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101 年 - 2012年辽宁高考真题(英语)#13571 

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1.21. I woke up with bad headache, yet by evening the pain had gone.
(A)the; the
(B) the; an
(C)a; the
(D) a; an

2.22. We used to see each other , but I haven’t head from him since last year.
(B) regularly
(D) approximately

3.23. — I’m terribly sorry to interrupt, but may I use your phone? It’s rather urgent. — Yes, .
(A)with pleasure
(B) no burry
(C)it doesn’t matter
(D) of course

4.24. One of our rules is that every student wear school uniform while at school.
(B) could
(D) will

5.25. The old couple often take a walk after supper in the park with their pet dog them.
(A)to follow
(B) following
(D) follows

6.26. Rod loves clocks. However, he never manages to put them together again.
(A)taking apart
(B) giving away
(C)making up
(D) turning off

7.27. The Well Hotel stands in a quiet place the main road at the far end of the lake.
(B) for
(D) out

8.28. If you’re buying today’s paper from the stand, could you get for me?
(B) such
(D) that

9.29. This machine is very easy . Anybody can learn to use it in a few minutes.
(B) to be operating
(D) to operate

10.30. Leave your key with your neighbor you lock yourself out one day.
(A)as long as
(B) even though
(C)in case
(D) as if

11.31. I feel so excited! At this time tomorrow morning I to Shanghai.
(A)will be flying
(B) will fly
(C)have been flying
(D) have flown

12.32. Not until he retired from teaching three years ago having a holiday abroad.
(A)he had considered
(B) had he considered
(C)he considered
(D) did he consider

13.33. Jack is a great talker. It’s high time that he something instead of just talking.
(A)will do
(B) has done

14.34. The newcomer went to the library the other day and scarched for he could find about Mark Twain.
(B) however

15.35. Mum, I was wondering if you could lend me a few dollars until I on Friday.
(A)get paid
(B) got paid
(C) have paid
(D)had been paid

16. When Glen Kruger picked a small cat from an animal shelter, he did not expect much. Yet right from the start, eight years ago, there was an uncommon connection between him and the small black cat. He 36 her Inky. “ I grew up on a hundred-acre farm and had only cats 37 playmatcs,”Kruger, The sevevty-year-old man,says. “My hearing was damaged by the 38 of farm epuipment , so I learned to connect with 39 . They react to what they see and what you do. ” Inky was a gentle cat, 40 the house with five other cats. But on a January night in 2009, Inky did 41 that would set her apart from 42 cats forever. Kruger had gone down to the basemeng to 43 the wood stove for the night. When he was finished, he 44 to the top of the stairs and reached to turn off the lights. In doing so , he slipped and 45 his back against an old shelf. The heavy shelf came crashing down and sent Kruger down the stairs. 46 in a pool of blood on the basement floor, Kruger felt 47 going into shock(休克). He shouted for help , 48 his wife, Brenda , was asleep in their bedroom at the opposite end of the house. 49 Kruger noticed Inky watching from the top of the stairs. “Go get Brenda, ” Krugger said to Inky. Inky 50 to the bedroom door and scratched 51 until Brenda opened it. Then Inky led her to the 52 Brenda found her husband 53 the stairs and called 911. Kruger was rushed to the hospital. “I spent six months 54 therd,” Says kruger . “Although I became lame , I was blessed. ” Sinec the acciedent, Inky has 55 Left Krhger’s side.
(B) chose

(B) as

(B) alarm
(C) noise

(B) friends

20.【題組】40. .
(B) visiting
(C) dividing

21.【題組】41. .
(B) nothing
(C) something

22.【題組】42. .
(B) lovely

23.【題組】43. .
(A)shut out
(B) shut off
(C) shut down
(D)shut up

24.【題組】44. .
(B) flew

25.【題組】45. .
(B) hit
(C) shook

26.【題組】46. .
(B) Lying

(B) itself
(C) him

(B) but
(C) or

(B) Otherwise
(C) Then

30.【題組】50. .
(B) ran

31.【題組】51. .
(B) ruddenly

32.【題組】52. .
(B) basement

(A)at the bottom of
(B) in the middle of
(C). at the top of
(D) in the front of

(B) resting

(B) ever

36. Mini Book Excerpts(节选) Biography When Salinger learned that a car park was to be built on the land,the middle-aged writer was shocked and quickly bought the netghboring area to protect it… The townspeople never forgot the rescue and came to help their most famous neighbor. J. D Sulinger:A Life by Kenneth Slawenski(Random House,$27)Mystery(疑案小说) “You’re a smart boy. Benny’s death was no accident, and you’re the only who saw it happen. Dyou think the murderer should get away with it ? ”The boy was starting stubbornly at his lap again. A thought suddenly occerred to Annika,“Did you …You recognized the man in the car,didn’t you?” The boy hesitated, twisting his fingers,“Maybe,”he said quitely. Red Wolf by Liza Marklund(Atria Books, $25. 99) Short Stories She wants to say to him what she has learmed,none of it in class. Some women are borm stupid,and some women are too smart for their own good. Some women are born to give ,and some women only know how to take. Some women learn who they want to be from their mothers,some who they don’t want to be. Some mothers suffer so their daughters won’t. Some mothers love so their daughters won’t. You Are Free by Danzy Senna (Riverhead Books,$15) Humor Dyour kids like to have fun? Come to Fun Times! Dyou like to watch your kids having fun? Bring them to Fun Times! Fun Times!’s “amusement cycling”is the most fun you can have,legally,in the United States right now. Why spend thousands of dollars flying to Disney World when you can speng less than half to that within a day’s drive lf most cities? Happy And Other Bad Thoughts by Larry Doyle(Ecco,$14. 99)
【題組】56. If the readers want to know about the lite of Salinger , they should buy the book published by .
(B) Atria Books
(C)Riverhead Books
(D)Random House

37.【題組】57. The book Hbppy And Other Bad Thoughts is intended for .
(A)young children
(B) Disney World workers
(C)middle school teachers
(D)parents with young children

38.【題組】58. Which book describes women with characters of their own?
(A)Happy And Other Bad Thoughts
(B) J. D Salinger:A Life
(C) You Are Free
(D) Red Wolf

39.【題組】59. After finishing the book Red Wolf, the readers would learn that .
(A)the boy helped arrest the murderer
(B) Benny died of an accident
(C) the murderer got away with the crime
(D)Ammika carried out the crime

40. B Astronauts on shorter shuttle missions(使命)often work very long days. Tasks are scheduled so tightly that break times are often used to finish the day’s work. This type of schedute is far too demanding for long missions on the Internaitional Space Sttation(ISS). ISS crewmembers usually live in space for at least a quarter of a year. They work five days on and two days off to mimic the normal way they do things on Earth as much as possible . Weekends give the crew valuable. Weekends give the crew valuable time to rest and do a few hours of housework. They can communicate with family and friends by email , isternet phone and throhgh Private video conferenes. While astronauts cannot go to a baseball game or a movie in orbit, there are many familiar activetics that they can stil enjoy . Before a mission. The family and friends of each ISS crewmember put together a collection of family photos, messages, videos and reading material for The astromauts to look at when they will be floating 370 kilometers above the Earth. During ther missiom, the crew also receives care packages with CDs, books, magazines, photos and letters . And as from early 2010, the internet became available on the ISS , giving astronaouts the chance to do some “web surfing (冲浪)”in their personal time. Besides relaxing with these more commom entertainments, astromauts can simply enjoy the experience of living in spaec. Many astronauts say that one of the most relaxing things to do in spaec is to look out the window and stare at the universe and the Earth’s vast land mass and oceans.
【題組】60.What does the word “minic”in Paragraph 1 probably mean?
(B) Copy
(C) Change

41.【題組】61. Which of the following best describes the families of the astromauts on the ISS ?
(A) The are caring and thoughtful
(B) The are impatient and annoyed
(C) The are impatient and ammoyed.
(D) The are excited and curious.

42.【題組】62. In the final paragraph, the author shows that astronauts .
(A)get more pleasure in space than on the Earth
(B) find living in space a bit boring and tiring
(C)regard space life as common
(D) love to see the Earth from space

43.【題組】63. The passage mainly discusses how astronauts .
(A)work for longer missions in space
(B) connect with people on the Earth
(C)observe the Earth from space
(D) spend their free time in space

44. C If Confucius(孔子)were still alive today and could celebrate his September 28 birthday with a big cake, there would be a lot of candles. IIe’d need a fan or a strong wind to help him put them out. While many people in China will remember Confucius on his special day, few people in the United States will give him a passing thought. It’s nothing personal. Most Americans don’t even remember the birthdays of their own national heroes. But this doesn’t mean that Americans don’t care about Confucius. In many ways he has become a bridge that foreigners must cross if they want to reach a deeper understanding of China. In the past two decades, the Chinese studies programs have gained huge popularity in Western universities. More recently, the Chinese government has set up Confucius Institutes in more than 80 countries. These schools teach both Chinese language and culture. The main courses of Chinese culture usually included Chinese art, history and philosophy(哲学). Some social scientists suggest that Westerners should take advantages of the ancient Chinese wisdom to make up for the drawbacks of Westerners philosophy. Students in the United States, at the same time, are racing to learn Chinese. So they will be ready for life in a world where China is an equal power with the United States. Businessmen who hope to make money in China are reading books about Confucius to understand their Chinese customers. So the old thinker’s ideas are still alive and well. Today China attracts the West more than ever, and it will need more teachers to introduce Confucius and Chinese culture to the West. As for the old thinker, he will not soon be forgotten by people in the West, even if his birthday is.
【題組】64.The opening paragraph is mainly intended to ________
(A)provide some key facts about Confucius
(B) attract the readers’ interest in the subject
(C) show great respect for the ancient thinker
(D) prove the popularity of modern birthday celebrations

45.【題組】65. We can learn from Paragraph 4 that American students______
(A) have a great interest in studying Chinese
(B) take an active part in Chinese competitions
(C) try to get high scores in Chinese exams
(D) fight for a chance to learn Chinese

46.【題組】66. What is the best title for the passge?
(A)Forgotten Wisdom in America
(B) Huge Fans of the Chinese Language
(C) Chinese Culture for Westerners
(D) Old Thinker with a Big Future

47.【題組】67. The passage is likely to appear in ___________.
(A) a biography
(B) a history paper
(C) a newspaper
(D) a philosophy textbook

48. D Inside the pleasingly fragrant cafe, So All May Eat(SAME) in downtown Denver ,the spirit of generosity(慷慨)is instantly noticeable :A donation box stands in place of a cash register. Customers here pay only what they can afford, no questions asked. A risky business plan, perhaps, but SAME Café has done one unchangeable thing in the Mile High City for six years: Open only at midday, the restaurant provides poor local can instead volunteer as waiters and waitresses, and dishwashers, or took after the buildings and equipment for the cafe. “It’s based on trust, and it’s working all right” , says co-owner Brad Birky , who started the café in 2006. With his wife Libby. Previously volunteering at soup kitchens, the Birkys were dissatisfied with the often unhealthy meals they served there. “We wanted to offer quality food in a restaurant where everyone felt comfortable ,regardless of their circumstances,” Birky says. SAME’s special lunch menu changes daily and most food materials are natural and grown by local farmers. The café now averages 65 to 70 customers (and eight volunteers) a day. And the spirit of generosity behind the project appears to be spreading. In early 2007,one volunteer who had cleared snow for his meals during the long winter said goodbye to the Birkys,” He said he was going to New Orleans to help with the hurricane clear up,” says Birky. 68.What can we learn about the soup kitchens the Birkys previously worked for?
【題組】68. What can we learn about the soup kitchens the Birkys prcviously worked for?
(A) They refused to have volunteers.
(B) They offered low quality food.
(C) They provided customers with a good environment.
(D) They closed down because of poor management.

49.【題組】69. According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE?
(A). The customers who cannot pay can word as volunteers in stead.
(B) More volunteers will go to new Orleans for the hurricane cleanup.
(C) Many new cafes will be opened to offer free lunches in the town.
(D) The lunch menu has remained the same since the café was started.

50.【題組】70. The author’s attitude towards running such a café is_______
(A) unfavorable
(B) approving
(C) doubtful
(D) cautious