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97 年 - 2008年重庆高考真题(英语)#13579 

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1.21.They will fly to Washington, they plan to stay for two or three weeks.

2.22. It was not until mid-night they reached the camp site.

3.23. Judy is going to marry the sailor she in Rome last year.
(C)has met
(D)would meet

4.24. Could we see each other at 3 o'clock this afternoon? Sorry, let's make it time.
(B)the other

5.25. People in Chongqing are proud of they have achieved in the past ten years.

6.26. Only when I left my parents for Italy how much I loved them.
(A)I realized
(B)I had realized
(C)had I realized
(D)did I realize

7.27. In many places in China, bicycle is still popular means of transporation.
(A)a; the
(B)/; a
(C)the; a
(D)the; the

8.28. ---May I ask a question after class, Sir? --- , but not during my lunch break.
(A)I'm sorry
(D)Go ahead

9.29. to reach them on the phone, we sent an email instead
(C)To fail
(D)Having failed

10.30. ---I can't find my purse anywhere. ---You have lost it while shopping

11.31. He as a national hero for winning the first gold medal for his country in the Olympics.
(B)was regarded
(C)has regarded
(D)had been regarded

12.32. The artist was born poor, poor he remained all his life.

13.33. All people, they are old or young, rich or poor, have been trying their best to help those they need since the disaster.
(A)even if
(C)no matter

14.34. ---I'm afraid I can't return the book to you before Friday. ---
(A)Don't be afraid
(C)Not at all
(D)Take you time

15.35. Teenagers their health because they play computer games too much.
(A)have damaged
(B)are damaging
(D)will damaged

16. I was on a bus one March evening. The driver didn't 36 to start the bus soon because it was not yet 37 .A mid-aged woman got on. Tired and sad, she told her story 38 , not to anyone particular. On her way to the station, half of her 39 was stolen. The other half was hidden under her blouse, so she 40 still had some left. A few minutes later, she stopped crying, but still looked 41. When all the seats were taken, the driver started the engine. The conductor began to collect the fares. When she camt to an old man in worn-out clothes, he 42 that he had spent all his money he accidently got on a wrong bus and now was trying to go home. On hearing this, she ordered the old man to 43 the bus. The old man was almost in tears as he 44 her to let him take the bus home. The driver took the conductor's side and repeated the conductor's 45 . The woman was watching the incident 46 the driver and the conductor raised their voices at the old man, she interferred. “Stop 47 him! Can't you see he's only trying to get home” “He doesn't have any money!” the driver 48 . “Well, that's no 49 to throw him off the bus.” She insisted. Then she reached inside her blouse, took out her 50 money, and handed it to the conductor. “Here's his fare and mine. Just stop giving him a 51 time. All heads turned to the woman. “ It's only money,” she shrugged. She rode the rest of her way home 52 a happy smile, with the money she'd lost earlier 53 . On the road of life, the help of strangers can 54 our roads and lift our spirits. How much sweeter the 55 will be when we make it a little smoother for others!







(A)get off
(C)get on













36. A I arrived at my mother's home for our Monday family dinner. The smells of food flew over from the kitchen. Mother was pulling out quilt agter quilt from the boxes, proudly showing their beauties. She was perparing for a quilt showat the Elmhurst Church. When we began to fold and put them back into the boxes, I noticed something at the botten of on box.. I pulled it out. “What is it?” I asked. “Oh?”Mon said, “that's Mama's quilt.” I spread the quilt. It looked as if a group of school children had pieced it together: irrugular designs, childish pictures, a crooked line on the right. “Grandmother made this?” I said, surprised. My grandmother was a master at making quilts. This didn't certainly look like any of the quils she had made. “Yes, right before she died. I brought it home with me last year and made some changes,” she said. “I'm still working on it. See, this is what I've done so far.” I looked at it more closely. She had made straight a crooked line. Athe center of the quilt, she had stitched a piece of cloth with those words: “My mother made many quilts. She didn't get all line straight. But I think this is beautiful. I want to see it finished. Her last quilt.” “Oh, this is so nice, mom,” I said. It occurred to me that by completing my groundmother's quilt, my mother was honouring her own mother. I realized, too, that I held in my hands a gamily treasure. It started with the loving hands of one woman, and continuned with the loving hands of another.
【題組】56. Why did the auther go to her mother's home?
(A)To see her mother's quilt
(B)To help perpare for a show
(C)To get together for a family dinner
(D)To discuss her grandmother's life

37.【題組】57. The author was surprised becaused .
(A)the quilt looked very stranged
(B)her grandmother liked the quilt
(C)the quilt was the best she had seen
(D)her mother had made some changes

38.【題組】58. The underlined word “crooked” in the passage most probably means __________.

39.【題組】59. Which of the following would be the best title?
(A)A quilt show
(B)Mother's home
(C)A Monday dinner
(D)Grandmother's quilt

40. B Whike all my classmates seem to be crazy about a one-way ticket to Mars(火星), I'd rather say Mars is totally unsuitable for human existence. People won''t have enough food supplies ther, and the terrible environment would make it impossible for them to live a long life. Besides, the journey won't be safe. Can anybody explain to me just why people would go to Mars, never to return? Steve Minear, UK Here are the things you can think of: the desire to explore a foreign and unique environment, the excitement of being the first humans to open up a new world, the expection of fame and glory┅ For scientists there is another reason. Their observations and research will probably lead to great scientific achievements. Donal Trollop, Canada There are alreafy too many people on the Earth. I think that something before the end od the century, there will be a human colony on Mars. It will happen when people finally realize that two-way trips to the red planet Mars are unnecessary. Most of the danger of space flight is in the launches and landings. Cutting the trip home would therefore reduce the danger of accidents, save a lot of money, and open the way to building an everlasting human settlement on another world. Enough supplies can be sent on ahead, and every two years moresupplies and more people will be sent to the new colony. Mars has all the materials for a colony to produce or make everything it needs, and Mars is far more pleasant than the other plants in the outer space. Paul Davies, USA
【題組】60.The main purpose of Steve Minear's writing is .
(A)to report his classmates' discussion
(B)to invite an answer to his question
(C)to explain the natural state of Mars
(D)to show his agreement on going to Mars

41.【題組】61. Which of the following best states Donal Trollop's ideas?
(A)There is a plan to send humans to Mars
(B)There are many reasons for going to Mars
(C)Scientists become famous by doing research on Mars
(D)It is possible to build an Earth-like environment on Mars

42.【題組】62. Paul Davies points out that .
(A)humans need only a one- way ticket to Mars
(B)two-way trips to mars will be made safe soon
(C)It is easy to reduce the danger and cost of flights to Mars
(D)It is cheap to build an everlasting human settlement on Mars

43.【題組】63. What does Paul Davies think of human existence on Mars?
(A)Humans will have to bring all they need from the earth
(B)Humans will find Mars totally unsuitable for living
(C)Humans can produce everything they need
(D)Humans can live longer in the colony on Mars

44. C Being able to multitask---doing several things at the same time---is considered a welcome skill by most people. But if we consider the situation of the young people aged from eight to eighteen, we should think again. What we often see nowdays is that young people juggle an ever larger number of electronic devices(电子产品)as they study. While working, they also surf on thr Internet, send out emails, answer the telephone and listen to music on their ipods. In a sense, they spending a significant amount of time in fruitless efforts as they multitask. Multitasking is even changing the relationship between family members. Ayoung people give so much attention to their own worlds, they seem to have no time to spend with the other people around them. They can no longer greet family members when they enter the house, nor can they eat at family table. Multitasking also affects young people's perfoemance at university and in the workplace. When asked about their opinion of the effect of modern gadgets(器具)on their performance of tasks, many young people gave a positive response. However, the rssponse from the worlds of education and business was not quite as positive. Educators feel that multitasking by children has a serious effect on later development of study skills. They believe that many college students now need help to improve their study skills. Similarly, employers feel that ypung people entering the job market need to be taught all over again, as modern gadets have made it unnecessary for them to learn special skills to do their work.
【題組】64.What does the underlined word “juggle” in Paragraph 2 most probably means ?
(A)want to buy
(B)take the place of
(C)use at the same time
(D)seek for informatio from

45.【題組】65. In Paragraph 3, the author points out that .
(A)family members do not eat at the family table
(B)family members do not greet each day
(C)young people live happily in their families
(D)young people seldom talk with their family members

46.【題組】66. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
(A)Multitasking is harmful to young people's development
(B)Young people benefit a lot from modern gadgets
(C)Multitasking is an important skill to young people
(D)Young people must learn skills for future job

47.【題組】67. The author develops the passage mainly by .
(A)providing typical examples
(B)following the natural time order
(C)comparing oponions from different fields
(D)presenting a cause and analyzing its effects

48. D Seeing a volcano erupt is a wonderful experience, and you can really feel the heat by climbing to the summit of Pacaya for a close-up view. There are guided tours every day up this highly active volcano from Antigua, giving travlers a chance to see Mother Nature at her most powerful. Pacaya is an easy drive from Antigua, a beautiful city with many colorful houses along its old streets that are turned into art-works during its Holy Week festival. No matter when you come to Antigha, you won't miss the Pacaya-tour companies. But climbing Pacaya is no easy job: it is 2560meters high, and reaching the summit takes two to three hours of seemingly one-step-foreard and two-step-back movements. Ayou climb, ypu hear the dull sounds of ruptions high above. Steaming, hot ramains from recent eruptions begin to line the path as you near the active summit: the McKenney Cone. Just as though you were going to walk over the edge of the cone, the road turns to the left ang up to the relative safety of the old, inactive summit. Many tours are timed so that you arrive at the cone of the volcano in plenty of time fo sunset and the full contrast between the erupting red lava(熔岩)and the darkening sky. On a good day the view from the summit is extremely exciting. The active mouth boils, sending red lava over its sides, and once in a while shoots hot streams up to 100 meters into the air. There is a strong bad smell in the air even if you take care to be upwind of the cone. Aevening turns deeper into the night, the burning lava quietly falls down the side of the volcano. For ypu, too, it is time to get down.
【題組】68.What is the main purpose of this passage?
(A)To attract tourish to Pacaya
(B)To describe the beauty of Pacaya
(C)To introduce guided tours to Pacaya
(D)To explain the power of nature at Pacaya

49.【題組】69. Antigua is a city .
(A)where people can enjoy cultural festivals
(B)where the daring Pacaya tour start
(C)that gives a close-up view of Pacaya
(D)that is famous for its tour companies

50.【題組】70. Climbing to the McKenney Cone, people will
(A)walk directly to the active summit
(B)hear the continuous loud noise from above
(C)make greater efforts than to other summits
(D)see a path lined with remains of earlier eruptions

51.【題組】71. Many tours are timed for people to .
(A)get down the mountain in time whem night falls
(B)avoid the smell from the upwind direction of cone
(C)enjoy the fantastic eruption against the darkening sky
(D)appreciate the scenery of the 2560-meter-high mountain

52. E Almost every day we come across situations in which we have to make decissions one way or another. Choice, we are given to believe, is a right. But for a good many people in the world, in rich and poor countries, choice is a luxury, somrthing wonderful but hard to get, not a right. And for those who think they are exercising their right to make choices, the whole system is merely an illusion, a false idea created by companies and advertisers hoping to sell their products. The endless choice gives birthto anxiety in people's live. Buying something as basic as a coffee pot is not exactly simple. Easy access to a wide range of everyday goods leads to a sense of powerlessness in many people, ending in the shopper giving up and walking away, or just buying an ubsuitable item that it is not really wanted. Recent studies in England have shown that many electrical goods bought in almost every family are not really needed. More difficult desion-making is then either avoided or trusted into the hands of the professionals,lifestyle instructors,or advisors. It is not just the availability of the goods that is the problem, but the speed with which new types of products come on the market. Advances in design and production help quicken the process. Products also need to have a short lifespan so that the public can be persuaded to replace them within a short time. The typical example is computers, which are almost out-of-date once they are bought. This indeed makes selection a problem. Gone are the day when one could just walk with ease into a shop and buy one thing: no choice, no anxiety.
【題組】72.What does the auther try to argue in Paragraph 1?
(A)The exercise of rights is a luxury
(B)The practice of choice is difficult
(C)The right of choice is given but at a price
(D)Choice and right exist at the same time

53.【題組】73. Why do more choices of goods give rise to anxiety?
(A)Professionals find it hard to decide on s suitable product
(B)People are likely to find themselves overcome by business persussion.
(C)Shoppers may find themselves lost in the broad range of items.
(D)Companies and advertisers are often misleading about the range of choice.

54.【題組】74. Busing computers as an example, the author wants to prove .
(A)advanced products meet the needs of people.
(B)products of the latest design flood the market
(C)competitions are firce in high-tech industry
(D)everyday goods needs to be replaced often

55.【題組】75. What is the passage mainly about?
(A)The variety of choices in modern society
(B)The opinions on people's right in different countries
(C)The problem about the availability of everyday goods
(D)The helplessness in purchasing desions.