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我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.The sentence written on the board is______. It has more than one meaning.
(A) ambiguous
(B) convincing
(C) elegant
(D) universal

2.Because Mr. Wang______changes his mind, it’s very difficult to predict what he will do next.
(A) additionally
(B) honorably
(C) probably
(D) constantly

3.Many students find it hard to focus on their studies when holidays are______.
(A) approaching
(B) dismissing
(C) expanding
(D) presenting

4.During the process of evolution, man has shown remarkable ability to______to the environment.
(A) adorn
(B) adopt
(C) adore
(D) adapt

5.The young scientist showed great______or his success. He said that it was as much the result of good luck as his own talent.
(A) dignity
(B) modesty
(C) intensity
(D) identity

6.Ladies and gentlemen, it is my______to speak to you all on this special occasion.
(A) company
(B) dignity
(C) privilege
(D) eloquence

7.It was a great______for his family that he had survived the cold weather in the mountain.
(A) moral
(B) promise
(C) relief
(D) success

8.The landslide after the typhoon signals that environmental protection______our attention.
(A) accuses
(B) stretches
(C) obtains
(D) deserves

9.Cars in the future will be characterized by their______use of gasoline.
(A) affective
(B) efficient
(C) immediate
(D) traditional

10.Physically, Peter is well-built, yet______, he is very weak and dependent.
(A) passionately
(B) relentlessly
(C) emotionally
(D) heartily

11.Kevin is______, because he broke the living room window this afternoon.
(A) in control
(B) in trouble
(C) in turn
(D) in vain

12.If all the manufacturers can______during this financial crisis, the economy may get better next quarter.
(A) call up
(B) give in
(C) hang on
(D) let in

13.Don’t worry about your grades. Just concentrate on your studies. Hard work often______the best in you.
(A) brings out
(B) gives away
(C) looks over
(D) splits off

14.The young man owes his success to many people, his parents______.
(A) after all
(B) by chance
(C) on purpose
(D) in particular

15.He was late for the meeting______the heavy rain.
(A) as a result of
(B) in accordance with
(C) in spite of
(D) apart from

16.16-20題為題組 Guest: My name is Hagen. I’m in room 229. This morning I (16) at 6 o’clock by a telephone call that wasn’t for me. Now this is the second time this (17) . It’s just not good enough! The call was for a Mr. Haugen! Don’t you people listen! Receptionist: I’m (18) terribly sorry, Mr. Hagen. I will inform the early morning supervisor. She will ensure it doesn’t happen again. Guest: Well, I hope not! Also, I received this FAX this morning. I’ve only got the first two pages. (19) should be four more. Didn’t anyone check? This is a very important document! Receptionist: I (20) apologize, Mr. Hagen. I’ll check the FAX office right away. Could I have those two sheets, please?
(A) awoke
(B) woke up
(C) was woken up
(D) wakened

(A) happens
(B) is happening
(C) has happened
(D) had happened

(A) most
(B) much
(C) more
(D) many

(A) They
(B) These
(C) Those
(D) There

(A) could
(B) do
(C) ought
(D) may

21.二、綜合測驗(20%) 說明:第21至40題,每題一個空格。請依文意選出最適當的一個選項,標示在答案卡之「選擇題第一部分」。每題答對得1分,答錯不倒扣。 21-30題為題組 Most people like to talk, but few people like to listen. (21) listening well is a rare talent that everyone should treasure. Because they hear more, good listeners (22) to know more and to be more sensitive to what is going on around them than other people. In addition, good listeners are inclined to accept or tolerate (23) to judge and criticize. Therefore, they have (24) enemies than other people. (25) , they are probably the most loved of people. However, there are (26) to that generality. For example, John Steinbeck is (27) to have been an excellent listener, yet he was hated by some of the people he wrote about. No doubt his ability to listen contributed (28) his capacity to write. (29) , the results of his listening did not make him popular. Thus, (30) on what a good listener does, he may become either popular or disliked in his lifetime.
(A) Yet
(B) And
(C) Or
(D) So

(A) mean
(B) like
(C) tend
(D) act

(A) instead of
(B) rather than
(C) in order
(D) in addition

(A) little
(B) least
(C) lesser
(D) fewer

(A) In contrast
(B) In particular
(C) In fact
(D) In other words

(A) situations
(B) exceptions
(C) perceptions
(D) observations

(A) called
(B) named
(C) said
(D) told

(A) on
(B) to
(C) for
(D) in

(A) Nevertheless
(B) Conversely
(C) Consequently
(D) Moreover

(A) depend
(B) depends
(C) depended
(D) depending

31.31-40題為題組 It was my first day in this beautiful tropical city. (31) I was walking to the beach, a stranger came up to me and tried to shake my hand. "Don’t you remember me, my friend?" he said. But I couldn’t (32) his face at all. I didn’t know a soul in the city. I had just arrived by plane and still had jetlag. "I (33) you at the airport. I work there at the customs. How are you enjoying our beautiful city?" I couldn’t remember him but I was too (34) to tell him. He was so friendly. (35) he offered to take me to his uncle’s seafood restaurant, just by the beach. I thanked him (36) but he insisted that we should go there for dinner. "You’ll love the seafood there," he (37) me. "And it will be a dinner to remember." So we went to the restaurant and sat by a window (38) the bay. The dinner was great indeed, but the coffee they served was quite different. In fact, it tasted very strange... Anyway, it was not (39) 10 o’clock the next morning that I finally woke up. But I had no idea where I was. All my money was (40) and my "friend" had even taken my watch and my shoes!
(A) As
(B) But
(C) Though
(D) For

(A) analyze
(B) emphasize
(C) recognize
(D) memorize

(A) have seen
(B) saw
(C) had seen
(D) was seeing

(A) exhausted
(B) interested
(C) frightened
(D) embarrassed

(A) Even
(B) Then
(C) When
(D) While

(A) eagerly
(B) happily
(C) politely
(D) willingly

(A) declared
(B) proposed
(C) responded
(D) assured

(A) overlook
(B) overlooking
(C) overlooks
(D) overlooked

(A) before
(B) after
(C) until
(D) towards

(A) gone
(B) none
(C) no
(D) nothing

41.三、閱讀測驗(30%) 說明:第41至55題,每題請分別根據各篇文章選出最適當的一個選項,標示在答案卡之「選擇題第一部分」。每題答對得2分,答錯不倒扣。 41-44題為題組 Authors write for many reasons. Often they write about real or make-believe people, places, or events that may be funny, sad, or scary. Sometimes authors write about these things to entertain readers. Authors also write about these things to inform by giving facts or ideas. The following two paragraphs are examples of these two kinds. (1) When he finished with unpacking, Nelson carried all the empty boxes down the hallway. On his way to the dump, the bell rang. He needed to hurry. He had no time to go to the dump. Then, he stopped at Adam Joshua’s office, which happened to be unlocked, and walked away joyfully. Later in the afternoon, Nelson came to Adam’s office with Peter for their biology project. The empty boxes and many other things fell all over them the minute he opened the door. “Adam Joshua!” yelled Nelson, pushing away a basketball and shaking a toy frog off his foot. “This is no way to treat a friend!” (2) Where the land meets the sea we find seashells. There are many different kinds of shells. They can be round like the moon, long like a jackknife, or shaped like boxes, fans, or tops. The shells we find are usually empty, but once there were soft bodies inside. Animals with hard shells outside and soft bodies inside are called mollusks.
【題組】41. What is the best title for this article?
(A) What’s a Friend for
(B) Seashells and Mollusks
(C) Appropriate Topics for Writing
(D) Writing for Different Purposes

42.【題組】42. Regarding the first example, which of the following is FALSE?
(A) Nelson was not a responsible person.
(B) Adam and Nelson are military officers.
(C) Nelson left his empty boxes in Adam’s office.
(D) Adam played a practical joke on Nelson.

43.【題組】43. Which of the following is TRUE according to the first example?
(A) Nelson and Adam never liked each other.
(B) Adam didn’t know what Nelson put into his office.
(C) Peter complained to Nelson about the empty boxes.
(D) Nelson was taught a lesson by Adam.

44.【題組】44. According to the author, the second example is intended to
(A) express opinions about seashells.
(B) present facts about seashells.
(C) show us the beauty of seashells.
(D) describe the shapes of seashells.

45.45-48題為題組 Kauai, the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands, has some of the state’s most stunning scenery. Rivers and streams flow slowly through jungles of shaded greens. The breathtaking 4,000-foot cliffs of Na Pali Coast rise grandly from the sea. Waimea Canyon, called the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" by Mark Twain, cuts a deep gash through the rugged central mountains. Rising more than 5,000 feet, Mt. Waialeale stands at the center of the nearly round island. This extinct volcano is considered the wettest spot on earth, with almost 500 inches of rainfall each year. Yet this amount of rain is surprisingly localized. Just a few miles west, there’s a dry region that receives a mere 6 inches of rain annually. The island continues to recover from its 1992 visit from Iniki, the most powerful hurricane to hit Hawaii this century. A few hotels are still being rebuilt, but Kauai remains as beautiful as ever. Kauai is not for people who thrive on crowds or nightlife. While it does have its share of resort hotels, shopping centers and good restaurants, and a smattering of museums, art galleries and night spots, its main attractions lie outdoors. Hiking, camping, and scuba diving are excellent on the island.
【題組】45. What is the theme of this passage?
(A) Introduction to a foreign culture.
(B) Historical background of a region.
(C) Discussion of environmental problems.
(D) Geographical information of a place.

46.【題組】46. What is Kauai famous for?
(A) Cold weather.
(B) Natural beauty.
(C) Active volcanoes.
(D) Amusement parks.

47.【題組】47. What is the rainfall condition of Kauai?
(A) The rainfall concentrates in some spots.
(B) It rains a lot except in high mountains.
(C) There is a lot of rain everywhere most of the year.
(D) The rainfall changes much with seasons.

48.【題組】48. Which of the following statements is FALSE about the island of Kauai?
(A) The island of Kauai is almost round in shape.
(B) The 1992 hurricane caused serious damage to Kauai.
(C) It is a good place for those who enjoy indoor activities.
(D) In the center of the island rises a high mountain.

49.49-50題為題組 All living things die eventually. In ecological terms, the chemicals of living things are borrowed from the Earth, and at death they return. All the material that every animal, from the smallest fly to the largest elephant, takes in as food also returns to the Earth, as waste matter. The dead material and waste matter form the diet of a group of living organisms called decomposers. They include a range of bacteria, fungi, and small animals that break down nature’s wastes into ever smaller pieces until all the chemicals are released into the air, the soil, and the water, making them available to other living things. Without the carbon dioxide released from the process, all plant life would die out. Without the oxygen that plants give out, and without the food that they supply, life would grind to a halt and all animals would starve. The decomposers are a vital link in the natural cycle of life and death.
【題組】49. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) Small living things like bacteria provide food for other living things.
(B) Carbon dioxide is produced during the process of decomposition.
(C) Plants are important for supporting the life of animals.
(D) Decomposers play a minor role in the recycling of nature.

50.【題組】50. According to the passage, death is not the end of life, but rather
(A) supports many forms of life.
(B) borrows material from the Earth.
(C) shows how bacteria become chemicals.
(D) controls the amounts of soil.

51.51-55題為題組 New York, Nov. 17--In a swirl of confetti and shredded paper, John Glenn made his second trip through New York’s "Canyon of Heroes" in a parade Monday, saluting his return to space 36 years after he became America’s first man in orbit. Glenn’s first ticker-tape parade on March 1, 1962, after his Mercury flight, is considered the largest ever in New York. An estimated 3,474 tons of confetti and ticker-tape rained down along a seven-mile route. For his second parade, despite lunchtime crowds from Wall Street, the turnout Monday was sparse by New York standards and spectators along a route less than a mile long were surprisingly restrained. Police and Glenn’s parade was attended by 500,000 -- a figure that appeared generously inflated. The 1962 celebration "was more enthusiastic -- a lot more people," said one spectator, who as a young newlywed attended Glenn’s first parade and came from her Brooklyn home again for Glenn’s second parade. Another spectator said that too many Americans take the achievements of the space program for granted. "It’s become so everyday, so ordinary, nobody cares," he said. Glenn began the day with decorating the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. After that event, Glenn recalled the 1962 parade, saying, "It was just so enormous. I remember just a blizzard of paper. You could hardly even look up without getting something in your eye." Glenn, who retires from the U.S. Senate next month, joins a list of individuals and sports teams honored with more than one ticker-tape parade.
【題組】51. This is a report about John Glenn after he
(A) successfully accomplished his 1962 Mercury flight.
(B) became the first man to land on the moon.
(C) was welcomed in New York the second time.
(D) retired from the U.S. Senate.

52.【題組】52. What impressed Glenn most in the 1962 parade?
(A) The huge crowd of people around him.
(B) The huge amount of paper poured over him.
(C) The Christmas tree in front of the Rockefeller Center.
(D) The key to the city he received from the mayor.

53.【題組】53. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
(A) John Glenn is admirable in that he has been to the moon more than once.
(B) Only John Glenn has received the ticker-tape parade more than once.
(C) Many Americans are no longer excited about space achievements.
(D) Glenn’s second parade in New York was larger than the first one.

54.【題組】54. According to the passage, how many space flights has Glenn taken?
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) Four

55.【題組】55. Why does the report say that the figure of Glenn’s second parade was “inflated”?
(A) Because the second parade had a larger crowd than the first parade.
(B) Because there were many people who attended both parades.
(C) Because the crowd of the second parade seemed to be far less than 500,000.
(D) Because the crowd of the second parade was far more enthusiastic.

第二部分:非選擇題 一、簡答題 說明:1.根據下面的求職廣告內容,回答下列問題。注意答案要寫在「答案卷」 上。 2.寫答案時要標明題號,題1與題5的答案用各則廣告的英文字母代號。 題2,3,4要寫job的名稱。每題2分,共10分。

【題組】1. Which advertisements are NOT placed by foreign companies? (Write down the letters representing such advertisements.)

57.【題組】2. Which job has the best benefits in addition to the regular salary?
58.【題組】3. Wendy is good at writing and she doesn’t like to work according to a fixed schedule. Which of the four jobs might be more suitable for her?
59.【題組】4. Charles has a strong interest in technology. Which of the four jobs should he apply for?
60.【題組】5. Which advertisement does not need direct contact by making telephone calls? (Write down the letter representing the advertisement.)
61.二、英文作文(20%) 說明:1.請依提示在「答案卷」上寫一篇英文作文。 2.文長約120字。 提示: 根據以上四則求職廣告,寫一篇英文作文。文分兩段:第一段寫出你認為這四種工作中那一種對你而言是最好的工作,並說明理由;第二段則寫出四種工作中你最不可能選擇的工作,也說明理由。假如這四種工作你都不喜歡,則在第一段說明都不喜歡的理由,在第二段寫你喜歡什麼工作,並說明理由。