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1.1. The ballet dancers’________movements delighted all the audience.
(A) truthful
(B) doubtful
(C) graceful
(D) helpful

2.2. At the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, all the athletes________ good-bye to the audience.
(A) charmed
(B) waved
(C) dared
(D) gazed

3.3. The drug problem is universal. It is not ________ to one country.
(A) protected
(B) detected
(C) admitted
(D) restricted

4.4. I think that this new program will be________of your effort.
(A) cautious
(B) fruitful
(C) worthy
(D) patient

5.5. This textbook is________more difficult to read than the other one.
(A) considerably
(B) favorably
(C) desirably
(D) respectably

6.6. The________of Linda’s love for music made her fly to Vienna to enter a music school.
(A) quantity
(B) intensity
(C) creativity
(D) formality

7.7. E-mail plays a________role in modern communication.
(A) vital
(B) violent
(C) vivid
(D) various

8.8. I________accept your plan, but I think it should be somewhat reworded.
(A) basically
(B) leisurely
(C) modestly
(D) properly

9.9. This poem may be________in several different ways and each of them makes sense.
(A) negotiated
(B) designated
(C) interpreted
(D) substituted

10.10. The________of this piece of cloth is too coarse. Do you have a finer one?
(A) content
(B) display
(C) extent
(D) texture

11.11. His plan________in failure though it had been supported by many people.
(A) held on
(B) ended up
(C) put away
(D) brought about

12.12. Sara enjoys amusing her friends by________stories.
(A) speaking out
(B) setting off
(C) making up
(D) giving away

13.13. As the applause________, the curtain on the stage dropped slowly.
(A) took off
(B) died down
(C) passed out
(D) stayed up

14.14. No one can possibly know________when an earthquake will strike.
(A) in advance
(B) in particular
(C) in vain
(D) in case

15.15. The scientist’s project to build a modern laboratory was________on account of its huge budget.
(A) taken for granted
(B) started out
(C) got into difficulty
(D) called into question

16.說明︰第16至25題,每題一個空格,請依文意選出最適當的一個選項。 At times, it seems like there are not many things that we can give a student who has everything. But (16) that Christmas is just a few weeks away, (17) is a gift idea. Those who have an inclination for crazy technological advances aren’t hard (18) . One simple way is a few new items that might (19) life more enjoyable. They don’t look too revolutionary, but you’d be surprised (20) they are capable of. The following is one of the items. (21) a student who is never on time, there is the new Projection Alarm Clock. Many ordinary clocks are hard to read early in the morning, deceiving students of the correct time, (22) causing them to be late for school. Through a projector, this attractive radio-alarm-clock is able to display the time onto a wall, ceiling, or anywhere (23) . The benefits include an easier visibility of the time, and an alarm that gets increasingly louder (24) turned off. It won’t magically transport a student to school on time every day, but it just might make (25) a little easier.
(A) given
(B) give
(C) giving
(D) to give

(A) it
(B) here
(C) that
(D) where

(A) to be pleased
(B) to please
(C) to be pleasing
(D) to have pleased

(A) do
(B) take
(C) make
(D) find

(A) how much
(B) at that
(C) what if
(D) such as

(A) Once
(B) Like
(C) Just
(D) For

(A) though
(B) therefore
(C) otherwise
(D) however

(A) else
(B) too
(C) also
(D) then

(A) when
(B) as
(C) until
(D) since

(A) to wake up
(B) wake up
(C) woke up
(D) waking up

(A)到(J)的選項中選出最適當者,合併成一個意思通順、用法正確的句子。 (AB).…unlikely that he would succeed. (AC).…in that someone will take care of it. (AD).…when I met an old friend of mine. (AE).…whether Mary would come or not. (BC).…have carried out many welfare programs. (BD).…still nobody accepted Mary. (BE)…since I last saw him. (CD).…to this new form of art. (CE)…...and it certainly hurts. (DE).…..he found a job in a computer company.

【題組】26. People in this village…

27.【題組】27. After his graduation from college, …
28.【題組】28. Ruth is attracted…
29.【題組】29. It has been many years…
30.【題組】30. I was taking a walk in the park…
(A) 到(J) 選項中分別選出最適當者。 I had an extraordinary dream last night. In the dream the cloakroom attendant at a theater stopped me in the lobby and insisted on my (31) my legs behind. I was not surprised, but I was (32) annoyed. I said I had never heard of such a rule at a theater before. The man replied that he was very (33) about it, but people often complained that other people’s legs were always in the (34) . Therefore, it had been decided that people should leave their legs (35) . It seemed to me that the management had gone beyond their legal right in making this order. Under (36) circumstances, I should have disputed it. However, I didn’t want to (37) a disturbance, so I sat down and prepared to obey the rule. I had never before known that the human leg could be taken off. I had always thought it was more (38) fixed. But the man showed me how to undo them, and I found that they (39) off quite easily. The discovery did not surprise me (40) more than the original request that I should take them off. Nothing does surprise one in a dream. (AB) sorry (AC) outside (AD) leaving (AE) securely (BC) any (BD) normal (BE) quite (CD) came (CE) make (DE) way


41.41-43題為題組 Believe it or not, America’s favorite snack food is the potato chip. There is a story behind how it was first made. One might think that somewhere a genius thought up the first potato chips, but it didn’t happen that way. Picture an elegant restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York, in 1853. The Moon Lake Restaurant’s menu included French-fried potatoes, a popular food recipe brought back from France by Thomas Jefferson. These were thickly cut potatoes, fried until golden brown and crisp on the outside. One evening a guest in the dining hall felt that his potatoes were too thick and sent them back to the kitchen. The cook sliced some potatoes thinner than before and prepared them for the complaining guest. He was still not satisfied and sent them back again! By this time the cook was angry and decided to do exactly what the dinner guest wanted: slice the potatoes as thin as possible. Then they would be so crisp that the diner wouldn’t be able to use his fork to eat them. When the paper-thin browned potatoes arrived, the diner was pleased. He was so happy with them that other guests started ordering the new potatoes. The cook’s plan to stop the dinner guest from complaining did not turn out as he had planned. Soon Saratoga Chips appeared on the menu and became so popular that people wanted to take some home. The restaurant started selling small packages of the potato chips. A few years later, they were selling all over the United States. But because the potatoes had to be peeled by hand, it was a time-consuming chore and potato chips were often out of stock. In the 1920s a mechanical potato peeler was invented and soon there were potato chips in abundance. They gradually spread all over the world, and have remained popular ever since.
【題組】41. According to this passage, mass production of potato chips was made possible when________.
(A) potatoes could be peeled by machines
(B) potatoes were peeled by a large number of cooks
(C) there was a growing demand for them
(D) they first appeared in a Saratoga restaurant

42.【題組】42. According to this passage, the cook of the Moon Lake Restaurant ________.
(A) enjoyed making potato chips very much
(B) planned to sell potato chips everywhere
(C) wanted to silence a complaining diner
(D) was pleased that other guests liked the chips

43.【題組】43. Potato chips have been popular in the U.S.________.
(A) for more than 200 years
(B) ever since 1920
(C) for less than 100 years
(D) since the 19th century

44. 44-46題為題組 Even though they were written 150 years ago, Alexander Dumas’ action novels still excite millions of readers around the world, in close to a hundred languages. Dumas’s two most famous stories, The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, have inspired more than 100 films. His 1848 novel, The Man in the Iron Mask, was recently made into a movie. In this movie, Leonardo DiCaprio played both King Louis XIV and his twin brother Philippe. Few people know, however, that the author was the grandson of a Haitian slave. Even fewer people know that Dumas’ father rose rapidly from a soldier to a general in the French Army before he was 31. The general died young, leaving Alexander penniless. But Dumas overcame poverty, the lack of formal education, and the hardship of racism to become one of the world’s most popular writers. Dumas’s life sometimes was just like his action novels. He participated in three revolutions and fought with people when he was insulted. After making a fortune by writing novels, he built a mansion outside Paris and kept it open to starving artists, friends, and even strangers. Luckily for his fans, the mansion has recently been restored and opened to the public.
【題組】44. Which of the following statements about Alexander Dumas is FALSE?
(A) He was a victim of racism.
(B) He was well-educated.
(C) He was the son of a general.
(D) He was the grandson of a slave.

45.【題組】45. Alexander Dumas’s novels ________ .
(A) have lasted for less than 100 years
(B) have been translated into more than 100 languages
(C) have not been well received until recently
(D) have fascinated readers for many years

46.【題組】46. We may infer from the article that Dumas________.
(A) did not lead a colorful life
(B) was a man who kept money to himself
(C) was a generous and kind-hearted man
(D) was a peace-loving writer

47.47-50題為題組 Zoe was just 2 weeks old when she was spotted wandering in a village market near Kenya’s Tsavo National Park in December 1995. Zoe’s mother had died and the baby was left alone. She was no ordinary orphan: she was an elephant. So she was trucked to a most unusual orphanage in Nairobi, run by a woman named Daphne Sheldrick. Daphne’s husband, David Sheldrick, founded Tsavo National Park. Daphne has been working with wild animals for some 60 years, and in 1977 she opened the elephant orphanage at her home in Nairobi. As of 1997, the orphanage, which depends on private contributions, has saved more than 100 infants. Zoe was rather healthy when she was found, and once under the care of the orphanage she was very happy, consuming six gallons of vitamin-rich milk a day and earning a reputation as a confident, naughty and mischievous youngster. After a year in the orphanage with the constant companionship of her human family, Zoe was taken to a refuge at Tsavo National Park. There her keepers have gradually introduced her to the ways of the wild, helping her to find food and water. Zoe lives together with other elephant youngsters in a protected area. It may take some years, but the final aim is to release all of them to a wild herd. Daphne said that her dream for the future is to see ivory banned, all stored ivory destroyed and no one wearing an ivory ornament ever again. “There will always be competition for land,” she explained, “but we can protect elephants in the parks and give the young a chance.”
【題組】47. Zoe was trucked to an elephant orphanage because________.
(A) Tsavo National park needed a baby elephant
(B) she could not find her way home
(C) she was very young when she lost her mother
(D) Daphne wanted to keep her as a pet

48.【題組】48. The elephant orphanage is________.
(A) supported by the government
(B) located inside Tsavo National Park
(C) home to many kinds of animals
(D) operated with personal funds

49.【題組】49. At Tsavo National Park, Zoe has been________.
(A) released to a wild herd to be protected
(B) taught to adjust to life in the wild
(C) allowed to wander in the village market
(D) accompanied all the time by her keepers

50.【題組】50. According to this passage, Daphne would like to________.
(A) make elephants live in their own groups
(B) set up as many orphanages as possible
(C) sell ivory for maintaining the orphanage
(D) send Zoe to a zoo in Europe or America

51. 51-55題為題組 Every object tells a story. Even the most ordinary objects can present to us powerful images. Sometimes it is the ordinary nature of these objects that actually makes them so extraordinary. Such is the case with an old leather shoe in a museum in Alaska. At first glance it does not look like much. It is a woman’s shoe of a style popular in the 1890s. But what is unique about this shoe is where it was found. It was discovered on the Chilkoot Pass, the famous trail used by the people seeking gold in Alaska. Who it belonged to or why it was left there is not known. Was it perhaps dropped by accident as the woman climbed up the 1,500 stairs carved out of ice? Or did she throw away goods that she didn’t need in order to travel lighter? Over 100,000 people with “gold fever” made this trip hoping to become millionaires. Few of them understood that on their way they would have to cross a harsh wilderness. Unprepared for such a dangerous journey, many died of starvation and exposure to the cold weather. The Canadian government finally started requiring the gold seekers to bring one ton of supplies with them. This was thought to be enough for a person to survive for one year. They would carry their supplies in backpacks each weighing up to fifty pounds; it usually took at least 40 trips to get everything to the top and over the pass. Whoever dropped the shoe must have been a brave and determined woman. Perhaps she was successful and made it to Alaska. Perhaps she had to turn back in defeat. No one will ever know for sure, but what we do know is that she took part in one of the greatest adventures in the 19th century.
【題組】51. The ordinary woman’s leather shoe is considered unusual because________.
(A) it was an important clue to life in the past
(B) it was found near a famous trail
(C) it at one time belonged to a VIP
(D) it was a fashionable shoe at that time

52.【題組】52. According to this passage, many people who went to Alaska________.
(A) eventually became millionaires
(B) brought with them many shoes
(C) had conflicts with the Eskimos
(D) were not properly equipped

53.【題組】53. The Canadian government made gold seekers bring one year’s supplies with them so that________.
(A) they would not die of hunger and cold
(B) the army would have enough food for fighting a war
(C) they could trade these goods with the Eskimos
(D) the supplies would make Alaska prosperous

54.【題組】54. No matter what happened to the woman who owned the shoe,________.
(A) she must have lived a happy life
(B) she certainly dropped the shoe on purpose
(C) her adventurous spirit is definitely admirable
(D) her other shoes were equally fashionable

55.【題組】55. The author of this passage would like us to remember that________.
(A) “gold fever” was not worth the lives of many people
(B) simple objects can stimulate our imagination
(C) lost shoes should be sent to museums for exhibition
(D) Alaska was not a place suitable for making a living

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