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101 年 - 2012年福建高考真题(英语)#13744 

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1.21. What are you going to do this weekend? --- . If time permits, I may go to Shanghai with my friends.
(A). Don’t mention it
(B). It doesn’t matter
(C). Forget it
(D). It depends

2.22.---Have you figured out how much the trip will cost? ---$4,000. or like that.
(A). anything
(B) everything
(C) something
(D) nothing

3.23. The air quality in the city, is shown in the report, has improved over the past two months.
(A) that
(B) it
(C) as
(D) what

4.24.---When did the computer crash? ---This morning, while I the reading materials downloaded over the past two months.
(A). have sorted
(B) was sorting
(C) am sorting
(D) had sorted

5.25.---Why do you choose to work in an international travel agency? ---Well, you know, English is my . So it is my best choice.
(A). strength
(B) talent
(C) ability
(D) skill

6.26.China has been pushing the reform of public hospitals all its citizens.
(A) in charge of
(B) for the purpose of
(C) in honor of
(D) for the benefit of

7.27.Anyone, whether he is an official or a bus driver, should be respected
(A) especially
(B) equally
(C) naturally
(D) normally

8.28. China recently tightened its waters controls near the Huangyan Island to prevent Chinese fishing boats from in the South China Sea
(A) attacking
(B) having attacked
(C) being attacked
(D) having been attacked

9.29. You had better some time every day for sports so that you can keep yourself energetic
(A) set aside
(B) take up
(C) put away
(D) give out

10.30. It is hard for the Greek government to get over the present difficulties it gets more financial support from the European Union.
(A) if
(B) unless
(C) because
(D) since

11.31. We lost our way in that small village, otherwise we more places of interest yesterday.
(A) visited
(B) had visited
(C) would visit
(D) would have visited

12.32.---Can you lend me the book Gone with the Wind? ---Sorry, I returned it to the library just now. Maybe it is still .
(A). available
(B) affordable
(C) acceptable
(D) valuable

13.33.Nothing is so easy as parents to raise their expectations of their children too high.
(A) of
(B) to
(C) by
(D) for

14.34. Pressed from his parents, and that he has wasted too much time, the boy is determined to stop playing video games.
(A) realizing
(B) realized
(C)to realize
(D) being realized

15.35. We promise attends the party a chance to have a photo taken with the movie star.
(A) who
(B) whom
(C) whoever
(D) whomever

16.I often read of incidents of misunderstanding or conflict. I’m left 36. Why do these people create mistrust and problems, especially with those from other 37 ? I was growing up in Kuala Lumpur in the early 1960s, 38 children from different races and religions played and studied 39 in harmony. At that time my family lived a stone’s 40 from Ismail’s. And no one was bothered that Ismail was a Malay Muslim and I was an Indian Hindu------we just 41 our differences. Perhaps , our elders had not filled our heads with unnecessary advice, well 42 or otherwise. We were nine when we became friends. During the school holidays, we’d 43 the countryside on our bicycles, hoping to 44 the unexpected At times Ismail would accompany my family as we made a rare shopping trip to town. We would be glad of his 45. When I was twelve, my family moved to Johor. Ismail’s family later returned to their village, and I 46 touch with him. One spring afternoon in 1983, I stopped a taxi in Kuala Lumpur. I 47 my destination. The driver acknowledged my 48 but did not move off. Instead ,he looked 49 at me. “Raddar?” he said, using my childhood nickname(绰号). I was astonished at being so 50 addressed(称唿). Unexpectedly ! It was Ismail! Even after two 51 we still recognized each other. Grasping his shoulder, I felt a true affection, something 52 to describe. If we can allow our children to be 53 without prejudice, they’ll build friendships with people, regardless of race or religion, who will be 54 their side through thick and thin. On such friendships are societies built and 55 we can truly be, as William Shakespeare once wrote, “we happy few, we band of brothers”.
(A) interested
(B) pleased
(C) puzzled
(D) excited

(A) parties
(B) cities
(C) villages
(D) races

(A) why
(B) which
(C) how
(D) when

(A) together
(B) around
(C) alone
(D) apart

(A) drop
(B) throw
(C) move
(D) roll

(A) refused
(B) made
(C) sought
(D) accepted

(A) paid
(B) meant
(C) preserved
(D) treated

(A) explore
(B) search
(C) discover
(D) desert

(A) get through
(B) deal with
(C) come across
(D) take away

(A) arrival
(B) choice
(C) effort
(D) company

(A) lost
(B) gained
(C) developed
(D) missed

(A) stated
(B) ordered
(C) decided
(D) chose

(A) attempts
(B) instructions
(C) opinions
(D) arrangements

(A) anxiously
(B) carelessly
(C) disappointedly
(D) fixedly

(A) familiarly
(B) strangely
(C) fully
(D) coldly

(A) departures
(B) months
(C) years
(D) decades

(A) possible
(B) funny
(C) hard
(D) clear

(A) them
(B) themselves
(C) us
(D) ourselves

(A) from
(B) by
(C) with
(D) against

(A) still
(B) otherwise
(C) then
(D) instead

36.Some people believe that a Robin Hood is at work, others that a wealthy person simply wants to distribute his or her fortune before dying. But the donator who started sending envelopes with cash to deserving causes, accompanied by an article from the local paper, has made a northern German city believe in fairytales(童话). The first envelop was sent to a victim support group. It contained €10,000 with a cutting from the Braunschweiger Zeitung about how the group supported a woman who was robbed of her handbag; similar plain white anonymous (匿名) envelopes, each containing €10,000,then arrived at a kindergarten and a church. The envelops keep coming, and so far at least €190,000 has been distributed Last month, one of them was sent to the newspaper's own office. It came after a story it published about Tom, a 14-year-old boy who was severely disabled in a swimming accident. The receptionist at the Braunschweiger Zeitung opened an anonymous white envelope to find 20 notes of €500 inside, with a copy of the article. The name of the family was underlined "I was driving when I heard the news," Claudia Neumann, the boy's mother, told Der Spiegel magazine ."I had to park on the side of the road; I was speechless." The money will be used to make the entrance to their house wheelchair-accessible and for a course of treatment that their insurance company refused to pay for. "For someone to act so selflessly, for this to happen in such a society in which everyone thinks of himself, was astonishing," Mrs. Neumann said Her family wonder whether the donator in a Robin Hood character, taking from banks to give to the needy. Henning Noske, the editor of the Braunschweiger Zeitung, said:" Maybe it is an old person who is about to die. We just do not know." However, he has told his reporters not to look for the city's hero, for fear that discovery may stop the donations.
【題組】56. The Braunschweiger Zeitung is the name of _________
(A) a church
(B) a bank
(C) a newspaper
(D) a magazine

37.【題組】57. Which of the following is TRUE about the donation to Tom?
(A) The donation amounted to €190,000.
(B) The donation was sent directly to his house.
(C) The money will be used for his education.
(D) His mother felt astonished at the donation.

38.【題組】58. It can be inferred from the passage that ______________
(A) the donation is a rich old man
(B) the donation will continue to come
(C) the donation comes from the newspaper
(D) the donation will soon be found out

39.【題組】59. What would be the best title for the passage?
(A) Money Is Raised by the Newspaper
(B) Newspaper Distributes Money to the Needy
(C) Unknown Hero Spreads Love in Envelopes
(D) Robin Hood Returns to the City

40.At exactly eleven Sir Percival knocked and entered, with anxiety and worry in every line of his face. This meeting would decide his future life, and he obviously knew it. “You may wonder, Sir Percival,” said Laura calmly, “if I am going to ask to be released (免除) from my promise to marry you. I am not going to ask this. I respect my father’s wishes too much. ” His face relaxed a little, but one of his feet kept beating the carpet. “No, if we are going to withdraw (退出) from our planned marriage, it will be because of your wish , not mine.” “Mine?” he said in great surprise. “What reason could I have for withdrawing ?” “A reason that is very hard to tell you,” she answered“There is a change in me.” His face went so pale that even his lips lost their color. He turned his head to one side. “What change?” he asked, trying to appear calm. “When the promise was made two years ago,” she said, “my love did not belong to anyone. Will you forgive me, Sir Percival, if I tell you that it now belongs to another person? ” “I wish you to understand,” Laura continued, “that I will never see this person again, and that if you leave me, you only allow me to remain a single woman for the rest of my life. All I ask is that you forgive me and keep my secret.” “I will do both those things,” he said Then he looked at Laura, as if he was waiting to hear more. “I think I have said enough to give you reason to withdraw from our marriage,” she added quietly. “No. You have said enough to make it the dearest wish of my life to marry you,” he said
【題組】60. How did Percival feel during his meeting with Laura?
(A) Angry.
(B) Calm.
(C) Nervous.
(D) Excited

41.【題組】61. We can learn from the passage that ________
(A) Laura had once promised to marry Percival
(B) Lara’s father wished to end her marriage
(C) Percival had been married to Laura for two years
(D) Percival asked to be released from the marriage

42.【題組】62. The passage is probably taken out of ________
(A) a novel
(B) a report
(C) a diary
(D) an essay

43.Finally, a cell phone That’s …a phone With rates as low as $3.75 per week! “Well, I finally did it. I finally decided to enter the digital age and get a cell phone. My kids have been annoying me and the last straw was when my car broke down, and I was stuck by the highway for an hour before someone stopped to help. But when I went to the cell phone store, I almost changed my mind The phones all have cameras, computers and a “global-positioning” something or other that’s supposed to spot me from space. Goodness, all I want to do is to be able to talk to my grandkids! The people at the store weren’t much help. They couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want a phone the size of a postage stamp. And the rate plans! They were confusing, and expensive …and the contract(合同)lasted for two years! I’d almost given up until a friend told me about her new Jitterbug phone. Now , I have the convenience and safety of being about to stay in touch… with a phone I can actually use.” Affordable plans that I can understand---and no contract to sign(签订)!Unlike other cell phones, Jitterbug has plans that make sense. Why should I pay for minutes I’m never going to use? And if I do talk more than I plan, I won’t find myself with no minutes like my friend who has a prepaid phone. Best of all, there is no contract to sign-------so I’m not locked in for years at a time. The US-based customer service is second to none. And the phone gets service anywhere in the country. Monthly Minutes 50 100 Monthly Rate $14.99 $19.99 911 Access FREE FREE Long Distance Calls No additional charge No additional charge Friendly Return Policy 30 days 30 days Call now and receive a FREE gift when you order. Try Jitterbug for 30 days and if you don’t love it, just return it! Why wait , the Jitterbug comes ready to use right out of the box. If you aren’t as happy with it as I am, you can return it and get your money back. Call now, the Jitterbug product experts are ready to answer your questions. Call 1-888-809-8794 or visit www.Jitterbugdirect.com.
【題組】63. What made “I” finally think of getting a cell phone?
(A) .Being stuck by the highway.
(B) Being urged by his grandkids.
(C) Being persuaded by cell phone salespersons.
(D) Being attracted by the friendly return policy.

44.【題組】64. On the monthly basis of 100 minutes, the Jitterbug weekly rate is about______.
(A) $3.75
(B) $4.99
(C) $14.99
(D) $19.99

45.【題組】65. An advantage of Jitterbug mentioned in the passage is _______.
(A) its discount price with free gift
(B) its reasonable rate plans without a contract.
(C) its “global –positioning” system with 911 access.
(D) its good customer service all over the world

46.【題組】66.The main purpose of the passage is to ______.
(A) tell a customer’s story of Jitterbug
(B) provide two ways to order Jitterbug
(C) give a brief introduction of Jitterbug
(D) attract potential customers to Jitterbug

47. Do you know how it is when you see someone yawn and you start yawning too? Or how hard it is to be among people laughing and not laugh yourself? Well, apparently it’s because we have mirror neurons(神经元) in our brains. Put simply, the existence of mirror neurons suggests that every time we see someone else do something, our brains imitate(模仿) it, whether or not we actually perform the same action. This explains a great deal about how we learn to smile, talk, walk, dance or play sports. But the idea goes further: mirror neurons not only appear to explain physical actions, they also tell us that there is a biological basis for the way we understand other people. Mirror neurons can undoubtedly be found all over our brains, but especially in the areas which relate to our ability to use languages, and to understand how other people feel. Researchers have found that mirror neurons relate strongly to language. A group of researchers discovered that if they gave people sentences to listen to (for example:“The hand took hold of the ball”), the same mirror neurons were triggered as when the action was actually performed (in this example, actually taking hold of a ball). Any problems with mirror neurons may well result in problems with behavior. Much research suggests that people with social and behavioral problems have mirror neurons which are not fully functioning. However, it is not yet known exactly how these discoveries might help find treatments for social disorders. Research into mirror neurons seems to provide us with ever more information concerning how humans behave and interact(互动). Indeed, it may turn out to be the equivalent(相等物) for neuroscience of what Einstein’s theory of relativity was for physics.
【題組】67. And the next time you feel the urge to cough in the cinema when someone else does----well, perhaps you will understand why. Mirror neurons can explain .
(A) why we cry when we are hurt.
(B) why we cough when we suffer from a cold
(C) why we smile when we see someone else smile
(D) why we yawn when we see someone else stay up late

48.【題組】68. The underlined word “triggered”in the third paragraph probably means “ ”.
(A) set off
(B) cut off
(C) built up
(D) broken up

49.【題組】69. We can learn from the passage that mirror neurons .
(A) relate to human behavior and interaction
(B) control human physical actions and feelings
(C) result in bad behavior and social disorders
(D) determine our knowledge and language abilities

50.【題組】70. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) Ways to find mirror neurons
(B) Problems of mirror neurons
(C) Existence of mirror neurons
(D) Functions of mirror neurons

51.Holidays are really important. Many of us will have childhood memories of summer holidays where we were taken away from home to experience new environments and learn in different ways. But holidays are expensive and, for those on low wages or living on benefits, they are often unobtainable. Even the cheapest holidays require travel and other additional costs that are difficult for many families to meet. For working parents, the long summer break can be a very difficult problem for childcare. When an annual leave allowance amounts to only five weeks, there is a need to spread this across the year. Couples can find themselves taking leave in turn in order to care for children who are on holiday. For some, this makes even an affordable family holiday difficult. The schools that I visit in Nottingham are full of experienced staff committed to giving our children a caring and inspiring learning environment. The number of children receiving free school meals is quite large in Nottingham and many schools have breakfast clubs to make sure that children get a healthy start to the day. Most schools undertake programs of group or individual educational support. Schools also have an important role in safeguarding children’s welfare through the ongoing touch and support with their pupils. During the long summer holidays, much of this is missed While teachers are holidaying in the UK, many of their pupils spend the whole six weeks on the street where they live. The lack of free school meals for six weeks can result in pressure on a family budget and an inability to afford the inspiring experiences that help children to continue their learning. In setting out its plans for a five-term year, Nottingham City Council(委员会) is seeking to reduce the summer holiday down to four and a half weeks, with a more balanced five terms of roughly eight weeks, each followed by a two-week break. We believe this will give real “down time”for school staff and pupils alike but will be short enough not to cause a real break in learning. We acknowledge that this change may be difficult for some school staff. Particularly whose own children are educated in other authorities. However, this must be weighed against the benefits for city children for whom we all have the greatest duty of care.
【題組】71. The passage is probably written by .
(A) an experienced teacher
(B) a working parent
(C) an inspired student
(D) a city council member

52.【題組】72. The underlined word “they ” in the second paragraph refers to “ ”
(A) environments
(B) holidays
(C) wages
(D) benefits

53.【題組】73. It is suggested in the passage that the summer break be reduced to .
(A) 2 weeks
(B) 4.5 weeks
(C) 5 weeks
(D) 6 weeks

54.【題組】74.The plans for a shorter summer holiday will help students .
(A) obtain the cheapest holidays without additional costs
(B) get a chance to spend six weeks a term with teachers in school
(C) benefit more from the caring and inspiring learning environment
(D) have more school days to receive free school meals

55.【題組】75. It can be inferred from the passage that .
(A) working parents can enjoy a five-week break to care for their children
(B) the suggested plans for a five-term school year can hardly be carried out
(C) the long summer holiday gives teachers and students real “down time”
(D) some school staff will say “No” to the plans for a shorter summer holiday