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97 年 - 2008福建高考真题(英语)#13862 

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1.21. —How do you find your new classmates? --Most of them are kind,but_______is so good to me as Bruce.
(B)no one
(C)every one
(D)some one

2.22.________in the qucue for half an hour ,the old man auddenly realized he had left the cheque in the car.
(B)To wait
(C)Having waited
(D)To have waited

3.23.A great man shows his greaness ________ the way he trcsts little men.

4.24.It is usually warm in my hometowm in March,but it________be rather cold sumetimes.

5.25.So far this year we__________a fall in house prices by between 5 and 10 percent.
(C)had seen
(D)have seen

6.26. In spite of repeated wrongs done to him, he looks to people greeting him.
(A) friendly
(B) lively
(C) worried

7.27. is known to us all is that the 2008 Olympic Games will take place in Beijing.
(A) It
(B) What
(C) As
(D) Which

8.28. Nancy enjoyed herself so much she visited her friends in Sydney last year.
(A) that
(B) which
(C) when
(D) where

9.29. a moment and I will go to your reacue.
(A) Go on
(B) Hold on
(C) Move on
(D) Carry on

10.30. –Who should be responsible for the accident? --The boss, not the workers. They just carried out the order .
(A) as told
(B) as are told
(C) as telling
(D) as they told

11.31. By nine o’clock, all the Olympic torch bccares had reached the top of Mount Qomolangms, appeared arare rainbow soon.
(A) of which
(B) on which
(C) from which
(D) above which

12.32. What’s the of having a public open space where you can’t eat, drink or even simply hang out for a while?
(A) sense
(B) matter
(C) case
(D) opinion

13.33. –Can those at the back of the classroom hear me? -- No problem.
(A) seat
(B) sit
(D) sat

14.34. You have no idea how she finished the relay race her foot wounded so much.
(A) for
(C) with
(D) while

15.35. –Would you like to join us in the game? -- , for I have something important to attend to.
(A) I will
(B) I’d love to
(C) I won’t
(D) I’m afraid not

16..The position of children in American family and society is no longer what it used to be. The 36 family in colonial (殖民时期的) North Americn was mainly concerned with survival and 37 that, its own economic prosperity. Thus, children were 38 in terms of their producitivity (生产能力), and they played the role of producer quite early. 39 they fulfilled this role, their position in the family was one of subordination(附属)。 Which the 40 of the society, the position of children in the family and in the society became more important, In the complex and technological society 41 the United States has become, each 42 must fulfill a number of personal and occupational 43 and be in contact with many other members. 44 , viewing children as necessary members of society means that they are 45 more as people in their own right than as those of subordination. This acepiance of children as 46 participants in the family is reflected in various laws 47 the rights of children and in the social and public welfare programs. This new 48 of children and the frequent contact between the members of society has also 49 an increasing interest in child-raising techniques. People today spend much time 50 the proper way to 51 children. Nowadays, the socialization of the child in the United States is a 52 transaction (事务)between parent and child 53 a one-way, parent-to-child training 54 . As a consequence, socializaing children and 55 with them over a long period of time is for parents a mixture of pleasure, satisfaction, and problems.
(A) poor
(B) ordinary
(C) happy
(D) wealthy

(A) except
(B) for
(C) heyond
(D) through

(A) supported
(B) received
(C) encouraged
(D) valucd

(A) Until
(B) After
(C) Although
(D) When

(A) movement
(B) schievement
(C) development
(D) requirement

(A) that
(B) where
(C) when
(D) what








(A)led in
(B)brought in
(C)result in
(D)taken in




(A)more than
(C)better than
(D)less than



36. A After the Summer Olympics are over ,when all the athletcs and viewers have gong home and the television audience has swiched off , another group of athletcs and fans will arrive at the host city , and another compctition will begin.These are the Parnlympics,the games for athlctcs with a disability .But in Beijing in 2008 ,for the first time,one of the greatest parulympians will not be taking part. Sbc is a Britishby the name of Tanni Grey-Thompsun.Boyn with spina hifida (嵴椎裂) which left her paralysed from the waint down,Tanni used a wheelchair from the age of 7.At first,she was not keen on sporn,apart from horse-riding,which gave her a sense of freedom.But in her teens,she started tsking sports more seriously.She tried swimming,basketball and tennis.Eventually she found athletics,and never looked back. Indeed ,Tanni’s athletic career took off .In 1984,when she was 15,she pulled off a surpaise victort in the 100 metres at the Junior NationalWheelchair Games. In 1988 ,Tanni went to her first ParalympicGames in Scoul.She bronze in the 400 metres.Even greater success followed at the 1992 BarcelonaParalympics.Tanni won gold in the 100,200,400 and 800 metres relay,setting two world records in the proceas.In the same year she achicved the first of her six London Wheelchair Marathon victories. Tanni’s enduring success has been part motivation(动机),part preparation. “The training I do that enable me to be a good sprinter(短跑运动员) enable me to be good at a marathon too. I train 50 weeks of the year and that keeps me prepared for whatever distance I went to race …I am still competing at a very high level,but as I get oider things get harder and I went to retire before I fall apart. ” Indeed Tanni retired finally after the Visa Paralympic World Cup in 2007. Her wish is to coach young athletes for Beijing 2008 Olympic Gammes. In spite of ups and downs,she never takes her fate lying down.In her splendid life ,she has won an amazing eleven gold medals,four silvers and one bronze in a series of Paralympics---a top lever athletic career covering two decades .She has won the London Wheelchair Marathon six times ,more than any other competitor ,and she has set over thirty woyld records. What advice does she have for young athletes ? “Work hard at your studies ,and then train,train again.”
【題組】56.Which of the following sports did Tanni like before thirteen?
(A)Basketball .
(B)Swimming .

37.【題組】57.When did Tanni win her first Olympic gold medal?
(A)In 1984.
(B)In 1988.
(C)In 1992.
(D)In 2007.

38.【題組】58.The underlined word “that’’in the 5 th paragrath refers to_______ .
(A) fifty weeks'training
(B) being a good sprinter
(C) training almost every day
(D)part motivation and part preparation

39.【題組】59. What's the right order of the events relaterd to Tanny? aShe works as a coach. bShe took up athletics . cShe won four gold medals in Barcelons . dShe competed in her first Paraiympic Games. e.She achieved a victory in her first London Wheelchair Marathun.
(A) b,d,c,e,a
(B) a,d,b,c,e
(C) a,d,c,e,b
(D) b,d,a,e,c

40.【題組】60. What can we learn form Tanni's success?
(A) Union is strongth
(B)Never too late to learn
(C) Well begun is half done
(D) No pains , no gains

41. B For years we have been told that encouraging a child's self-respect in important to his or her success in life .But child experts are now learning that too much praise can lead to the opposite effect , Praise-aholic kids who expect it at every turn may become teens who seek the same kind of approval form their friends when asked if they want to go in the backscat of the car . The implication (含义)of saying “You are the prettiest girl in class ,” or talking about the goals she scored but not her overall effort ,is that you love her only when she looks the best ,scores the highest , achieves the most . And this carrics over to the classroom . Social psychologist Carol Dweck ,PhD, tested the effects of overpraise on 400 fifth graders while she was at Columbia University . She founffffd that kids praised for “trying bard ” did better on tests and were more likely to take on difficult assigurnents than those praised for being “smart ”. Praising attributes (品质) or abilities makes a feles promise that anocess will come to you because you .have that quality , and it devoulues effort , so children are afrail to take on challenges ,”says Deeck ,now at Stanford University . “They figure they'd better quit while they're ahead .”
【題組】61.The underlined words “Praise –abolic kids” refer to kids who are .
(A) tired of being praised
(B) worthy of being praised
(C) very proud of being praised
(D) extremely fond of being praised

42.【題組】62. The author queted (引用) Dr. Dweek's words in the last paragraph in order to make the article .
(A) better-keown
(B) better-organized
(C) more persuasive
(D) more interesting

43.【題組】63. We can infer from the passage that .
(A) praise for efforts sbould be more encouraged
(B) praise for results works better than praise for efforts
(C) praising a child's achievements benefits his or her success in life
(D) praising a child'sabilities him or her to take on challenges

44. C We have deaigned all our bank cards to make your life easier . How to use your NatWest Servicecard . As a Switch card , it lets you par for all sorts of goods and services , wherever you see the Switch logo . The money comes straight out of your account, so you can spend as much as you like as long as you have enough money ( or an agreed overdraft (透支) to cover it . It is also a cheque guarantee (担保 ) for up to the amount ahown on the card . And it gives you free access to your money from over 31,000 each machines across the UK. How to use your NatWest Cashcard You can use your Cashcard as a Sulo card to pay for goods and services wherever you see the Solo logo . It can also give you access to your account and your cash from over 31,000 cash machines nationwide . You can spend or withdraw (提取 ) what you have in you account , or as much as your agreed overdraft limit . Using your cards abroad You can also use your Servicecard and Cashcard when you're abroad . You can witludraw cash machines and pay for goods and services wherever you acc the Cirrus or Macatro logo displayed . We take a commission charge (手续费 ) of 2.25% of cash withdrawal you make ( up to &4 ) and a commission . Charge of 75 pence every time you use Maestro to pay for goods or services. We also apply a foreign-exchange transaction fee of 2.65%. How to use your Nat West Credit Card With your credit card you can do the following: * Pay for goods and services and enjoy up to 56 days interest-free credit. * Pay in over 24 million shops worldwide that display the Mastercard or Viss logos. * Collect one AIR MILE for every £20 of spending that appears on your statement(结算单). (This does not include foreign currency or traveller’s cheques bought,interest and other charges.)
【題組】64.If you carry the Servicecard or the Casheard , .
(A)you can use it to guarantee things as you wish
(B)you can draw your money from cash machines conveniently
(C)you can spend as much money as you like without a limit
(D)you have to pay some extra money when you pay for services in the UK

45.【題組】65.If you withdraw £200 from a cash machine abroad,you will be charged .

46.【題組】66.Which of the following is TRUE about using your NatWest Credit Card?
(A)You have to pay back with interest within 56 days.
(B)You will be charged some interest beyond two months.
(C)You can use the card in any shop across the world
(D)You will gain one air mile if you spend £20 on traveller’s cheques.

47.【題組】67.The purpose of the passage is to show you how to .
(A)play your cards right
(B)use your cards abroad
(C)draw cash with your cards
(D)pay for goods with your cards

48. D The global energy crisis is approaching. What can we do? Here are some steps you can take. Cooling puts the greatest stress on your summer energy bill and the power grid(电网). Just as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, a yearly tune-up your heating and cooling system can improve efficiency and comfort. Clean or replace filters monthly or as needed For central air conditioning systems and room sir conditioners, look for the ENERGY STAR, the federal government’s symbol for energy efficiency. For central air, purchase the system with the highest possible Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio(SEER). Use energy-efficient ceiling fans either alone or with air conditioning Ceiling fans do a great job of circulating air. When used with air conditioning, fans allow you to raise the thermostat(恒温器)and cut costs. Ceiling fans cool people, not rooms, so before you leave, turn off the ceiling fan. Let a programmable ibermostat “remember for you”to automatically adjust the indoor climate with your daily and weekend patterns to reduce cooling bills by up to 10 percent. You can come home to a comfortable house without wasting energy and cresting pollution all day while you are at work. Try to make your home airtight enough to increase your comfort, make your home quieter and cleaner and reduce your cooling costs up to 20 percent. Cut your air conditioning load, and reduce pollution by planting leafy trees around your home and fixing reflective bricks on your roof. Close blinds or shades on south-and west-facing windows during the day, or fix shading equipment to avoid beat build-up. Turn off everything not in use: lights, TVs, computers. And use fluorescent bulbs(荧光灯), which provide bright, warm light while using at least two-thirds less energy, producing 70 percent Jess beat and lasting up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs(白炽灯). Drive the car that gets better gas mileage whenever possible if you own more than one vehicle. If you drive 12,500 miles a year, switching 10 percent of your trips from a car that gets 20 miles per gallon to one that gets 30 mpg will save you more than $65 per year. Carpool. The average U.S. commutes(乘车上班族)could save about $260 a year by sharing cars twice a Week with two other people in a car that gets 20.1 mpg—assuming the three passengers share the cost of gas.
【題組】68.Acoording to the passage, the thermostat is used to .
(A)make rooms quieter
(B)control room tempersture
(C)turn off the air conditioner
(D)reduce room air pollution

49.【題組】69. We can conclude from the passage that the author probalily discourages .
(A)planting leafy trees around your home
(B)turning off the ceiling fan before you leave your house
(C)keeping your south-facing windows open during the day
(D)using fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs

50.【題組】70. This passage is mainly about .
(A)energy-saving tips
(B)fuel-saving tips
(C)do it yourself tips

51. E A new study has found no evidence that sunscreen, commonly used to reduce the risk of skin caner, actually increases the risk. Researchers from the University of lows based their firdings on a review of 18 earlier studies that looked at the associstion between sunscreen use and melanoms(黑素瘤). They said that they found flaws in studies that had reported associations between sunscreen use and higher risk of melanoma Most health experts believe that by protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, sunscreen helpsprevent skin cancer, which is increasing in incidence (发生率) faster than any other cancer in the United States. But questions have been raised about sunscreen and whether it may have the opposite effect, perhaps by allowing people to remain exposed to the sun longer without burning. The researchers said that among the problems with some earlier studies is that they often failed to take into account that those people most at risk for skin concer—people with fair skin and freckles (雀斑),for example—are more likely to use sunscreen. As a result, it may appear that sunscreen users get cancer more often.
【題組】71.The studies, which generally relied on volunteers to recall their sunscreen use, were also unable to prove how well the products had been applied, said the new study.

52.【題組】72. The underlined word “flaws” in the 2nd paragraph most probably means .

53.【題組】73. People with fair skin and freckles .
(A)seldom use sunscreen
(B) are more in danger of skin concer
(C) can be free from the harm of the sun
(D) often expose themselves to the sun

54.【題組】74. We can learn from the passage that .
(A) sunscreen users get skin cancer more often
(B) the volunteers have proved the effect of sunscreen
(C) the new study was based on the experiences of volunteers
(D) the number of skin cancer patients is increasing in America

55.【題組】75. Which of the following can be the beat title for this passage?
(A) Sunscreen to Prevent Skin Cancer
(B) Sunscreen to Increase Skin Cancer
(C) Skin Cancer Caused by Sunscreen
(D) Skin Cancer Caused by Freckles