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92 年 - 2013年广东英语高考真题(A卷)#11896 

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1.21.Don’t be afraid of asking for help it is needed.

2.22.A cook will be immediately fired if he is found in the kitchen.
(C)to smoke

3.23.Allen had to call a taxi because the box was to carry all the way home.
(A)much too heavy
(B)too much heavy
(C)heavy too much
(D)too heavy much

4.24.—Sorry, Joe, I didn’t mean to… —Don’t call me “Joe”. I’m Mr Parker to you, and you forget it!

5.25.If anybody calls, tell them I’m out, and ask them to their name and address.

6.26.The sign reads “In case of fire, break the glass and push red button.”
(C)the; the

7.27.All morning as she waited for the medical report from the doctor, her nervouseness .
(A)has grown
(B)is growing
(D)had grown

8.28.A left luggage office is a place where bags be left for a short time, especially at a railway station.

9.29.We’re going to the bookstore in John’s car. You can come with us you can meet us there later.

10.30.Why don’t you put the meat in the fridge? It will fresh for several days.
(A)be stayed
(C)be staying
(D)have stayed

11.31.News reports say peace talks between the two countries with no agreement reached.
(A)have broken down
(B)have broken out
(C)have broken in
(D)have broken up

12.32.—There’s coffee and tea: you can have . —Thanks.

13.33.—Susan, go and join your sister cleaning the yard. —Why ? John is sitting there doing nothing.

14.34.The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once with each other.
(A)they had quarreled
(B)they have quarreled
(C)have they quarreled
(D)had they quarreled

15.35.—I think you should phone Jenny and say sorry to her. — .It was her fault.
(A)No way
(B)Not possible
(C)No chance
(D)Not at all

16.36. I played a racquetball game against my cousin Ed last week. It was one of the most 36 and tiring games I’ve ever had. When Ed first phoned and 37 we play, I laughed quietly, figuring on an 38 victory. After all, Ed’s idea of 39 has always been nothing more 40 than lifting a fork to his mouth. 41 I can remember, Ed’s been the least physically fit member in the family. and 42 proud of himself. His big stomach has always ballooned out between his T-shirt and trousers. Although the family often 43 about that. I’d refused to buy a 44 T-shirt or to lose weight. So when Ed 45 for our game not only with the bottom of his shirt gathered inside his trousers but also with a stomach you could hardly 46 . I was so surprised that I was 47 . My cousin must have made an effort to get himself into shape. 48 , at the point in our game when I’d have predicted(预计) the score to be about 9 to 1 in my favor, it was 49 7 to 9 — and Ed was 50 . The sudden realization was painful. We 51 to play like two mad men. When the score was 16 up. I was having serious 52 about staying alive until 21 years old. Let alone 53 that many points. When the game finally ended,both of us were lying flat on our backs, too tired to 54 . In a way, I think we both won: I the game, but cousin Ed my 55 .





(A)As soon as
(B)As long as




(A)set out
(B)got ready



(A)After all
(B)As a result
(C)Above all
(D)At last








36.56.Tristan da Cunha, a 38-square-mile island, is the farthest inhabited island in the world,according to the Guinness Book Records, It is 1,510 miles southwest of its nearest neighbor. St. Helena. And 1,950 miles west of Africa. Discovered by the Portuguese admiral(葡萄牙海军上将) of the same name in 1506. and settled in 1810, the island belongs to Great Britain and has a population of a few hundred. Coming in a close second- and often wrongly mentioned is the most distant and—is Easter Island, which lies 1,260 miles east of its nearest neighbor. Pitcairn Island, and 2,300 miles west of South America. The mountainous 64-square-mile island was settled around the 5th century, supposedly by people who were lost at sea. They had no connection with the outside world for more than a thousand years, giving them plenty of time to build more than 1,000 huge stone figures, called moat, for which the island is most famous. On Easter Sunday, 1722. however, settlers from Holland moved in and gave the island its name. Today, 2,000 people live on the Chilean territory(智力领土). They share one street, a small airport and a few hours of television per day. It can be learned from the text that the island of Tristan da Cunha .
(A)was named after its discoverer
(B)got its name from Holland settlers
(C)was named by the British government
(D)got its name from the Guinness Book of Records

37.57.Which of the following is most famons for moat?
(A)Tristan da Cunha.
(B)Pitcairn Island.
(C)Easter Island.
(D)St. Helena.

38.58.Which country does Easter Island belong to?

39.59.Reading to dogs is an unusual way to help children improve their literacy skills(读写能力), With their shining brown eyes, wagging tails, and unconditional love, dogs can provide the nonjudg-mental listeners needed for a beginning reader to gain confidence(自信心), according to Intermountain Therapv Animals (ITA) in Salt Lake City. The group says it is the first program in the country to use dogs to help develop literacy in children, with the introduction of Reading Education Assistance Dogs (READ). The Salt Lake City Public Library is sold on the idea. “Literacy specialists admit that children who read below the level of their fellow pupils are often afraid of reading aloud in a group, often have lower self-respect, and regard-reading as a headache.” said Lisa Myton, manager of the children’s department. Last November the two groups started “Dog Day Afternoon” in the children’s department of the main library. About 25 children attended each of the four Saturday-afternoon classes, reading for half an hour. Those who attended three of the four classes received a “pawgraphed” book at the last class. The program was so successful that the library plans to repeat it in April. According to Dana Thumpowsky, public relations manager. What is mainly discussed in the text?
(A)Children’s reading difficulties.
(B)Advantages of raising dogs.
(C)Service in a public library.
(D)A special reading program.

40.60.Specialists use dogs to listen to children reading because they think ________.
(A)dogs are young children’s best friends
(B)children can play with dogs while reading
(C)dogs can provide encouragement for shy children
(D)children and dogs understand each other

41.61.By saying “The Salt Lake City Public Library is sold on the idea,” the writer means the library ____________.
(A)uses dogs to attract children
(B)accepts the idea put forward by ITA
(C)has opened a children’s department
(D)has decided to train some dogs

42.62.A “pawgraphed” book is most probably _________.
(A)a book used in Saturday classes
(B)a book written by the children
(C)a prize for the children
(D)a gift from parents

43.63. Tales From Animal Hospital David Gram David Gram has become a familiar face to millions of fans of Animal Hospital. Here Dr Gram tells us the very best of his personal stories about the animals he has treated, including familiar patients such as the dogs Snowy and Duchess, the delightful cat Marigold Serendipity Diamond. He also takes the reader behind the scenes at Harmsworth Memorial Animal Hospital as he describes his day, from ordinary medical check-ups to surgery(外科手术). Tales From Animal Hospital will delight all fans of the programme and anyone who has a lively interest in their pet, whether it be cat, dog or snake! £14.99 Hardback 272pp Simon Schuster ISBN 0751304417 Lsaac Newton: The Last sorcerer Michael White From the author of Stephen Hawking: A Life in Science, comes this colourful description of the life of the world’s first modern scientist. Interesting yet based on fact. Michael White’s learned yet readable new book offers a true picture of Newton completely different from what people commonly know about him. Newton is shown as a gifted scientist with very human weaknesses who stood at the point in history where magic(魔术) ended and science began. £18.99 Hardback 320pp Fourth Estate ISBN 1857024168 Fermat’s Last Theorem Simon Singh In 1963 a schoolboy called. Andrew Wiles reading in his school library came across the world’s greatest mathematical problem: Fermat’s Last Theorem(定理). First put forward by the French mathematician Pierre de Fermat in the seventeenth century, the theorem had baffled and beaten the finest mathematical minds, including a French woman scientist who made a major advance in working out the problem, and who had to dress like a man in order to be able to study at the Ecole Polytechnique. Through unbelievable determination Andrew Wiles finally worked out the problem in 1995. An unusual story of human effort over three centuries, Fermat’s Last Theorem will delight specialists and general readers alike. £12.99 Hardback 384pp Fourth Estate ISBN 1857025210 What is Animal Hospital?
(A)A news story.
(B)A popular book.
(C)A research report.
(D)A TV programme.

44.64.In Michael White’s book, Newton is described as _________.
(A)a person who did not look the same as in many pictures
(B)a person who lived a colourful and meaningful life
(C)a great but not perfect man
(D)an old-time magician

45.65.Which of the following best explains the meaning of the word “baffle” as it is used in the text?
(A)To encourage people-to raise questions.
(B)To cause difficulty in understanding.
(C)To provide a person with an explanation.
(D)To limit people’s imagination.

46.66.The person who finally proved Fermat’s Last Theorem is _____________.
(A)Simon Singh
(B)Andrew Wiles
(C)Pierre de Fermat
(D)a French woman scientist

47.67.What is the purpose of writing these three texts?
(A)To make the books easier to read.
(B)To show the importance of science.
(C)To introduce new authors.
(D)To sell the books.

48.68.There is one foreign product the Japanese are buying faster than others and its popularity has caused an uneasy feeling among many Japanese. That product is foreign words. Gairaigo – words that come from outside-have been part of the Japanese language for centuries. Mostly borrowed from English and Chinese, these terms are often changed into forms no longer understood by native speakers. But in the last few years the trickle(涓涓细流) of foreign words has become a flood, and people fear the increasing use of foreign words is making it hard for the Japanese to understand each other and could lead to many people forgetting the good qualities of traditional(传统的) Japanese. “The popularity of foreign words is part of the Japanese interest in anything new.” says university lecturer and writer Takashi Saito. “By using a foreign word you can make a subject seem new, which makes it easier for the media(媒体) to pick up.” “Experts(专家) often study abroad and use English terms when they speak with people in their own fields. Those terms are then included in government white papers.” said Muturo Kai, president of the National Language Research Institute. “Foreign words find their way easily into announcements made to the general public, when they should really be explained in Japanese.” Against the flow of new words, many Japanese are turning back to the study of their own language. Saito’s Japanese to Be Read Aloud is one of many language books that are now flying off booksellers’ shelves. “We were expecting to sell the books to young people.” said the writer. “but it turns out they are more popular with the older generation, who seem uneasy about the future of Japanese.” What advantages do foreign words have over traditional Japanese terms.
(A)The ideas expressed in foreign words sound new.
(B)Foreign words are best suited for announcements.
(C)Foreign words make new subjects easier to understand.
(D)The use of foreign words makes the media more popular.

49.69.In the opinion of Takashi Saito. Japanese people ________________.
(A)are good at learning foreign languages
(B)are willing to learn about new things
(C)trust the media
(D)respect experts

50.70.Which of the following plays an important part in the spread of foreign words?
(A)The media and government papers.
(B)Best-selling Japanese textbooks.
(C)The interest of young Japanese.
(D)Foreign products and experts.

51.71.The book Japanese to Be Read Aloud __________.
(A)sells very well in Japan
(B)is supported by the government
(C)is questioned by the old generation
(D)causes misunderstanding among the readers

52.72.At one time, computers were expected largely to remove the need for paper copies of documents(文件) because they could be stored electronically. But for all the texts that are written, stored and sent electronically, a lot of them are still ending up on paper. It is difficult to measure the quantity of paper used as a result of use of Internet-connected computers, although just about anyone who works in an office can tell you that when e-mail is introduced, the printers start working overtime. “I feel in my bones this revolution is causing more trees to be cut down .” says Ted Smith of the Earth Village Organisation. Perhaps best sign of how computer and Internet use pushes up demand for paper comes from the high—tech industry itself ,which sees printing as one of its most promising new markets .Several Internet companies have been set up to help small businesses print quality documents from a computer .Earlier this week .Hewlett-Packard Co . announced a plan to develop new technologies that will enable people to print even more so they can get a hard copy of a business document , a medical record or just a one-line e-mail ,even if they are nowhere near a computer .As the company sees it , the more use of the Internet the greater demand for printers . Does all this mean environmental concerns (环境问题) have been forgotten? Some activists suggest people have been led to believe that a lot of dangers to the environment have gone away. “I guess people believe that the problem is taken care of ,because of recycling(回收利用),”said Kelly Quirke,director of the Rainforest Action Network in San Francisco. Yet Quirke is hopeful that high—tech may also prove helpful .He says printers that print on both sides are growing in popularity. The action group has also found acceptable paper made from materials other than wood ,such as agricultural waste. The growing demand for paper in recent years is largely due to .
(A)the rapid development of small businesses
(B)the opening up of new markets
(C)the printing of high quality copies
(D)the increased use of the Internet

53.73.Environmentalists believe one possible way of dealing with the paper situation is .
(A)to encourage printing more quality documents
(B)to develop new printers using recycled paper
(C)to find new materials for making paper
(D)to plant more fast growing trees

54.74.Hewlett-Packard Co. has decided to develop new technologies because .
(A)people are concerned about the environment
(B)printers in many offices are working overtime
(C)small companies need more hard copies
(D)they see a growing market for printers

55.75.What would be the best title for the text ?
(A)Computers and Printers
(B)E-mail and the Business World
(C)Internet Revolution and Environment
(D)Modern Technology and New Markets