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107 年 - 2018臺南市私立黎明高中高二107 下學期英文第二次段考(期中考)其他#89752 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. Rachel doesn’t like to reveal her____ when shopping in the traditional market.

2.2. The gunfight in the gas station and the ____ explosion shocked the crowd nearby.

3.3. The kind residents provide emergency ____ for the homeless.

4.4. The crack in the wings of the plane that crashed was caused by metal ____.

5.5. Remember to take all your ____ with you before you are ready to get off a plane.

6.6. An excessive number of tourists may ____ the local environment, which can destroy the ecological balance.

7.7. The authorities concerned must take this issue seriously and make ____ to ensure sustainable development in the tourism industry.

8.8. The government must take steps to protect people from the____of secondhand smoke by banning smoking on our city’s sidewalk.

9.9. It looks like 2019 is going to be the year of the ____phone, and we’ve already seen some stunning handsets appear.

10.10. I’d like something ____that won’t break the bank.

11.11. During the speech, no one was allowed to leave the auditorium without ____.

12.12.Finding a ___ career is one of many college students’ goals after they graduate.

13.13.Though this presidential candidate is not qualified____, he has extensive business experience.

14.14.I suggest that our government need to strike a ____ between freedom of speech and democratic rights.

15.15.It is hard to make a ____ between economic growth and environmental protection.

16.16.Scientists haven’t figured out why the bees disappeared and died on a large____.

17.17.Because of her ____ and selfishness, Rachel became very unpopular with her classmates.

18.18.The gamer is so ____ that he plans to beat the best player in the competition.

19.19.Foxcom Technology Group plans to ____ new employees from the students who will graduate from the local university next year.

20.20.Stop crying over ____ milk; what you need to do now is hang in there and complete the task.

 (1) It is undoubtedly that the Taj Mahal is one of the greatest architectures in the world. Not only the architecture itself but also the stories behind it __21__ people around the world. Centuries ago, Shah Jahan, a Mogul emperor, decided to build a mausoleum __22__ his beloved wife. Thousands of workers were hired to work on this project, and building materials were brought in from all over the world. Unfortunately, soon after the completion of the construction, Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son. All he could do every day was __23__ at this masterpiece. Hundreds of years later, the Taj Mahal, instead of fading away with time, keeps shining and drawing a huge crowd of visitors. unlike other famous structures with a certain masculine quality, the feminine beauty of the Taj Mahal makes herself one of the very few exceptions. Even Salman Rushdie once said, “The Taj Mahal is, __24__ the power of words to say it, a lovely thing, perhaps the loveliest of things.” __25.__ is her beauty __25.__ no matter where or when she is observed, she is just perfect.

(A) impresses
(B) is familiar to
(C) impress
(D) are familiar with

(A) in memory of
(B) to the point of
(C) in an effort to
(D) at the cost of

(A) gazing
(B) gaze
(C) to gazing
(D) gazed

(A) over
(B) along
(C) under
(D) beyond

(A) So; that
(B) Such; that
(C) So; as
(D) Such; as

26.(2) A positive attitude means a positive view of life. When we are positive, we look on the bright side of everything and keep thinking good thoughts. However, a negative attitude means __26.__ bad thoughts. For example, a man who is very sick may keep thinking about his sickness as a bad thing and his negative attitude will keep him from being cured. Such a person is always unhappy as he finds something wrong or bad with every __27__ of his life. As a result, he is unable to even work well. __28.__, a sick man who thinks happy thoughts believes that he will soon be well again. Such a person who has a positive attitude is always happy and tries to make what he does better. 
 From the above, we can see __29.__ to have a positive attitude. So, we must choose to be happy, find ways to smile, and read books and stories on positive thinking. It is never __30.__ late __30.__ have a positive attitude. It will help us deal with many problems in life.

(A)to thinking
(D)to think


(A)For another
(B)On the other hand
(C)In a similar way
(D)On the one hand

(A)how good is it
(B)what good is it
(C)how good it is
(D)why is it good


31.(3) I can still recall that night. It was chilling and dark. A man seeking __31_ for the night came to my inn, asking me if there were still vacant rooms. Judging from his unusual-looking appearance, I could tell that this man was no ordinary guy. Before giving him any reply, I gave him the runaround and secretly sent a boy to the police station to __32__ him. Later, when the boy came back, I learned his name was Lennon Adams __33__ he was an ex-con arrested for murder. I couldn’t help but shiver at the thought of murder that he might __34__once again. I couldn’t afford to risk anyone’s life. He seemed to have read my mind. He __35__ took off __35__ left the money for his meal on the table, which was a relief to all of us.
(D) shiver

(A) be in charge of
(B) reach out to
(C) make inquires about
(D) take pity on

(A) so that
(B) whom
(C) and
(D) and that

(A) commit

(A) not only; but also
(B) neither; nor
(C) either; or
(D) not; but

36.(4) It’s important to look at your life and see if your habits are causing you harm. Illnesses that develop because of the way we live our life are called __(36)__ diseases. They are most commonly caused by smoking, drinking __(37)__, not getting enough sleep, and eating too much junk food. Such unhealthy habits are linked to medical conditions like heart disease, cancer, __(38)__, and diabetes. The damage we do to ourselves adds up over the years and makes us sick. This is bad news for those of us who live in developed countries. As a country gets richer, its citizens’ habits __(39)__ unhealthier and medical problems increase. That is why such diseases are often called diseases of affluence. The good news is that it is possible to __(40)__ a disease by making changes. So, make good choices now to have a better chance of escaping these diseases later in your life.
(A) crack
(B) lifestyle
(C) translation
(D) popularity

(A) myth
(B) stem
(C) dough
(D) alcohol

(A) gulp
(B) recipe
(C) stroke
(D) machinery

(A) tend to get
(B) used to get
(C) are less likely to get
(D) make mention of getting

(A) reserve
(B) access
(C) reverse
(D) resemble

(B) rescue
(C) grant
(D) service
(E) recalled (AB) sergeant (AC) prove (AD) entertained
 One cold night, Mr. White and his family were at home. He played chess with his son Herbert while his wife was knitting. There was a knock at the door. Mr. White opened it and saw his old friend. He welcomed __(41)__ Major Morris inside. Morris had just returned from military __(42)__ in India. He __(43)__ the Whites with stories of his time there. Mr. White wanted to hear the story about the monkey paw again. He had heard it before and enjoyed it. Mrs. White also wanted to hear it. Morris pulled a dried-up monkey’s paw from his pocket. He told the Whites that an Indian miracle worker had put a spell on the paw. The Indian wanted to __(44)__ to people that nobody should try to change their fate. The paw had the power to __(45)_ three people three wishes each. Morris was the second owner. He threw it in the fire because he believed it only brought misfortune. Mr. White took it out and kept it.






(A) protein
(C) tucking
(D) electrical
(E) hooks (AB) accusing (AC) laundry (AD) cardboard
 Here are some tips to help you keep your bedroom tidy. Get into the habit of making your bed every morning. __(46)__ in the sheets, smoothing the blankets, and straightening the pillows will instantly transform the appearance of your bedroom. The best thing is that it takes only a minute of your time. Instead of putting your dirty clothes over a chair or tossing them on the floor, train yourself to put them in the __(47)__ basket. Next, find somewhere to put all the other loose stuff in your room. For example, you can put jewelry in china bowls__. You can also attach __(48)__ to the back of your door for belts or scarves. A great trick is to cover __(49)__ toilet paper tubes in colorful paper. You can use them to bundle __(50)__ cords together.






(B) anxious
(C) flexible
(D) breath
(E) injuries (AB) originating (G) contrast (AD) strengthening 
Lots of people do yoga. __(51)__ in ancient India, yoga is an exercise that can improve your well-being by engaging your mind, body, and spirit at the same time. On the most basic level, yoga combines stretching and strength training, which can help you avoid __(52)__. Certain poses, like the cobra, work your whole body by __(53)__ your arm, leg, and core muscles while lengthening your spine. You may find it a bit challenging when you start doing yoga. You might not even be able to touch your toes, for example. Keep practicing and your body will become __(54)__. Poses will get easier to do. The mind plays just as important a role in yoga as the body. If you pay attention to your __(55__, you will be able to reach a more peaceful state of mind. In turn, this can improve your mood and memory.






(A) shade
(B) consequent
(C) peculiar
(D) filters
(E) fierce (AB) mammals (AC) consists (AD) impact Have you heard of quokkas, numbats, and bilbies? They all belong to the group of __(56)__ called marsupials. Marsupials are special because most of the females keep their babies in pouches until they are old enough to move around by themselves. Most of the world’s marsupials live in Australia. However, they can also be found in North, Central, and South America. They are beautiful animals but also very __(57)__. Quokkas, for example, are like cat-sized kangaroos. They often look like they are smiling. They don’t grin because they are happy. They grin because it helps them keep cool in the __(58)__ heat. As nocturnal animals, they curl up in the __(59)__ during the day. When the sun goes down, they start to look for food to eat. Their diet __(60)_of grass, leaves, and stems.






61.四、閱讀測驗: 30%(61-70 each for 2%;71-76 each for 1%;77-78 each for 2%) 
(1)The Giver is a story about a future community where people don’t have emotions and desires. This may seem good, but the government and society forbid the residents in this community to think for themselves, too. People’s minds and behaviors are controlled by medicine and regulations. To make this community system work, each resident’s movements are carefully watched, and they must follow strict rules. For example, once a teenager is twelve years old, he or she will be assigned a job that best fits his or her abilities in the Ceremony of Twelve. In addition to jobs, peoples’ lives are also strictly controlled. When people grow old and die, they are released into the “Great Expanse.” In addition, people who don’t follow the rules and newborn babies who are flawed are released. In other words, they are killed. But no one is worried about this because they don’t understand what death is. 
 Though all the residents share the same lifestyle and follow the same rules, there is a special boy called Jonas. Jonas has pale eyes while others have dark ones. In addition, he sometimes sees flashes of color that others don’t. Before the Ceremony of Twelve, he is very curious to know what his future job will be. During his ceremony, he even expresses feelings of worry about his future. Because of his uniqueness, Jonas is assigned a very important job: the Receiver of Memory. To do this, he must keep in his mind all of the community’s memories of pain, war, and happiness. 
 Jonas received all these memories from “The Giver,” whose job is to transfer memories to Jonas. These memories are both joyous and painful, enriching Jonas’ life, for he learns to think for himself instead of having his decisions made for him. He also learns the joy of feeling strong emotions. 
 His enlightenment leads to problems because none of his loved ones have the ability to feel these emotions. This frustrates him greatly and he feels like an outsider, which is made worse after he learns that a troublesome baby he has helped care for, Gabriel, is about to be “released.” Deciding to save the baby’s life, Jonas takes Gabriel and escapes society by going to the area outside the community, known as “Elsewhere.” 
 Jonas and Gabriel face joy and suffering after their escape, as they encounter hunger, snow, and cold, which they hadn’t ever experienced. Finally, they see—or think they see—the welcoming lights of a village and begin waking toward it. What is waiting for them is a mystery.

【題組】61. What is the story mainly about?
(A) How “The Giver” transfers all the memories to Jonas.
(B) How the people are controlled by the government and society.
(C) How Jonas saved Gabriel.
(D) How Jonas strives to live a different life from others in this future community.

62.【題組】62.What does the word “forbid” in the first paragraph mean?
(A) To encourage.
(B) To demand.
(C) To disallow.
(D) To stimulate.

63.【題組】63.What kind of people will not be “released” into the “Great Expanse?”
(A) Senior citizens.
(B) The newborn babies.
(C) Those who passed away.
(D) Those who defy the authorities.

64.【題組】64.Which of the following statements is NOT true about Jonas?
(A) Jonas knows exactly what he will do in the future.
(B) Jonas can see flashes of color.
(C) Jonas can think.
(D) Jonas has pale eyes.

65.【題組】65.Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) The baby Gabriel is doomed.
(B) Everyone’s job is assigned according to his or her abilities.
(C) “The Giver” is the only person who keeps all of the community’s memories.
(D) People living in “Elsewhere” are controlled by medicine.

66. (2) Clichés generally get a bad reputation. It’s because they are expressions so overused that they reveal no personality on the user’s part, or rather, his lack of personality. But let’s face it: there are many situations in life where it is hard to be original or honest. “Congratulations! May you two be blessed with many years of happiness!” is the obvious remark at a wedding even if you have serious doubts about the couple’s compatibility. You see, although clichés can be insincere and superficial, they are safe and inoffensive
 Although clichés sound universal, many actually reflect a particular society’s values. American business life—capitalistic and competitive in nature—is full of sporting expressions. You might be thrown a curve ball in an interview. You have to make home runs in business. The current command to think outside the box—be unconventional—is so overused that eventually, thinking within the box will be unusual instead.        
The world of art, music and films have also contributed. Does love really mean you never have to say sorry? Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Is your sweetheart the sunshine of your life? The clichéd themes and characterizations of novels and movies—the lonely cowboy, the poor but handsome hero who gets the rich girl, the mafia boss who suffers—provide comfort and familiarity in our real but unpredictable world. 
 Clichés sound better in other languages. Shrug your shoulder nonchalantly and say, ‘C’est la vie’ (‘That’s life’). Doesn’t that sound cool? But maybe, that’s because it’s French. I once translated a Chinese saying into English to explain why I lived in Europe. “Oh, when you marry a chicken, you follow a chicken; when you marry a dog, you follow a dog.” My listeners, including my husband, looked perturbed. It just didn’t sound classy.
 So clichés have many uses—they help us when we are at a loss for words, they entertain and amuse and they bind us as a community. Besides, in many ways, they also express our deepest desire. Does anyone not at some point or another hope to live happily ever after?

【題組】66.The passage is mainly about ______.
(A) the weak points of clichés
(B) the influence of clichés in our lives
(C) the development of clichés
(D) how clichés get a bad reputation

67.【題組】67. A _______ is not a clichéd theme or characterization mentioned in the passage.
(A) lonely cowboy
(B) mafia boss who experiences hardship
(C) blond falling in love with a poor guy
(D) decent hero who wins over the rich girl

68.【題組】68.The word “inoffensive” in the first paragraph means _______.
(A) shallow
(B) not special
(C) not provocative
(D) unoriginal

69.【題組】69.Which of the following is NOT one of the uses of clichés?
(A) They allow us to accurately express what we intend to mean.
(B) They show our desires.
(C) They help us form a good relationship with others.
(D) They reveal our personality.

70.【題組】70. Which of the following is true about clichés?
(A) Sporting-related clichés are easily found in business talk.
(B) Clichés are universal and self-evident.
(C) Clichés should be avoided at all costs.
(D) Clichés are mainly derived from sports and arts.

71.(3)In late December 2018, the Japanese government announced that it would leave the International Whaling Commission. It would also withdraw from the treaty that bans whaling. The country will resume commercial whaling at the beginning of July. The international treaty, which was created in 1986, never totally stopped Japan from whaling. It allowed Japan to continue whaling for scientific reasons. Meat that was not used for scientific purposes was still sold. In its announcement, the Japanese government said that whaling has a long history in Japan. Whales have been used as a source of protein and for a variety of other purposes for centuries. The government also said that it would end its hunts in the Antarctic and only do whaling in its own waters. Environmental groups are unhappy about Japan’s decision. Greenpeace said the government sneaked the announcement in over the holiday to avoid news coverage. The group said the decision was “out of step with the international community.”
【題組】71. What does the passage say about the treaty?
(A) It completely stopped Japan from whaling.
(B) It banned Japan from experimenting on whales.
(C) It agreed to let Japan start whaling in July.
(D) It allowed Japan to do limited whaling.

72.【題組】72. What did Japan’s government say in its statement?
(A) It would no longer whale outside its territory.
(B) It would continue to hunt in the Antarctic.
(C) It would create a new international treaty.
(D) It would invite foreign officials to monitor its whaling.

73.【題組】73. According to the passage, when did the announcement take place?
(A) While people were busy working.
(B) During the early spring.
(C) In the middle of the 1980s.
(D) At the end of last year.

74.(4) Stone Paper is made from calcium carbonate, which is the main ingredient in chalk, marble, pearls, and egg shells. It was invented in the 1990s by a company called Taiwan Lung Meng Corporation. Stone Paper is produced using materials from quarries. Waste limestone or marble is powdered and then bonded together with a small amount of HDPE (a nontoxic plastic) to make paper. Stone Paper is smoother than paper made from wood. It is also waterproof and difficult to tear. These properties make it perfect for posters, packaging, and even writing underwater. Stone Paper is largely environmentally friendly. No trees or water are used to make it. It can be recycled an unlimited number of times, unlike regular paper. While it does contain 20 percent plastic, Stone Paper will degrade if it is exposed to sunlight for 14 to 18 months. With a piece of Stone Paper, you can now etch your words in stone.
【題組】74. What does the Taiwanese company do with the quarry waste?
(A) It sells the waste to paper manufactures.
(B) It breaks the waste into tiny pieces.
(C) It heats the waste up in an oven.
(D) It sticks the waste together with glue.

75.【題組】75. What is true about Stone Paper?
(A) It comes in a variety of colors.
(B) It is rougher than regular paper.
(C) It won’t be ruined by rain.
(D) It cannot be recycled.

76.【題組】76. Why is Stone Paper good for packaging?
(A) It won’t damage easily.
(B) It is very light and fragile.
(C) It is rougher than regular paper.
(D) It contains 50 percent plastic.

77.重新載圖(5) Technology has come a long way in the decades since the first slow and bulky computers found their way into our homes, offices, and daily lives. Artificial intelligence—commonly known as AI—has given machines the power to think much like humans. In fact, computers are capable of thinking and calculating much faster than people. What’s more, they never get distracted, nor do they need to rest. These features mean their awesome power can be harnessed to perform complex functions and process huge amounts of information.
 Automated computer programs called bots can quickly accomplish tasks that would take humans days, weeks, or even years. Bots are even changing the face of journalism by producing written articles for newspapers, magazines, online blogs, and websites. One bot called Tobi wrote an amazing 40,000 news articles about a recent election in Switzerland in only 5 minutes! Of course such a feat would be impossible, even for a team of ten thousand news reporters working together.  
Many media outlets—including major newspapers and television news channels—are now using bots to produce the content 5f2faa0f95ded.jpg provide to readers and viewers. These bots are able to imitate human writing so closely that audiences don’t know the difference. AI can even predict what topics will interest readers, based on big data analysis. Bots allow media outlets to easily meet deadlines and save money by paying fewer employees. Here’s a question: do you think this article was written by a human or a bot?

【題組】77.What is the writer’s main purpose in writing this passage? 
(A) To discuss the amazing results of a recent election in Switzerland.
(B) To discuss the growing use of artificial intelligence by news media outlets to generate written content.
(C)To argue it’s unfair that human reporters might lose their jobs as a result of media outlets using bots.
(D) To provide a brief history of the development of artificial intelligence.


78.What does the word “ 5f2faa1e4ea93.jpg” in the third paragraph refer to? 
(A) AI programs.
(B) Human beings.
(C) Modern computers.
(D) Media outlets.

五、單句翻譯: (錯一字,扣0.5)

【題組】79.除非我們努力保護能源資源,否則我們也許很快用完它們。 (We…run…unless..make ...them.) ________________________________________________________________________

80.【題組】80.網路如此便利,以至於愈來愈多人有在網路上購物的習慣。 (Such…that…growing…online.) _________________________________________________________________________________



11. ( ) 絲絹與一玻璃棒互相摩擦,若摩擦後玻璃棒失去 1010 個電子,則下列關於此摩擦起電的敘述何者錯誤? (A)玻璃棒上帶正電 (B)絲絹獲得 1010個電...

50 x


107 年 - 2018臺南市私立黎明高中高二107 下學期英文第二次段考(期中考)其他#89752-阿摩線上測驗

107 年 - 2018臺南市私立黎明高中高二107 下學期英文第二次段考(期中考)其他#89752