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107 年 - 2018彰化縣縣立大同國中八年級107 下學期英文第三次段考(期末考)康軒#96119 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.11. Kelly ______ well at school. Her teachers and classmates like her.
(A) rolls
(B) acts
(C) agrees
(D) appears

2.12. Please put the juice into the _______ before it goes bad.
(A) refrigerator
(B) tape recorder
(C) bathtub
(D) washing machine

3.13. The clothes in that store are on sale now. You may _______ less money for that dress.
(A) spend
(B) take
(C) pay
(D) cost

4.14. Peggy is a (n) ______ of insects. She knows a lot about ants and bees.
(A) beauty
(B) loser
(C) actress
(D) master

5.15. BTS is Ivy’s favorite Korean group. She ______ all the up-to-date news about all the members.
(A) performs
(B) forgives
(C) shines
(D) follows

6.16. Some people enjoy ________ activities on weekends, like going hiking. They like to get close to nature.
(A) concerned
(B) local
(C) outdoor
(D) common

7.17. You can’t _____ the notebook. It’s not yours.
(A) stand out
(B) drop out
(C) slow down
(D) take away

8.18. It is getting cold. Please give me a(n) _________.
(A) fan
(B) blanket
(C) ad
(D) castle

9.19. The _______ of this table is 150 years. I bought it from an old businessman.
(A) hit
(B) line
(C) age
(D) words

10.20. Taking the MRT is more _________ than taking the bus.
(A) lonely
(B) free
(C) possible
(D) comfortable

11.21. A: Did you see any kangaroos during the trip? B: Yes, I saw_______, and ______ was cute.
(A) ones; they
(B) it; it
(C) one ; it
(D) one; one

12.22. It cost Justin $3880 _______ a ticket to Maroon 5’s concert.
(A) bought
(B) buying
(C) buy
(D) to buy

13.23. Ryan got up ______ this morning, so he missed the school bus this morning.
(A) lately
(B) early
(C) late
(D) the latest

14.24. Spiderman runs ______ of the five. He is a fast runner.
(A) fastest
(B) most slowly
(C) very fast
(D) even faster

15.25. It usually ________ Mom a half day to clean the kitchen.
(A) costs
(B) pays
(C) spends
(D) takes

16.26. _____ of my hands are dirty. Please put the towels on the couch for me.
(A) Two
(B) Both
(C) One
(D) Each

17.27. I enjoy reading in the library. There are _______ books in it.
(A) thousands of
(B) five thousands
(C) thousand of
(D) thousand

18.28. All of Sam's money in the bank. He thinks it is safer to put money there.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) does
(D) be

19.29. Zoe spends more than two hours _____ English every day. No wonder her English is so good.
(A) studies
(B) study
(C) to study
(D) studying

20.30. ________ You always use most of it to buy stupid things.
(A) From now on, I’ll take care of our money.
(B) You are right. I am a loser.
(C) You weren’t the richest person of all time.
(D) Don’t take losing the game too hard.

21.31. Dora: Don’t believe that woman. ______________ Ella: How do you know? Dora: I bought an umbrella from her, but it broke the next day.
(A) Put yourself in her shoes.
(B) She has to take it more seriously.
(C) She is cheating you.
(D) She has to face the music.


【A】 (At a night market)
Tina: Do you know two of the students from Shih Chien
University won the design award because they made a
cup “Float”?
Ryan: I have no idea. What’s so special about the cup?
Tina: Handmade drinks are an important part of life in
Taiwan. To eat the toppings, most people must use
straws to have their drinks. But most of them are
plastic. They are bad for the earth. With “Float”, we
can enjoy our drinks without straws because there is a
smaller cup inside it, which can make those toppings
together near the cup mouth. Besides, “Float” is made
of glass, so it can be reused.
Ryan: Wait a minute! You mean we can enjoy the fun of
drinking and show our love to the earth at the same
6012558b08c25.jpg design award 設計獎 topping加料 plastic塑膠(的) reuse重複使用


32. Which picture shows using “Float” to drink pearl milk tea?
(A) 601255aec539a.jpg
(B) 601255b61398e.jpg
(C) 601255bd3ee82.jpg
(D) 601255c40e183.jpg

23.【題組】33. What does the word “   them   ” mean in the dialogue?
(A) Straws.
(B) Cups.
(C) Drinks.
(D) Toppings.

24.【題組】34. According to the dialogue, which is    NOT TRUE    ?
(A) Two students won a prize because of a cup.
(B) “Float” becomes the best hit of all time.
(C) If people use “Float” to have drinks, there will be less trash.
(D) Float is made of glass, not plastic.

25.重新載圖【B】 Willy is a senior high school student. He has many
special classmates, and they make his school life interesting.
Here are some of them.
1. Rick: He often fights with other students and makes
teachers angry. He doesn’t prepare for the tests, so he
often gets a goose egg. Moreover, he is late for school
every day. He is a headache for teachers.
2. Jeff: He keeps borrowing things from others. “Can I
borrow a piece of paper?” “Can I borrow your pen?”
These words are those ones he usually says. Worst of all,
he never returns anything.
3. Annie: She knows the correct answers to all the questions
and gets 100 on all the subjects. No one has ever seen
her study or prepare for the tests.
4. Jim: Sleeping for four continuous classes is a piece of
cake for him. The best time for him is the movie time.
5. Amy: Eating is her hobby, but that doesn’t mean she can
eat in class, right? Although she eats a lot, she is still
quite slim.
Willy gets along well with most of his classmates but not
Betty. He has trouble understanding Betty. Why is that? She
always reminds teachers to give homework. That’s not nice
at all.
601256005bbf3.jpg continuous 連續的 remind 提醒

【題組】35. According to the reading, which word might we use to describe Annie?
(A) Mean.
(B) Lovely.
(C) Bright.
(D) Careful.

26.【題組】36. How many of Willy’s classmates does he get along well with?
(A) Most of them.
(C) Few of them.
(D) All of them.

27.【題組】37. What troubles Willy according to the reading?
(A) Rick treats him badly.
(B) Annie gets worse grades than he.
(C) Amy takes away his cookies.
(D) His teachers always remember to give homework

28.【題組】38. It is 10:00 in the morning, and Willy is playing basketball. But Jim is still in the classroom. What might he be doing?
(A) He is picking on Amy for eating too much.
(B) He is singing a solo loudly.
(C) He is dreaming about cleaning the blackboard carefully.
(D) He is asking Rick to forgive him because he hurts him.

29.【題組】39. Which is    TRUE    about Willy’s classmates?
(A) Rick changes his class by helping others solve problems.
(B) Jeff looks worried because he can’t think of a way to give money back to Willy.
(C) Amy often eats cookies happily in class, so she is heavy.
(D) Annie studies hard, but she still gets a goose egg.

30.重新載圖【C】The people in Finland are crazy about food. The
common dish is fish. That means everything from smoked
salmon to fish pie. But the best part about a trip to
Finland is picking out where to stay. Finland is a popular
place to see the northern lights, so you’ll find many glass
igloos around the country to stay easily. They are a great
way to see these lights while staying warm. But if you love
the cold, then an ice hotel is a good choice for you. You
can sleep in, eat in, and explore a hotel made of ice. A few
of Finland’s lighthouses have been renovated into hotels,
so you can go to Finland’s coast and stay in this place.
      The country has more saunas than cars. It’s part of
the Finnish lifestyle. You can experience a sauna in some
interesting places, like in the sauna ski lift or in a sauna
Ferris wheel.
      An icebreaker cruise is another popular activity. Hop
on a boat and break through the frozen water. And if you
want to give it a try, get into the water and experience the
      Over 70 percent of Finland is covered in forests, so
explore the forest on a dog sled or a reindeer ride. Finland
is a country with friendly people, beautiful nature, and
yummy food. These all make it the best country to visit in
60125636c9c20.jpgnorthern lights 極光 renovated 改造 coast 海岸
sauna 芬蘭浴 lift 纜車 cruise(坐船)旅行 sled 雪橇

【題組】40. Why is Finland the best country to visit in 2019?
(A) You can have the best way to enjoy the northern lights in a car or a boat.
(B) The Ferris wheel there is the biggest in history.
(C) You can sleep and eat in a special ice hotel for free.
(D) You can meet friendly people, enjoy beautiful nature, and taste yummy food there.


41. What does the word “   They   ” mean in the reading?
(A) 60125667b9d66.jpg
(B) 60125670ba312.jpg
(C) 60125679a859e.jpg
(D) 601256816f7f3.jpg

32.【題組】42. Which is    TRUE    about Finland?
(A) Their people are crazy about food, and their popular dish is reindeer.
(B) When you see the northern lights in a glass igloo, you must bring more blankets to keep yourself warm.
(C) Over 70 percent of Finland is covered in water, so you need to take a boat anywhere.
(D) If you take a trip to it, you will have many good places to stay, like the ice hotel, lighthouses, or the glass igloo.



【題組】43. How long will it take if you want to experience skydiving once?
(A) 25 minutes.
(B) 25 seconds.
(C) Two months.
(D) 50 minutes.

34.【題組】44. If you spend NT$4,900 in total, what might you do?
(A) I bought a “Google Tulip” online during the sale.
(B) I sang with the best teachers at Merry Music School.
(C) I went indoor skydiving and sang once at Merry Music School.
(D) I enjoyed two indoor skydiving flights and paid for eight singing classes.

35.【題組】45. What can we know from the above ads?
(A) If we want to go skydiving, we need to get on a plane and had better put on the parachute first.
(B) We will be able to sing well in only one month.
(C) We can’t know our plants’ thinking by using “Google Tulip”.
(D) If we pay $2500 for the skydiving, it will take us 50 minutes to experience the flights. .

Most teenagers are crazy about the super heroes, like
Captain America ,Iron Man,or Spider-Man recently. However,
for many people, the true heroes are those    46.    people and
try their best to help others. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one
of them. He is a big movie star. He    47.    than many others.
He once told the public    48.    is the following five rules:
1. Find your dream and make it come true.
2. Think big.
3. Don’t care about those mean words others say to you.
Just believe in yourself.
4. Try your best.
No pain, no gain. So no matter what you do, work as hard
as possible.    49.   
5. Don’t just take; give something back.
Millions of people around the world need your help. That
is why he tried to take every opportunity to give
something back. He did many things for his city. He said,
“We all can create change in our neighborhood or in our
local schools. If we    50    action now, we can help to
change the world.”
60125714e5efe.jpgopportunity 機會 neighborhood 鄰近地區

(A) hard-working
(B) proud
(C) modern
(D) lovely

(A) works the hardest
(B) does things carefully
(C) uses the time most wisely
(D) works harder

(A) the peace of mind
(B) the key to a successful life
(C) the meaning of the lines
(D) the truth of living terribly

(A) Your future is in your hand.
(B) Your love for the earth never dies.
(C) Every time you want to give up, just tell yourself, “Let it be.”
(D) God will give you a sign. Why not just wait?

(A) take
(B) are taking
(C) taking
(D) will take



11、中國地形複雜,主要高山地形分布於西部地區,其成因是印澳板塊 向北撞上歐亞板塊的結果。請問:這個成因導致中國西部山脈呈哪一走向? (A)...

50 x


107 年 - 2018彰化縣縣立大同國中八年級107 下學期英文第三次段考(期末考)康軒#96119-阿摩線上測驗

107 年 - 2018彰化縣縣立大同國中八年級107 下學期英文第三次段考(期末考)康軒#96119

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