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90 年 - 90基測1#6040 

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1.1. My son's birthday is coming. I want to buy him a computer as a birthday______.
(A) place
(B) party
(C) poster
(D) present

2.2. It is ______ to go out on a typhoon day. The sky is dark and the wind is strong.
(A) careful
(B) fashionable
(C) dangerous
(D) convenient

3.3. You will become a good learner if you ______ the tips your teachers talk about.
(A) do
(B) ask
(C) answer
(D) follow

4.4. I'm sorry for breaking your window. It's all my ______.
(A) fault
(B) idea
(C) joke
(D) question

5.5. The town looks very ______ now. It has changed a lot.
(A) serious
(B) worried
(C) favorite
(D) different

6.6. John is an active language learner. He always takes a ______ with him.
(A) story
(B) sentence
(C) dictionary
(D) conversation

7.7. I feel it great to take ______ in the hot springs in Yangminshan.
(A) an interest
(B) a bath
(C) a trip
(D) some medicine

8.8. Our teacher ______ the old lessons before starting a new one.
(A) reviewed
(B) noticed
(C) previewed
(D) remembered

9.9. Mary had an accident and was badly hurt. The doctor says it is ______ for her to go to school today.
(A) illegal
(B) special
(C) convenient
(D) impossible

10.10. If you want to be strong, ______ every day can help you.
(A) criticizing people
(B) going swimming
(C) preparing tests
(D) playing video games

11.11. The jacket is ______ than the dress or the pants.
(A) expensive
(B) very expensive
(C) more expensive
(D) the most expensive

12.12. Frank read a comic book yesterday, but his brother ______.
(A) does
(B) doesn’t
(C) did
(D) didn’t

13.13. Mrs. Wang has two sons. ______ of them go to junior high school.
(A) One
(B) Both
(C) Some
(D) Many

14.14. Do you remember the girl ______ looked worried at the train station yesterday?
(A) who
(B) where
(C) which
(D) what

15.15. These pictures ______ when we took a trip to Kenting National Park.
(A) took
(B) will take
(C) were taken
(D) will be taken

16.16. Paul: What did you find under his desk? Tom: Oh, ______ all kinds of things: a basketball, pencils, a hat, and fries!
(A) there were
(B) it was
(C) it had
(D) there was

17.17. Oscar: I’m going to the museum. Bus Number 286 goes there, ______? David: Yes, but you can take a Number 287, too.
(A) does it
(B) doesn’t it
(C) is it
(D) isn’t it