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100 年 - 2011福建高考真题(英语)#13747 

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1.21 We have various summer camps for your holidays, you can choose ____ based on your own interests.
(A) either
(B) each
(C) one
(D) it

2.22. good service, the restaurant offers different kinds of traditional Fujian dished
(A) Far from
(B) Apart from
(C) instead of
(D) Regardless of

3.23. Tsinghua University, in 1911,is home to a great number of outstanding figures.
(A) found
(B) founding
(C) founded
(D) to be founded

4.24. She has a gift for creating an atmosphere for her students ____ allows them to communicate freely with each other.
(A) which
(B) where
(C) what
(D) who

5.25.-Shall has a gift for creat an atmosphere for her students allow them to communicate freely with each other. -I am afraid you ,in case he comes late for the mooting .

6.26.The lack of eco-friendly habits among the public is thought to be a major of global climate change.

7.27.The difference in thinkness and weight from the earlier version makes the iPad 2 more comfortable .

8.28.I’d prefer to my judgement until I find all the evidence.
(B) express

9.29.-It’s nice.Never before such a special drink! -I’m glad you like it.
(A)I have had
(B) I had
(C) have I had
(D) had I

10.30.Nowedays, increase in children’s creativity,for they are greatly encouraged to drevelop their tilents.

11.31.Born into a family with three brothers,David was to value the sense of sharing.
(A)brought up
(B)turned down
(C)looked after
(D)held back

12.32.Last month,the Japanese government expressed their thanks for the aid they From ChinA
(B)are receiving
(C)have received
(D)had received

13.33.It was April 29,2001 Prince William and Kate Middleton walked into the palace hall of the wedding ceremony.

14.34.——Play you missed the lecture on nuclear pollution。 ——I it,but I was busy preparing for a job interview.
(B)had attended
(C)would sttend
(D)would have attended

15.35.——My teacher says she’s canceling the class play.I just can’t understanD —— .You were looking forwars to it.
(A)It doesn’t matter
(B)It’s very unwise of her
(C)Don’t worry about it
(D)You must be disappointed

16.第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后给题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Diana Velex does everythings with maximum effore—and at maximum speeDThat 36 learning a new languague,completing two certificates and opening a store. When arriving in Canada in 2008,she had one 37 ;to have what she had back Home in ColombiA”I didn’t want to 38 what I do ,like so many who come to a new Country,” she said .”I 39 to open a store here in Canada but knew I had to 40 myself properly.” Diana quickly realize that making her dream of shop owership in Canada a 41 Meant going to school to get the 42 education and certification.”My experience of Owning a shop and working as a designer in Colombia gave me43 in my abilities. But I Cound’t speak the language and I had to 44 how to do things in CanadA It was like having to. 45 all over again,”said Diana 46 ,she found just the help she needed for relaunch (重新开张) 47 continuing education at George Brown College. She began taking 48 for both the Essential Skills in Fashion Certificate and the image Consulting Certificate in May 2009. 49 Diana met with the language barrier, she was always going 50 while at college. By the end of October 2009,she had completed all certificate requirements. Within two years after her 51 in Canada, Diana at last achieved her 52 goal when her new store opened its doors in Toronto’s Sheppard Center. She was on the fast-track to 53 . Looking back, Diana, a fashion(时装)designer, 54 her achievements to the goal she set, the education she received from the college, and 55 the efforts she made. Now Diana is very happy doing what she is doing.
(A) requires
(B) encourages
(C) interduce
(D) advises

(A) goal
(B) memory
(C) choice
(D) problem

(A) aontinue
(B) choose
(C) change
(D) lose

(A) demanded
(B) decided
(C) agreed
(D) hesitated

(A) teach
(B) prepare
(C) enjoy
(D) persuade

(A) reality
(B) fact
(C) challenge
(D) wonder

(A) phyaical
(B) private
(C) primary
(D) necessary

(A) pressure
(B) judgement
(C) influence
(D) confidence

(A) put away
(B) depend on
(C) learn about
(D) look into

(A) advance
(B) start
(C) suffer
(D) work

(A) Naturally
(B) Gradually
(C) Luckily
(D) Clearly

(A) through
(B) for
(C) before
(D) with

(A) notes
(B) responsibilities
(C) chances
(D) courses

(A) Though
(B) AS
(C) Since
(D) Once

(A) around
(B) back
(C) ahead
(D) out

(A) adventure
(B) arrival
(C) performance
(D) journey

(A) original
(B) common
(C) another
(D) distant

(A) success
(B) wealth
(C) glory
(D) happiness

(A) adds
(B) connects
(C) devotes
(D) owes

(A) after all
(B) above all
(C) at least
(D) at first

36. A Driving a car is not just handling controls and judging speed and distance. It requires you to predict what other road users will do and get ready to react to something unexpected , When alcohol is consumed, it enters your bloodstream and acts as a depressant (抑制药),damaging eyesight, judgment and co-ordination (协调),slowing down reaction time and greatly increasing the risk of accidents. Even below the drink driving link , driving well be affected Alcohol may take a few minutes to be absorbed into the bloodstream and start action on the brain. Absorption rate is increased when drinking on an empty stomach or when consuming drinks mixed with fruit juice. To get rid of alcohol from the body is a very slow process and it is not possible to speed it up with any measures like taking a shower or having a cup of tea or coffee. The present Road Traffic Ordinance states clearly that the limit of alcohol concentration is : ● 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100ml of blood ;or ● 22 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml of breath ;or ● 67 milligrams of alcohol per 100ml of urine(尿液) Drivers who cause traffic accidents, or who commit a moving traffic offence or are being suspected of drink driving will be tested Any drive found drinking beyond the limit will be chargeDThe driver declared guilty may be fined a maximum of HK﹩25,000 and be sentenced to up to 3 years in prison and punished for 10 driving-offence points; or temporarily banned from driving. The same punishment applices to failing to provide speciments(样本) far breath, blood or urine tests without good excuse. Drink driving is a criminal offebce.Be a responsible,driver,think before you drink. For the safety of yourself and other road users, never drive after consuming alcohol.
【題組】56.The first paragraph is mainly about_____________.
(A) the introductions of driving skills
(B) the dangaga of drinking to your body
(C) the effect of drinking on driving
(D) the process of alcohol being absorbed

37.【題組】57.The underlined word “it” in the second paragraph refers to “________”.
(A) alcohol
(B) absorption
(C) blood
(D) process

38.【題組】58 Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
(A) Drinking below the drink driving limit has no effect on driving.
(B) Alcohol is taken in more quickly when drunk with fruit juice.
(C) Having a cup of tea helps to get rid of alcohol from the body.
(D)50 milligrams of alcohol per 100ml of breath is below the drink limit

39.【題組】59.A drive suspeced of drink driving_________.
(A)Should provide specimens for testing.
(B)be forbidden to drive for 3years
(C)Will be punished for 10 driving-offence points
(D)Should pay a maximum fine of HK$25,000

40. B For five days,Edmonton's Downtown Park is transformed into one huge stage where artists are able to share their talents, and where people are able to celebrate and enjoy themselves .Since is beginning in 1980,the Edmonton Folk Music Festival has been commemorating(念)the ture feeling of what folk music is all about and that's the traditional togetherness(友爱)that is felt when people gather to share stories and feelings through song. This year will be the sixth year when volunteer Riedel will be offering up her time to the festival. "People coming off a busy spring and summer have a moment of relaxation ," Riedel said "It's really east to relax, and it's great seeing family and friends have fun together." These families and friends come from all different kinds of musical tastes. People who take pleasure in Blues are there, so are people who love Bluegrass. This festival does its best to develop everyone's musical interests. With so many years of expenence .the festival has become a well-oiled machine, and does whatever it can to make attendees feel as possible. There are free water stations throughout the venue(举办地)for people to fill up their travel cups. When people buy food, reusable ashes are given a $2 plate fee, but that is returned when the plate is brought back. The festival has completely sold out of tickets, and in record time. But with big names such as Van Morrison and Jakob Dylan, it’s easy to see how that was going to happen. There is no parking area during the festival, so using the Park & Ride system or Edmonton Transit is highly recommended A bike lock-up area is provided and will be available Thursday until Sunday one hour before the gates open until 45 minutes after the gates close. The Edmonton Folk Music Festival begins on Wednesday, Aug.4 with Van Morrison playing the special donation fund (基金)concert, and will finish up on Sunday, Aug.8.
【題組】60.The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is held mainly to ___________.
(A) gather people with different musical tastes
(B) remind people of the real sense of folk music
(C) exhibitive good voices of great talents in folk music
(D) collect old stories of folk music

41.【題組】61. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
(A) Riedel has volunteered for the festival for at least 5years.
(B) It’s hard for people to appreciate Blues.
(C) It costs people a little to fill up their cups from water stations.
(D) People have to pay ﹩2 for a plate of food

42.【題組】62. We can learn from the passenger that____.
(A) people can get tickets easily for the festival
(B) the Edmonton Folk Music Festival is highly recommended
(C) driving one’s own car to the festival is highly recommended
(D) bikes are available at the festival from Wednesday to Sunday

43.【題組】63. What would the best title for the passenger?
(A) Folk Music of Blues
(B) One Festival Family Gathering
(C) Festival for family Gathering
(D) Edmonton’s Downtown Park

44. C Elixir written by Eric Walters Twelve-year-old Roth becomes a friend of Dr. Banting and his assistant, Mr. Best, who are in search of a cure for diabetes (糖尿病).She finds herself torn between her sympathy for the animals being experimented on and her friendship with Banting and Best. George Washingtion Carver Written by Elizabeth Macleod Meet the “Peanut(花生) Specialist”, George Washington Carver, the inventor and professor who made over 325 products out of peanuts. Through his agricultural research, he also greatly improved the lives of countless black farmers in the southern United States. See also Macleod’s Albert Einstein: A Life of Genius. The Inuit Thought of It: Amazing Arctic Innovations Written by Alootook Ipellie & David MacDonald Explore more than 40 ideas necessary to Inuit survival. From ideas familiar to us today to inventive concepts that shaped their lives, celebrate the creativity of a remarkably intelligent people. Also see other books; The Chinese Thought of It by Tingxing Ye and A Native American Thought of It by Rocky Landon and David MacDonald Made in Canada:101 Amazing Achieverms Written by Bev Spencer What things do we use daily that have a Canadian connection?Here are 101 common things that were invented in Canada or by a Canadian,including the Blackberry,alkaline(碱性) batterices and the Blue Box yecycling program. Newton and the Tlme Machine Written by Michael Me Gowan Ten-year-old boy Newton has invented a time machine to see dinesaurs up close.But it disappears on a test run with his two huge friends,King Herbert and Queen Certunde,in can he save them before time runs out?
【題組】64.Which of the following best describes Roth’s feeling in Book 1?
(A) Painful
(B) Curious
(C) Frightened
(D) Disappointed

45.【題組】65. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
(A) Animals are mentioned in Book 1 and Book 5.
(B) Book 3 introduces 40 inventive concepts.
(C) Alkaline batteries were invented by Dr. Banting.
(D) George Washington Carver was a black farmer in the US.

46.【題組】66. In Book 5, King Herbert and Queen Gertrude are_______
(A) Newton’s human friends
(B) the names of the time machine
(C) two dinosaurs
(D) the inventions of the time machine

47.【題組】67. If you are interested in native Americans, you may read the book by _____.
(A) Elizabeth Macleod
(B) Eric Walters
(C) Rocky London & David MacDonald
(D) Bev Spencer

48. D Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was one of the most private women in the world, yet when she went to work as an editor in the last two decades of her life, she revealed (展现) herself as she did nowhere else. After the death of her second husband,Greek shipping magnate AristotieOnassis laqueline’s close friend and former White House social ? Letitis Baldrige made a suggestion that she consider a career in publishing.After consideration, Jacqueline accepted it.Perhaps she hoped to find there some ideas about how to live her own life .She became not less but more interested in reading.For the last 20 years of her life, Jacqueline worked as a publisher’s editor, first at Viking,then at Doubleday ,pursuing(追求)a late-life career longer than her two marriages combinedDuring her time in publishing, she was responsible for managing and editing more than 100 sucessfully marketed books.Among the first books were In the Russian Style and Inventive Paris Clothes.She also succeeded in persuading TV hosts Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell to transform their popular television conversation into a book ,The Power of Myth.The book went on to become an international best-seller.She dealt too.with Michael Jackson as he prepared his autobiography(自传),Moonwalk. Jaequelinered for her name and for her social relations,but she soon proved Her worth.Her shoicas,suggestions and widespread social relations were of benefit both to the publishing Since and to Jacqueline herself.In the books she selected for publication,she built on a lifetime of spending time by herself as a reader and left a record of the growth of her mindHer books are the autobiofraphy she never wrote,Her role as First lady,in the end,was overshadowed by her performance as an editor.However,few knew that she had achteved so much.
【題組】68.We can learn from the passage that Jecqueline
(A)because fond of reading after working as an editor
(B)was in charge of publishing 100 books
(C)promoted lier books through social relations
(D)gained a lot from her career as an editor

49.【題組】69.The underlined sentence in the last paragph probably means this
(A)Jscqueline’s ended up as an editor rather than as First Lady
(B) Jscqueline’s life as First Lady was more colorful than as an editor
(C) Jscqueline was more successful as an editor than as First Lady
(D) Jscqueline’s role as First Lady was more brilliant than as an editor

50.【題組】70.What can be inferred from the passage?
(A) Jscqueline’s two marriages lasted more than 20 years
(B) Jscqueline’s own publishing firm was set up eventually
(C) Jscqueline’s views and beliefs were reflected in the books she edited
(D) Jscqueline’s achievements were widely known

51.【題組】71.The passage is mainly
(A)an introduction of jacqueline’s life both as Fist Lady and as editor.
(B)a brief description of jacqueline’s lifelong experiences.
(C)a brief account of jacqueline’s career as an editor in her last 20 years.
(D)an analysis of Jscqueline’s social relations in publishing

52. E The internet will open up new vistas (前景),creat the global village- -you can make new friends all around the world That,at least, is what it promised us. The difficulty is that It did not take the human mind into account. The reality is that we cannot keep relationship than a limited number of people. No matter how hard the internet tries to put You in communication, its best efforts will be defeated by your mind The problem is twofold(双重的). First, there is a limit on the number of people we can hole in mind and have a meaningful relationship with. That number is about 150 and is set by the size of our brain. Second, the quality of your relationships depends on the amount of time you invest (投入) in then. We invest a lot in a small number of people and then distribute what’s left among as many others as we can. The problem is that if we invest little time in a person, our engagement with that person will decline (减弱)until eventually it dies into “someone I once knew”. This is not, of course, to say that the internet doesn’t serve a socially valuable function. Of course it does. But the question is not that it allows you to increase the size of your social circle to include the rest of the world, but that you can keep your relationships with your existing friends going even though you have to more to the other side of the world In one sense, that’s a good thing. But it also has a disadvantage. If you continue to invest in your old friends even though you can no longer see then, then certainly you aren’t using your time to make new friends where you now live. And I suspect that probably isn’t the best use of your time. Meaningful relationships are about being able to communicate with each other, face to face. The internet will slow down the rate with which relationships end, but it won’t stop that happening eventually.
【題組】72.What is stressed in the first paragraph?
(A) The present situation of the internet.
(B) The difficulty in communication on the internet.
(C) The socially valuable function of the internet.
(D) The role of the human mind in the internet communication.

53.【題組】73. The underlined word “engagement” in the second paragraph probably means “____”.
(A) appointment
(B) connection
(C) interview
(D) agreement

54.【題組】74. According to the passenger, the author holds the view that____.
(A) the internet fails to play so valuable a role in communication as it promised
(B) the internet determines the quality of social relationships
(C) the internet greatly increases the size of social circles
(D) the internet communication is no less effective than the face-to-face talk

55.【題組】75. What is the author’s attitude towards the use of the internet to strengthen relationships?
(A) He is uncertain about it.
(B) He is hopeful of it.
(C) He approves of it.
(D) He doubts it.