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1.51 A Honesty, my mum always used to tell me, is the best policy. Of course, this didin’t include her when she told me that if I didn’t eat all my vegetables Father Cristmas would find out and wouldn’t give me any presents. Bt when it comes to medicine, I had assumed it was important to always be honest with my patients. Ater all, the doctor patient relationship is based on trust, and therefore honesty is essential, Or so I thought. I had just started working in geriatrics(老年病科). Mr. McMahon was brought in when his baby was faound very swollen. I took a medical history from his daughter would accompanied him in the ambulance. She’d been his main carer for years. I stood looking at him as she gave a detailed history. “Has he lost any weight recently?” I asked, “Well, it’s funny you should mention that, but yes.” She said slowly. There was silence for a few moments. “Why? What are you worried about?” she asked, I hesitated. She was obviously very involved in his care and it was only fair that I told her the truth. “Well, we need to prove it’s not cancer.” I said and talked briefly about some of the tests I was going to order. Half an hour later, a nurse called me: “Mr. McMahon’s daughter broke down-she said you told her he had cancer.” My heart sank. B the time I arrived at the ward, my consultant was already there, explaining that we still had to run lots of tests and that it was by no means confirmed that he had cancer. I stood silently at the end of the bed. My consultant was obviously angry with me and as we left Mr. McMahon, she turned to me. “Why on carch did you do that?” she asked to disbelief. I looked at her andbit my hp. “She asked me what I was worried about and I told her.” I said, hanging my head. “Ad give her more to worry about?” replied my consultant. “You don’t say the word ‘cancer’ until it’s confirmed. Een if you suspect it, think very carefully before you tell people.” A it turned out, it wasn’t cancer. Bt I did learn that when somecone is stressed and worried about their loved one they’re sometimes selective in what they hear-and as a doctor it’s important to be mindful of this. In being truthful, I’d made the situation worse. .The purpose of the first two paragraphs is to show that the author .
(A) misunderstood the doctor-patient relationship
(B) was anxious to receive Cristmas gifts
(C) regarded honesty as the best policy
(D) had an unhealthy eating habit

2.52.The author’s consultant was angry with him because .
(A) he told the daughter what he suspected.
(B) he delayed running the necessary tests.
(C) he failed to confirm the parent’s disease.
(D) he forgot what the consultant had advised.

3.53.The author hung his head (the underlined part in Para.4) because he was feeling .
(A) guilty
(B) hurt
(C) disappointed
(D) helpless

4.54.What lesson has the author learnt from his experience?
(A) Learning form parents is necessary.
(B) Jumping to a conclusion is dangerous.
(C) Telling the truth may not always be the best solution.
(D) Selecting pleasant words may not be the perfect policy.

5.55 B Howling is a behavior commonly observed among a wolf nark. A animals, wolves work together to hunt and rely on howling was an important means of communication each other. There are different explants of a wolf’s howl and it appears that there may be more to discover. One theory is that wolves howl to bend better together. It’s almost as if howling together helps the pack stay together. Perhaps something similar to people feeling a sense of involvement with each other when singing a song together . Bt this theory may be wrong, explains Fred H. Harington, a professor who studies wolf behavior. Indeed, there have been tines when wolves have been seen one moment howling in a exhorts, and the next, quarreling anions each other. It appears that usually the lowest-tanking menthes of the pack may actually be “punished” for Joining in the churs at times. So is howling a way to strcagthen a social boad or just a way to reconfirm status among its members? ——Why do welves howl for sure? What is cleat, however, is that howling is often used among packmates to locate each other. Hunting grounds are distant and it happens that woloves may separate from one another at times. When this happens, howling appcars to be an ercellent means of gathering. Howling, interestingly, is a contagious behaviour. When one wolf starts to howl, very likely others will follow. This is often seen to occat in the morning, as if wolves were doing some sotr of “roll rall”where wolves all howl togeter to howl, very likely others will follow. This is often seen to occar in the morning, as if wolves were doing w some sotr of “roll call”where wolves all howl together to repotr their pteence. .What the por similarity between wolves’ how humaes ting in chorus?
(A)The act of calling each other.
(B)the sense of accomplishment.
(C)The act of hunting for something.
(D)The sense of belonging to a group.

6.56.Why does Harrington think the“secial boad”theory may be wrong?
(A)Wolves separate from each other after howling.
(B)Wolves tend to protect their hunting grounds.
(C)Wolves sometimes have quarrels after howling together.
(D)Wolves of low rank are encouraged to join in the chorus.

7.57.Reseatchers are sure that wolves often howl to______.
(A)show their ranks
(C)repotr the missing ones
(D)express their lonelingess

8.58.“Howling… is a contagious behaviour”(in the last paragraph)means_______.
(A)howling is a signal for hunting
(B)howling is a way of communication
(C)howling aften occurs in the morning
(D)howling spreads from one to another

9.59 C In today’s throw away society, dealing with the city’s growing mountain of waste is an inereasing challenge for the city countil(市议会)。 Recently. Einburgh is faced with the problem of dssposing of(处理)about250,000 Million tons of waster a year . Dspite different ways to dispose of much of it in a green manner---largely through encouraging tecycling---its aging facilities such as the Powderhall landfill do not have the ability to deal with it. The Eropean UnionE)has issued a new policy, regulating how such mountains of waster are to hr disposed of. The five councils (Einburgh. Est Lothian. West Lothian. Midlethian and Brders) face fine around $18million a year from 2013 it they don’t inerease recycling levels and rely less on landfill. With this in mind, the coumlls got together with the idea of building a lage incinerator plant (垃圾焚烧厂)to burn half of the waste produced in their districts. Bt the plan fell apart after the change of target levels by a new UK government waste policy which required that no more than 25% of the city’s waste should be disposed of in this way by 2025. Ater the plan was abandoned, a private company which already transported millions of tons of the city’s wast by train to a landfill site near Dnbar, offered an alternative soution when it suggested opening a huge waste site near Portobello. Since Powderhall is supposed to close in 2015, it seemed necessary for the members of the Einburgh Cuncil to accept the suggestion. Bt soon they turned it down—after 700 local objections reached them—because it would have meant hundreds of lorries a day making loud noise through heavily populated areas. That still leaves eth council with a problem. B 2013,only50%of 1995 levels of waste will benllewed to be sent to landfill. Een if recveling large are met, there will still be a large amount of rubbish to be burnt up. De build an Einburgh and Midlothian councils have now decided to work together to build an ineinerator plant as time to find a solution is fast running out. . The main way of handling waste in a green manmer in Einburgh is .
(A) recyeling
(B) restoring
(C) burying
(D) burning

10.60. The five councils worked out a plan to build an incinerator plant to .
(A) reduce the roast of burying waste
(B) meets the E requirements
(C) speed up waste recycling
(D) tempter landfill sites

11.61. The city council of Einburgh rejected the suggestion to open a huge landfill site near Portobello because .
(A) a name from a private company
(B) the comelier was not interested in it
(C) it was not supports by E
(D) the local poodle was waist it

12.62. What is the final dream an Einburgh and Midlothian Cuntry?
(A) To open a new landfill nearby
(B) To close the powder hall landfill in 2015
(C) To set up a plan for burning waste
(D) To persuade people to deduce their waste.

13.63 D Feeling blue about world ? “Ceer up.” Says science writer Matt Ridley.”The world has never been a better place to live in, and it will keep on getting better both for humans and got nature.” Ridley calls himself a tat ional optimist—tactical .because he’s carefully weighed the evidence optimistic .because that offence shows human progress to be both unavoidable and good .Ad this is what he’s set out to prone from unique point of view in his most recent book. The Rant anal Opting .He views mankind as grand enterprise that .on the whole .has done little but progress for 100.000 years. He backed his finding with hard gathered though years of research. Here’s how he explains his views. Shopping fuels invention It is reported that there are more than ten billion different producers for sale in London alone. Een allowing for the many people who still live in poverty .our own generation has access to more nutritious food .more convenient transport .bigger houses, better ears .and of course, more pounds and dollars than any who lived before us .This will continue as long as we there things to make other things, This more we specialize and exchange, the better off we’ll be. 2) Billiant advances One reason we are richer, healthier, taller, cleverer, longer-lived and freer than ener before is that the four most basie human needs -food, clothing, fuel and shelter- have grown a lot cheaper. Take one example. In 1800 a candle providing one hour’s light cost six hours’ work. In the 1880s the same light from an oil lamp took 15 minutes’ work to pay for. In 1950 it was eight seconds. Today it’s half second. 3) Let’s not kill ourselves for climate change Mitigating(减轻) climate change could prove just as damaging to human welface as climate change itself. Achild that dies from indoor smoke in a village, where the use of fassil-fuel(化石燃料) electrieity is forhidden by well meaming members of green polucal movements trying to save the world, is just as great a tragedy as a child that mes in a flood caused by climate change. If chmaic change proves to be xxxx, but cutting carbon canses realparn, we may well find that we have stopped a nose bleed by putting a tournquet(止血带) around our necks. . What is the theme of Ridley’s most recent book?
(A) Weakness of human nature.
(B) Cncern about climate change.
(C) Importance of practical thinking.
(D) Optimism about human progress.

14.64. How does Ridley look at shopping?
(A) It encourages the creation of things.
(B) It results in shortage of goods.
(C) It demands more fossil fuels.
(D) It causes a poverry problem.

15.65. The candle and lamp example is used to show that .
(A) oil lamps give off more light than candles
(B) shortening working time brings about a happier life.
(C) advanced technology helps to produce better candles.
(D) increased production rate leads to lower cost of goods.

16.66. What does the last sentence of the passage imply?
(A) Ctting carbon is necessary in spite of the huge cost.
(B) Overreaction to cliamate change may be dangerous.
(C) People’s health is closely related to climate change.
(D) Creless medical treatment may cause great pain.

17.67 E Which are you more likely to have wath you at sny given mement—your cell phone or your wallet? Soon you may be able to throw your wallet away and pay for things with a quick wave of your smart phone over an electroue scannet. In January, Starbucks announced that customers could start using their phones to buy coffee in 6,800 of its states. This is the first pay by phone practice in the U.S., but we’re likely to see more witeless payment alternatives as something called ucar field communcationNFCGES IN TO Aerica’s consumet electanies. Last Dccmbet some new smart phanes which cantain an NFCchip were introduced to the midlit. Aready in use in part of Aia and Erope, NFCheir plan a few incees live a payment tetminal a one a few ptaht need to be worked out, like who will get to collect the profitable trunsacian(交易)fees. Athough some credit card providers have been experimenting with wave and pay systems that use NFCenabled credit cards, cellphone service providers truay try to mused their way into the point of sale (POS)market. Three big gellphone service providers have formed a joinf tenture(合资企业)that will go into opention over the next i15 months. Its goal is“to lead the U.S. payments industry from cards to mobile phone.” The other big NFCsue, apart from how paymeats will be processed, is security, For instance, what’s to stop a thief from digitally pickpocketing you? “We’re still not at the point where an attacker can just brush against yee in a crowd and steal all the money out of your phone,”says Jimmy Shah. Amobile security rescarcher, “Usera may also be able to set transaction timeits,requiring a password to be enteced for larger putchases. Bs siness? Keep in mund you lost your smart phone, it can be located on a located on a map and remotely ned Plus, your phone can be password protected, Your wallet isn’t. .What is predicted to happen in the U.S.?
(A)The expansion of cellphone companices.
(B) The boom of pay by phone business.
(C) The dissppearanceof credit cards.
(D) The increase of Starbucks sales.s

18.68.The NFCtechnology can be used to________.
(A) ensure the safety of shoppers
(B) collect transaction fees easily
(C) make purchase faster and smpler
(D) improve the quality of cellphones

19.69.Three cellphone service providers form a joint venture to__________.
(A) strengthen their relationship
(B).get a share in the payments industry
(C).sell more cellphones
(D) test the NFCteehnoingy

20.70.Acording to the what can users do if they lose their smart phones?
(A) Stop the luneting of niet phones.
(B).Stop a passwant.
(C).Ct all the money out of their phones.
(D) Cn large purchases.