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106 年 - 2017花蓮縣國立花蓮高工高三106 下學期英文第一次段考(期中考)其他#91336 

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1.1. Lulu has kept a journal on her facebook to share her kid’s stories with her friends.
(A) course
(B) disk
(C) speech
(D) diary

2.2. The new teacher will be a replacement for Mr. Wang this semester until he recovers from his illness.
(A) substitution
(B) concept
(C) function
(D) champion

3.3. It is an old Chinese _______ that pointing at the moon will have your ears cut.
(A) competition
(B) superstition
(C) examination
(D) connection

4.4. Despite the vague description that was given by the witness, the police still found out the hit-and-run driver.
(A) unclear
(B) global
(C) current
(D) apparent

5.5. Since Mary worked very hard, she was finally promoted to _______ and in charge of the entire production line.
(A) puppy
(B) scholar
(C) employee
(D) supervisor

6.6. The official announcement about tax increases made many people very angry.
(A) movement
(B) declaration
(C) agreement
(D) graduation

7.7. Besides at the ticket office, people can also purchase the tickets for this magic show online.
(A) rent
(B) change
(C) sell
(D) buy

8.8. Claire was a diligent student and successfully won a _______ to Harward University with her good grades.
(A) scholarship
(B) leadership
(C) relaitonship
(D) friendship

9.9. It is joyful to sit on the grass under the sun and chat with good friends.
(A) shocking
(B) pleasant
(C) helpful
(D) scaring

10.10. In addition to _______ energy, there are other ways like solar energy to generate electricity.
(A) primary
(B) joyful
(C) visible
(D) nuclear

(1) Taiwan’s policy of flushing used toilet paper down the toilet took effect in June 2017 after being introduced by the nation’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This new law was put into place to help make bathrooms cleaner   11     . However, a survey found that some toilet paper was still marked as insoluble on its packaging months later.   12     , the survey reported that nearly 50% of the public were still unclear on which tyepes of toilet paper they should flush. To cut down on confusion, the manufacturers of Taiwan’s sanitary wares have   13     some clear answers.
     As long as a toilet is made to meet standard regulations, it should not have any problems   14    used toilet paper, say sanitary wares’ manufacturers. The problem of clogged toilet results from people flushing the wrong kind of paper. While toilet paper is water-soluble, facial tissues and napkins are not, which means they are more likely to block pipes. If the public   15    about these differences, it could help avoid any future confusion on the issue.

(A) circumstances
(B) environments
(C) constructions
(D) achievements

(A) Instead
(B) Of course
(C) What’s more
(D) In contrast

(A) offered
(B) predicted
(C) reflected
(D) performed

(A) flush
(B) to flush
(C) flushed
(D) flushing

(A) to inform
(B) informed
(C) informs
(D) is informed

16.(2) For people who ride bicycle in cities, there are many rules they must abide by to ensure their safety.   16    , cyclists should always wear helmets. Second, since a bicycle is a moving vehicle, cyclists have to obey all traffic laws just as the drivers of moter scooters or cars do. Cyclists passing through intersections should use hand signals if making a turn and ring bells when necessary so motorists hear them traveling behind or around them.   17    possible, cyclists should also stick to bicycle lands. These are by far the safest lanes to ride in, as other vehicles are   18     from them. In the past, to avoid being hit by motor vehicles on the road, cyclists had to ride on sidewalks, but now many cities let cyclists   19     special lanes designated just for them. Bicycle lanes not only make cycling safer   20     create safer sidewalks for pedestrians. Overall, hitting the road on bikes can be a fun and healthy thing to do in a city, as long as cyclists follow the rules.
(A) All over
(B) First of all
(C) Best of all
(D) After all

(A) Whatever
(B) Whoever
(C) However
(D) Whenever

(A) banned
(B) allowed
(C) informed
(D) detected

(A) use
(B) to use
(C) used
(D) using

(A) nor
(B) until
(C) even not
(D) but also

     Online shopping is a popular way of buying goods nowadays, but there are things to consider before clicking “Purchase.”
     One of the biggest advantages of shopping online is the time it saves. Shopping at a physical store means making time to travel there, browse the selection, and stand in line, but shopping from home can be done in just a few minutes. The Internet also gives people access to more information than found in a regular store. Shoppers can read about products and compare them to similar ones before buying.
      Internet shopping has drawbacks, though. For one thing, there are fraud sites that collect shoppers’ credit card numbers just to steal full names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and home adresses when making purchases. That informaiton can be used to send spam or steal identities.
      Thousands of people shop online with no problem at all, but it’s important to use common sense before making purchases in order to protect yourself.

【題組】21. According to the passage, which of the following is Not an advantage of online shopping?
(A) Shoppers don’t need to stand in line to purchase their items.
(B) Shoppers are required to give personal details when buying things.
(C) Shoppers can get shopping done without leaving their houses.
(D) Shoppers get more information online than a regular store.

22.【題組】22. In line 8, the word “ones” refers to ________.
(A) stores
(B) shoppers
(C) products
(D) advantages

23.【題組】23. What is the main purpose of this passage?
(A) To advertise the usefulness of online shopping
(B) To predict the increasing growth of online shopping
(C) To convince people to stop shopping online
(D) To offer the pros and cons of online shopping

24.【題組】24. What is the biggest advantage of online shopping?
(A) It saves a lot of time.
(B) It offers a chance to compare different products.
(C) It provides an access to more information about products.
(D) It demands shoppers to offer personal information in details.

25.【題組】25. According to your beautiful English teacher, what did she buy when she encountered online-shopping cheating?
(A) 3C appliance
(B) clothes
(C) stationery
(D) furniture

26.26. The computer helps people deal with an enormous amount of information in a very short time.
(A) huge
(B) small
(C) broad
(D) equal

27.27. Cindy is popular with her classmates because she is always humble and polite.
(A) proud
(B) joyful
(C) awful
(D) modest

28.28. Mr. Miller was sent as the _______ of his country to visit the President of the United States.
(A) award
(B) representative
(C) lobster
(D) science

29.29. It is normal to feel nervous before the contest. Try to relax by taking a deep breath.
(A) usual
(B) unusual
(C) sensitive
(D) horrible

30.30. To prevent infection, make sure that the knife _______ in your hand is cleaned and bandaged.
(A) van
(B) ribbon
(C) wound
(D) clinic

31.31.The teacher gave Ken lots of tips on how to improve his English.
(A) staff
(B) advice
(C) discussion
(D) fit

32.32. The purpose of the summer camp is to let children learn the importance of teamwork.
(A) event
(B) sin
(C) link
(D) aim

33.33. To our surprise, the rabbit vanished as soon as the magician waved his hat.
(A) doubled
(B) disappeared
(C) expanded
(D) emerged

34.34. Before the movie starts, the audience are requested to turn off their cell phone.
(A) demanded
(B) attended
(C) desired
(D) provided

35.35. Russell is very energetic and always full of _______ whenever he plays sports.
(A) recognition
(B) creation
(C) enthusiasm
(D) disease

 (1) Scientists are confused as to why whales sometimes strand themselves on beaches. A new study, though,   36     that in one case, changes to earth’s geomagnetic field might have played a role in the stranding of 29 sperm whales.
      The sperm whales were found on various European sandy coasts in early 2016. Researchers   37     a number of theories to explain the stranding incidents, including poisoning and climate change, two events which could have influenced sperm whales to search for their prey in the North Sea. Sperm whales live in deep, warm waters, but when male sperm whales are 10 to 15 years old, they journey to the northern pole in search of squid. However, this time, 29 of them   38     on beaches in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and France.
     Scientists now think these whales use the Earth’s geomagnetic field to navigate. Large solar storms in early 2016 could have interrupted the whales’ sense of direction,   39     them onto beaches. Although this theory has not been   40     , scientists do believe it is reasonable.

(A) showing
(B) to shows
(C) shows
(D) is showed

(A) proposed
(B) enhanced
(C) rebelled
(D) balanced

(A) gave up
(B) stayed up
(C) held up
(D) ended up

(A) led
(B) to lead
(C) leads
(D) leading

(A) advised
(B) proven
(C) displayed
(D) implied

41.(2) Jacky is the most interesting person in our office because he is kind but curious and slow. He never tries to take   41    of his colleagues; instead, he is very generous. Whenever we are in need of assistance, he always tries to give us a   42  . Nevertheless, he likes to inquire into other’s business   43    has nothing to do with him. Not only is he interested in how anyone of us does his or her work,   44   he is also interested in our personal matters. Moreover, he usually works in such a slow manner that most of us get impatient with him. Naturally, a lot of work is delayed simply   45     his slowness. Despite his weaknesses, we still appreciate his helpfulness.
(A) pity
(B) advantage
(C) turns
(D) interest

(A) hand
(B) help
(C) hold
(D) head

(A) who
(B) what
(C) which
(D) whose

(A) but
(B) nor
(C) or
(D) so

(A) because of
(B) except for
(C) in order to
(D) in spite of

46.(3) Do you prefer reading or watching television in your leisure time? Some people think that watching television is more   46      and relaxing than reading. Reading tends to take so much time, something which the modern person cannot easily afford.   47     these observations might be true, at least to some extent, but reading is still very popular. When you use your   48    , a book can become so interesting that you can find it difficult to stop reading it. Besides,   49    different kinds of genres to choose from, so reading can become a hobby for every type of person. You can choose to read a romance, action, or historical novel. If you find it hard to choose a book for   50     enjoyment, you can read reviews or ask friends for advice. Reading can be fun.
(A) entertained
(B) entertainer
(C) entertainment
(D) entertaining

(A) Some
(B) Each
(C) All
(D) None

(A) imagination
(B) image
(C) imagine
(D) imagining

(A) they had
(B) they were
(C) there have
(D) there are

(A) yours
(B) your
(C) you
(D) yourself



19. 目前就讀國中的阿寶,身為班級一分子,能夠替自己所屬 的班級做下列哪一件事情? (A)聽父母的話,放學後不在學校逗留 (B)全力以赴,爭取每科...

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106 年 - 2017花蓮縣國立花蓮高工高三106 下學期英文第一次段考(期中考)其他#91336-阿摩線上測驗

106 年 - 2017花蓮縣國立花蓮高工高三106 下學期英文第一次段考(期中考)其他#91336