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107 年 - 2018高雄市市立大灣國中九年級107 上學期英文第一次段考(期中考)康軒#84260 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. He works very hard. It’s not ______ that he’s always ___ .
(A) surprised; tired
(B) surprising;tiring
(C) surprising; tired
(D) surprised; tiring .

2.2. I have been working in the office for three hours. It’s three o’clock in the afternoon now.
(A) I stopped working in the office three hours ago.
(B) It’s less than three hours since I worked in the office.
(C) I worked in the office at three o’clock in the afternoon.
(D) I have worked in the office since 12 o’clock. .

3.3. We will go by ourselves if John _____ tomorrow.
(A) doesn’t come
(B) won’t come
(C) didn’t come
(D) hasn’t come .

4.4. Not only Chinese but also English is difficult to learn.
(A) Chinese is more difficult than English.
(B) English is difficult, and Chinese is ,too.
(C) Both Chinese and English aren’t easy.
(D) English is easier than Chinese. .

5.5. It _____ more than two months since the school began. ( 複選 )
(A) is
(B) was
(C) has been
(D) had .

6.6. 選出正確的句子
(A) He’s never been there, is he?
(B) There is a little bread on the kitchen table, is there?
(C) Mom read the book, didn’t she?.
(D) When I got home, Father was watching TV, didn’t I? .

7.7. I should have studied math hard yesterday. (選出句意相同者)
(A) I should study math hard yesterday.
(B) I should studied math hard yesterday.
(C) I didn’t study math hard yesterday.
(D) I should had studied math hard yesterday. .

8.8. A: I have got the news. B: When _______ the news?
(A) did you get
(B) will you get
(C) have you got
(D) had you got .

9.9. ______ the dog, John jumped into the river without thinking.
(A) Save
(B) To saving
(C) In saving
(D) To save .

(A) There goes Frank.
(B) In the classroom is thirty hard-working students .
(C) Here she comes.
(D) Not only did Anita become an artist, but also become a teacher . .

11.11. ( )The number of workers in the city _______ about ten thousand.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) has
(D) have .

12.12. ( )John: Paul is a good student, isn’t he? Jack: _____________.
(A) Yes, he isn’t a good student.
(B) No, he is a good student.
(C) Yes, he is a good student.
(D) Yes, I don’t know. .

13.13.Her grandfather _____ for five years.
(A) has died
(B) was dead
(C) died
(D) has been dead .

(A) Dolphins can do different tricks with a ball.
(B) Tom went out with 3 credit cards.
(C) Can you finish the letter with English?
(D) When he was nine, he moved with his mother to Taipei . .

15.15. 選出錯誤的句子:
(A) Tom feels watching TV is boring, but Mary thinks it’s interested.
(B) Does the fair (展覽會) interest you? I saw you stay there for a long time.
(C) Amy is interested in sports. She never gets bored.
(D) His two great interests in life are music and painting. .

16.三、克漏字選擇:(每個答案 2 分,共 10 分) 1. We are going to graduate from junior high .We were really happy ___1.____ the past three years. We had many things that ___2.____us laugh and cry. Kevin played basketball best, and we were all proud ___3.___ him. Allen was not good at studying. He often asked me to let him _____4.____ my homework. Mike was an _____5.______person. He often told us funny jokes. Though we were sometimes a littleboring, our teachers made us study all the time. We believe that we’ll remember those days well
(A) during
(B) in
(C) for
(D) on .

(A) makes
(B) making
(C) made
(D) to make .

(A) about
(B) with
(C) for
(D) of .

(A) copying
(B) copy
(C) to copy
(D) copied .

(A) scary
(B) tired
(C) interested
(D) interesting .

21.四、閱讀測驗:(每題答案 2 分,共 10 分) 1. Every country has fortune-tellers, people who say that they can see into a person’s future. In some countries, fortune-tellers look at a person’s hand. There are lines across the hand, and lines down the hand. One line tells a fortune-teller if and when a person will marry. Another line tells the fortune-teller how long that person will live. Other lines tell the fortune-teller other things. Some fortune-teller ”read” cards; they say they can tell a lot about a person’s futurer life by looking at the cards. Many Chinese use I Ching to find out about their futures. First the person asks a question, then throws some coins and looks at the way they fall. Then the person reads I Ching to find out what the coins mean. 1. I Ching 易經 2.coin 錢幣
【題組】1. Everyone has ___ on their hands.
(A) card
(B) lines
(C) coins
(D) books .

22.【題組】2. Some people go to fortune-tellers to ______.
(A) find out who they will marry
(B) play cards with other people
(C) throw coins at the fortune-teller
(D) look at fortune-teller’s hands. .

23.【題組】3. In this reading, which is NOT used to tell a person’s fortune?
(A) A book.
(B) A ball.
(C) A coin.
(D) A card. .

24.2. In October, thousands of people go to Kenting to relax in a special way. They watch birds. Around Double Tenth Day flocks of eagles and hawks fly across the sky of Kenting. With the coming of winter, however, all the birds begin to fly to some warmer places. October is not the only time to do the fun sport. In fact, in Taiwan you can watch birds all the year round. And you can do it wherever you go. Because of the warm weather, Taiwan has a great many birds. If you keep your eyes open, you may even find some around you. Here are some tips for birds watching. ●Don’t get too close to birds that are building nests or feeding their chicks. Some birds will give up their baby birds if they are scared. ●Take a pair of binoculars with you. This way, you can see the birds more clearly. ●Buy a good field guild if you don’t have one yet. It can help you know the birds that you have never seen before. ※chick 小鳥 ※binoculars 望遠鏡
【題組】1. What are eagles and hawks?
(A) They are the things you need for watching birds.
(B) They are the names of birds.
(C) They are the names of countries where birds stay.
(D) They are the people who watch birds. .

25.【題組】2. What can we infer(推論) form what we read?
(A) Birds like to get close to people.
(B) You can only go bird watching in October.
(C) A field guide may help you know birds better.
(D) Birds coming to Kenting don’t like warm weather..

26.一、單字:(每題 2 分,共 20 分) 1. ___ The witch cast(拋、投) a spell on the p_____e and he turned into a frog suddenly.

27.2. ___ On Moon Cake’s Festival, we visited Lung-Shan Temple(龍山寺) in Lukang(鹿港). It is an old temple. We thought it must be c_____ies old.

28.3. ___ In Taiwan, Taipei city’s main (主要的) f_____e is its beautiful building ---Taipei 101.

29.4. ___ The first step(步驟) of baking a cake: Mix together the f_____r, sugar, and eggs in a large bowl.

30.5. ___ Scientists predict(預言) that if people keep o_______g, the next 50 years will also see that kind of drop(那種數量滑落的情況) in most other kinds of fish.

31.6. 知識 ______

32.7. 文化 _____

33.8. 平凡的 _____

34.9. 保護 _____

35.10.誠實的 _________

36.五、中翻英填充:(每格答案 2 分,共10分) 1. 下列哪一個是和藍起士最搭? Which of the ____1___ does blue cheese ____2______?

37.2. 如果我們把它們送回野外,我們將無法近距離看它們和摸它們的鼻子。 If we ___3____ them back into the wild, we __4__ __5__watch them closely ___6___ touch them on the nose.

38.3.至於製作皮蛋的方法,我相信不是偶然發現的。 ____7_______ the ways ____8____ make century eggs, _____9______ they were found ____10_____



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107 年 - 2018高雄市市立大灣國中九年級107 上學期英文第一次段考(期中考)康軒#84260-阿摩線上測驗

107 年 - 2018高雄市市立大灣國中九年級107 上學期英文第一次段考(期中考)康軒#84260