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1.21. Happiness and success often come to those ________ are good at recognizing their own strengths.
(A) whom
(B) who
(C) what
(D) which

2.22. “What do you want to be?” asked Mrs.(
(C)awford. “Oh, I ________ president,” said the boy, with a smile.
(A) have been
(B) am
(C) was
(D) will be

3.23. You must learn to consult your feelings and your reason ________ you reach any decision.
(A) although
(B) before
(C) because
(D) unless

(A)ound two o’clock every night, Sue will start talking in her dream. It somewhat ________ us.
(A) bothers
(B) had bothered
(C) would bother
(D) bothered

5.25. The sun began to rise in the sky, ________ the mountain in golden light.
(A) bathed
(B) bathing
(C) to have bathed
(D) have bathed

6.26. If nothing ________, the oceans will turn into fish deserts.
(A) does
(B) had been done
(C) will do
(D) is done

7.27. — Have you heard about the recent election? — Sure, it ________ the only thing on the news for the last three days.
(A) would be
(B) is
(C) has been
(D) will be

(D) not let any failures discourage you, for you can never tell ________ close you may be to victory.
(A) how
(B) that
(C) which
(D) where

9.29. You cannot accept an opinion ________ to you unless it is based on facts.
(A) offering
(B) to offer
(C) having offered
(D) offered

(E)ery day ________ a proverb aloud several times until you have it memorized.
(A) read
(B) reading
(C) to read
(D) reads

11.31. ________ warm at night, I would fill the woodstove, then set my alarm clock for midnight so I could refill it.
(A) Staying
(B) Stayed
(C) To stay
(D) Stay

12.32. He ________ sleep, although he tried to, when he got on such a hunt for an idea until he had caught it.
(A) wouldn’t
(B) shouldn’t
(C) couldn’t
(D) mustn’t

13.33. The university estimates that living expenses for international students ________ around $8,450 a year, which ________ a burden for some of them.
(A) are;is
(B) are;are
(C) is;are
(D) is;is

14.34. — I don’t understand why you didn’t go to the lecture yesterday afternoon. — had done
(B) was doing
(C) would do
(D) am doing

15.35. Not once ________ to Michael that he could one day become a top student in his class.
(A) occurred it
(B) it did occur
(C) it occurred
(D) did it occur

16.When I was 8 years old, I once decided to run away from home. With my suitcase 36 and some sandwiches in a bag, I started for the front door and said to Mom, “I’m leaving.” “If you want to 37 , that’s all right,” she said. “
(B)t you came into this home without anything and you can leave the same way.” I 38 my suitcase and sandwiches on the floor heavily and started for the door again. “Wait a minute,” Mom said. “I want your 39 back. You didn’t wear anything when you arrived.” This really angered me. I tore my clothes off—shoes, socks, underwear and all—and 40 , “
(C)n I go now?” “Yes,” Mom answered, “but once you close that door, don’t expect to come back.” I was so 41 that I slammed (砰地关上) the door and stepped out on the front porch. 42 I realized that I was outside, with nothing on. Then I noticed that down the street, two neighbor girls were walking toward our house. I ran to 43 behind a big tree in our yard at once.
(A)ter a while, I was 44 the girls had passed by. I dashed to the front door and banged on it loudly. “Who’s there?” I heard. “It’s(
(B)lly! Let me in!” The voice behind the 45 answered, “
(B)lly doesn’t live here anymore. He ran away from home.” Glancing behind me to see if anyone else was coming, I begged, “Aw, c’mon, Mom! I’m 46 your son. Let me in!” The door inched open and Mom’s smiling face appeared. “
(D)d you change your 47 about running away?” she asked.“What’s for supper?” I answered.

【題組】36. A. packed
(B) returned
(C) cleaned
(D) repaired

(A) drop out
(B) go by
(C) move around
(D) run away

(A) pressed
(B) shook
(C) threw
(D) pulled

(A) bag
(B) clothes
(C) sandwiches
(D) suitcase

(A) explained
(B) suggested
(C) continued
(D) shouted

(A) angry
(B) sorry
(C) frightened
(D) ashamed

(B) Naturally
(C) Suddenly
(D) Possibly

(A) play
(B) bide
(C) rest
(D) wave

(A) sure
(B) proud
(C) eager
(D) curious

(A) house
(B) tree
(C) door
(D) yard

(A) also
(B) still
(C) even
(D) already

(A) conclusion
(B) promise
(C) concern
(D) decision

28.Planning a visit to the UK? Here we help with ways to cut your costs. AVOIDBGEENTS Bg sporting events, concerts and exhibitions can increase the cost of accommodation and make it harder to find a room.Astandard double room at the ThistleBighton on the final Friday of the BightonCmedy Festival (19 Oct.) cost £169.15 at Boking.com.A week later, the same room cost £118.15. If you can be flexible and want to know dates to avoid—or you’re looking for a big event to pass your time—check out sites such as Whatsonwhen.com, which allow you to search for events in the UK by city, date and category. STAYAWAY FROM THE STATION If traveling to your destination by train, you may want to find a good base close to the station, but you could end up paying more for the sake of convenience at the start of your holiday. Dn’t be too choosy about the part of town you stay in.Boking two months in advance, the cheapest room at Travelodge’s CntraleEston hotel in London for Saturday 22 September was £95.95.A room just a tube journey away at itsCvent Garden hotel was £75.75.Ad at Farringdon, a double room cost just £62.95. LOOK A TER YOURSELF Really central hotels in cities such as London,Einburgh and Crdiff can cost a fortune, especially at weekends and during big events.A an alternative consider checking into a self-catering flat with its own kitchen. Often these flats are hidden away on the top floors of city centre buildings.A great example is the historic O’Neill Flat onEinburgh’s Royal Mile, available for £420 for five days in late September, with room for four adults. GET ONABKE London’s ‘Bris bikes’ have attracted the most attention, but other cities also have similar programmes that let you rent a bicycle and explore at your own pace, saving you on public transport or car parking costs. Among the smaller cities with their own programmes are Newcastle (casual members pay around £1.50 for two hours) and Crdiff free for up to 30 minutes, or £5 per day. (358 words)
【題組】56.The BightonCmedy Festival is mentioned mainly to show big events may __________.
(A) help travelers pass time
(B) attract lots of travelers to the UK
(C) allow travelers to make flexible plans
(D) cause travelers to pay more for accommodation

29.【題組】57. “Farringdon” in Paragraph 5 is most probably __________.
(A) a hotel away from the train station
(B) the tube line to Cvent Garden
(C) an ideal holiday destination
(D) the name of a travel agency

30.【題組】58. The passage shows that the O’Neill Flat __________.
(A) lies on the ground floor
(B) is located in central London
(C) provides cooking facilities for tourists
(D) costs over £100 on average per day in late September

31.【題組】59.Crdiff’s program allows a free bike for a maximum period of __________.
(A) half an hour
(B) one hour
(C) one hour and a half
(D) two hours

32.【題組】60. The main purpose of the passage is __________.
(A) to tell visitors how to book in advance
(B) to supply visitors with hotel information
(C) to show visitors the importance of self-help
(D) to offer visitors some money-saving tips

33.In my living room, there is a plaque (匾) that advises me to “
(B)oom (开花) where you are planted.” It reminds me of(
(D)rothy. I got to know(
(D)rothy in the early 1980s, when I was teaching
(D)velopment through a program with Union(
(C)llege in(
(B)rbourville, Kentucky. The job responsibilities required occasional visits to the classroom of each teacher in the program.(
(D)rothy stands out in my memory as one who “bloomed” in her remote area.
(D)rothy taught in a school In Harlan(
(C)unty, Kentucky,
(A)palachian Mountain area. To get to her school from the town of Harlan, I followed a road winding around the mountain. In the eight-mile journey, I crossed the same railroad track five times, giving the possibility of getting caught by the same train five times. Rather than feeling excited by this drive through the mountains, I found it depressing. The poverty level was shocking and the small shabby houses gave me the greatest feeling of hopelessness. From the moment of my arrival at the little school, all gloom (忧郁) disappeared. Upon arriving at(
(D)rothy’s classroom. I was greeted with smiling faces and treated like a queen. The children had been prepared to show me their latest projects.(
(D)rothy told me with a big smile that they were serving poke greens salad and cornbread for “dinner” (lunch). In case you don’t know, poke greens are a weed-type plant that grows wild, especially on poor ground.
(D)rothy never ran out of reports of exciting activities of her students. Her enthusiasm never cooled down. When it came time to sit for the testing and interviewing required to receive her(
(D)rothy was ready. She came to the assessment and passed in all areas.
(A)terward, she invited me to the one-and-only steak house in the area to celebrate her victory, as if she had received her Ph.(
(D) degree.
(A)ter the meal, she placed a little box containing an old pen in my hand. She said it was a family heirloom (传家宝), but to me it is a treasured symbol of appreciation and pride that cannot be matched with things. (360 words)

【題組】61. “EarlyCildhoodDvelopment” in Paragraph 1 refers to __________.
(A) a program directed by Drothy
(B) a course given by the author
(C) an activity held by the students
(D) an organization sponsored by Union college

34.【題組】62. In the journey, the author was most disappointed at seeing __________.
(A) the long track
(B) the poor houses
(C) the same train
(D) the winding road

35.【題組】63. Upon arriving at the classroom, the author was cheered up by __________.
(A) a warm welcome
(B) the sight of poke greens
(C)Drothy’s latest projects
(D) a big dinner made for her

36.【題組】64. What can we know about Drothy from the last paragraph?
(A) She was invited to a celebration at a restaurant.
(B) She got a pen as a gift from the author.
(C) She passed the required assessment.
(D) She received her PhD degree.

37.【題組】65. What does the author mainly intend to tell us?
(A) Whatever you do, you must do it carefully.
(B) Whoever you are, you deserve equal treatment.
(C) However poor you are, you have the right to education,
(D) Wherever you are, you can accomplish your achievement.

38.It’s such a happy-looking library, painted yellow, decorated with palm-tree stickers and sheltered from the Florida sun by its own roof.
(A)out the size of a microwave oven, it’s pedestrian-friendly, too, waiting for book lovers next to a sidewalk in Palm(
(B)ach country
(E)tates, along the northern boundary of Palm(
(B)ach Gardens. It’s a library built with love. A year ago, shortly after Janey Henriksen saw a(
(B)ian Williams report about the Little Free Library organization, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that aims to promote literacy and build a sense of community in a neighborhood by making books freely available, she announced to her family of four, “That’s what we’re going to do for our spring break!” Son
(A)stin, now a 10th-grader, didn’t see the point of building a library that resembles a mailbox.(
(B)t Janey insisted, and husband Peter unwillingly got to work. The 51-year-old owner of a ship supply company modified a small wooden house that he’d built years earlier for daughter
(A)bie’s toy horses, and made a door of glass. After adding the library’s final touches (装点), the family hung a signboard on the front, instructing users to “take a book, return a book,” and making the Henriksen library, now one of several hundred like it nationwide and among more than 2,500 in the world, the only Little Free Library in Palm(
(C)unty. They stocked it with 20 or so books they’d already read, a mix of science fiction, reference titles, novels and kids’ favorites. “I told them, keep in mind that you might not see it again,” said Janey, a stay-at-home mom. Since then, the collection keeps replenishing (补充) itself, thanks to ongoing donations from borrowers. The library now gets an average of five visits a day. The project’s best payoff, says Peter, are the thank-you notes left behind. “We had no idea in the beginning that it would be so popular.” (317 words)

【題組】66.In what way is the library “pedestrian-friendly”?
(A) It owns a yellow roof.
(B) It stands near a sidewalk.
(C) It protects book lovers from the sun.
(D) It uses palm-tree stickers as decorations.

39.【題組】67. Janey got the idea to build a library from __________.
(A) a visit to Bian Williams
(B) a spring break with her family
(C) a book sent by one of her neighbors
(D) a report on a Wisconsin-based organization

40.【題組】68. The library was built __________.
(A) by a ship supply company
(B) on the basis of toy horses
(C) like a mailbox
(D) with glass

41.【題組】69. What can we infer about the signboard?
(A) It was made by a user of the library.
(B) It marked a final touch to the library.
(C) It aimed at making the library last long.
(D) It indicated the library was a family property.

42.【題組】70. The passage tells us that the users __________.
(A) donate books to the library
(B) get paid to collect books for the library
(C) receive thank-you notes for using the library (
(D) visit the library over 5 times on average daily