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1.1 . cushion
(C) bury
(D) duty

2.2. country

3.3 .pillow

4.4. reach

5.5 .Christmas

6.6. ---Did you forget about my birthday? ---- I’ve booked a table at Michel’s restaurant for this evening.
(A)What then?
(B)I’m afraid so.
(C)how could I?
(D)For sure.

7.7. Ted came for the weekend wearing only some shorts and a T-shirt, is a stupid thing to do in such weather.

8.8. If you smoke, please go outside.

9.9. If you don't like the drink you______just leave it and try a different one.
(B)are ordering
(C)will order
(D)had ordered

10.10. Mary, I_____John of his promise to help you.

11.11. I got this bicycle for ;My friend gave it to me when she bought a new one.

12.12. It is one thing to enjoy listening to good music, but it is another to play it well yourself.

13.13. Jane won’t join us for dinner tonight and .
(A)neither won’t Tom
(B)Tom won’t either
(C)Tom will too
(D)so will Tom

14.14. This shop will be closed for repairs further notice.

15.15. The island, to the mainland by a bridge, is easy to go to.
(B)to join
(D)having joined

16.16. As he reached front door, Jack saw strange sight.
(B)a; the
(D)the; a

17.17.Mr. Stevenson is great to work for -- I really couldn't ask for a boss.
(D)still better

18.18.Sarah pretended to be cheerful,______nothing about the argument.
(C)to say

19.19. It was a nice meal,_______a little expensive.

20.20.-----So you gave her your phone? -----______she said she'd return it to me when she could afford her own.
(A)My pleasure
(B)Not exactly
(C)No doubt
(D)All right

21. There are times when people are so tired that they fall asleep almost anywhere. We can see there is a lot of sleeping on the bus or train on the __21____home from work in the evenings. A man will be__22____the newspaper, and seconds later it __23___ as if he is trying to ___24__it. Or he will fall asleep on the shoulder of the stranger___25__ next to him.___26___ place where unplanned short sleep __27__ is in the lecture hall where a student will start snoring(打鼾)so ___28____that the professor has to ask another student to___29___ the sleeper awake. A more embarrassing(尴尬)situation occurs when a student starts falling into sleep and the ___30___ of the head pushes the arm off the___31___, and the movement carries the__32___ of the body along. The student wakes up on the floor with no___33___ of getting there. The worst time to fall asleep is when __34___ . Police reports are full of ___35___ that occur when people fall into sleep and go__36_____ the road. If the drivers are ___37____ , they are not seriously hurt. One woman's car, ___38____ , went into the river. She woke up in four feet of __39____ and thought it was raining. When people are really ___40_____,nothing will stop them from falling asleep -- no matter where they are.






(A)goes on
(B)ends up











(A)in time
(B)at first
(C)as usual
(D)for example



41. A Since 1984, Philadelphia has been cleaning up its act. One by one, graffiti-covered walls are being changed into outdoor art. So far, more than 1,800 murals(壁画)have been painted. Philadelphia now has more murals than any other American city. The walls that were once ugly with graffiti(涂鸦)are now covered with beautiful pictures of historical heroes and modern art, thanks to the Mural Arts Program (MAP). Its work makes schools and public places attractive, and its citizens very proud. The program began as part of Philadelphia's Anti-Graffiti Network. Jane Golden is the MAP's artistic director. "When people ask me what our program is about," she says, "I answer them with one word: hope." Each year, the MAP offers youth art programs and workshops. Some one-time graffiti writers even help paint MAP murals. The MAP's work, says Golden, is all about developing a sense of community(社区).When a neighborhood requests a mural, the MAP works with the people there to develop a message. Some messages have been "Safe Streets," "Love and Care," and "Peace Walk." The MAP receives up to 50 requests for murals each week. Last year, the workers painted 140 murals. "The making of a mural enters people's collective memory as an extraordinary, pleasant moment in neighborhood history" says Golden, who began as a muralist in Los Angeles.
【題組】41. What can be the best title for the text?
(A)Love, from Graffiti Writers to Muralists
(B)MAP, a New Company in Philadelphia
(C)Jane, an Excellent Mural Artist
(D)Hope, One Wall at a Time

42.【題組】42. What is the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia aimed at?
(A)Helping the young find jobs.
(B)Protecting the neighborhood.
(C)Fighting against graffiti.
(D)Attracting more visitors.

43.【題組】43.How does the MAP decide on the message for a mural?
(A)Bhaving discussions with people in the community.
(B)Bseeking advice from the city government.
(C)Blearning from the young graffiti writers.
(D)Bstudying the history of the city.

44.【題組】44. Which of the following words best describes the work of the MAP?

45. B For those who study the development of intelligence(智力)in the animal world, self-awareness is an important measurement. An animal that is aware(意识)of itself has a high level of intelligence. Awareness can be tested by studying whether the animal recognizes itself in the mirror, that is, its own reflected image(反射出的影像).Many animals fail this exercise bitterly, paying evry little attention to the reflected image. Only humans, and some intelligent animals like apes and dolphins, have shown to recognize that the image in the mirror is of themselves. Now another animal has joined the club. In the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers report that an Asian elephant has passed the mirror self-reflection test. “We thought that elephants were the next important animal,” said Dinana Reiss of the wildlife Conservation Society, an author of the study with Joshua M.Plotnik and Fans B.M. de Waal of Emory University. With their large brains, Reiss said, elephants “seemed like cousins to apes and dolphins.” The researchers tested Happy, Maxine and Patty, three elephants at the Bronx Zoo.They put an 8-foot-square mirror on a wall of the animals’ play area (out of the sight of zoo visitors) and recorded what happened with cameras, including one built in the mirror. The elephants used their long noses to find what was behind it, and to examine parts of their bodies. Of the three, Happy then passed the test, in which a clear mark was painted on one side of her face. She could tell the mark was there by looking in the mirror, and she used the mirror to touch the mark with her long nose. Diana Reiss said, "We knew elephants were intelligent, but now we can talk about their intelligence in a better way."
【題組】45.What can mirror tests tell us about animals?
(A)Whether they have large brains.
(B)Whether they have self-awareness.
(C)Whether they enjoy outdoor exercises.
(D)Whether they enjoy playing with mirrors.

46.【題組】46. Why does the author mention apes and dolphins in the text?
(A)They are most familiar to readers.
(B)They are big favorites with zoo visitors.
(C)They are included in the study by Reiss.
(D)They are already known to be intelligent.

47.【題組】47. What made Happy different from Maxine and Patty?
(A)She used her nose to search behind the mirror.
(B)She recognized her own image in the mirror.
(C)She painted a mark on her own face.
(D)She found the hidden camera.

48.重新載圖 C Student Membership--Cambridge Arts Cinema Cambridge Arts Cinema is one of the art houses in Britain and home of the internationally celebrated Cambridge Film Festival. Since 1947 generations of students have discovered the wealth of world cinema Now you too can make most of it and save money.
【題組】48.Which of the following is the most famous event held at Cambridge Arts Cinema?
(A)The Cambridge Film Festival.
(B)Meetings with filmmakers.
(C)The preview screening.
(D)Monthly premieres.

49.【題組】49. If you're a member of Cambridge Arts Cinema, you will enjoy free_
(A)Darkroom Gallery shows
(B)mailed programmes
(C)special film events
(D)film shows

50.【題組】50. How long will the membership for Cambridge Arts Cinema last?
(A)Four months.
(B)Eight months.
(C)Nine months.
(D)One year.

51.【題組】51.For what purpose is the text written?
(A)Offering students cheaper tickets.
(B)Announcing the opening of a premiere.
(C)Telling the public of the cinema's address.
(D)Increasing the cinema's membership.

52. D The way we do things round here Some years ago, I was hired by an American bank. I received a letter from the head of the Personnel Department that started, "Dear John, I am quite pleased that you have decided to join us." That "quite" saddened me. I thought he was saying "we're kind of pleased you decided to join us although I wish we had hired someone else." Then I discovered that in American English "quite" sometimes means "very", while in British English it means "fairly". So the first lesson about working in other countries is to learn the language and by that I don't just mean the words people speak. It is body language, dress, manners, ideas and so on. The way people do things highlights many of the differences we see between cultures(文化). Some of these differences may be only on the surface-dress, food and hours of work-while others may be deeper and take longer to deal with. Mostly, it is just a question of getting used to the differences and accepting them, like the climate(气候),while getting on with business. Some of the differences may be an improvement. People are more polite; the service is better; you ask for something to be done and it happens without having to ask again. However, other differences can be troubling, like punctuality(准时).If you invite people to a party at 7 o'clock your guests will consider it polite to turn up exactly on time in Germany, five minutes early in the American Midwest, an hour early in Japan, 15 minutes afterwards in the UK, up to an hour afterwards in Italy and some time in the evening in Greece. I prefer not to use the word "late" because there is nothing wrong with the times people arrive. It is simply the accepted thing to do in their own country.
【題組】52.The author was unhappy as mentioned in Paragraph 1 because he thought______.
(A)the American bank didn't think much of him
(B)the American bank might hire another person
(C)it's difficult to get used to American culture
(D)it's easy to misunderstand Americans

53.【題組】53.The word "highlights" in Paragraph 2 probably means_____.
(B)helps to narrow
(D)draws attention to

54.【題組】54. According to the author, what should we do with most cultural differences?
(A)Ask the native people for help.
(B)Understand and accept them.
(C)Dthings in our own way.
(D)Din-depth research.

55.【題組】55. When invited to a party the people who are usually punctual are______.
(D)the British

56. E "I didn't hear them call my name," explained Shelley Hennig to Active Teens (AT) as she talked about that exciting moment on national television when she won the honor of Miss Teen USA 2004. "Are you ready?" is what she heard. Then she said, "I shook my head no, and then they said ‘yes’ and it was announced again." It was four days after that life changing moment for the seventeen-year-old high school student from Destrehan, Louisiana----she was still on cloud nine. "I was so shocked! I never believed that it could actually really happen." Present in the audience(观众)that day were: her mother and father, older brother, her friends, and her dance teacher. Understanding why members of her family and her friends would be there, AT asked why her dance teacher had traveled so far to see her compete(比赛)."She's always been my role model.I've danced with her since I was six. She's been through so many difficulties and came through them all. I've learned to get over bad life's experiences and learned how to move on because of her." One of those bad life's experiences for Shelley happened three years ago when her brother Brad was killed in a drunk driving accident. He was 18. She found writing helped her get through the rough days. She said, "I write a lot about my brother. I write a lot, a lot, a lot...” As Miss Louisiana Teen, she traveled around the state speaking to teens(青少年)about the dangers of drinking and driving. In her role as Miss Teen USA, Sheiley will continue to speak to youth about safe driving, in addition to many other things to help the youth. When AT asked Miss Teen USA if she had any advice for our readers, she said, "Don't let anyone change you. Hang out with people that make you feel good about yourself. That way, it is easy to be yourself."
【題組】56.What do the words “on cloud nine” in Paragraph 2 probably mean?
(C)very happy
(D)very angry

57.【題組】57.Shelley takes her dance teachers as a role medel mainly because she is .

58.【題組】58.How many children did the Hennigs have according to the text?

59.【題組】59.What did Shelley often do after she became Miss Louisiana Teen?
(A)She visited drunken drivers.
(B)She gave dance performance.
(C)She made speeches on safe driving.
(D)She helped other teens with their studies.

60.【題組】60.What suggestion does Shelley give to the teens?
(A)Byourself with the support of friends.
(B)Meet friends whenever possible.
(C)Go easy on yourself and others.
(D)Have a good role model.