of weather.
【題組】45.The word“indicators”in paragraph I probably means

46.【題組】46.There will be a storm if birds .
(A)make more noise than usual
(B)fly in different directions
(C)come down from tall trees
(D)share a piece of bread

47.【題組】47.How can birds sense the coming of a storm?
(A)By feeling a drop in air temperature.
(B)By noticing the change of wind directions.
(C)By feeling a drop in air pressure.
(D)By notieing the movements of other animals.

48.【題組】48.The best title for the text would be .
(A)Signs of a Storm
(B)Drops in Air Pressure
(C)Animals’Sharp Senses
(D)Nature’s Weather Signs

49.C When former American President Bill Clinton traveled to South Korea to visit President Kim Young Sam, be rcpeatedly referred to the Korean president’s wife as Mrs. Kim. By mistake, Prcsident Chnton’s advisers thought that Koreans have the same naming customs as the Japanese. Clinton had not been told that, in Korea, wives keep their family names. President Kim Young Sam’s wife was named Sohm Myong Suk.Thercfore, she should be addressed (称谓)as Mrs. Sohn. President Cuntot arrived in Korea directly after leaving Japan and had not changed his culture gears. His failare to follow Korean customs gave the imprassion that Korea was not as important to him as Japan. In addition to Koreans. Some Asian husbands and wives do not share the same family names. This practice often puzzles(使困惑) English-speaking teachers when talking with a pupil’s parents. They become puzzled about the student’s correct last name. Placing the family name first is common among a number of Asian cultures. Mexican naming customs are different as well. When a woman marries,she keeps her family name and adds her husband’s name after the word de (of). This affects (影响)how they fill in forms in the United States. When requested to fill in a middle name, they generally write the father’s family name. But Mexicans are addressed by the family name of the mother. This often causes puzziement. Here are a few ways to deal with such difficult situations:don’t always think that a married woman uses her husband’s last name. Remember that in may Asian cultures,the order of first and last names is reversed (颠倒),Ask which name a person would prefer to use. If the name is difficult to pronounce,admit it, and ask the person to help you say it conectiy.
【題組】49.The story of Bill Clinton is used to .
(A)improve US Kotean relations
(B)introduce the topic of the text
(C)describe his visit to Korea
(D)tell us how to address a person

50.【題組】50.The word “gears”in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to
(A)action plans
(B)naming customs
(C)travel maps
(D)thinking patterns

51.【題組】51.When a woman marries in Kores, she .
(A)continues to use her family name
(B)uses her husband’s given name
(C)shares her busband’s family name
(D)adds her husband’s given name to hers

52.【題組】52.To address a married woman properly, you’d better
(A)are her middle name
(B)use her husband’s first name
(C)ask her which name she likes
(D)change the order of her names

53.D Teens don’t understand the big fass (小题大做).As the first generation to grow up in a wired world,they hardly know a time when computers weren’t around, and they cagerly eatch the chance to spend hours online, chatting with friends,So what? But researchers nationwide are increasingly worried that teens are becoming isolated(孤寂),less skillful at person-to-person relationships, and perhaps numb (麻木) to the chcatings that are so much a part of the e-mail world“And a tenn’s sense of self and values may be changed in a world where personal connections can be limitless,”said shetty Turklt. Another resarcher, Pobert Kraut, said he’s worried about the“opportunity costs”(机会成本) of so much online time for youths. He found that teens who used computers,even just a few hours a week, showed incrcased signs of loneliness and socol isolation.“Chatting onine may be better than watching television, but it’s worse than hanging out (闲逛)with real friends,”he said Today’s teens, however,don’t see anything strange in the fact that the computer takes up a central place in their social lives,“School is busy and full of pressurs. There’s almost no time to just hang out.”said Parker Rice, 17. “Talking online is just catch up time.” Teens say they feel good about what they say online or taking the time to think about a reply. Some teens admit that asking someone for a date, or breaking up, can be easier in message form,though they don’t want to do so. But they insist there’s no harm.
【題組】53.The researchers argue that .
(A)teens may develop a different sense of values
(B)nothing is wrong with teens’chatting online
(C)teens can manage their social connections
(D)spending hours online does much good to teens

54.【題組】54.The text mainly deals with .
(A)use computers properly
(B)improve their school work
(C)develop an interest in soeial skills
(D)reduce their mental pressures

55.【題組】55.The text mainly deals with .
(A)tcens’ pleasant online experience
(B)teens’ computer skills and school work
(C)the effects of the computer world on teens
(D)different opinions on teens’ chatting online

56.【題組】56.The purpose of the text is to .
(A)describe computer research results
(B)draw attention to teens’ computer habits
(C)suggest ways to deal with problem teens
(D)discuss problems teens have at school

57.E Lest year more than one million Filipinos worked abroad as servants, nurses,sailors and in other difficult but low paid jobs. Southeast Asians leave their poorer countries for their richer neighbours. Many of these wage earners return in the end In the meantime, they send home huge amounts of money-in the Philippines’ case, over 10% of its GDP. Between January and November, the amount was up 18% on the same period of 2005, Poverty and unemployment are still bigh in the Philippines and other labour exporring(劳务输出)countries. They would be far worse but for this outflow of bodies and inflow of doflars As for those Asian countries that inport (输入)labour,as in Europe, falling birth rates mean they are going to need more foreign workers. On Jamuary 13th leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN)signed an agreement to help migrant(流动的)workers-with the realization that the flow of labour between their countries is a growing problem that they cannot blame on outsiders. A 2005 study showed that 8.4 million Southeast Asians worked outside their home countries, but this did not include the huge numbers of Indonesians doing so without papers. So the true total is probably rather higher. Of the ten ASEAN countries, the Philippines,Indonesia, Myanmar,Carnbodia,Victram and Lacs export labour, Singapore and Brunci import it, and Thailand and Malaysia do both. Sriracaki of the UN’s Internstional Labour Organiztion points out that,in the next ten years,the total labour foree of the worker expotting countries should grow by about a third It makes semse to work on the problem before it gets out of control. People in the receiving countries seem to be worried about competition for their jobs.Most Thais said theit government should admit (准入) no more foreign workers, and a few thought otherwise. Even in Singapore,just over ball of people are against adunitting more foreign workers. Malaysians think that the incrcase in foreign workers has worsened crime rates(犯罪率).
【題組】57. .It can be inferred from the case of the Philippines that
(A)the country is Asla’s main source of migrant workets
(B)labour exparts lend to a 10% growth of its GDP
(C)the outflow of lend to helps solve its social probiems
(D)the country Both exports and imports labour force

58.【題組】58.The flow of labour is a growing problem because
(A)there is a greater flow of labour than reported
(B)more Indonesians work abroad without papers
(C)some countries suffer from low birth rates
(D)the ASEAN is against admitting foreign workers

59.【題組】59.For the labour importing countries, the flow of labour may lead to
(A)higher birth rates
(B)lower crime rates
(C)greater money inflows
(D)stronger job competition

60.【題組】60.The writer of the text seems to .
(A)support the flow of labour between countries
(B)report fairly on the question of labour flow
(C)express his worries over the ASEAN’s decision
(D)regard the outflow of labour as a serious problem