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97 年 - 2008年山东省高考英语真题#11698 

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1.21. Students should be encouraged to use ___ Internet as ____ resource.
(A) 不填;a
(B) 不填;the
(C) the; the
(D) the; a

2.22. He found it increasingly difficult to read, ____ his eyesight was beginning to fail.
(A) though
(B) for
(C) but
(D) so

3.23. _____ was most important to her, she told me, was her family.
(A) It
(B) This
(C) What

4.24. Thank you for all your hard work last week. I don’t think we ____ it without you.
(A) can manage
(B) could have managed
(C) could manage
(D) can have managed

(B) the time he realizes he ____ into a trap, it’ll be too late for him to do anything about it.
(A) walks
(B) walked
(C) has walked
(D) had walked

6.26. Occasions are quite rare ____ I have the time to spend a day with my kids.
(A) who
(B) which
(C) why
(D) when

7.27. Make sure you’ve got the passports and tickets and ____ before you leave.
(A) something
(B) anything
(C) everything
(D) nothing

8.28. The fact that she never apologized ____ a lot about what kind of person she is.
(A) says
(B) talks
(C) appears
(D) declares

(E)nstein like
(B)se’s paper so much that he ____ his own work and translated it into German.
(A) gave off
(B) turned down
(C) took over
(D) set aside

10.30. –Say, Jane, will you come with me to the game Friday? --_____,
(B)b, but I promised Mary I’d go with her.
(A) My pleasure
(B) Thanks
(C) Take it easy
(D) Forget it.

11.31. You’d better not leave the medicine _____ kids can get at it.
(A) even if
(B) which
(C) where
(D) so that

12.32. I began to feel ___ in the new school when I saw some familiar faces
(A) at home
(B) at heart
(C) at will
(D) at sight

13.33. Would it be ___ for you to pick me up at four o’clock and take me to the airport?
(A) free
(B) vacant
(C) handy
(D) convenient

14.34. I bought a dress for only 10 dollars in a sale; it was a real ____.
(A) exchange
(B) bargain
(C) trade
(D) business

15.35. Lucy’s new job paid twice as much as she had made ____ in the restaurant.
(A) working
(B) work
(C) to work
(D) worked

Young adult filmmakers all hope to show their works in international festivals like Sundance and Toronto. But what about really young filmmakers who aren’t in film school yet and aren’t, strictly speaking, eve adults?
They are at the heart of Wingspan Arts Film Festival tomorrow,in a setting any director might envy: Lincoln center. Complete with “red carpet” interviews and various awards, the festival has much in common with events for more experienced moviemakers, except for the age of the participants:about 8 to 18“What’s really exciting is that it’s film for kids by kids,”said Cri Gardner, managing director of Wingspan Ats, a nonprofit organization offering youth arts programs in the New York area. This year the festival will include films not only from Wingspan but also from other city organizations and one from a middle school in
(A)lington, Virginia. “We want to make this a national event,” Ms. Gardner added. fiction adventure set in the year 3005. “Alot of the material is really mature,” Ms. Gardner said, talking about films by the New York branch of Global Action Project, a media arts and leadership-training group. “The choice is about the history of a family andMaster Anti-Smoker is about the dangers of secondhand smoke.” Deam of the Invisibles describes young immigrants’ (移民) feelings of both belonging and not belonging in their adopted country.
The festival will end with an open reception at which other films will be shown. These include a music video and a full-length film whose title is Pressure.

(A) break
(B) flood
(C) sink
(D) crash

(A) forced
(B) refused
(C) adjusted
(D) gathered

(A) order
(B) pay
(C) call
(D) search

(A) climate
(B) scenery
(C) storm
(D) burden

(A) used
(B) promised
(C) deserved
(D) happened

21.【題組】41. practice
(B) routine
(C) process
(D) service

(A) to
(B) through
(C) over
(D) for

(A) operating
(B) cycling
(C) turning
(D) rushing

(A) check
(B) carry
(C) find
(D) board

(A) street
(B) ground
(C) floor
(D) platform

(A) paused
(B) crossed
(C) reached
(D) parked

(A) wet
(B) weak
(C) sick
(D) hurt

(A) ashamed
(B) discouraged
(C) surprised
(D) puzzled

(A) while
(B) when
(C) where
(D) after

(A) hardly
(B) casually
(C) absolutely
(D) eventually

(A) devotion
(B) donation
(C) connection
(D) reaction

(A) accurate
(B) urgent
(C) brief
(D) humorous

(A) promise
(B) appreciate
(C) advice
(D) guidance

(A) troubles
(B) signals
(C) rules
(D) signs

(A) corrected
(B) supported
(C) amazed
(D) refreshed

36.【題組】56.Wingspan Arts Kids Film Festival _____________.
(A) is organized by a middle school
(B) is as famous as the Toronto Festival
(C) shows films made by children
(D) offers awards to film school students

37.【題組】57. Which of the following is true of Wingspan Arts?
(A) It helps young filmmakers to make money.
(B) It provides arts projects for young people.
(C) It’s a media arts and leadership-training group.
(D) It’s a national organization for young people.

38.【題組】58. The underlined word “shorts” in Paragraph 4 refers to __
(A) short trousers
(B) short kids
(C) short films
(D) short stories

39.【題組】59. Movies to be shown in the festival ______________.
(A) cover different subjects
(B) focus on kid’s life
(C) are produced by Global Action Project
(D) are directed by Ms. Gardner

40.【題組】60. At the end of this film festival, there will be _________
(A) various awards
(B) “red carpet” interviews
(C) an open reception
(D) a concert at Lincoln Center

Federal regulators Wednesday approved a plan to create a nationwide emergency alert (警报) system using text messages delivered to cell phones.
Text messages have exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly among young people. The wireless industry’s trade association, CIA estimates (估计) more than 48 billions text messages are sent each month.
The plan comes from the Warning
(A)ter and Response Network
(A)t, a 2006 federal law that requires improvement to the nation’s emergency alter system. The act tasked the Federal Communications Cmmission (FCC) with coming up with new ways to alter the public about emergencies.
“The ability to deliver accurate and timely warning and alters through cell phone and other mobile services is an important next step in our efforts to help ensure that the American public has the information they need to take action to protect themselves and their families before, and during, disasters and other emergencies,” FCCairman Kevin Martin said following approval of the plan.
Participation in the alter system by carriers — telecommunication companies — is voluntary, but it has received solid support from the wireless industry.
The program would be optional for cell phone users. They also may not be charged for receiving alters.
There would be three types of messages,according to the rules.
The first would be a national alter from the president, likely involving a terrorists attack or natural disaster. The second would involve “approaching threats,” which could include natural disasters like hurricanes or storms or even university shootings. The third would be reserved for child abduction (绑架)emergencies, or so-called Amber Alerts.
The service could be in place by 2010.

【題組】61.What is the purpose of the approval plan?
(A) To warn people of emergencies via message.
(B) To popularize the use of cell phone.
(C) To estimate the monthly number of messages.
(D) To promote the wireless industry.

42.【題組】62. The improvement to the present system is in the charge of ______.
(B) the Warning Alert and Response Network
(D) federal regulators

43.【題組】63. The carriers’ participation in the system is determined by _______.
(A) the US federal government
(B) mobile phone users
(C) the carriers themselves
(D) the law of the United States

44.【題組】64. Which of the following is true of cell phone users? They must accept the alert service.
(B) They may enjoy the alert service for free.
(C) They must send the alerts to others.
(D) They may choose the types of messages.

45.【題組】65. A alert message will NOT be sent if __________.
(A) a child loses his way
(B) a university shooting happens
(C) a natural disaster happens
(D) a terrorist attack occurs

46.【題組】66. Which of the following would be the best title for the text?
(A) Cell Phone Alerts Protecting Students
(B) Cell Phone Alerts by Wireless Industry
(C)Cell Phone Alerts of National Disasters
(D) Cell Phone Alerts Coming Soon

It was the summer of 1965. Deluca, then 17, visited Peter Buck, a family friend. Buck asked Deluca about his plan for the future. “I’m going to college, but I need a way to pay for it,” Deluca recalls saying. “Buck said, ‘you should open a sandwich shop.’ ”
That afternoon, they agreed to be partners. And they set a goal: to open 32 stores in ten years. After doing some research, Buck wrote a check for $ 1,000. Deluca rented a storefront (店面) in
(C)nnecticut, and when they couldn’t cover their start-up costs,
(B)ck kicked in another $1,000.
But business didn’t go smoothly as they expected. Deluca says, “After six months, we were doing poorly, but we didn’t know how badly, because we didn’t have any financial controls.” All he and Buck knew was that their sales were lower than their costs.
 Deluca  was managing the store and to the University of Bidgeport at the same time. Buck was working at his day job as a nuclear physicist in New York. They’d meet Monday evenings and brainstorm ideas for keeping the business running. “We convinced ourselves to open a second store. We figured we could te  ll the public,‘ We are so successful, we are opening a second store.’” And they did — in the spring of 1966. Still, it was a lot of learning by trial and error.
But the partners’ learn-as-you-go approach turned out to be their greatest strength. Every Friday, Deluca  would drive around and hand-deliver the checks to pay their supplies. “It probably took me two and a half hours and it wasn’t necessary but as a result, the suppliers got to know me very well, and the personal relationships established really helped out,”Deluca  says.

(A)d having a goal was also important. “There are so many problems that can get you down. You just have to keep working toward your goal,” Deluca  adds.
Deluca  ended up founding Subways Sandwich, the multimillion-dollar restaurant chain.

【題組】67.Deluca opened the first sandwich shop in order to ________.
(A) support his family
(B) pay for his college education
(C) help his partner expand business
(D) do some research

48.【題組】68. Which of the following is true of Buck?
(A) He put money into the sandwich business.
(B) He was a professor of business asministration.
(C) He was studying at the University of Bidgeport.
(D) He rented a storefront forDeluca

49.【題組】69. What can we learn about their first shop?
(A) It stood at an unfavorable place.
(B) It lowered the prices to poor management.
(C) It made no profits due to poor management.
(D) It lacked control over the quality of sandwich.

50.【題組】70. They decided to open a second store because they _________.
(A) had enough money to do it
(B) had succeeded in their business
(C) wished to meet the increasing demand of customers
(D) wanted to make believe that they were successful

51.【題組】71. What contributes most do their success according to the author?
(A) Learning by trial and error.
(B) Making friends with supplies.
(C) Finding a good partner.
(D) Opening chain stores.

Melissa Poe was 9 years old when she began a campaign for a cleaner environment by writing a letter to the then President
(B)sh. Through her on efforts, her letter was reproduced on over 250 donated billboards (广告牌)across the country.
The response to her request for help was so huge that Poe established Kids For A Cleaner Environment Kids  F.A.C.E in 19  89. There are now 300,000 me members of Kids  F.A.C.E worldwide and it is the world’s largest youth environmental organization.
Poe has also asked the National Park Service to carry out a “Children’s Forest” project in every national park. In 1992, she was invited one of only six children in the world to speak at the Earth Summit in Brazil as part of the Voices of the future Program. In 1993, she was given a Caring Award for her efforts by the
(C)ring Institute.
Since the organization started, Kids  F.A.C.E members have distributed and planted over 1 million trees! Ongoing tree-planting projects include Kids’ Yards — the creation of backyard wildlife habitats (栖息地) and now Kids F.A.C.E is involved in the exciting Odyssey, which is a great way to start helping.
“We try to tell kids that it’s not OK to be lazy,” she explains, “You need to start being a response, environmentally friendly person now, right now, before you become a resource-sucking adult.”

【題組】72.Kids F.A.C.E is __________.
(A) a program to help students with writing
(B) a project of litter recycling
(C) a campaign launched by President Bush
(D) a club of environmental protection

53.【題組】73. What can we learn about Poe?
(A) She was awarded a prize in Brazil.
(B) She donated billboards across the country.
(C) She got positive responses for her efforts.
(D) She joined the National Park Service.

54.【題組】74. Kid’s Yards is ____________. established in national park
(B) started to protect wildlife
(C) a wildlife-raising project
(D) an environment park for kids

55.【題組】75. Which of the following can be inferred from the text?
(A) Adults are resources –sucking people.
(B) Poe sought help from a youth organization
(C) Kids F.A.C.E.members are from the U.S.
(D) Kids are urged to save natural resources.