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106 年 - 2017臺北市北投國中九年級106 上學期英文第二次段考(期中考)康軒#91598 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.16. The floor     by my brother. You can let your baby play on the floor.
(A) wasn't cleaned
(B) cleaned
(C) has been cleaned
(D) has cleaned

2.17.Cellphones and smartphones     during the test. If you use them, you will get a goose egg on the test.
(A) should turn off
(B) turned off
(C) being turned off
(D) should be turned off

3.18. The books     in front of the door this morning, but I have no idea     did it.
(A) was put; how
(B) was putting; what
(C) were put; who
(D) were putting; who

4.19. Austin doesn’t feel like     to school because he gets bullied at school almost every day.
(A) going
(B) to go
(C) go
(D) to going

5.20. Jenny has some problems with her parents. She doesn’t know    .
(A) what to do it
(B) what she should do
(C) how to do
(D) what should she do

6.21. I don’t know     Alice _____to the department store with Jack at 5:00 p. m . Didn’t she need to work then?
(A) who; went
(B) why; went
(C) why ;goes
(D) if; will go

7.22. I am not sure     my boyfriend still loves me . Should I ask him by myself? Will he tell me the truth?
(A) weather
(B) if
(C) how
(D) that

8.23. Mandy is     young     understand her parents’ love for her.
(A) so; that
(B) very; that
(C) to; too
(D) too; to

9.24. The house price in Taipei is ______ high _____ most young people can't afford (負擔) it.
(A) very; that
(B) too; to
(C) so ; than
(D) so; that

10.25. The boy’s parents are still waiting in the hospital. They’re not sure    .
(A) who they should to ask for help
(B) if their son will get better
(C) when will the doctor come
(D) whether will the boy get better soon

11.26. A new road _________ in town because the traffic is getting busier and busier.
(A) has built
(B) is building
(C) is going to build
(D) is going to be built

12.27.Most of Henry's best books _____ when he was sick and poor.
(A) have been written
(B) would write
(C) were written
(D) have written

13.28. Do you know_____________?
(A) how many people are there in the picture
(B) which cap is better
(C) whose coat is this
(D) how long has he lived in Tainan?

14.29. I want to go camping this afternoon, but a typhoon is coming. I wonder ______ the road to the mountain will be closed.
(A) whether
(B) that
(C) what
(D) where

15.30. Please tell me __________ to make a cake.
(A) what I do
(B) how I can
(C) what needed
(D) what is needed

      When you shop at any shops or supermarkets, you will see people  31.  their shopping items in plastic bags. Right from food items to clothes and shoes, it’s difficult for us to bring these items home  32.  plastic bags. However, a plastic bag  33.  if the items in it aren’t too heavy. When heavy items are placed in the bag, it is more likely to break. Double-bagging the goods is a common practice, but this practice uses more bags and makes more trash.
      Have you ever thought  34.  if the shops don’t sell or give you plastic bags anymore? Starting on January 1, 2018, plastic bags  35.  in all shops in Taipei anymore. After the policy goes into effect next year, Taipei may use 20 million fewer plastic bags each year. To make our world a safer and greener place, we need to cut down our use of plastic bags.
  item 物品 plastic 塑膠 double 雙層的 policy 政策 go into effect 生效

(A) posting
(B) carrying
(C) pasting
(D) kicking

(A) for
(B) on
(C) with
(D) without

(A) is most often used only once or twice
(B) is never used by old people
(C) is always used in small towns
(D) is sometimes used for carrying fruit

(A) when we don’t use plastic bags
(B) how we will use plastic bags
(C) what our life will be like
(D) where we can buy plastic bags

(A) cannot buy
(B) cannot bought
(C) cannot by buy
(D) cannot be bought

21.【B】 Rooms & Rates for The New Yorker 88
Nice hotel but... Bedbugs
 ★☆☆☆☆ Brad
     We found a bedbug in the bed the next morning. We told the hotel clerks and show them a photo. I’m still waiting to hear from them. Terrible service.

Clean, friendly, and less expensive for a good location
★★★☆☆ Kurt
      We loved our stay at The New Yorker 88. You can’t beat the location of The New Yorker 88! It is across from a subway station and very convenient to almost anywhere. My wife and I walked to Times Square and took the subway to the Statue of Liberty.

Bedbugs! And spiders!
★☆☆☆☆ Mark
      I was so badly bitten by bugs during my stay that I had to go to hospital. I was in Room 410. Don’t stay there!

Mother-Daughter trip
★★★★☆ Annie
      We loved our stay at The New Yorker 88. We had stayed here for a week. It was three years ago. This time we stayed four nights here. The building and its rooms are dated, and bathrooms are small. But what do you expect from a hotel that’s been around since the 1920s? Our family will be staying here again.

  rate 評分 service 服務 location 地點 expect 期望

【題組】36. What does “dated” mean?
(A) Very famous.
(B) Very surprising.
(C) Lower in price than usual.
(D) No longer modern or popular.

22.【題組】37. What happened to Mark?
(A) He was lost.
(B) He lost the room key.
(C) He was bitten by bugs.
(D) He didn’t have enough money.

23.【題組】38. If you choose to stay at The New Yorker 88, what might be a problem?
(A) There might be bugs in your room.
(B) The hotel is far away from the subway station.
(C) It will cost you a lot to stay at The New Yorker 88.
(D) The clerks have hearing problems.

24.【題組】39. Which is true?
(A) The New Yorker 88 is a new open hotel.
(B) Kurt’s wife was sent to a hospital by a clerk.
(C) Kurt and Mark had the same problem when they were at the hotel.
(D) Staying at The New Yorker 88 was a good experience for Annie.

A policeman, Mr. Yeh, got fired a few weeks ago just for having long hair. What do you think about that ?
Joseph: I can’t agree with the rule more. A man with long hair looks unprofessional in the eyes of the public. That’s why you don’t see many businessmen wear long hair.

Katy: How come policewomen can wear long hair but policemen can’t? That’s not fair. I think the rule should be changed. It’s common for men to wear long hair. Besides, the rules should be set for both. Not one length for men and one for women.

Jerry: Wearing long hair is everyone’s right. Why can’t policemen wear long hair? As long as they work hard, long hair or short hair doesn’t matter. A policeman with long hair could also do a good job.

Alice: Students should follow school rules in school, and police officers should follow their rules, too. Wearing short hair is a rule, just like wearing uniforms. Since he wants to have long hair, he’d better find another job.

 unprofessional 不專業的 length 長度 as long as 只要

【題組】40. How many of the people think policemen should NOT wear long hair?
(A) One.
(B) Two.
(C) Three.
(D) Four.


James: Mr. Yeh is in the wrong job. It’s a bad fit. If he wants to have long hair, he should not be a police officer. He can be an artist or a designer. No one will care whether he wears long hair or short hair.

41. Who has the same idea as James?
(A) Joseph.
(B) Katy.
(C) Jerry.
(D) Alice.

27.【題組】42. Which is true?
(A) Alice thinks policemen don’t need to follow the rule about wearing long hair.
(B) Jerry thinks wearing short hair is important to the public.
(C) Joseph thinks the rule should be changed.
(D) Katy thinks the rule for policemen and policewomen should be the same.

28.【D】 Dear Xiao Mi,
     There are still a few months until we meet, but I’m already busy writing you letters. I started writing things down because I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about you, and because even though I’ve been pregnant for only several months, it already feels like there’s so much to share.
     You are still very small, but I can feel you kicking every day. When you are quiet, I worry there is something wrong – I hope you are just sleeping. I hope and pray every day that you are well and will not come into this world with any difficulties. But if you do, I will face them with your dad, and we will try to give you the best life.
    I have a feeling you are a little girl because I had terrible morning sickness until 21 weeks. It’s just like your grandmother with three girls. However, Dad said you are a happy cute boy because you appeared in his dream. Whether you are a boy or a girl, Dad and I will love you.
I can’t wait to meet you.
Love you already,
  pregnant 懷孕的 difficulty 難題

【題組】43. What does “well” mean?
(A) Sick.
(B) Small.
(C) Healthy.
(D) Weak.

29.【題組】44. What can we learn from the letter?
(A) The baby was born a few months ago.
(B) The mother thinks the baby is a boy.
(C) The mother has been pregnant for over five months.
(D) The mother has never had morning sickness.

30.Renee: Do you want my help with this or not?
Bruce: Of course I do, but so far you’ve shot down every idea I have for my date with Patricia.
Renee: Not every one. I think picking her up at her house is a nice touch. It’s better than having her meet you at either the MRT station or the restaurant.
Bruce: Isn’t that what a gentleman is supposed to do? I hear my mom talking about that all the time.
Renee: It is, and you’ve learned well. However, I’m not so sure about your choice of restaurant.
Bruce: Why not? Patricia told me she hadn’t had a burger in ages.
Renee: No woman wants to go to Burger King on her first date. It’s almost as if you are telling her you just want to be friends and not something more.
Bruce: OK, then where do you suggest?
Renee: If you really want her to take notice of you, then the only place is The Winery. It serves really fine French dishes.
Bruce: That sounds pretty fancy and really expensive. I’m not sure if I can afford that.
Renee: You’re right. It’s not cheap, but it’s quiet enough for you two to talk and really get to know one another. Don’t you think Patricia is worth it?

 be supposed to 應該 afford 負擔

【題組】45. What does “this” in the first line mean?
(A) Bruce’s big day with his friends.
(B) The date Bruce has planned for Patricia.
(C) The trick Bruce wants to play on Patricia.
(D) Bruce’s ideas for a new project for work.

31.【題組】46. What does “something more” mean in the dialogue?
(A) Becoming good classmates.
(B) Spending less time together.
(C) Moving away from each other.
(D) Being boyfriend and girlfriend.

32.【題組】47. What do we learn from the dialogue?
(A) Renee knows what it takes to have a good first date.
(B) Bruce’s mom has no idea about being a gentleman.
(C) Renee and Bruce have been on a lot of bad dates together.
(D) Bruce isn’t going to change his mind about which restaurant to take Patricia.

33.【F】 This famous singer and writer of songs came into the world on May 5, 1988 in London, England. Also, it goes without saying, she has taken the world by storm. This person is none other than Adele.
        At a young age, Adele developed an interest in music. She was influenced by the singing of Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald. Then, at 16, she wrote Hometown Glory, her first song, and two years later in 2006, she graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. When Adele was there, she recorded a three-song demo for a class project. Thanks to a friend who had posted it on the Internet, her songs were heard. Not long after, the head of a recording company got in touch with Adele and signed her to a record contract. A year after she finished school, the first song she ever wrote was released.
       In 2008, 19, Adele’s first album, went on sale. It quickly became a success and earned her two Grammys. After that, her second album came with popular songs like Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You in 2011. It added six more Grammys to her collection. Two years later, she wrote a song for the James Bond movie of the same name, Skyfall. That earned her a Golden Globe, an Oscar, and another Grammy. In 2015, Adele released her third album. It sold more than three million copies in its first week.

 demo 唱片樣本 influence 影響 taken the world by storm 震驚全球 contract 合約 release 發行 collection (累積的)獎項

【題組】48.How many prizes did Adele win for Skyfall?
(A) Three Grammys.
(B) Three different ones in all.
(C) Two Grammys and an Oscar.
(D) Two Oscars and one Golden Globe.

34.【題組】49. What is the last paragraph mainly about?  paragraph 段落
(A) The prizes Adele has won.
(B) All the songs Adele has sold.
(C) All the people who changed Adele.
(D) The records Adele listened to as a child.

35.【題組】50. What do we learn from the reading?
(A) Adele’s first song was released in 2007.
(B) All the songs Adele wrote were sung by other singers.
(C) Adele sent the song she wrote to a recording company.
(D) The song Adele made for the James Bond movie was Someone Like You.



重新載圖30.右圖為地球公轉示意圖,當地球由 A 向 B 公轉的過程中,北半球居住在嘉義以北 的居民所觀察到的現象何項正確? (A) A 向 B 當中的任何一...

50 x


106 年 - 2017臺北市北投國中九年級106 上學期英文第二次段考(期中考)康軒#91598-阿摩線上測驗

106 年 - 2017臺北市北投國中九年級106 上學期英文第二次段考(期中考)康軒#91598