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108 年 - 2019臺北市市立永春高中高三108 上學期英文第一次段考(期中考)其他#89677 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.一、 7000 字彙測驗 (選出最適當的選項) (15%)
(B) sensation
(C) enthusiastic
(D) patriotic
(E) offense (BD) esteem

【題組】1. Tom is so _____ about baseball that he goes to watch a baseball game every weekend.

2.【題組】2. Because of his achievements, John was held in high ______.

3.【題組】3. The people of Afghanistan _____ for peace and security after decades of conflict.

4.【題組】4. Please do not take _____ at what I said; I meant no harm.

5.【題組】5. The new stage play has caused a huge _____, selling out every performance.

(B) formidable
(C) intimidate
(D) ecstasy
(E) indignation (BD) indulge

【題組】6. Out of ______, more than 1 million protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong to oppose a controversial extradition bill that would enable China to extradite criminals from the city.

7.【題組】7. Don't ______ in rich sauces, fried food and muffins as these are high in fat.

8.【題組】8. The singer was in _____ when he heard he had won the talent contest.

9.【題組】9. After Donald Trump announced his plans to impose a 25% tariff on Chinese goods, some Chinese scholars criticized US’ _____ for China.

10.【題組】 10. The tennis champion was greatly relieved when he finally beat his _____ opponent after a four-hour final match.

(B) considerate
(C) contempt
(D) perceived
(E) spectacular (BD) alienated 
   Addiction can take many forms in modern life. Some become hooked on illegal drugs, while others might become addicted to their cell phones. Addicts are often  11  to be aimless in life, and they usually become  12  from their family and friends, leaving them feeling completely alone. However, it’s important to treat those who suffer from addiction not with  13  but with compassion. Also, some incentives to  14  their desire for outdoor activities should be taken into account to help them deal with addiction. A(n)  15  approach, combined with a dose of love, will put them on the road to recovery






16.二、 歷屆學測 108&107 綜合測驗 ( 6 %) 
Totem poles in North America are poles or posts  16  with symbols or figures by Aboriginal peoples of the Northwest Coast. The totem pole can be grouped into specific categories, depending on its location and the occasion  17  it was carved. Welcome poles were traditionally placed on village beachfronts to greet visitors arriving by canoe. Inside the homes of high-ranking chiefs is where house poles were found. The family’s history was carefully carved into each pole.  18  along the rear or front walls of a house, house poles also helped to support the main beam of the roof

(A) carving
(B) that carved
(C) to carve
(D) carved

(A) for which
(B) in which
(C) which
(D) where

(A) To place
(B) Placing
(C) Placed
(D) Having placed

19.  West Nile is a tropical disease that begins in birds, which pass it on to mosquitoes that then go on to infect human beings with a bite. Most people who  19  West Nile do not experience any symptoms at all, but, if they do, symptoms typically develop between 3 to 14 days after a mosquito bite. About 1 in 5 persons suffers fever, headaches, and body aches, and those with weak immune systems might even die. That is  20  made the major outbreaks of West Nile in the U.S. in the summer of 2012 so scary. The situation was particularly bad in Dallas, Texas, where the West Nile virus killed 10 people and sickened more than 200. The city declared a  21  of emergency and began aerial spraying of a pesticide to kill the mosquitoes, even though residents argued that the pesticide could be more dangerous than the disease.
(A) distribute
(B) contract
(C) tolerate
(D) convince

(A) what
(B) why
(C) when
(D) where

(A) state
(B) belief
(C) blossom
(D) flash


(B) resistant
(C) detect
(D) resort
(E) annoying 
  Many people who are troubled by skin rashes caused by bug bites use “foggers,” or “bug bombs,” get rid of the  22  crawlers in their homes. Many people think that these bug killers or pesticides will penetrate every place where the insects hide. Actually, quite the opposite is true. Once the pests  23  the chemical fog in the room, they’ll hide themselves in walls and other hideaways, where you’ll never be able to treat them effectively. Also, bugs that do come in contact with the chemical may be  24  to the pesticide. What’s more, the gases used in bug bombs are highly  25  and thus pose a serious risk of fire or explosion if the product is not used properly. Therefore, foggers, or bug bombs, should really be a measure of last  26  .






27.綜合測驗 (4 %)
 Music has a tendency to get stuck in our heads. Sometimes a tune intrudes on our thoughts and then plays, and replays, in a never-ending loop. This interesting phenomenon becomes a subject explored by many scientists.

【題組】27. Which of the following best defines “subject” in the first paragraph?
(A) A course being taken.
(B) A kind of mental disease.
(C) A matter being studied.
(D) A participant in an experiment.

28.Despite the economic and environmental hurdles, desalination is becoming increasingly attractive as human beings are using up fresh water from other sources. At present, desalinating seawater is the only viable way to provide water to growing populations in rural areas of the Middle East and North Africa. Therefore, the race is on to find a cheaper, cleaner, and more energy-efficient way of desalinating seawater, and promising new findings are being reported.
【題組】28. Which of the following is closest in meaning to “promising” in the first paragraph?
(A) Gloomy.
(B) Hopeful.
(C) Conservative.
(D) Doubtful.

29.三、 妙妙卷八、九回 (15%) 

(A) catch on
(B) rage on
(C) make do
(D) keep track of
(E) come in

【題組】29. The people of Al Sogara have to _____ without much water since there is no pipeline bringing it to the village.

30.【題組】30. With computers, it is much easier to _____ the data that people collect for different purposes.

31.【題組】31. On April 2019, locals and tourists in Paris watched in disbelief as they saw a blaze ____ for hours and severely damage the Notre Dame Cathedral.

32.【題組】32. Color TV didn’t _____ universally after its release; most TV shows and newscasts were still broadcast in black and white.

33.【題組】33. Amazingly, watermelons _____ different shapes and sizes and are loved for their cool flavor that can help people beat the heat.

(A) indispensable
(B) induce
(C) excessive
(D) well-being
(E) opposite 
   There are many negative effects of having  34  salt levels in your diets. For starters, high blood pressure and weight gain can both result from eating too much salt. High blood pressure can  35  heart attacks and strokes. Although iodized salt promotes healthy brain function and is  36  for unborn children and young people, it is important to keep an eye on how much salt you eat and cut out high-salt foods. With a little thought, you can improve your  37  simply by making afew easy changes to what you put on the dinner table





38.綜合測驗(6 %) 
Having to make their instruments from scratch for each performance makes things interesting when the Vegetable Orchestra travels abroad. Without the usual produce, the group must adapt to new vegetables.

【題組】38. What can be inferred about the Vegetable Orchestra’s performances?
(A) The musicians intend to give different performances to different audiences.
(B) The musicians do not use sheet music and play different songs each time.
(C) There are different musicians at each performance.
(D) The instruments the musicians make vary from place to place.

39.When black holes and stars come close to one another, a strong radio signal is spawned. Using eight radio telescopes, the Event Horizon Telescope project captured that radio signal, thereby creating an image of a black hole named M87.
【題組】39. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “spawned” in the passage?
(A) Produced.
(B) Consumed.
(C) Deleted.
(D) Dodged.

40.In November 2018, some American politicians have proposed a package of laws and reforms called the Green New Deal, which promises to protect the environment, eliminate dirty energy and greatly update the country’s transportation network.
【題組】40. Which of the following is most likely to be part of the Green New Deal?
(A) An increase in the sale of cars.
(B) Fewer nuclear power plants.
(C) An increase in the use of fossil fuels.
(D) The construction of public train lines.

41.一.克漏字 (20%) 
Working Holiday is a program where independent adventure-seekers can find support to back them up. It goes without saying that before __41__ the programs, one needs to do lots of research on them. Work and Travel USA program, for instance, is open to people __42__ between 18 and 28. An interview will be held after employers who are in __43__ with the program go through each applicant’s résumé. __44__ intermediate level of English ability, applicants’ passion and willingness to share and communicate are necessary. According to previous applicants, what __45__ most is one’s ability to fit changed circumstances. __46__ Eric Chen for example. He has chosen to serve as a waiter in Florida. __47__ the job might seem, Eric has gained valuable experiences from it. Also, Pamela Tsai, attracted to beautiful landscapes and natural environments, makes Australia her first choice. Programs __48__ the Work and Travel USA and the Working Holiday encourage young people to explore the globe. __49__ take part in these programs develop global vision, get a real taste of foreign cultures, and improve their capability to face any challenge. If aiming to travel around the world with limited budget, you can go and __50__ how beneficial these programs are. As the saying that goes, “He that travels far knows much.” Travel can definitely enrich life.

(A) applying for
(B) applying to
(C) applies for
(D) applies to

(A) aging
(B) aged
(C) who aged
(D) whose age

(A) cooperation
(B) concentration
(C) consequence
(D) conversation

(A) Except for
(B) On top of
(C) As a result of
(D) Despite

(A) involves
(B) cares
(C) concerns
(D) matters

(B) To take
(C) Taking
(D) Taken

(A) Despite boring
(B) Although boring
(C) Boring as
(D) As boring as

(A) such
(B) like
(C) as
(D) with

(A) People
(B) Those whom
(C) Those who
(D) Anyone who

(A) look up to
(B) see for yourself
(C) keep your eye on
(D) lose your heart to

51.Yo-Yo Ma dressed himself in his black coattails, walking onto the stage amid deafening applause. __51__ a cello in his hands, he sat down on the concert chair. Then the melody began, stealing out into the hushed hall and __52__a shadowy, empty atmosphere. Slowly the music grew into a painful furor, gripping everyone’s heart. Eventually, the cello created a hollow rattle and then back to dead silence.
   After a brief silence, Ma stood up, looked across the audience, __53__ his hand, and invited someone to come to the stage. Smailovic stood up from the seat and walked down the aisle __54__ Ma left the stage to meet him. They hugged passionately. Everyone in the hall was __55__ excited __55__ they clapped, shouted, and cheered nonstop. Ma was elegant and __56__ in appearance.__57___, Smailovic dressed himself in stained and tattered motorcycle suit. He wore long hair and his mustache framed a face which looked old beyond his age. His face __58__ tears. 
   The audience gave them a standing ovation. They were so excited to __59__ such a person, who shook his cello in the face of bombs, death, and ruins. It was then __60__ the audience realize music is a gift that can soothe, inspire, and unite people when people need it most!

【題組】 51 .
(A) Holding
(B) Held
(C) To hold
(D) Hold

(A) created
(B) creating
(C) create
(D) to create

(A) stretching out
(B)gave out
(C) giving out
(D) stretched out

(A) though
(B) meanwhile
(C) as
(D) since

(A) so; that
(B) both; and
(C) neither; nor
(D) either; or

(A) flawless
(B) tattered
(C) nasty
(D) mournful

57.【題組】57 .
(A) Without a doubt
(B) As a consequence
(C) By and large
(D) In contrast

(A) full of
(B) filled with
(C) was covered in
(D) was soaked with

(A) encounter
(B) observe
(C) abandon
(D) forecast

(A) how
(B) which
(C) that
(D) where

61.61. Anyone _____ in taking care of wildlife can send a résumé to the Animal Care Foundation.
(A) who interested
(B) interesting
(C) interested
(D), who is interested

62.62. In addition to _____ the dishes, I also mopped the floor this morning.
(B) be done
(C) doing
(D) did

63.63. In the middle of the park _____ a beautiful fountain where people enjoy watching the water show.
(B) lie
(C) lying
(D) lain

64.64.With the annoying buzzing sound _____ from the mosquito, Irene failed to have a good night’s sleep.
(D) had come

65.65. In 2014, the Japanese yen fell to a record low _____ nearly three million Taiwanese to visit Japan.
(A)that causes
(B) which causes
(C), causing
(D) and causing 

66.【已刪除】66. The diplomat’s pro_______y in many languages has given her the ability to interact with ambassadors from different countries.

67.67. The teacher sup_______ted the lesson with visual aids so that students would better understand the concent of what the greenhouse is.

68.68. Jerry is a hard-working student with good grades. Therefore, he is el_____ed for a scholarship to a top university

69.69..Though found guilty, the politician still refused to apologize because of a sense of di_____y.

70.70. The female employees have long suffered gender dis______n at work. Now, they started to fight for equal treatment in the workplace.

71.71. The novel contains v_____d descriptions of the ancient Maya, allowing readers to picture what life was like there.

72.72. Michael’s guilty expression co____med that he was the one who embezzled the money from the company.

73.73. In Taiwan, drunken driving carries a maximum pe_____y of a fines of NT$200,000, with driver’s licences suspended.

74.74. The dirt on the unused sofa had ac_____ted to such an extent that it was difficult to get rid of completely.

75.75. Each member of the club is en_____ed to use the private swimming pool for free.

76.76. Upon completing all the questions, Terry su____ted the questionnaire to the teacher.

77.77. The marathon runner never stopped during the race; he ran and walked al_____ly

78.78. Leaders from the Groups of Eight attended the climate su_____t to discuss the issue of carbon pricing.

79.79. Ang Lee, the first Asian to win the Academy Award for Best director, has had a very dis_____hed career in the film industry.

80.80. Roger used to take his health for granted . However, this sudden illness has given him a different per_______e on the importance of health. 

81.四. 翻譯 (10%)
81. The recreational center has been divided into three areas. ______ is for kids under 5, _______ is for teenagers and adults, and the other is for people with pets (1%)

82.82. 幾個月前,DaviD 丟了工作,但幸運地他藉由在街上發送傳單度過了失業的危機。 David lost his job a few months ago, but fortunately he _______ _______the crisis by _______ ________ flyers in streets for a living. (2%)

83.83. 打工渡假幫助少年拓展它們的視野也提升他們解決問題的能力。(3%)

84.84. 不論這個計畫會成功或失敗,Janet 已經下定決心要將它付諸執行。(4%)

85.66. The diplomat’s pro_______y in many languages has given her the ability to interact with ambassadors from different countries. .



6. 已知一長方形的面積為 3x2 - 3y2 - x + y,長、寬均為 x 與 y 的一次式,且所有係數接為整數,則其兩鄰邊的邊長分別為多少? (A)x + y、3x - 3y - 1 (B)x - y、3...

50 x


108 年 - 2019臺北市市立永春高中高三108 上學期英文第一次段考(期中考)其他#89677-阿摩線上測驗

108 年 - 2019臺北市市立永春高中高三108 上學期英文第一次段考(期中考)其他#89677