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96 年 - 2007福建高考真题(英语)#13864 

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1.21.—Will you join us in the game? —Thank you,
(A)but why not?
(B)but I’d rather not.
(C)and I won’t
(D)and I’ll join.

2.22.Don’t take too much of the medicine;it does you more harm than good if you .

3.23.Scientists are convinced the positive effect of laughter physical and mental health.
(A)of; at
(B)by; in
(C)of; on

4.24.When asked why he went there, he said he was sent there for a space flight.
(B)being trained
(C)to have trained
(D)to be trained

5.25.A survey of the opinions of experts that three hours of outdoor exercise a week good for one’s health.
(A)show; are
(B)shows; is

6.26.Many people have come to realize that they ahould go on balanced diet and make room in their day for exercise.
(B)the; a

7.27.—Where is my dictionary? I remember I put it here yesterday. —You it in the wrong place.
(A)must put
(B)should have put
(C)might put
(D)might have put

8.28.—What do you think of the performance today? —Great! But a musical genius could perform so successfully.

9.29.He was told that it would be at least three more months he could receover and retum to work.

10.30.The melon the Smiths served at dinner would have tasted if it had been put in the fridge for a little while.

11.31.—I have got a beadache. —No wonder. You in front of that computer too long.
(B)are working
(C)have been working

12.32.After gradutation she reached a point in her careet she heeded to decion what to do.

13.33.Experts have been warning of the bealth risks caused by passive smoking
(A)at a time
(B)at one time
(C)for some time
(D)for the time

14.34.I don’t mind her criticizing me,but is how she does it that I object to.

15.35.—Ouch!You hurt me! —I am sorry. But I any harm. I to drive a rat out.
(A)didn’t mean; tried
(B)don’t mean; am trying
(C)haven’t meant; tried
(D)didn’t mean; wes trying

16.Until 1954 it was thought that no man could run one mile in less than four minutes. As years 36 ,the record came closer and closer to four minutes and Roger Bannister, a young English 37 ,began to believe be might 38 this almost magic barrier. It was a cold afternoon on May 6th,1954,when Bannister knew be had a 39 chance. Bannister had been 40 hard and was very fit, but the weather conditions were a real 41 to him. Describring the 42 later,Bannister said,“On the way to the track the wind blew strongly. As I 43 for the start I glanced at the flag. It moved 44 now. This was the moment when I made my decision.” “The gun fired My legs 45 to meet no resistance, as if I was 46 forward by some unknown force. The noise from the faithful 47 gave me greater strength. I felt the 48 of a lifetimes had come.” “I was driven on by a 49 of fear and pride. My body had long since used up all its energy 50 it went on running just the same. This was the critical moment when my legs were strong enough to carry me over the last few yards as they 51 could have done in previous years. When I leapt at(冲向)the 52 tape, I fell, almost 53 . “I knew I had done it, even before I 54 the time. The announcement came. ‘Result of the one mile…Time, three minutes…’the test was 55 in the noise of excitement.”
(A)passed along
(B)passed down
(C)went by
(D)went ove







(A)did up
(B)made up
(C)put up
(D)lined up













36.(A) I first went to Harrow in the summer term. The school had the biggest swimming pool I had ever seen. It was a good joke to come up behind a naked boy, and push him into the pool. I made quite a habit of this with boys of my own size or less. One day I saw a boy wrapped in a towel on the side of the pool. He was no bigger than I was, so I thought him a fair game. Coming secretly behind,I pushed him in, holding on to his towel so that it would not get wet, I was surprised to see an angry face come out from the water, and a being of great strength masking its way by face strokes (勐力地划)to the shore. I fled, but in vain. He overtok me, seized me violently, and threw me into the deepest part of ther pool. I soon climbed out on the other side, and found myself surrounded by a crowd of younger boys.“Do you know what you have done?”they said,“It’s Amery; he is in Grade Six. He is champion at gym,he has got his football honor.” I was frightened and felt ashamed How could I tell his position when be was wrapped in a bath towel and so small.”He didn’t seem pleased at all, so I added in a most brilliant word,“My father, who is a great man, is also small.”At this be laughed, and after some general words about my rude behavior and how I had better be careful in the future, signified the incident was closed
【題組】56.The writer thought Amery“a fair game”because the boy .
(A)looked like an animal
(B)was fond of games
(C)was of similar size
(D)was good at sports

37.【題組】57.The writer felt“ashamed” because .
(A)he was laughted at by other boys
(B)Amery turned out to be in the same grade
(C)he pushed Amery hard and hurt him
(D)he played a joke on an outstanding athlete

38.【題組】58.By saying “My father, who is a great man, is also small”, the write .
(A)tried to please Amery
(B)challenged Amery
(C)threatened Amery
(D)admired his father

39.【題組】59.Which of the following is TRUE?
(A)The writer could run faster than Amery.
(B)The writer liked playing on boys of all sizes.
(C)Amery was a student in Grade Four.
(D)Amery forgave the writer for his rude behavior.

40. b Read the advertisements carefully. Then answer the questions that follow. LNTERESTED IN CHILDCARE? Qualified person or preschool teacher needed for busy childcare center, south of the river. Full-time work guaranteed Immediate start necessary. The candidate must be able to work as a co-operative team member. Phone 6345 2345 for an interview and fax resume to 6345 2345. WE NEED OFFICE CLRANERS! Three people are required for professional cleaning in the CBD area Working hours from 5:00 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Appcoximately five hours per shift. A good record is necessary. Experience preferred Phone 6345 7843 now. WANT TO WORK AS A DENTAL NURSE? This is an exciting opportunity for a qualified dental nurse with a confident and cheerful personality to work in the School Dental Health Schemae. You must be able to get along well with children because wrok involves talking to groupe about dental health practices. For furtget information, visit our website a:schooledntalservices@ gov. sg. And fax your resume to 6234 4567. FLORLST WANTED! Are you a creative and trained florist with at least two years of experience? Then this may be just what you are seeking. The city’s leading Florist Artist Studio needs another part-time member on their wedding team. Please phone 6098 7888 now!
【題組】60. You may find the above advertisements .
(A)in a store window
(B)in a school magazine
(C)in a newspaper
(D)on a company notice-board

41.【題組】61.The position of a(n) is a part-time job
(C)preschool teacher
(D)dental nurse

42.【題組】62. Which of the following is the most important for the childcare job?
(A)Cooking skills.
(B)Childcare experience.
(C)The ability to start work in two weeks.d
(D)The ability to work well with other people.

43.【題組】63.The office eleaners will be required to work about hours a week.

44. c As a professor at a large American university, there is a phrase that I hear often from students:“I’m only a 1050.”The unlucky students are speaking of the score on the Seholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), which is used to determine whether they will be admitted to the college or university of their choice, or even have a chance to get a higher education at all. The SAT score, whether it is 800, 1 100 or 1550, has becomes the focus at this time of their life. It is obvious that if students value highly their test scores, then a great amount of their self-respect is put in the number. Students who perform poorly on the exam are left feeling that it is all over. The low test score, they think, will make it impossible for them to get into a good college. And without a degree from a prestigious university, they fear that many of life’s doors will remain forever closed According to a study done in the 1990s, the SAT is only a reliable indicator of a student’s future performance in most cases. Interestingly, it becomes much more accurate when it is set together with other indicatorn——like a student’s high school grades. Even if standardieed tests like the SAT could show a steudnt’s academic profieiency(学业水平),they will never be able to test things like confidence, efforts and willpower, and are unable to give us the full picture of a student’s potentialities(潜力).This is not to suggest that we should stop using SAT scores in our college admission process. The SAT is an excellent test in many ways, and the score is still a useful means of testing students. However, it should be only one of many methods used
【題組】64.The purpose of the SAT is to test students’ .
(A)strong will
(B)academic ability
(C)full potentialities
(D)confidence in school work

45.【題組】65.Students’ self-respect is influeneed by their .
(A)seores in the SAT
(B)achievements in mathematic
(C)job opportunities
(D)money spent on education

46.【題組】66.“A prestigious university”is most probably
(A)a famous university
(B)a technical universtiy
(C)a traditional university
(D)an expensive university

47.【題組】67.This passage is mainly about .
(A)how to prepare for the SAT
(B)stress caused by the SAT
(C)American higher education
(D)the SAT and its effects

48. d Brian Walker chews pens. He bites them so hard that his boss has warned him to stop or buy his own. Kate’s weakness is more acceptable-she is unalbe to walk past a cake shop without overeating Sophin Cartier finds her cigarette habit a headache, while Alice’s thumb-sucking drives her boy friend crazy. Four people with very different habits, but they all share a common problem anxiety disorder or, in serious cases. Obessive Compulisive Disorder (OCD). From nail-biting to too much hand-washing, overeating and internet addiction(上瘾),OCD is widespread in almost every workplace and countless home. “It is a relatively common form of nxiety,”says Dr. Mootee. “Tbe main feature of OCD is the repetitin of unwanted bosersive(过度的) thoughts such as worries that doors are left unlocked , gas or electrical appliances are left on.” In order to fight against the an esasy chedcking door locks and gas or electrical appliandces. Dr. Mootee says that repetitive washing, particularlu of the hands, is the most common type of OCD She hastreated many patients who wash their hands up to 30 times a day. The technique Mootee uses to treat people with OCD is called cognitive-behavioral therapy(认知行为疗法).“It is based on the general idea that people have the ability to change the way they think and behave,”says Mootee. But when does a haibt become a problem?“It’s personal,”says Mootee.“Everyone has something unusual,but if you can’t put up with it, then it’s a problem and you need to do something to change it.”Mootee says many people reaist for treatmet because they fear they are“crazy”. But as people become more knoledgeable about these problems they will go and get help. The only way to coure is to coqnuer. If a person suffers from OCD, be is
【題組】68.likely to keep doing any of the following EXCEPT .
(A)chewing pens
(B)hurting himself
(C)sucking fingers
(D)biting nails

49.【題組】69.According to the passage, a person suffering from OCD .
(A)reduces his/her anxiety by taking drugs
(B)gets into unwanted hagbits to relieve stress
(C)has unwanted thoughts about habits
(D)has unwanted thoughts because of illness

50.【題組】70.Dr. Mootee’s treating lechnique is based ont eh idea that .
(A)everyong has something different
(B)people can put up with their problems
(C)people can chag their way of thinking and action
(D)people tend to repeat their obsessive actions

51.【題組】71.By saying “The only way to cure is to conquer.”Dr. Mootee suggests that an OCD sufferer .
(A)has to be an extraordinary person
(B)must cure his illness by himself
(C)must overcome many physical illnesses
(D)should have a right attitude towards the problem

52. E The literal meaning of philosophy is “love of wisdom”. But this meaning does not tell us very much . Unlike the other discilines(学科),philosopjy cannot e defined by what you study ,because it si actually unlimited Anything can be the subject matter of philosophy:are, history, law, language, literature, mathematics, and in fact, the other academic disciplines are directly related to philosopkhy. For this reason you get a Doctorate(博士学位)of Philosoophy (Ph. D) in biochemisty, or computer science, or psychology. Two broad sub-fields of philosophy are logic and the history of philosophy. Logic is the science of argument and eritical thinkging . It provides sound methods for distinguishing good from bad reasonign .The history of philosopjy involives the study of major philosophers and perrsiad in the development of philosophy. Of what use is philosophy? First it is useful in educational advancemet . It is necessary for undesrtanding other disciplines. Only philosopjy questiong the nature of the concepts used in a discipline, and its relatin to other disco[;omes. And throught the stdy of philosophy, one develops sound methods of research and analysis that can be applied to any field There are a number of gengral uses of philosophy. It strengthens one’s ability to solve problesm, to communieate, to organize ideas and issues, to presuade, and to takewhat is the most important form a large quamity of data These general uses are of great benefit in the career firld, not necessarily ofr boutaining onej’s first job after graduation ,but for preparing for posttions of responsibility, managemetn and leadershin later on. It is very shor sihte after all, to take a course of studies only for the purpose of getting one’s first job The useful skills developed throught the study of philosophy hav significang long-term benefits in canreer advancement. No other discipline systematically follows the ideals of wisdom, leadership, and capacity to reasolve human conflict.
【題組】72.Accprdomg to Paragraph 1. philosophy can best be described as the study of .
(A)social sciences
(B)natural sciences
(C)both social and natural sciences
(D)the subject matter of politics

53.【題組】73.With the study of philosophy, you can .
(A)become a great leader
(B)succeed in everything
(C)find a good job soon after graduation
(D)make progress in your career development

54.【題組】74.According to the passage, which of the follwing statements is TRUE?
(A)Philosophy is an independent discipline.
(B)Logic helps you to become a better thinker.
(C)The study of philosophy brings you immediate benefits.
(D)The meaning of philosophy is too limited to define.

55.【題組】75.From the passage, we can conclude
(A)not all the subjects have to do with philosophy
(B)a person will get a Ph. D if he/she studies philosophy
(C)philosophy can be helpful for the study of any other subjects
(D)philosophy is the only solution to all the probleras in the world