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98 年 - 2009年辽宁高考真题(英语)#13577 

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1.21-Is it OK to take this seat? -Sorry. _______
(A)here you are
(B)take it
(C)it’s taken
(D)never mind

2.22. When we visited my old family home, memory came ______ back
(B)to flood

3.23. They’ve won their last three matches. ________I find a bit surprising

4.24. Excuse me, Marcia, a reporter from Vanity Fair ________ all day. Could you speak to her now?
(B)has phoned
(C)has been phoning

5.25. Usually John would be late for meetings. But this time, to my surprise, he arrived on time.

6.26. This area experienced. heaviest rainfall in month of May.
(A)不填; A
(B)a; the
(C)the; the
(D) the ; a

7.27. , you need to give all you have and try your best.
(A)Being a winner
(B)To buy a winner
(C)Ba winner
(D)Having been a winner

8.28. is the power of TV that it can make a person suddenly famous.

9.29. The traffic is heavy this day, I arrive a bit late, so could you save me a place?

10.30. It just isn’t fair I was working as a waiter last month; my friends were lying on the beach. .

11.31. My parents have promised to come to see me before I for Africa.
(A)have left
(D)will leave

12.32. Children need friends their own age to play with.

13.33. Peter’s jacket looked just the same as Jack’s, but it cost his.
(A)as much twice as
(B)twice as much as
(C)much as twice as
(D)as twice much as

14.34. It’s the first time that he has been to Australia, ?
(A)isn’t he
(B)hasn’t he
(C)isn’t it
(D)hasn’t it

15.35. —Sorry, do you mind if I smoke here? —Yes,
(A)you could
(B)go ahead
(C)I do
(D)my pleasure

16.A young man was getting ready to gradually from college, for many months he bad 36 a beautiful sports car in a dealer’s showroom, and 37 his father could well 38 it, he told him that was all he wanted. On the morning of his gradation day his father called him into his own study and told him how 39 he was to have such a fine son. He handed his son a beautiful gift box. 40 but slightly disappointed, the young man 41 the box and found a lovely book, 42, he raised his voice at his father and said. ” 43 all your money you give me a book?” And rushed out of the house 44 the book in the study He did not contact(联系)his father for a whole year 45 one day he saw in the strict an old man who looked like his father. He 46 he bad to go back home and see his father. When he arrived at his father’s house, he was told that his father had been in hospital for a week. The moment he was about to 47 the hospital. he saw on the desk the 48 new book ,just as he had left it one 49 ago. he opened it and began to 50 the pages. suddenly, a car key 51 from an envelope taped behind the book ,it bad a lag(标签)with dealer’s name, the 52 dealer who had the sports car he bad 53 on the tag was the 54 of his graduation. and the 55 PAID IN FULL





(C)picked up
(D)put aside





(A)learned .

(A)get to
(B)search for
(C)turn to
(D)leave for









36.A When I was going home to India last year, I called up my mother to ask if she wanted anything from china, When India had not opened up its markers to the world, I carried suitcase loads of dark glasses and jeans. Thankfully, we can get all these anywhere in India now, Still ,her answer surprised me:“Green tea,” Along as I can remember she didn’t even drink Indian tea. I dutifully bought a big packet of Longjing and headed home to hear the story. My mother and her brother, both regular newspaper readers, believed that Chinese green tea was the wonder drug for all illnesses Athe turn of the century, China was not really familiar to the average Indian, It was a strange country How things change [And how soon] Now every town of any size seems to have a “China Market”. And everyone is talking about China The government of India has planned to send a team to China to see how things are done A minister once said that India must open the doors for more foreign investment(投资)and such a step would “work wonders as it did for China”. But it’s a two-way street, I just heard about a thousand Shenzhen office workers who have gone to Rangalore to train in software. Meanwhile, all the IT majors are setting up a strong presence in China, No wonder that trade, which was only in the millions just ten years ago, is expected to his about us$15 billion for last year and us$20 billion by 2008, a goal set by both governments, No wonder, my colleague wrote some weeks ago about this being the Sino-Indian(中印)century as the two countries started on January I the Sino-Indian Friendship Year, But what is still a wonder to me is my mother drinking Chinese tea.
【題組】56Why did the mother ask for Chinese green tea?
(A)she was tired of Indian tea
(B)she had a son working in China.
(C)she believed it had a curing effect
(D)she was fond of Chinese products,

37.【題組】57 What does the author mean by “it’s a two-way street’ in paragraph 10?
(A)China and India have different traffic rules
(B)Tea trade works wonders in both India and China
(C)Chinese products are popular in both China and India,
(D)The exchanges between India and China benefit both

38.【題組】58 What do we know about the Indian IT industry?
(A)It will move its head office to Shenzhen
(B)It is seeking further development in China
(C)It has attracted an investment of US$15 billion
(D)It caught up with the US IT industry in2008.

39.【題組】59 In the text the author expresses_____,
(A)his concern for his mother’s health
(B)his support for drinking Chinese green tea
(C)his surprise at China’s recent development
(D)his wonder at the growth of India’s IT industry

40.B What is Bay? The simple answer is that it is a global trading platform where nearly anyone can trade practically anything. People can sell and buy all kinds of products and goods. Including cars, movies and DVDs, sporting goods, travel tickets, musical instruments, clothes and shoes- the list goes on and on The idea came from Peter Omidyar, who was born in Paris and moved to Washington when he was still a child, Ahigh school, be became very interested in computer programming and after graduating from Tuft University in 1988, He worked for the next few years as a computer engineer. In his free time he started Bay as a kind of hobby, at first offering the service free by word of mouth. B1996 there was so much traffic on the website that he had to upgrade(升级) and he began charging a fee to members. Joined by a friend, Peter Skill. and in 1998 by his capable CEO, Meg Whitman, he has never looked back. . Even in the great. com crashes of the late 1990s,abay has gone from strength to strength ,. It is now one of the ten most visited online shopping websites on the Internet eBay sells connections, not goods, putting buyer and seller into contact with each other. All you have to do is lake an e-photo, write a description, fill out a sales form and you are in business: the world is your market place. Of course for each item (商品)sold eBay gets a percentage and that is great deal of money. Every day there are more than sixteen million items listed on eBay and eighty percent of the items are sold
【題組】60. We learn from the text that eBay provides people with__
(A)a way of buying and selling goods
(B)a website for them to upgrade
(C)a place to exhibit their own photos
(D)a chance to buy things at low prices

41.【題組】61. Why did Peter create eBay after graduating from university?
(A)For fun
(B)To make money
(C)For gathering the engineers
(D)To fulfill a task of his company

42.【題組】62. From “he has never looked back “in Paragraph 2 we learn that peter_
(A)did not feel lonely
(B)was always hopeful
(C)did not think about the past
(D)became more and more successful

43.【題組】63. How does eBay make money from its website7?
(A)Bbringing callers together.
(B)Bcharging for each sale
(C)Blisting items online
(D)Bmaking e-photos.

44. C A volcanic eruption in Iceland has sent ash across northern Europe. Airlines have stopped or changed the flights across the Atlantic Ocean, leaving hundreds of passengers stuck in airports. Grirmsvom is one of the largest and most active volcanoes in Europe. What makes Grimsvom different is that it lies under a huge glacier(冰川) of ice up to 12 maters thick. The hot volcano heats up the ice above it, which then forms a layer(层)of water between the glacier and the volcano This layer of water puts pressure on the volcano, keeping it stable, Athe water flows out from under the glacier, the pressure lifts. The lava(岩浆) from the volcano then comes up to the surface. This is exactly what happened today. Now, airlines have to make changes to their flights so as not to fly through the clouds of volcanic ash. According to KLM. one of Europe’s biggest airlines, airplanes cannot go under the cloud or over it. Going through the cloud can result in ash getting stuck in the airplane’s engines, causing damage to the plane. The eruption has also caused problems for animals in Iceland. The volcano left ash and sharp. Glass-like rocks all over the countryside. Farmers are keeping their animals inside to stop them from eating ash- covered grass to the sharp object.
【題組】64.What makes Grimsvom different from other volcanoes?
(A)It is below ice.
(B)It lies under the sea
(C)It is the largest volcano
(D)It is lava affects the airlines

45.【題組】65. What keeps Grimsvotn still?
(A)The slow flow of water
(B)The low water temperature
(C)The thick glacier
(D)The water pressure

46.【題組】66. Which of the following is the result of the volcanic eruption?
(A)People stop traveling in Europe
(B)Airlines suffer from the loss of planes
(C)It becomes dangerous for animals to eat outside
(D)Farmers have lost many of their animals

47.【題組】67. This text is most probably taken from_
(A)a research paper
(B)a newspaper report
(C)a class presentation
(D)a geography textbook.

48.D It is true that good writers rewrite and rewrite and then rewrite some more. But in order to work up the desire to rewrite, it is important to learn to like what you write at the early stage. I am surprised at the number of famous writers I know who say that they so dislike reading their own writing later that they even hate to look over the publishers’ opinions. One reason we may dislike reading our own work is that we’re often disappointed that the rich ideas in our minds seem very thin and plain when first written down. Jerry Fodor and Steven Pinker suggest that this fact may be a result of how our minds work. . Different from popular belief ,we do not usually think in the works and sentences of ordinary language but in symbols for ideas (known as “mentalese”), and writing our ideas down is an act of translation from that symbolic language . But while mentalese contains our thoughts in the form of a complex tapestry (织锦),writing can only be composed one thread at a time . Therefore it should not be surprising that our first attempt at expressing ideas should look so simple. It is only by repeatedly rewriting that we produces new threads and connect them to get closer to the ideas formed in our minds. When people write as if some strict critics (批评家) are looking over their shoulder , they are so worried about what this critic might say that they get stuck before they even start. Peter Elbow makes an excellent suggestion to deal with this problem. When writing we should have two different minds. Athe first stage, we should see every idea, as well as the words we use to express it ,as wonderful and worth putting down . It is only during rewrites that we should examine what we excitedly wrote in the first stage and check for weaknesses.
【題組】68. What do we learn from the text about those famous writers?
(A)They often regret writing poor works
(B)Some of them write surprisingly much.
(C)Many of them hate reading their own works
(D)They are happy to review the publishers’ opinions.

49.【題組】69. What do people generally believe about the way human minds work?
(A)People think in words and sentences.
(B)Human ideas are translated into symbols
(C)People think by connecting threads of ideas.
(D)Human thoughts are expressed through pictures.

50.【題組】70. What can we conclude from the text?
(A) Most people believe we think in symbols.
(B)Loving our own writing is scientifically reasonable.
(C)The writers and critics can never reach an agreement.
(D)Thinking and writing are different stages of mind at work.