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1.25. II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A Directions:
(B)eneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked
(C) and
(D). Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence. The two sportsmen congratulated each other winning the match by shaking hands.
(A). with
(B). on
(C). in
(D). to

2.26. -Do you want tea or coffee? - . I really don’t mind.
(A). None
(B). Neither

3.27. In my view, London’s not as expensive in price as Tokyo but Tokyo is in traffic.
(A). the most organized
(B). more organized
(C). so organized as
(D). as organized as

4.28. -Do you know if Terry will go camping this weekend? -Terry? Never! She tents and fresh air!
(A). has hated
(B). hated
(C). will hate
(D). hates

5.29. According to the air traffic rules, you switch off your mobile phone before boarding.
(A). may
(B). can
(C). would
(D). should

6.30. My sister, an inexperienced rider, was found sitting on the bicycle to balance it.
(A). having tired
(B). trying
(C). to try
(D). tried

7.31. -Are you ready for Spain? -Yes. I want the girls to experience that they are young.
(A). while
(B). until
(C). if
(D). before

8.32. In recent years many football clubs ______ as business to make a profit.
(A). have run
(B). have been run
(C) had been run
(D). will run

9.33. If there's a lot of work______. I'm happy to just keep on until it is finished.
(A). to do
(B). to be doing
(C). done
(D). doing

(A)s his best friend. I can make accurate guesses about ______ he will do or think.
(A). what
(B). which
(C). whom
(D). that

11.35. Something as simple as ______ some cold water may clear your mind and relieve pressure.
(A). to drink
(B). drinking
(C) to be drinking
(D). drunk

12.36. It has been proved ______ eating vegetables in childhood helps to protect you against serious illnesses in later life.
(A). if
(B). because
(C). when
(D). that

13.37. Ideally ______ for Broadway theatres and Firth Avenue, the New York Park hotel is a favourite with many guests.
(A). locating
(B). being located
(C). having been located
(D). located

14.38. We went through a period ______ communications were very difficult in the rural areas.
(A). watch
(B). whose
(C). in which
(D). with which

15.39. So much of interest ______ that most visitors simply run out of time before seeing it all.
(A). offers Beijing
(B). Beijing offers
(C). does Beijing offer
(B)eijing does offer

16.40.______well prepared you are, you still need a lot of luck in mountain climbing.
(A). However
(B). Whatever
(C). No matter

17.III. Reading Comprehension Section A Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked
(B), C) and
(D). Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. People think children should play sports. Sports are fun, and playing with others. However, playing sports can have __50 effects on children. It may produce feelings of poor self-respect or aggressive behavior in some children.
(A)ccording to research on kids and sports, 40,000,000 kids play sports in the US. Of these, 18,000,000 say they have been __51 at or called names while playing sports. This leaves many children with a bad __52 of sports. They think sports are just too aggressive. Many researchers believe adults, especially parents and coaches, are the main _53 of too much aggression ill children's sports. They believe children _54 _ aggressive adult behavior. This behavior is then further strengthened through both positive and negative feedback. Parents and coaches are powerful teachers because children usually look up to them. Often these adults behave aggressively themselves, sending children the message that__55 is everything. Many parents go to children's sporting events and shout __56 _ at other players or cheer when their child behaves __57__.
(A)s well, children arc even taught that hurting other players is _ 58 or are pushed to continue playing even when they are injured _59 , the media makes violence seem exciting.
(C)hildren watch adult sports games and see violent behavior replayed over and over on television.
(A)s a society, we really need to 60 this problem and do something about it. Parents and coaches _61 should act as better examples for children. They also need to teach children better__62 . They should not just cheer when children win or act aggressively. They should teach children to __63 _ , themselves whether they win or not.
(B)esides, children should not be allowed to continue to play when they are injured. If adults allow children to play when injured, this gives the message that __64 is not as important as winning.

(A). restrictive
(B). negative
(C). active
(D). instructive

(A). knocked
(B). glanced
(C). smiled
(D). shouted

(A). impression
(B). concept
(C). taste
(D). expectation

(A). resource
(B). cause
(C). course
(D). consequence

(A). question
(B). understand
(C). copy
(D). neglect

(A). winning
(B). practising
(C). fun
(D). sport

(A). praises
(B). orders
(C). remarks
(D). insults

(A). proudly
(B). ambitiously
(C). aggressively
(D). bravely

(A). acceptable
(B). impolite
(C). possible
(D). accessible

(B)y contrast
(B). In addition
(A)s a result

(A). look up to
(B). face up to
(C). make up for
(D). come up with

(A). in particular
(B). in all
(C). in return
(D). in advance

(A). techniques
(B). means
(C). values
(D). directions

(A). respect
(B). relax
(C). forgive
(D). enjoy

(A). body
(B). fame
(C). health
(D). spirit

(D)irections: Read the following four passages.
(E)ach passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked
(C) and
(C)hoose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (
(E)RS My children go to a primary school where they are not allowed to play football in the playground for fear that a child might be hurt.
(B)esides, now the school says there must be no homework because the local secondary school can't keep up with the amount of homework given in the primary school.
(C)an the school do this? Puzzled
(D)ad It can't if enough parents do something about it. It is not just schools. We live in a society which wishes to get rid of risk. However, schools should have a little common sense and courage.
(C)hildren need risk if they arc to grow up self-sufficient and confident. They need homework, too, if they are to fulfill their academic potential.
(C)omplain, loudly. I have a beautiful teenage daughter who spends an hour making up her face in front of the mirror every day. I tell her to go easy. She just gets mad or bursts into tears. How can I make her understand she's beautiful the way she is. Plain Mom You can't. Your daughter is at the age when she's trying to look beautiful, trying on new masks.
(A)nd if her friends all dress up as she docs, you're in for an extra hard time. Support her and tell her she's beautiful — even if she looks ridiculous for now. Then invite her to join you for a day at a spa (健康美容中心). Let her try various looks until she's comfortable in her own skin.

【題組】65.Why are the children not allowed to play football in the playground?
(A). The school is afraid that children might be injured.
(B). The school is not sensible and confident.
(C). The children don't have enough time to do homework.
(D). The children may fail to fulfill their academic potential.

33.【題組】66. What disturbs Plain Mom is that her daughter______.
(A). becomes mad
(B). cries a lot
(C). spends much rime before the mirror
(D). is not beautiful enough

34.【題組】67. The solution to Plain Mom's problem is to______.
(A). make her daughter look less ridiculous
(B). let her daughter dress up like her friends
(C). make her daughter go to a spa every week
(D). let her daughter feel herself what beauty is

35. (
(B)) Zoe
(C)hambers was a successful PR (Public Relations) consultant and life was going well — she had a great job, a beautiful flat and a busy social life in London. Then one evening in June last year, she received a text message telling her she was out of work. The first two weeks were the most difficult to live through." she said. "
(A)fter everything I'd done for the company, they dismissed me by text! I was so angry and I just didn't feel like looking for another job. I hated everything about the city and my life." Then, Zoe received an invitation from an old school friend, Kathy, to come and stay. Kathy and her husband, Huw, had just bought a farm in north-west Wales. Zoe jumped at the chance to spend a weekend away from London, and now, ten months later, she is still on the farm. "The moment I arrived at Kathy's farm, I loved it and I knew I wanted to stay." said Zoe. "
(E)verything about my past life suddenly seemed meaningless." Zoe has been working on the farm since October of last year and says she has no regrets. "It's a hard life, physically very tiring." she says. "In London 1 was stressed and often mentally exhausted.
(B)ut this is a good, healthy tiredness. Here, all 1 need to put me in a good mood is a hot bath and one of Kathy's wonderful dinners." Zoe says she has never felt bored on the farm.
(E)very day brings a new experience. Kathy has been leaching her how to ride a horse and she has learnt to drive a tractor. Since
(C)hristmas, she has been helping with the lambing — watching a lamb being born is unbelievable, she says, "It's one of the most moving experiences I've ever had. I could never go back to city life now."

【題組】68.When working as a PR consultant in London, Zoe thought she lived a______life.
(A). satisfying
(B). tough
(C). meaningless
(D). boring

36.【題組】69. The most important reason why Zoe went to visit Kathy's farm is that______.
(A). Zoe lost her job as a PR consultant
(B). Kathy persuaded her to do so
(C). Zoe got tired of the city life
(D). Zoe loved Wales more than London

37.【題組】70. How docs Zoe feel about the country life according to the passage?
(A). Tiresome and troublesome.
(B). Romantic and peaceful
(C). Mentally exhausting but healthy
(D). Physically tiring but rewarding.

38.【題組】71. Which of the following is closest to the main idea of the passage?
(A). A friend in need is a friend indeed.
(B). Where there is a will, there is a way.
(C). A misfortune may turn out a blessing.
(D). Kill two birds with one stone.

39.C A study involving 8,500 teenagers from all social backgrounds found thai most of them are ignorani when it comes to money. The findings, the first in a scries of reports from NatWesl that has started a five-year research project into teenagers and money, arc particularly worrying as this generation of young people is likely to be burdened with greater debts man any before. University tuition fees (学费) are currently capped at £3,000 annually, but this will be reviewed next year and the Government is under enormous pressure to raise the ceiling. In the research, the teenagers were presented with die terms of four different loans but 76 per cent failed to identify the cheapest. The young people also predicted that they would be earning on average £ 31.000 by the age of 25, although the average salary for those aged 22 to 29 is just £ 17,815. The teenagers expected to be in debt when they finished university or training, although half said that they assumed the debts would be less than £ 10.000.
(A)verage debts for graduates are £ 12,363. Stephen Moir, head of community investment at the Royal
(B)ank of Scotland Group which owns NatWest, said. "The more exposed young people are to financial issues, and the younger they become aware of them, the more likely they arc to become responsible, forward-planning adults who manage their finances confidently and effectively." Ministers are deeply concerned about the financial pressures on teenagers and young people because of student loans and rising housing costs. They have just introduced new lessons in how to manage debts. Nikki Fairweathcr. aged 15. from St Helens, said that she had benefited from lessons on personal finance, but admitted thai she still had a lot to learn about money.

【題組】72.Which of the following can be found from the five-year research project?
(A). Students understand personal finances differently.
(B). University tuition fees in
(E)ngland have been rising.
(C). Teenagers tend to overestimate their future earnings.
(D). The students' payback ability has become a major issue.

40.【題組】73. The phrase "to raise the ceiling" in paragraph 2 probably means "______".
(A). to raise the student loans
(B). to improve the school facilities
(C). to increase the upper limit of the tuition
(D). to lift the school building roofs

(A)ccording to Stephen Moir, students_______.
(A). are too young 10 be exposed 10 financial issues
(B). should learn 10 manage their finances well
(C)- should maintain a positive attitude when facing loans
(D). benefit a lot from lessons on personal finance

42.【題組】75. What can we learn from the passage?
(A). Many
(B)ritish teenagers do not know money matters well
(B). Teenagers in
(B)ritain are heavily burdened with debts.
(C). Financial planning is a required course at college.
(D). Young people should become responsible adults.

(D)) Third, we urgently need to weather-proof die world's crops as soon and as effectively as possible. For a poor farmer, sometimes something as simple as a farm pond — which collects rainwater to be used in dry weather — can make the difference between a good harvest and a bad one. The world has already committed to establishing a
(A)daptation hind to help poor regions climate-proof vital economic activities such as food production and health care but has not yet acted upon the promise.

(A)n international fund based on the Malawi model would______.
(A). cost each of the developed countries $10 billion per year
(B). aim to double the harvest in southern
(A)frican countries In a year
(C). decrease the food prices as well as the energy prices
(D). give poor farmers access to fertilizer and highly productive seeds

44.【題組】77. With the second step, the author expresses the idea that ______.
(A). it is not wise to change food crops into gas
(B). it is misleading to put tree crops into the gas tank
(C). we should get alternative forms of fuel in any way
(D). biofuels should be developed on a large scale

45.【題組】78. Which of the following is true according to the passage?
(A) rain-collecting pond is a simple safeguard against dry weal
(A)daptation Fund has been established to help poor
(C). The world has made a serious promise to build farm ponds.
(D). It makes a great difference whether we develop wood products or not.

46.【題組】79. In the passage, the author calls on us to______.
(A). slow down but not to stop economic.
(B). develop tree crops, grasses' and wood products
(C). achieve economic growth and political stability
(D). act now so as to relieve the global food shortage Section
(D)irections: Read the following text and choose the most suitable heading from
(A)-F for each paragraph. There is one extra heading which you do not need.

47.80. The causes of eating disorders are not clear. There may be genetic or biochemical factors in some cases. There may be psychological problems from early childhood or the present (such as school or family conflicts) that trigger the problem. Often, there is the double pressure to enjoy life through food and yet remain ultra-slim. Society all around us encourages eating and drinking as main ways to enjoy life- To be popular, you are supposed to eat. eat, eat
(B)ut in real life most people, if they keep consuming like that, just keep pulling on more and more weight They then find themselves in conflict with another dominant pressure in society — to stay slim and trim. Models in ads, even those shown eating fairy foods, are usually physically lit and quite thin.
(A)ll of these pressures put teens in a terrible situation. The ".solution" that some teens choose is to deny themselves all the time so as to keep temptation away.
(B)ui soon, hunger and food boredom lead to overeating. Over time they develop anorexia or bulirnia.

49.82. Once an eating disorder has become firmly established, there is no easy cure. Someone who's never suffered anorexia and never known an anorexic might be tempted to think. "It's simple — just tell them to eat more!" Unfortunately, it's not that simple.
(E)ven when anorexics have been brought into the hospital and arc receiving physical care, nutritional therapy, and psychiatric care, many don't improve much.

50.83. Our society's obsession with thinness, together with a constant emphasis on the theme that rich food means pleasure, puts many teens in a difficult situation.
(B)eing drawn to overeating on the one hand and self-denial on the other can bring about anorexia or bulimia — or both.
(A)norexics seem to feel that no matter how much weight they lose, they are still too fat Therefore, it is important for each person in our society to try to maintain a healthy and realistic self-image.
(D)on't compare yourself with the models and actors in the media Set your sights more realistically by comparing yourself with family and friends, if anyone.

51.84. Self-denial is the typical first step toward an eating disorder.
(E)ventually, desires for what you've denied yourself become unbearable, and you react with either a binge or overly fierce self-control. The answer is not of course. To eat all the snacks and treats you fancy.
(B)ut to avoid that first step that leads to overeating, strive for a good and healthy diet Such a diet is based primarily on grain products, fruits, and vegetables, with moderate amounts of meat and dairy products and with small amounts of snacks and desserts. Research demonstrates that this kind of diet leaves you more alert and energetic.