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98 年 - 2009年成人高考专升本英语试题#14069 

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1.1.A.quiet B.society C.yield D.diet
2.2.A.fourteen B.source C.yours D.tournament
3.3.A.customer B.cushion C.culture D.currency
4.4.A.chess B.character C.chorus D.chemist
5.5.A.hurry B.imply C.identify D.occupy
6.6. We travelled on the 6:45 a.m.train to Boston,____arrived at 8:30 p.m. A.that B.which C.it D.what
7.7.The boys spent the whole morning____possible answers to the question. A.discuss B.to discuss C.discussing D.discussed
8.8.It's a pity that some of the people____cannot come tO the party. A.inviting B.invited C.to invite D.were invited
9.9.It was____ matter that I had no choice but to talk it over with my parents. A.a such serious B.a so serious C.such serious a D.SO serious a
10.10.Jane isn’ t feeling well today.I dare not do____ to upset her. A.anything B.something C.nothing D.a thing
11.11.More and more families have moved elsewhere because they cannot____the noise from the neighbouring airport. A.come up with B.put up with C.catch up with D.keep up with
12.12.Walk another block and cross the traffic lights,you will see the museum right____the left. A.by B.in C.on D.for
13.13.The Intemet users visiting our website are____young people between the age of 13 and 20. A.most B.almost C.mostly D.at most
14.14.No culture exists in____.It all comes from someplace.Ancient customs were modem one time. A.vacuum B.emptiness C.blank D.space
15.15.There are several means of mass communication.The newspaper is' one.Television is____. A.the Other B.the another C.other D.another
16.16.____the government agrees to give extra money, the theatre will have to be closed next month. A.Unless B.If C.Since D.As
17.17.It is important to____ our awareness about environmental protection. A.improve B.make C.form D.raise(唤起, 提高)
18.18.Seldom____ any mistakes during my past five years of service in the company. A.I did make B.I would make C.did I make D.would I make
19.19.I____ raw fish,but I’ d like to try it one day. A.never eat B.never ate C.was never eating D.have never eaten
20.20.Interestingly,many people hold the belief that imports are____ to domestic goods. A.contrary B.relevant C.superior D.essential
21.Every woman dreams of receiving a huge priceless diamond.Now space scientists 21____ that they have discovered the largest diamond in the universe.But it’s well 22____ the reach of the most loves truck men because it's 50 light years away, to be 23____. Measuring 2,500 miles across and weighing five million trillion pounds,the rock Was found on Valentine’ s Day 24____ in the core of a white dwarf star, and it has excited the 25____ world. “It’s the mother of all diamonds,”said Travis Metcalfe,26____ led the team of researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre,“and you would need a jeweler’S loupe(专用放大镜),the size of the Sun,to 27____ this diamond.” The largest diamond 28____ on earth was the 3,106-carat(克拉)Cullinan.It Was cut 29____ nine major stones,including the 530-carat Star of Africa,now a part of the Crown Jewels.Diamonds were 30____ discovered in India more than 2,800 years ago.The Ancient Romans 31____ that the stones were broken pieces of stars that had 32____ to earth.In Ancient Egypt,diamonds were used in funerals. In the Middle Ages,men 33____ them to symbolize their courage and strength.The 34____ of giving them as presents dates from 1477,35____ Maximilian,the prince of Austria, gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy.
【題組】21. A.admit B.tell C.explore D.reveal

22.【題組】22.A.under B.over C.beyond D.within
23.【題組】23.A.precise B.certain C.clear D.correct
24.【題組】24.A.buried B.blocked C.built D.blended
25.【題組】25.A.physical B.scientific C.material D.natural
26.【題組】26.A.who B.which C.that D.he
27.【題組】27.A.measure B.register C.grade D.weigh
28.【題組】28.A.cultivated B.drawn C.caught D.found
29.【題組】29.A.from B.into C.by D.with
30.【題組】30.A.first B.last C.finally D.newly
31.【題組】31.A.questioned B.believed C.suspected D.confirmed
32.【題組】32.A.fallen B.dived C.left D.burned
33.【題組】33.A.decorated B.viewed C.took D.wore
34.【題組】34.A.practice B.tradition C.habit D.culture
35.【題組】35.A.what B.while C.that D.when
36.Before the conference began a Japanese businessman was introduced to an American businessman at the lounge.The Japanese businessman,arms extending downwards from his shoulders,bowed from his waist toward the American businessman to whom he was just introduced.His eyes were directed ahead,his face showed no particular expression. The American businessman stood straight.His eyes focused on the Japanese man’S eyes.He smiled and put out his right hand. Both men smiled briefly in embarrassment.The Japanese man straightened up and put out his right hand.The American withdrew his hand and bowed his head.A broader smile of embarrassment.and some noise from each man-not really words,just some sounds from their throats-indicating discomfort.They were in the course of a conflict of customs;they had different habits for greeting people they were being introduced to. When people are planning to go to another country,they expect to encounter certain kinds of differences.They usually expect the weather and the food to be different.They expect to find differences in some of the material aspects of life,such as the availability of cars,electricity,and home heating systems.And,without knowing the details,they expect differences in customs.Customs are the behaviors that are generally expected in specific situations.American men,for example,shake hands with each other when first introduced while Japanese men bow.
【題組】36. When introduced to the Japanese businessman the American businessman put Out his right hand because____. A.he felt a little bit nervous B.he wanted to express his discomfort C.he felt a little offended by the Japanese man D.he wanted to shake hands with the Japanese man

37.【題組】37.The two businessmen behaved differently because____. A.they followed their own greeting customs B.they were not used to the strange atmosphere C.they couldn’t speak each other’ S language D.they had never met each other before
38.【題組】38.Paragraph 4 tells us that when visiting a foreign country,____. A.it is very uncommon for one to encounter embarrassing situations B.it is hard for one to adapt to the material aspects of life there C.people often expect tO meet differences in customs D.people expect the same kind of food and weather
39.【題組】39.This passage is mainly about____. A.cultural invasion B.the understanding of customs C.business talks D.differences in handshakes
40.Mr.Leonard,the principal of the Bedford Academy High School in Bedford-Stuyvesant,Brooklyn,is a man of many solutions,many of them creative,many of them,apparently, also effective.In New York City, only about 50 percent of students manage to graduate in four years.At Bedford Academy 63 percent of the students qualify for free lunch,a majority of which are being raised by a single mother and another significant number are being raised by someone other than a parent.Yet close to 95 percent of students graduate,and actually every one of those goes on to college. Mr.Leonard does not achieve those results by admitting only high-testing students into his school.Of the students arriving with lower test scores,Mr.Leonard says that he is not looking for the students with the highest grades,or even the best behavior.He’ S looking for the ones who understand his basic mission of discipline and respect,and are willing to devote themselves to his regular training course. The Bedford Academy High School is famous for its autonomy.For Mr.Leonard,autonomy means insisting that all entering students spend their Saturday mornings in preparatory classes the summer before they enroll.Autonomy also means an automatic weeklong suspension for any student who “disrespects a female,”said Mr.Leonard.It means requiring struggling students,in the weeks before the Regents exams,to attend studying sessions on Saturday from 9 a.m.until 9 p.m.It means the most senior, experienced teachers,including Mr.Leonard,teach not the school’S academic jewels,but the most struggling students. And autonomy also means the school’ S teachers administer almost no homework.Instead they emphasize after-school tutoring where the teachers Can keep a better eye on whether the student is actually grasping the material.
【題組】40. In Mr.Leonard’S school,most ofthe students who don’t have to pay for lunch____. A.are adopted children B.are parentless C.are homeless D.have a single parent

41.【題組】41.What can be a good indication of the Bedford School’ s success? A.63 percent of its students go on to college. B.A high percentage of students enjoy free lunch. C.All the graduates from the school go on to college. D.The number of its graduates is twice that of New York High School
42.【題組】42.What does Mr.Leonard expect from those low-testing students? A.The highest scores. B.The best behaviour. C.Respectfulness and discipline. D.Willingness to learn by themselves.
43.【題組】43.The school insists that students should____. A.leave the school if they fail to respect a woman B.attend the preparatory classes in the summer before enrolling C.do their homework to review what they have learned D.come to the school on Sundays
44.People joke that no one in Los Angeles reads;everyone watches TV, rents videos,or goes to the movies.The most popular reading material is comic books,movie magazines,and TV guide s.City libraries have only 10 percent of the traffic that car washes have.But how do you explain this? An annual book festival in west Los Angeles is flourishing year after year.People wait half an hour for a parking space to become available. This outdoor festival,sponsored by a newspaper,occurs every April for one weekend. This year’ s attendance was estimated at 70,000 on Saturday and 75,000 on Sunday.The festival consisted of 280 exhibitors.There were about 90 talks given by authors,with an audience question-and-answer period foilowing each talk.Autograph(亲笔签名)seekers sought out more than 150 authors.A food court sold all kinds of popular food and diverse foreign foods,from American hamburgers to Hawaiian shave ice drinks.Except for a $7 parking fee,the festival was free.Even so,some people avoided the food court prices by staying away and having their own sandwiches and drinks. People came from all over California.One couple drove down from San Francisco.“This is our sixth year here now.We love it,”said the husband.“It’s just fantastic to be in the great outdoors,to be mnong so many books and authors,and to get some very good deals,too.” The idea for the festival occurred years ago,but nobody knew if it would succeed.Although book festivals were already popular in other US cities,would Los Angeles residents welcome one?“The citizens of the city are very unpredictable,”said one of the festival founders.
【題組】44. The underlined sentence in the first paragraph implies that____. A.city libraries have a very limited number of readers B.only a small proportion of the readers go to libraries by car C.city libraries provide fewer places for Car washes D.city libraries have fewer parking places

45.【題組】45.The outdoor book festival attracts____. A.autograph seekers and authors only B.people with different interests C.people who love Los Angeles D.people who like cooking
46.【題組】46.At the very beginning,people were____ about the idea for the book festival in Los Angeles. A.confident B.pessimistic C.uncertain D.indifferent
47.【題組】47.The success of Los Angeles book festival shows that____. A.book reading is still popular in Los Angeles B.Los Angeles people prefer library to book festival C.people attend the book festivals for fun not for reading D.libraries should have food courts to attract more readers
48.Have you ever been afraid to talk back when you were treated unfairly? Have you ever bought something just because the salesman talked you into it? Are you afraid to ask someone for a date? Many people are afraid to assert themselves(坚持己见).Dr.Robert Alberti,author of Stand Up, Speak Out,and Talk Back, thinks it’s because of their lack of confidence.“Our structure of organization tends to make people distrust themselves.”says Alberti.“There’s always a‘superior’around-a parent,a teacher,a boss-who‘knows better’.These‘superiors’often gain when they keep breaking at your self-image.” But Alberti and other scientists are doing something to help people assert themselves.They offer“assertiveness training”courses-AT for short.In the AT course people learn that they have a right to be themselves.They learn to speak out and feel good about doing so.They learn to be aggressive without hurting people. In one way, learning to speak out is to overcome fear.A group taking an AT course will help the shy person to lose his fear.But AT uses an even stronger motive-the need to share.The shy person speaks out in the group because he wants to tell how he feels. Whether or not you speak up for yourself depends on your self-image.If someone you face is more“important”than you,you may feel less of a person.You start to doubt your own good sense.You go by the other person’ s label.But,why should you?AT says you can get to feel good about yourself.And once you do,you can learn to speak out.
【題組】48. People are reluctant to talk back because____. A.they have a poor self-image B.they have not received AT courses C.they have not grasped communication skills D.they are not generous enough to share things

49.【題組】49.According to Dr.Alberti, our organization is constructed to____. A.get people to trust their own solutions to problems B.keep people as knowledgeable as their“superiors” C.train people’ s capacity to speak up for their rights D.make things more favorable for“superiors”
50.【題組】50.One of the objectives of AT courses is to____. A.train people to trust others B.encourage people to share their thoughts C.tell people of their right to be“superiors” D.help people overcome their fear of asserting themselves
51.【題組】51.Which of the following would be the best title for the passage? A.Protect Yourself B.Try to Speak Out C.Share Your Opinion D.Face Your Superior
52.A wind tunnel is used for testing planes or plane models.In a wind tunnel air is blown over a plane ora model placed in a test section.Wind tunnel test sections are different in size depending on airflow speed requirements.Some low-speed tunnels have test sections large enough for a complete small plane.In the very high speed tunnels used for space testing,however,the model may be as small as a pencil. There are two ways of feeding air to the test section.In the constant flow tunnel,airflow produced by electric fans is forced through the tunnel to the test section,then through another tunnel section back to the starting point for reuse.The other way involves storing high-pressure air in a box,sending it out by a controlling device to pass through the tunnel and test section into another box.This way is usually used for a very short period of high-speed airflow. Wind tunnels are usually used to test planes before they are flown.Problems in a plane carl be found when it meets the high-speed airflow in the tunnel.For example,if the wings are built so that they would weaken at high speeds,this fact can be discovered in the tunnel,thus saving many lives and millions of dollars. In a wind tunnel,scientists also find out how different planes will act at different speeds.They find out such things as how the air dives by the wing surfaces,how slowly a plane can fly before it starts to drop,and howfastit can climb.
【題組】52. Some wind tunnel sections are larger than others because____. A.they are used for large planes B.they can produce a stronger wind C.they are built to conduct a high-speed test D.the air in them flows at a lower speed

53.【題組】53.The underlined words“this fact”in Paragraph 3 refer to the fact that____. A.it costs a lot to test a plane B.the wings are not good enough C.some problems are found with a plane D.the wings meet the high-speed air flow in the tunnel
54.【題組】54.As mentioned in the last paragraph,a wind tunnel can be used to find out____. A.how fast a plane can rise B.how smooth a plane’s surface is C.how a plane lands in a strong wind D.how a plane drops at a low height
55.【題組】55.What can we learn from the passage? A.It is very expensive to build a wind tunnel. B.Wind tunnels are very essential in testing planes. C.Scientists still have a lot to learn about wind tunnels. D.There are new ways to feed air to the test section.