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102 年 - 2013年广东英语高考真题#12507 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
Number sense is  not  the  ability  to  count. It is the ability to recognize a    1    in  number. Human beings are born with this  ability.  2  ,experiments show that many animals  are, too.For example, many birds have good  number sense. If a nest has four eggs and you  remove one,the bird will not   3  .However,if you remove two, the bird  4  leaves. This means that the bird knows the  5   between two and three.
    Another interesting experiment showed a bird's  6  number sense. A man was trying to take  a photo of a crow(乌鸦)that had a nest in a tower, but the crow always left when she saw him coming. The bird did not  7  until the man left the tower. The man had an  8  .He took another man with him to the tower. One man left and the other stayed, but they did not  9   the bird.The crow stayed away until the second man left, too. The experiment was   10  with three men and then with four men. But the crow did not return to the nest until all the men were  11 .It was not until five men went into the tower and only four left that they were  12  able to fool the crow.
    How good is a human's number sense? It's not very good. For example, babies about fourteen months old almost always notice if something is taken away from a   13   group.But when the number goes beyond three or four, the children are  14   fooled.
It seems that number sense is something we have in common with many animals in this world,and that our human  15  is not much better than a crow's.

(A). rise
(B). pattern
(C). change
(D). trend

(A). Importantly
(C). Disappointedly
(D). Fortunately

(C). hatch
(D). notice




(A). relax
(D). return

(A). appointment
(C). idea
(D). explanation

(A). fool
(B). hurt
(C). catch
(D). kill

(A). repo
(B). repeated
(C). designed
(D). approved

(A). confused
(B). gone
(C). tired
(D). drunk

(A). gradually
(B). luckily
(C). strangely
(D). finally

(A). single
(B). small
(C). local
(D). new

(A). seldom
(B). temporarily
(D). often

(A). sight
(B). nature
(C). ability
(D). belief

Imagination  and  fantasy  can  play  an important role in achiebving the things we fear.Children know this very well. Fred Epstein ,in his book If I Make It to Five,tells a story he heard from one of friends about Tom,a four-year-old boy with a cancer in his back bone.He came through several operations and a lot of pain by mastering his imagination.
Tom loved to pretend,and he particularly loved to play superheroes ,Dr Epstein expained that it was actually a brilliant way for his yound mind to handle the terrifying and painful life he led.
The day before his thire trip to the operating room,Tom was terrbly afraid.”Maybe I could go as Superman ,”he whispered to his mom.Hearing this, the moter hesitated for a while.She had avoided buying the expensive costume(戏装),不痛finally she agreed.
The next day Tom appeared as the powerful Superman,showing off through the hospital halls and coolly waving his hand to the people greeting him along the way.And Tom,with the strength of his fantasy,successfully made it through the operation.
The power of imagination need not be reserved for children only.we all hace the power to use our fantasies to attempt things we never thought  possible,to go through those things that seem impossible,and to achieve what we never believed we could,Just as Dr.Epstein puts it ,”If you can dream it,you can do it”
It doesn‘t mean that you should dress as a superhero for you next job interview.But,next time you are texted in a way that seems impossible, imagine what it woule take to overcome it .Become the person you need to become to win over your challenge and do it in your maind first.So,let your imagination run wild,and dare to dream.

【題組】26. What do we know about Tom?
(A)..He was seriously ill
(B).He was a dishonest boy.
(C).He was crazy about magic
(D).He was Dr.Epstein’s patient

17.【題組】27.What can be inferred about Tom’s mother?
(A)..She was a rich lady
(B).She refused Tom’s request
(C).She wanted Tom to be a superhero
(D).She wanted to get Tom through the pain

18.【題組】28.When Tom went for the third operation,he .
(A).pretended to be painful
(B).acted lide a superhero
(C).appeared in poor spirits
(D).argued with his mother

19.【題組】29.In the last paragraph,you are advised .
(A).to go through some difficult tests
(B).to wake up from your wild dreams
(C).to become a powerful person in your mind
(D).to wear expensive clothes for job interviews

20.【題組】30.What is the purpose of the passage?
(A).To tell us an interesting story.
(B).To help us make right decisions.
(C).To advise us to care about children.
(D).To encourage us to use our imagination.

Some people think that success is only for those with talent or those who grow up in the right family,and others believe that success mostly comes down to luck.I’m not going to say luck,talent,and circumstances don’t come into play because they do .some people are born into the right family while others are born with great intelligence,and that’sjust the reality of how life is .
However,to succeed in life,one first needs to set a goal and then gradually make it more practical.And,in addition to that,in order to ger really good at something,one needs to spend at least 10,000 hours studying and practicing.To become great at certain things,it’ll require even more time,time that most people won’t put in.
This is a big reason why many successful people advise you to do something you love. If you don’t enjoy what you do ,it is going fo feel like unbearable pain and will likely make you quit well before you ever become good ai it.
When you see people exhibiting some great skills or having achieved great success,you know that they have put in a huge part of their life to get there at a huge cost.It’s sometimes easy to think they got lucky or they were born with some rare talent,but thinking that way does you no good,and there’s a huge chance that you’re wrong anyway.
Whatever you do,if you want to become great at it, you need to work day in and day out,almost to the point of addiction,and over a long period of time.If you’re not willing to put in the time and work,don’t expect to receive any rewards.Consistent, hard work won’t guarantee you the level of success you may want, but it will guarantee that you will become really good at whatever it is you put all that work into.

【題組】31. Paragraph 1 mainly talks about ________.
(A).the reasons for success
(B).the meaning of success
(C).the standards of success
(D).the importance of success

22.【題組】32. In Paragraph 2,the underlined word that refers to ______.
(A).being good at something
(B).setting a practical goal
(C).putting in more time
(D).succeeding in life

23.【題組】33.Successful people suggest doing what one loves because ______.
(A).work makes one feel pain
(B).one tends to enjoy his work
(C).one gives up his work easily
(D).it takes a lot of time to succeed

24.【題組】34.What can we infer from Paragraph 4?
(A).Successful people like to show their great skills.
(B).People sometimes succeed without luck or talent.
(C).People need to achieve success at the cost of life.
(D).It helps to think that luck or talent leads to success.

25.【題組】35.What is the main theme of the passage?
(A).Having a goal is vital to success.
(B).Being good is different from being great.
(C).One cannot succeed without time and practice.
(D).Luck,talent and family help to achieve success.

One day, when I was working as a psychologist in England,an adolescent boy showed up in my office. It was David. He kept walking up and down restlessly, his face pale, and his hands shaking slightly. His head teacher had referred him to me.  "This boy has lost his family," he wrote.  "He is understandably very sad and refuses to talk to others, and I'm very worried about him. Can you help?”
I looked at David and showed him to a chair. How could I help him? There are problems psychology doesn’t have the answer to, and which no words can describe. Sometimes the best thing one can do is to listen openly and sympathetically
The first two times we met, David didn't say a word. He sat there, only looking up to look at the children's drawings on the wall behind me. I suggested we play a game of chess. He nodded. After that he played chess with me every Wednesday afternoon一in complete silence and without looking at me. It's not easy to cheat in chess, but I admit I made sure David won once or twice.
Usually, he arrived earlier than agreed. took the chess board and pieces from the shelf and began setting them up before I even got a chance to sit down. It seemed as if he enjoyed my company. But why did he never look at me?
"Perhaps he simply needs someone to share his pain with," I thought. "Perhaps he senses that I respect his suffering.”Some months later, when we were playing chess, he looked up at me suddenly.
"Ifs your turn," he said.
After that day, David started talking. He got friends in school and joined a bicycle club. He wrote to me a few times. about his biking with some friends, and about his plan to get into university. Now he had really started to live his own life.
Maybe I gave David something. But I also learned that one一without any words一can reach out to another person. All it takes is a hug, a shoulder to cry on, a friendly touch, and an ear that listens.

【題組】36. When he first met the author, David .
(A). felt a little excited
(B). walked energetically
(C). looked a little nervous
(D). showed up with his teacher

27.【題組】37. As a psychologist, the author .
(A). was ready to listen to David
(B). was skeptical about psychology
(C). was able to describe David's problem
(D). was sure of handling David's problem

28.【題組】38.David enjoyed being with the author because he________.
(A).wanted to ask the author for advice
(B).need to share sorrow with the author
(C).liked the children’s drawings in the office
(D).bear the author many times in the chess game

29.【題組】39.What can be inferred about David?
(A).He recovered after months of treatment.
(B).He liked biking before he lost his family.
(C).He went into university soon after starting to talk.
(D).He got friends in school before he met the author.

30.【題組】40.What made David change?
(A).His teacher’s help.
(B).The author’s friendship.
(C).His exchange of letters with the author.
(D).The author’s silent communication with him.

While  Jennifer  was at hose  taking  an  online  exam  for  her  business  law  class, a  monitor(监控器)a  few  hundred  miles  away  was  watching  her  every  move.
Using  a  web  camera  equipped  in  Jennifer’s  Los  Angeles  apartment , the  monitor  in  Phoenix  tracked  how  frequently  her  eyes  moved  form  the  computer  screen  and  listened  for  the  secret  sounds  of  a  possible  helper  in  the  room. Her  Internet  access  was  locked — remotely — to  prevent  Internet  searches , and  her  typing  style  was  analyzed  to  make  sure  she  was  who she said  she  was: Did  she  enter  her  student  number  at  the  same  speed  as  she  had  in  the  past? Or  was  she  slowing  down?
In  the  battle  against  cheating  , this  is  the  cutting  edge  and  a  key  to  encourage  honesty  in  the  booming  field  of  online  education. The  technology  gives  trust  to  the  entire  system, to  the  institution  and  to  online  education  in  general.  Only  with  solid  measures  against  cheating, experts  say, can  Internet  universities  show  that  their  exams  and  diplomas  are  valid — that  students  haven’t  just  searched  the  Internet  to  get  the  right  answers.
   Although online classes have existed for more than a decade ,the concern over cheating  has become sharper in the last year with the growth of "open online courses." Private colleges,public universities and corporations are jumping into the online education field . spending millions of dollars to attract potential students,while also taking steps to help guarantee  honesty at a distance.
Aside from the web camers, a number of other hight-tich methods are becoming increasingly  popular Among them are programs that check students’ identities using personal information,such as the telephone number they once used.
     Other programs can produce unique exam by drawing on a arge list of questions and can recognize possible cheaters by analyzing whether difficult test question are answered at the same speed as easy ones ,As in many university classes ,term papers are scanned aganinest some large Internet data banks for cheating.

【題組】41. Why was Jennifer watched in anonine exam ?
(A).To correct her typing mistakes.
(B).To find her secrets in the room.
(C)to prevent her form slowing down.
(D).To keep her from dishonest behaciors.

32.【題組】42. The underlined expression cutting edge in Paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ______.
(A).advanced teachique
(B).sharpening tool
(C).effective rule
(D).dividing line

33.【題組】43.For internet universities, exams and diplomas will be valid if _____.
(A).they can attract potential students
(B).they can defeat academic cheating
(C).they offer students online help
(D).they offer many online courses

34.【題組】44.Some programs can find out possible cheaters by _____.
(A).checking the question answering speed
(B).produucing a large number of question
(C).scanning the Internet test question
(D).giving difficult test question

35.【題組】45.Which of the following is the best title of this passage?
(A).The Advantages of Online Exams
(B).The High-tech Methods in Online Courses
(C).The Fight against Cheating in Online Education
(D).The War against the Booming of Online Education