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101 年 - 2012年重庆高考真题(英语)#13572 

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1.21. The film The artist enjoyed _______ great success and won five Oscars in_____ 84th Academy Awards.
(A)a; the
(B)a; /
(C)the; /
(D)the ; a

2.22. ——Would you please take s message for me when you see Mr Brown? ------_________
(A)Don’t worry
(B)Not really
(C)My pleasure
(D)Ball means

3.23.The early warning of floods, ______ over the radio and on TV, spread quick through the area.
(A)having broadcast
(D)to be broadcast

4.24. The old man spends one hour in walking every morning .This is ______ he keeps fit .

5.25.The government announced that six highways _______by the end of last year.
(B)had built
(C)have been built
(D)had been built

6.26. The teacher commanded that he ______out of the classroom.
(B)had gone

7.27. This is the website _______ I want to add to my favorites to help me learn haw to play the piano.

8.28. The little girl showed no anxiety in the competition. She seemed ______ for it pretty well.
(A)to prepare
(C)having prepared
(D)to have prepared

9.29. Your design about this new product , together with his , sounds perfect .But the manager won’t approve ______of them, for they are not realistic.

10.30._______ helping to deal with the problem, you’d just make it worse by shouting at the customer.
(A)Apart from
(B)far from
(C) Except
(D)Awell as

11.31. ---- What ‘s the matter ,Jim? You’ve been silent for a long time . ---- oh , I ______ at the scenery. It’s so nice in the country.
(A)was just looking
(B)just looked
(C)had just looked
(D)have just looked

12.32.Generally speaking, my grandmother is nice and kind, but she _______ be very stubborn at times.

13.33. I don’t think he could have been done so much homework last night, _______.
(A)do I
(B)could I
(C)has he
(D)did he

14.34. I ‘ll give you a reply ______ I’ve finished reading your report.

15.35. ----The film stars the famous actor who has just won an Oscar. -----__________I don’t care for Hollywood films.
(A)What for ?
(B)No doubt
(C)No wonder
(D)So what ?

16.Chuck was one of my students in my high school English class. He was a writer of great 36__. So, when he was accepted into the journalism program at the University of Missouri, I wasn’t37__ During his first year at college, Chuck would stop by the school a few times to keep me informed of his 38. We recalled that we had worked together several years before to 39 money for some sick African babies who were being cared for by a nurse friend of mine in Thailand, a place far away yet close to our 40__-. Chuck raised several thousand dollars. It was an activity that 41___ our common relationship into a friendship. In his second year at college, it was discovered that Chuck had lung cancer and had only a short while to 42__. I went to see him one day. Seeing me, he was filled with 43 ____and we talked and laughed for most of the afternoon. About six weeks later, Chuck died. It was a great 44___ for everyone, especially for his family. Chuck was 45____ and full of promise. More 46___, he was a good person, a just person. When I went to his funeral, his father told me that several weeks before, Chuck had asked him to 47 ___his possessions with him so that he might select a few things to be buried together with him . Chuck 48 ___six items, including an essay he had written He told me that Chuck liked the 49 ___I had written to him at the bottom of the last page. In that little note, I affirmed(证实) his talent as a 50.___ I was grateful for the 51___ gift Chuck gave me that day. His taking my note with him offered me a great opportunity to 52___ students’ lives. I felt a sense of purpose that was greater than ever. Whenever I 53____ my purpose in teaching, I think of Chuck, and I am reminded of it once again: 54___ have the power to affect hearts and 55 ___for a long time.











(A)go over
(B)take over
(C)give away
(D)threw away









36.A Because phones have caused many problems, many head teachers have ordered that pupils keep their phones switched off at school. Others have told pupils to leave them at home. However, Dr. Elizabeth Hartnell-Young at University of Nottingham believes it is time that phone bans were reassessed, because mobile phones can be a powerful learning aid, they said. "Athe start of the study, even pupils were often surprised at the thought that mobile phones could be used for learning," Dr. Hartnell-Young said. "After their hands-on experience, almost all pupils said they had enjoyed the project and felt more motivated. " Some teachers also had to reassess their views. "Using this technology gives them more freedom to express themselves without needing to be constantly supervised (管理). " one said. Other teachers found that pupils who lacked confidence gained most from the project. However, they recognized that greater use of mobile phones in schools could prove problematical. Increased temptation (诱惑) to steal phones was one worry. "I thought, well, four of these smartphones are going to end up on e-BAtomorrow," one teacher said. A few teachers remained concerned that phones could prove a distraction (分心) for some pupils. Allowing pupils to access school emails via mobiles would also bring risks it pass-words were shared, they said. Dr. Hartnell-Young says that the teachers' worries are understandable. "While the eventual aim should be to lift blanket bans on phones we do not recommend immediate, whole-school change," she said, "Instead we believe that teachers, students and the wider community should work together to develop policies that will enable this powerful new learning tool to be used safely. We hope that, in future, mobile phone use will be as natural as using any other technology in school. "
【題組】56. Which of the following is probably closest in meaning to the underlined word "problematical" in Paragraph 3?

37.【題組】57. Some teachers support the ban because they think greater use of mobile phones will bring some worries EXCEPT ________.
(A)it will cause pupils not to concentrate on1 their study
(B)some pupils will steal phones and sell it online
(C)it will cause pupils toack confidence
(D)sharing the passwords will bring some risks to the school

38.【題組】58. Dr. Hartnell-Young probably thinks ________.
(A)schools should make immediate changes to lift the ban
(B)it is not necessary for teachers to worry about the larger use of mobile phones in school
(C)it won't be natural for teachers to use phones in school
(D)work should be done together to ensure mobile phones come into class as a teaching aid

39.【題組】59. Which of the following can be the best title of this passage?
(A)Mobile Phones as a Teaching Aid
(B)Problems Caused by Mobile Phones
(C)The Future Mobile Phone in School
(D)The Mobile Phone Ban

40. B HOTEL INFORMATION Baymont Inn Ft. Lauderdale 3800 W.Commercial, Ft. Lauderdale.FL 33309 Lowest Prices 110% Guaranteed(保证). Room Information Rooms are equipped with Double, Queen , or King bed (s) , smoking or non-smoking based on location and availability. Provided in each spacious guest room is a hair dryer, coffee maker, iron, ironing board, 25’TV and guest voice mail. Check-in Time:7:00 P. M. Hotel Amenities:Air Conditioned, Free Parking, 24 Hour Front Desk, Pool, Television with Cable, Coffee Maker in Room, Hairdryers Available. Beach Plaza Hotel 625 N.Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Ft.Lauderdale, FL 33304 Room Information The oceanfront accommodations at Beach Plaza Hotel are some of the most affordable on Fort Lauderdale Beach.Each room features direct-dial telephone, cable television and daily maid service.The very affordable efficiency studios even include full kitchens! All rooms surround the private poolside garden courtyard. Check-in Time:7:05 P. M. Hotel Amenities:Air Conditioned, Coffee Maker in Room, 24 Hour Front Desk, Parking, Hairdryers Available, Pool, Television with Cable. Fort Lauderdale Plaza Hotel 3711 N.Ocean Blvd, Ft.Lauderdale, FL 33308 Room Information Guest rooms feature TVs, in-room movies, Internet access, in-room safes, alarm clock radios, hairdryers, refrigerators, microwaves, and balconies. Check-in Time:7:00 A.M. Hotel Amenities:Parking,Heated Pool, Television with Cable, and Coffee Maker in Room.
【題組】60.Which hotel gives a promise?
(A)Baymont Inn Ft . Lauderdale.
(B)Beach Plaza Hotel.
(C)Baymont Inn Hotel.
(D)Fort Lauderdale Plaza Hotel.

41.【題組】61.In which hotel parking is the cheapest?
(A)Baymont Inn Ft . Lauderdale.
(B)Beach Plaza Hotel.
(C)Baymont Inn Hotel.
(D)Fort Lauderdale Plaza Hotel.

42.【題組】62.If you ______ , you will probably go to Beach Plaza Hotel.
(A)enjoy seeing films without leaving your hotel room
(B)are fond of swimming in heated water
(C)want to eat food cooked by yourself in the hotel
(D)are a cigarette smoker

43.【題組】63.Which of the following is NOT true to the ads?
(A)All of the three hotels provide television with cable.
(B)You can keep your money in the room safe in Fort Lauderdale Plaza Hotel.
(C)In Beach Plaza Hotel a 24-hour maid is available.
(D)While staying in Fort Lauderdale Plaza Hotel, you can surf the Internet.

44. C London has already hosted the Olympics twice before and the 2012 Olympics will make it the first city in history to have held three Olympic games. The first London Olympics in 1908 These games were going to be held in Rome but, because of a volcano, Rome wasn't ready.London agreed to stage the games and the White City Olympic Stadium was built in just 10 months.What was new at these Olympics was the opening ceremony where athletes paraded(列队行进) with their teams behind their national flags.Only 22 countries took part and the profits were just over £21,000! The second London Olympics Because of the Second World War, the 1944 Olympics were cancelled.Four years later the war was over and London was able to hold the Games in 1948.Things were very different in London during these Olympic Games and many years of war had left the UK poor and hungry.People called them the "Austerity Games".But there were still some great sports and some exciting events!59 countries took part, more than at any other Olympics before and the USA won the most medals with 84.For the first time, cameras filmed the games and broadcast them on television so that people could watch them in their own homes. The third London Olympics in 2012 The Games this year are going to be bigger, better and more exciting than ever before. There will be more than 10,000 athletes from 204 countries taking part! London wants to make sure that the benefits of the Olympics don't just last for a few weeks in summer but go on much longer.The buildings have been designed and constructed so that they can be used for different things when the Games are over.
【題組】64.The text is mainly about _____.
(A)London will host the Olympics again
(B)London's Olympic history
(C)London's Olympics will last much longer
(D)London is ready for the Olympics

45.【題組】65.London hosted the Olympics in 1908 instead of Rome because _____.
(A)London could build a stadium in 10 months
(B)only 22 countries took part
(C)there was a volcano eruption in Rome
(D)London could make more profits than Rome

46.【題組】66.The second London Olympic Games were called the "Austerity Games" because _____.
(A)the UK were poor and hungry then
(B)there were some great sports
(C)the previous Olympic Games was cancelled
(D)about 59 countries took part

47.【題組】67.According to the text, we know that _____.
(A)the benefits of the Olympics used to last for months afterwards
(B)the 2nd London Olympics attracted more countries than any other Olympics
(C)the buildings for the 3rd London Olympics have more functions for future use
(D)the 2nd London Olympics were cancelled because of the Second World War

48. D There is a great idea that in an information and knowledge based economy, the most important thing for companies is attracting and holding outstanding talented guys.Obviously I will not say that is not important, but in my opinion a successful and groundbreaking company cannot be built just from the collection of high talented people, as a great sports team can't be constructed only by the collection of great players. It is more important to build teams of people that achieve the goals according to the company's organizational vision.It is necessary to create organizations where everybody (with outstanding talent or not) can develop their best personal capabilities and that these capacities are addressed to achieve the corporate goals and mission.The company efforts must be addressed to design an organizational system that produces and uses talent from everyone in the company. Trying to get the best from our people through corporate team building policies, establishing a concrete corporate culture and values, making our company a place where people want to work because it is a good place to stay and develop their capacities, is the best way to compete in the knowledge economy.That will keep us out of the obligation to constantly seek for the "best players" and entering in the retribution auctions(拍卖). We have to take into account that, nowadays, the real talented and creative people, like to work or engage themselves in projects where they can develop their capacities, they can be involved in the organizational goals and vision, and where they are treated with respect and dignity.Definitively, they want to be happy doing their jobs.And we have to build organizations where they can find that.
【題組】68.The underlined word that in Paragraph 1 refers to ________.
(A)information and knowledge
(B)the great idea
(C)the collection of talented people
(D)attracting and holding talented people

49.【題組】69.In the author’s opinion, a good company should consist of ________.
(A)only outstanding people
(B)both talented and common people
(C)only common people
(D)more talented people than common people

50.【題組】70.The most important thing a successful company should do is ________.
(A)constantly seek for talented people
(B)employ people with different abilities
(C)make the company a place where employees are glad to devote themselves to work
(D)make the company a place where employees can get the best pay and great respect

51.【題組】71.According to Paragraph 3, the company can get the best from its employees in the following ways EXCEPT ________.
(A)making corporate team building rules
(B)forming corporate culture and values
(C)encouraging them to develop their abilities
(D)competing in the knowledge economy

52. E Is this a car? Is it a smart phone? Is it a gaming machine? Yes to all three. TheToyota Fun-Vii is a pleasure palace on wheels. If Toyota has its way, paint jobs could become a thing of the past, because it has introduced an amazing car that can change its whole look in an instant. The Vii in Fun-Vii, which stands for “Vehicle, Interactive, Internet” It is a small three-seater car that looks like a smart phone, so it is called a smart phone on wheels.Inside and out, most aspects of the car can interact(互相作用) with the internet and be controlled by a smart phone.The magical car allows the owners to download pictures from their phones onto the outside, so that the look of the car could be changed instantly.The color inside could also be changed to reflect the owner's mood.Just as the company president Akio Toyoda said, "A car must appeal to our emotions.If it's not fun, it's not a car." Its outside and inside are not made of solid paint but touch screens that can display pictures and videos.A network update function downloads all the latest software to make sure the car is always up-to-date, and it can provide the latest entertainment as well as information about its surroundings to the driver.Ayou drive around, the thoughtful car allows you to communicate with your friends in the nearby cars.It also helps you find your way from one place to another. It's all because the car is networked with all the other cars on the road and drives itself. The smart car is a practical, family sized vehicle fuelled by hydrogen, and it is one of the futuristic concept cars under the theme of "fun to drive, again".It heralds (预示) a not-too-distant future where people, cars and society are linked.
【題組】72.According to the text, Toyota Fun-Vii is _____.
(A)a new concept car not powered by gas
(B)an amazing car without any pollution
(C)the latest software from network
(D)a gaming machine with high speed

53.【題組】73.The owners of the Fun-Vii can reflect their mood by _____.
(A)downloading images to change the outside
(B)interacting with computers while driving
(C)changing the color inside the car
(D)changing the speed of the car

54.【題組】74.What does Paragraph 4 mainly tell us?
(A)The ways of driving the Fun-vii.
(B)How can you find your way in the Fun-Vii.
(C)The unusual look of the Fun-Vii.
(D)The new functions of the Fun-Vii.

55.【題組】75.We can infer from the text that the Fun-Vii _____.
(A)will finally replace all the present cars
(B)will completely solve the problem of energy shortage
(C)will make car paint industry face a difficult situation
(D)will take the place of a smart phone