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102 年 - 2013年福建高考真题(英语)#13707 

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1.21. The "Chinese Dream" is ____ dream to improve people's well-being and ____ dream of harmony, peace and development.
(A)the; a
(B)a; a
(C)a; the
(D)the; the

2.22. _____ basic first-aid techniques will help you respond quickly to emergencies.
(B)Having known
(D)Being known

3.23. The famous musician, as well as his students, ____ to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Taipei Flower Expo.
(A)were invited
(B)was invited
(C)have been invited
(D)has been invited

4.24. Michelle found a job as a high school teacher which _____ spending quite a lot of time with students.

5.25. The Forbidden City attracts a _____ stream of visitors every day, especially during national holidays.

6.26. The girl has a great interest in sport and ____ badminton classes twice a week over the last three years.
(B)is taking
(D)has been taking

7.27. The book tells stories of the earthquake through the eyes of those ____ lives were affected.

8.28. Old-fashioned phones matter when wireless networks _____in disasters.
(A)turn down
(B)turn out
(C)break down
(D)break out

9.29. Mrs. Smith finds it hard to clear up the mess, as her children are always ____ whenever she tries to.
(A)in the way
(B)on watch
(C)in sight
(D)on the line

10.30. —Do you think George has passed the driving test? —No. If so, he _____his car to our college yesterday.
(A)would drive
(C)would have driven
(D)had driven

11.31. Those poor and needy teenagers were excited to find a shop at the corner where they could buy ____ priced bikes.

12.32. Anyone, once ____ positive for H7N9 flu virus, will receive free medical treatment from our government.
(A)to be tested
(B)being tested
(D)to test

13.33. —Would you mind answering some questions on shopping habits? — ________.
(A)Yes, with great pleasure
(B)No, I am afraid I can't make it
(C)Yes, it is worth the time
(D)No, as long as it doesn't take long

14.34. Not until he went through real hardship _____the love we have for our families is important.
(A)had he realized
(B)did he realize
(C)he realized
(D)he had realized

15.35. A society cannot be successful if it throws tradition away, but it cannot be successful ____if we do something to stop progress.

16.We have been driving in fog all morning, but the fog is lifting now. The little seaside villages are 36 , one by one. "There is my grandmother's house," I say, 37 across the bay to a shabby old house. I am in Nova Scotia on a pilgrimage (朝圣) with Lise, my granddaughter, seeking roots for her, retracing (追溯) 38 memory for me. Lise was one of the mobile children, 39 from house to house in childhood She longs for a sense of 40 , and so we have come to Nova Scotia where my husband and I were born and where our ancestors 41 for 200 years. We soon 42 by the house and I tell her what it was like here, the memories 43 back, swift as the tide (潮水). Suddenly, I long to walk again in the 44 where I was once so gloriously a child It still 45 a member of the family, but has not been lived in for a while. We cannot go into the house, but I can still walk 46 the rooms in memory. Here, my mother 47 in her bedroom window and wrote in her diary. I can still see the enthusiastic family 48 into and out of the house. I could never have enough of being 49 them. However, that was long after those childhood days. Lise 50 attentively as I talk and then says, " So this is where I 51 ; where I belong. " She has 52 her roots. To know where I come from is one of the great longings of the human 53 To be rooted is "to have an origin". We need 54 origin. Looking backward, we discover what is unique in us; learn the 55 of "I". We must all go home again—in reality or memory.






(A)catch up
(B)pull up
(C)step down
(D)come down



(A)adapts to
(B)appeals to
(C)belongs to
(D)occurs to











36.When I was 12, all I wanted was a signet (图章) ring. They were the "in" thing and it seemed every girl except me had one. On my 13th birthday, my Mum gave me a signet ring with my initials(姓名首字母) carved into it. I was in heaven. What made it even more special was that it was about the only thing that wasn't being "replaced". We'd been burnt out in fires that swept through our area earlier that year and had lost everything—so most of the " new" stuff (东西) we got was really just to replace what we'd lost. But not my ring. My ring was new. Then, only one month later, I lost it. I took it off before bed and it was missing in the morning. I was sad and searched everywhere for it. But it seemed to have disappeared Eventually, I gave up and stopped looking for it. And two years later, we sold the house and moved away. Years passed, and a couple of moves later, I was visiting my parents' when Mum told me that she had something for me. It wasn't my birthday, nor was it Easter or Christmas or any other gift-giving occasion. Mum noticed my questioning look. " You'll recognize this one," she said, smiling. Then she handed me a small ring box. I took it from her and opened it to find my beautiful signet ring inside. The family who had bought our house 13 years earlier had recently decided to do some redecorations, which included replacing the carpets. When they pulled the carpet up in my old bedroom, they found the ring. As it had my initials carved into it, they realized who owned the ring. They'd had it professionally cleaned up by a jeweler before sending it to my mother. And it still fits me.
【題組】56. The underlined word "in" in the first paragraph probably means "_____".

37.【題組】57. When she got the ring back, the writer was about _____.
(A)13 years old
(B)15 years old
(C)26 years old
(D)28 years old

38.【題組】58. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
(A) The writer's family moved several times.
(B) The writer never stopped looking for her ring.
(C) The writer's ring was cleaned up by the new house owner.
(D) The writer lost her ring in the morning when she took it off.

39.【題組】59. What would be the best title for the passage?
(A)My New Ring
(B)Lost and Found
(C)Lost and Replaced
(D)An Expensive Ring

40.Your glasses may someday replace your smartphone, and some New Yorkers are ready for the switch. Some in the city can't wait to try them on and use the maps and GPS that the futuristic eyewear is likely to include. ks5u " I'd use it if I were hanging out with friends at 3
(A)m. and going to the bar and wanted to see what was open," said Walter Choo, 40, of Fort Greene. The smartphone-like glasses will likely come out this year and cost between $250 and $600, the Times said, possibly including a variation of augmented(增强的) reality, a technology already available on smartphones and tablets (平板电脑) that overlays information onto the screen about one's surroundings. So, for example, if you were walking down a street, indicators would pop up showing you the nearest coffee shop or directions could be plotted out and come into view right on the sidewalk in front of you. " As far as a mainstream consumer product, this just isn't something anybody needs," said Sam Biddle, who writes for Gizmodo.com. " We're accustomed to having one thing in our pocket to do all these things," he added, "and the average consumer isn't gonna be able to afford another device (装置) that's hundreds and hundreds of dollars. "9to5Google publisher Seth Weintraub, who has been reporting on the smartphone-like glasses since late last year, said he is confident that this type of wearable device will eventually be as common as smartphones. "It's just like smartphones 10 years ago," Weintraub said "A few people started getting emails on their phones, and people thought that was crazy. Same kind of thing. We see people bending their heads to look at their smartphones, and it's unnatural," he said" There's gonna be improvements to that, and this a step there. "

【題組】60. One of the possible functions of the smartphone-like glasses is to ____.
(A) program the opening hours of a bar
(B) supply you with a picture of the future
(C) provide information about your surroundings
(D) update the maps and GPS in your smartphones

41.【題組】61. The underlined phrase "pop up" in the third paragraph probably means " ____".
(A)develop rapidly
(B)get round quickly
(C)appear immediately
(D)go over automatically

42.【題組】62. According to Sam Biddle, the smartphone-like glasses are ____.
(A)necessary for teenagers
(B)attractive to New Yorkers
(C)available to people worldwide
(D)expensive for average consumers

43.【題組】63. We can learn from the last two paragraphs that the smartphone-like glasses ____.
(A)may have a potential market
(B)are as common as smartphones
(C)are popular among young adults
(D)will be improved by a new technology

44.This is What a REAL Silver Dollar Looks Like If you trust in the yen, the euro, and the dollar... stop reading. Because this is a story about the silver coin EVERYBODY wants. You read the headlines. You know that troubled economic times have put global currency on a rollercoaster ( ride. But millions have found a smarter way to build long-term value with high-grade collectable silver. And right now, those people are lining up to secure some of the last 2012 U. S. Mint Silver Eagles, America's Newest Silver Eagle Dollars. Today, you can graduate to the front of that line. Buy now and you can own these brilliant uncirculated Silver Dollars for only $38.95! You Can't Afford to Lose Why are we releasing (发行) this silver dollar for such a remarkable price? Because we want to introduce you to what hundreds of thousands of smart collectors and satisfied customers have known since 1984—New York Mint is the place to find the world's finest high-grade coins. That's why we're offering you this Brilliant Uncirculated 2012 U. S. Silver Eagle for as little as $37.45 (plUS s/h). Timing is Everything Our advice? Keep this to yourself. Because the more people who know about this offer, the worse it is for you. Demand for Silver Eagles in 2011 broke records. Experts predict that 2012 Silver Eagles may break them all over again. Due to rapid changes in the price of silver, prices may be higher or lower and are subject to(受...影响) change without notice. Supplies are limite
(D)Call immediately to add these Silver Eagles to your holdings before it's too late. Offer Limited to 40 per household 2012 American Silver Eagle Coin Your cost 1-4 Coins $38.95 each + s/h 5-9 Coins $38.45 each + s/h 10-19 Coins $37. 95 each + s/h 20-40 Coins $37.45 each + s/h Note: $10 s/h (shipping and handling) for each purchase For fastest service, call toll-free 24 hours a day 1-888-201-7143 Offer Code (代码) ASE177-04 Please mention this code when you call. New York Mint 14101 Southcross Drive W.,Dept. ASE177-04 Burnsville, Minnesota 55337 www. NewYorkMint. com

【題組】64. What is stressed in the ad?
(A)The coin is of high quality and worth collecting.
(B)The coin can be circulated as a currency.
(C)Limited supplies guarantee a stable price of the coin.
(D)Demand for the coin is bound to break records.

45.【題組】65. If you buy six 2012 U. S. Mint Silver Eagles by post, you should pay at least ____.

46.【題組】66. The ad strongly encourages people to purchase the silver coins by ____.
(A)shopping online
(B)making a phone call
(C)lining up in front of the stores
(D)writing to the company

47.Pride and Prejudice for the Modern Woman Let us imagine how Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen's most famous work, might be updated, 200 years on. Austen's popularity is rooted in her intelligence. But today she would certainly have had a very different life, as would her characters. Here's my own suggestion. . . It is a truth finally and universally acknowledged that a single woman with brains deserves to have equal opportunities to men, however disadvantaged she may feel by sexism. " My dear husband," said his hopeful wife one day, " have you heard that the local store, standing empty for so long, is taken over by a bright young businesswoman?" Her dull and indifferent (漠不关心的) husband replied that he had not. "But it is, it is," she replied excitedly. Mr Dull-Husband made no reply. "Don't you want to know her plans?" she cried with some impatience. "Well, clearly you think it matters to your silly little head.. so I'd better listen. " "Well, my dear, the rumour (传言) is that she has already set up a string of successful businesses in northern England, though how a woman can know anything about that is beyond me. She will move in herself next month. " "What is her name?" "Bingley. " ks5u "Is she married or single?" ks5u "What a question! And none of your business. But her coming will be a fine thing for our five boys. " "How so? How can it possibly affect them? " "My dear love; those lazy boys need something to wake them up. There are bound to be jobs going. " " Is that her point in settling here? Surely as a woman she has simply taken a fancy to the place. " " Nonsense, my love, how little you've noticed the world has changed She's got a first-rate degree and some sort of business qualification, I'm tol
(D)She surely needs one of our boys! Perhaps you might give her a call. " " Me? No. Perhaps you can take an interest. You still have your looks, after all. She may even offer you a job" "Oh, that's not likely. These new chances belong to the younger generation. But now you mention it, I think I'll go along all the same. " And Mrs Bennet went along. That was 10 years ago. She is now managing director of a FTSE-listed company. ... It would remain the case, of course, that Mrs Bennet would be one of very few women on the company board, that her salary would be lower than her male colleagues, her bonus of a more "female" dimension and her lifespan (年限) among the city's business leaders shorter than theirs. Still, she'd no doubt have enjoyed Davos—and might even have hobnobbed (攀谈) with influential figures.

【題組】67. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
(A) Austen was born 200 years ago.
(B) Austen rewrote Pride and Prejudice.
(C) Austen's success lies in her wisdom.
(D) Austen's updated work gains popularity.

48.【題組】68. The underlined part in the passage suggests that Mrs Bennet ____.
(A) had mixed feelings of admiration and surprise about Bingley
(B) felt kind of worried and doubtful about Bingley
(C) was extremely anxious to meet Bingley
(D) had a great curiosity about Bingley

49.【題組】69. In the eyes of Mrs Bennet, Bingley surely needed one of their boys to ____.
(A)get married to
(B)work for her
(C)help her move in
(D)take over her store

50.【題組】70. What does the writer intend to tell us?
(A) Women with brains can also be as successful as men.
(B) Women have to pay a high price for success.
(C) A judgment must be made free from prejudice.
(D) Sex discrimination still exists nowadays.

51.A MENTORING (导师制) program is giving life changing opportunities to Banbury youth. Young Inspirations was founded two years ago to provide mentoring sessions for students and unemployed young adults aged 11 to 21. Alex Goldberg, the program's founder, said; "We set up Young Inspirations because we wanted to give young people experiences which will potentially be life changing and broaden their outlook. "We try to create work experience opportunities that will really make a difference to our youth. For example, we've secured internships (实习) with world-famous firms such as Honda. "At a time of funding cutbacks where schools are finding it more and more difficult to offer this kind of mentoring, it is extremely important that these opportunities are available both to help youth with their school work and grades and to give them opportunities which may help shape their futures. " Kieran Hepburn, 14, is one of a group of Banbury youth who has benefited from the program so far. In October the Banbury School pupil was accompanied by Young Inspirations staff to Paris where he was an observer at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) International Youth Forum (论坛). The event was held for young people from around the world, to seek their views on how the future of youth and education should look. Kieran joined several hundred observers mostly in their 20s and was the only UK school pupil to attend the event. Kieran thinks the trip was a life changing experience. " Before we left I didn't quite know what to make of it but when we got there we didn't stop, it was amazing," he said, " We went to three or four hours of debates each day and then did something cultural each afternoon. " The main theme of the forum was how youth can drive change in political and public life. It dealt with issues (问题) such as drug abuse, violence and unemployment. Kieran said: " It has really helped me to improve my confidence and social skills as well as my school grades and I was voted most improved pupil at school in August. " The Young Inspirations mentoring sessions take place each Friday in Banbury. For details visit www.younginspirations.com.
【題組】71. The Young Inspirations mentoring program aims to _____.
(A)train staff for world-famous firms
(B)offer job opportunities to young adults
(C)provide youth with unique experiences
(D)equip the unemployed with different skills

52.【題組】72. According to Alex Goldberg, it is difficult for schools to offer the mentoring due to _____.
(A)the lack of support from firms
(B)the cultural differences ks5u
(C)the effect of unemployment
(D)the shortage of money

53.【題組】73. According to the passage, the forum focused on how youth can ____.
(A)build up their confidence at school
(B)find work experience opportunities
(C)improve their social skills for the future
(D)play an active role in the change of society

54.【題組】74. We can learn from the passage that _____.
(A) the visit to the United Kingdom was amazing
(B) Kieran has made great progress in many aspects
(C) the youth have found a way to solve their problems
(D) the mentoring sessions are held every day except Friday

55.【題組】75. What would be the best tide for the passage?
(A) Alex Goldberg, Founder of Young Inspirations
(B) Young People Find a World of Opportunity
(C) Kieran, Banbury School Pupil to Paris
(D) Debates Help Youth with Their Grades