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1.1. The main______of this test is to find out how much you have learned in high school.
(A) countenance
(B) discipline
(C) objective
(D) procedure

2.2. I hope to live in a student dormitory when I am in college. I am tired of______to school in a crowded bus every day.
(A) commuting
(B) dropping
(C) swaying
(D) wandering

3.3. They were behind schedule and had to apply for______manpower to complete their project in time.
(A) basic
(B) extra
(C) introductory
(D) profound

4.4. Out of ______and consideration, I always write a thank-you note when someone sends me a gift.
(A) concentration
(B) convenience
(C) courtesy
(D) courtship

5.5. The boy______to the teacher for his improper behavior.
(A) apologized
(B) appealed
(C) approached
(D) attached

6.6. The problem with Jane is that she tends to take criticism too______and gets angry easily.
(A) eventually
(B) positively
(C) intimately
(D) personally

7.7. Almost everybody is a______of many different Times New Roman ; we show different faces to different people.
(A) combination
(B) communication
(C) competition
(D) complication

8.8. John has been working at the computer for twenty-four hours. He______needs a good rest.
(A) accidentally
(B) efficiently
(C) obviously
(D) previously

9.9. Nowadays students can______information from a variety of sources, such as computers, television, and compact discs.
(A) press
(B) express
(C) oppress
(D) access

10.10. Sorry for being late. Someone gave me______directions and I got totally lost.
(A) dreary
(B) faulty
(C) handy
(D) steady

【題組】11. Doctors have repeatedly warned people of the serious effect of noise on their hearing.
(A) curve
(B) impact
(C) increase
(D) shortcoming

12.【題組】12. People who are determined cannot be easily stopped from doing what they want to do.
(A) happy-natured
(B) strong-willed
(C) warm-hearted
(D) well-intentioned

13.【題組】13. The bridge collapsed under the weight of the heavy truck.
(A) gave up
(B) gave off
(C) gave over
(D) gave in

14.【題組】14. My initial offer was turned down politely. But when I tried again in my most sincere tone, it was gladly accepted.
(A) numerous
(B) original
(C) responsible
(D) talented

15.【題組】15. The outdoor concert was canceled because of rain.
(A) called off
(B) cut off
(C) put off
(D) taken off

16.【題組】16. It's next to impossible for me to finish the homework in three days.
(A) second
(B) never
(C) almost
(D) usually

17.【題組】17. Every now and then they go to a movie together.
(A) Always
(B) Never
(C) Occasionally
(D) Seldom

18.【題組】18. I was held up by a traffic jam on the freeway for about an hour.
(A) delayed
(B) maintained
(D) supported

19.【題組】19. I tell you once and for all that you must not do such a stupid thing again.
(A) at times
(B) for the last time
(C) more than once
(D) once more

20.【題組】20. I am curious about how John came by such a large sum of money.
(A) brought
(B) spent
(C) paid
(D) obtained

21.21-30題為題組 When Levi Strauss arrived in the United States from Bavaria, he was only seventeen, poor, and knew very ( 21 ) English. Like most immigrants, he was ( 22 ) a better life. So, when gold was discovered in the West in 1849, he ( 23 ) thousands of others and rushed to California. ( 24 ) he planned to open a shop in San Francisco, he took many goods with him, ( 25 ) a large quantity of canvas. He hoped to sell ( 26 ) as material for tents or wagon covers. Business, however, was not ( 27 ) he had expected. ( 28 ) , as he sat in a cafe in a small town, he had an idea. He saw a man with a hole in the leg of his trousers and ( 29 ) realized what Californians ( 30 ) for the rough work they were doing—good, strong trousers!
(A) easy
(B) some
(C) small
(D) little

(A) looking after
(B) looking at
(C) looking for
(D) looking into"

(A) took
(B) avoided
(C) paid
(D) joined

(A) Although
(B) Because
(C) If
(D) Unless

(A) including
(B) included
(C) being included
(D) was including

(A) much
(B) one
(C) it
(D) others

(A) as far as
(B) as good as
(C) as soon as
(D) as well as

(A) One day
(B) Another day
(C) Someday
(D) The other day

(A) casually
(B) frequently
(C) regularly
(D) suddenly

(A) needed
(B) need
(C) needing
(D) have needed

31.31-40題為題組 All forms of life have an instinctive urge to survive. Nature provides ( 31 ) with the means of survival. We have learned much about survival from ( 32 ) forms of animal life. Lizards, ( 33 ) can change the color of their skin and ( 34 ) the trees and leaves around them. ( 35 ) , they cannot be detected by other animals that threaten them. Nature provides other forms of protection ( 36 ) environmental dangers. Human beings, too, ( 37 ) special devices to protect ( 38 ) . Their skin is very ( 39 ) to temperature changes. ( 40 ) warm weather, sweating helps humans regulate their body temperature.
(A) it
(B) them
(C) this
(D) which

(A) better
(B) fewer
(C) less
(D) lower

(A) however
(B) for instance
(C) in case
(D) more or less

(A) blend with
(B) differ from
(C) gaze upon
(D) migrate to

(A) Nevertheless
(B) As a result
(C) In contrast
(D) On the other hand

(A) about
(B) above
(C) against
(D) around

(A) give
(B) are going to give
(C) have given
(D) have been given

(A) himself
(B) itself
(C) themselves
(D) yourselves

(A) sensational
(B) sensible
(C) sensitive
(D) sentimental

(A) During
(B) Instead of
(C) Over
(D) Through

41.41-43題為題組 Oct. 6, 1996 Dear Tom, It seems only yesterday that Jack and I were helping you learn your ABC's—and now you have finished high school and been accepted at Taipei University. We are both very proud of you, Tom. We have followed your high-school career with joy and pleasure and know that your four years at college will be even more rewarding. A word of congratulation just doesn't seem enough, so I am sending you a gift that I'm sure you will find. useful—an unabridged dictionary. Jack says you'll not only find it handy in your studies, but a great argument-saver when playing Scrabble with your friends. Mom and Dad are coming here for a weekend next month. Please try to take a few days off and come to join us. We are looking forward to seeing you. Love, Sally
【題組】41. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a reason for writing the letter?
(A) To congratulate Tom on his wonderful achievement.
(B) To tell Tom of his parents' planned visit.
(C) To invite Tom to join a weekend family get-together.
(D) To ask Tom to go home for the weekend.

42.【題組】42. " Scrabble" is
(A) an argument-saver.
(B) a big dictionary.
(C) a game.
(D) a gift.

43.【題組】43. On the basis of the letter, is the most likely relationship between Sally and Tom?
(A) Mother and son.
(B) Sister and brother.
(C) Grandmother and grandson.
(D) Niece and nephew.

44.44-46題為題組 Generally speaking, all foreigners coming to Taiwan should apply for entry visas through the embassies or consulates of the Republic of China, or agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As of May 1, 1995, all nationals of the following 15 countries are exempted from securing visas for entry into the Republic of China: U.S.A., Japan, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal. The maximum duration of stay is 14 days. Requirements for a 14-day non-visa entry are: passport good for at least six months, confirmed onward ticket within 14 days, no violation of law recorded. If it is necessary to stay more than 14 days and less than 30 days, nationals of the specific countries holding a 14-day non-visa entry should in the meantime apply for a landing-visa with the authorized office in the CKS airport from the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The landing-visa fee is NT$1,500.
【題組】44. When an American lady wants to enter Taiwan for a one-week sight-seeing trip, one of the requirements is
(A) to obtain a landing-visa at the CKS airport.
(B) to apply for a visa before leaving the U.S.A.
(C) to make sure her passport was issued before May 1, 1995.
(D) to make sure her passport is valid for more than six months on the date of arrival.

45.【題組】45. If a British businessman wants to visit some trade partners in Taiwan for about three weeks, what should he do?
(A) He should obtain a visa for entry into the Republic of China before getting on board the flight to Taiwan
(B) He should travel with a friend who is from any of the other 14 countries mentioned.
(C) He must obtain a landing-visa at the CKS airport.
(D) He just needs to apply for a non-visa entry when he arrives at the CKS airport.

46.【題組】46. Which of the following is needed for a landing-visa?
(A) A passport that is valid for more than six months.
(B) A 14-day non-visa entry.
(C) An application fee of NT$1,500.
(D) All of the above.

47.47-50題為題組 The brain, which weighs less than 2.2 pounds, is perhaps the most complicated organ in our bodies. Although scientists have not been able to solve all the mysteries of this amazing organ, they have made some progress. They have found that certain parts of the brain are responsible for learning, memory, and language. Recent studies indicate that the two halves of the brain—the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere—play extremely important roles in learning and communicating. The left hemisphere deals with rules, lists of information, and short-term memory. In contrast, the right hemisphere deals with feelings, colors, and long-term memory. Scientists recognize the importance of both hemispheres in the learning of all sorts, including language learning. Scientists now relate left and right hemispheres to the way different individuals learn languages. They believe that some learners use one half of their brains more than the other half. Left-brained learners usually concentrate on memorizing les and lists. They use logic, definition, and repetition to learn. Right-brained learners look for a general picture and concentrate on relating new information to what they already know. They use associations and intuition to learn. Most people fall into one of these types. If teachers know whether their students are left-brained or right-brained, they can help them learn better.
【題組】47. Mary is a typical left-brained learner. Which of the following descriptions does NOT fit her?
(A) She thinks in a very logical way.
(B) She is very artistic and romantic.
(C) She often scores A in sentence-combining tests.
(D) She is very good at math.

48.【題組】48. What is the most significant implication that teachers can draw from the above information? They should
(A) encourage students to memorize rules.
(B) show students how to use logic to solve problems
(C) urge students to relate new information to what they already know.
(D) try to find out the best learning styles for individual students.

49.【題組】49. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
(A) Damage of one hemisphere does not always cause complete loss of speech.
(B) Remembering one's way home involves short-term memory.
(C) Language learning takes place only in one hemisphere.
(D) Scientists have solved all the mysteries of the brain.

50.【題組】50. What is the best title of this passage?
(A) The Short-term and Long-term Memory
(B) Discoveries in the Field of Hemispheres
(C) A Recent Scientific Discovery
(D) The Amazing Human Brain

第二部分:非選擇題 一、中譯英 說明:請將以下短文中劃線的五個中文句子,根據上下文譯成正確、通順、達意的英文,並將答案寫在「答案卷」上。每題4分,共20分。 1-5題為題組 1.你有沒有想過未來的旅館會是什麼樣子? You need not wonder any longer. A hotel in Japan will give you a preview. The name of this hotel is the Capsule Inn; its rooms rent for eleven dollars a night. 2.每個房間附有一部收音機,一台電視機和一個鬧鐘。 3.此外,所有房間都有空調。 But here any resemblance to a twentieth-century hotel ends. The rooms are small plastic capsules, and each capsule is about five feet high, by five feet wide, and by seven feet deep. Guests have to crawl into bed through a large porthole entrance. 4.廁所及洗衣設施位於旅館的共同區域。 5.信不信由你,這家旅館幾乎經常是客滿, perhaps because the price of the rooms is as small as the rooms themselves.


56.二、作文 說明:1.請依下列提示寫一篇英文作文在「答案卷」上寫。文長以120字為 原則。 2.評分標準:內容5分,組織5分,文法4分,用字拼字4分,體例 (格式、標點、大小寫)2分。 背景提示: 西元1939年紐約世界博覽會前夕,主辦單位在會址的地底下埋了一個時間膠囊(time capsule),裡面放了許多最能代表當時生活方式的物品,如電話機、開罐器、手錶、香煙、以及一塊煤炭等。這個密封的盒子,要等到西元1939年才打開,以便讓五千年後的人知道1930年代的生活型態。 現在有一個國際性基金會也預備舉辦類似的活動,要將一個真空密閉的時間膠囊埋在地底,膠囊中的東西都不會腐壞,好讓一千年以後的人知道1996年世界各地區的生活方式。該基金會公開向各國人士徵求建議。 提示: 請你寫一篇英文短文前往應徵,提出最能代表我國人民生活現狀的物品兩件(體積不限),說明你選擇這兩件物品的理由,並以“ The two things I would like to put in the time capsule are...”作為短文的開頭。