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1.1. In the keen competition of this international tennis tournament, she ______ won the championship.
(A) privately
(B) distantly
(C) locally
(D) narrowly
2.2. This company, with its serious financial problems, is no longer ______ .
(A) achievable
(B) stretchable
(C) repeatable
(D) manageable
3.3. Your desk is crowded with too many unnecessary things. You have to ______ some of them.
(A) remain
(B) resist
(C) remove
(D) renew
4.4. Most businessmen are more interested in the ______ success of their products than their educational values.
(A) cultural
(B) commercial
(C) classical
(D) criminal
5.5. The postal special ______ service is very efficient. A package sent can be received in a couple of hours.
(A) delivery
(B) directory
(C) discovery
(D) dormitory
6.6. Children don’t learn their native languages ______ , but they become fluent in them within a few years.
(A) previously
(B) variously
(C) consciously
(D) enviously
7.7. ______ to what you think, our TV program has been enjoyed by a large audience.
(A) Intensive
(B) Contrary
(C) Fortunate
(D) Objective
8.8. There is a ______ to one’s capacity; one should not make oneself overtired.
(A) relaxation
(B) contribution
(C) hesitation
(D) limitation
9.9. It is necessary for you to ______ this point. We simply cannot understand it.
(A) clarify
(B) falsify
(C) purify
(D) notify
10.10. Our team will certainly win this baseball game, because all the players are highly ______ .
(A) illustrated
(B) estimated
(C) motivated
(D) dominated
11.11. This story, ______ , is very fascinating: there are many interesting characters in it.
(A) on the whole
(B) under no circumstances
(C) in no time
(D) out of the question
12.12. Most of our classmates are ______ taking a trip to Kenting National Park.
(A) in honor of
(B) in favor of
(C) in search of
(D) in place of
13.13. We haven’t seen John for a long time. As a matter of fact, we have ______ him.
(A) made up for
(B) run out of
(C) come to pass
(D) lost track of
14.14. Recently in Taiwan, the manufacturing industry has ______ the information industry.
(A) found a way of
(B) changed the way of
(C) given way to
(D) had a way of
15.15. His behavior at the party last night seemed rather . Many of us were quite surprised.
(A) out of practice
(B) out of place
(C) out of politeness
(D) out of pity
16.二、句子配合題(5%) 說明︰1. 第16至20題,每題皆為未完成的句子。請逐題依文意與語法,從右欄
(A) 到(J)的選項中選出最適當者,合併成一個意思通順、用法正確的句子。 2. 請將每題所選答案之英文字母代號標示在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。 每題答對得1分,答錯不倒扣。 (AB).…can you succeed in achieving your goal. (AC).…moved into a new apartment. (AD).…more than a copy of the other. (AE).…don’t lose any opportunity. (BC).…no place is like home. (BD).…after proposing a new plan to the company. (BE)…and it is improper to say so. (CD)…trying to make him relaxed. (CE)….very anxious to carry out the project. (DE).…is why John failed in this exam.

【題組】16. There is no doubt that
17.【題組】17. What I can never understand
18.【題組】18. Only by working hard
19.【題組】19. The nurse approached the child,
20.【題組】20. This painting is nothing
21.三、綜合測驗(10%) 說明︰第21至30題,每題一個空格,請依文意選出最適當的一個選項,標示在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。每題答對得1分,答錯不倒扣。 It is a usual sunny afternoon in the village of Midwich, England. It seems not (21) any afternoon in the village, but all of a sudden, people and animals lose consciousness. (22) they awake, all of the women of child-bearing age have become pregnant. This is an episode from a 1960 science fiction story. The women in the story (23) birth to children that have the same appearance. They all have blond hair and “strange eyes.” (24) the children grow, they run around the village in a pack, wearing identical clothing and hairstyles, staring at everyone impolitely. (25) one child learns is also known by the others instantly. Villagers begin to (2 6) their belief that the children all have “one mind.” In this story, the children are produced by some unexplained force from outer space. But this story written 40 years ago (27) predicted the arrival of a recent method of genetic engineering—cloning. Cloning is the genetic process of producing copies of an individual. Will the genetic copies of a human really have “one mind” as (28) in this story? This situation is so strange to us that we do not know what will (29) of it. Faced with this new situation, people have (30) to find out how to deal with it.
(A) unlike
(B) dislike
(C) like
(D) alike
(A) Then
(B) When
(C) Since
(D) And
(A) send
(B) make
(C) take
(D) give
(A) If
(B) For
(C) As
(D) So
(A) Which
(B) While
(C) Where
(D) What
(A) express
(B) wonder
(C) select
(D) ignore
(A) sometimes
(B) anyway
(C) somehow
(D) anyhow
(A) describes
(B) described
(C) describe
(D) describing
(A) happen
(B) occur
(C) appear
(D) become
(A) not
(B) yet
(C) till
(D) though
31.四、文意選填(10%) 說明:第31至40題,每題一個空格,請依文意在文章後所提供的
(A) 到 (J) 選項中分別選出最適當者,並將其英文字母代號標示在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。每題答對得1分,答錯不倒扣。 Amir tied two sacks of salt to the back of his donkey and headed for the market to sell the salt. On (31) , Amir and the donkey passed a stream. The donkey jumped into the stream to cool (32) . As a result, much of the salt melted in the water, ruining the salt for Amir but (33) the load for the donkey. Amir tried to get to the market on the following days, but the donkey (34) the same trick and ruined the salt. Amir was very much (35) by the donkey’s trick, but did not know what to do. So he stopped going to the market for three days and tried to think of a way to (36) the donkey a lesson. On the third day, he (37) came up with a good idea. The next day, Amir loaded the sacks (38) with salt but with sand. When the donkey jumped into the stream and got the sacks wet, they became much (39) . The donkey was so much weighed down by the wet sand that he could hardly get out of the stream. From then on, the donkey learned the lesson, and (40) carried Amir’s salt to the market without ruining it. (AB) dutifully (AC) played (AD) heavier (AE) the way (BC) not (BD) lightening (BE) finally (CD) himself (CE) teach (DE) troubled

41.五、閱讀測驗(30%) 說明︰第41至55題,每題請分別根據各篇文章之文意選出最適當的一個選項,標示在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。每題答對得2分,答錯不倒扣。 41-43為題組 Tim Welford, aged 33, and Dom Mee, aged 30, both from England, were keen on rowing boats. They made a plan to row across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to San Francisco. The name of their rowboat was “Crackers.” It was about 7 meters long. They set out from Japan on May 17, 2001. They had rowed nearly 5,500 miles when their boat was hit by a fishing ship on September 17, 2001. Luckily they both escaped unharmed, but their boat was badly damaged and they had to abandon their journey. In a radio interview, Dom expressed his disappointment and explained how the accident took place. “A fishing ship came towards us with nobody on the bridge and ran us down. It all happened so quickly. I managed to dive into the water. Tim felt it would be safer to stay on board the boat. He was trapped inside as the boat was driven under the water. Finally some people appeared on the ship and saw me in the water. I shouted at them to stop the ship and to get Tim out. When the ship stopped, I eventually saw Tim, and I was very, very relieved that we were still alive. We were very disappointed that we couldn’t reach San Francisco. But we are alive. That above everything is the most important.”
【題組】41. How long had Tim and Dom been at sea when their boat was hit by a fishing boat?
(A) One month.
(B) Two months.
(C) Three months.
(D) Four months.
42.【題組】42. According to Dom, the main reason for the accident was that .
(A) Tim and Dom were too careless
(B) nobody on the fishing ship saw them
(C) the speed of the fishing ship was too fast
(D) their rowboat was not strong enough
43.【題組】43. Dom said that the most important thing in this accident was .
(A) both of them survived
(B) they enjoyed this journey
(C) their rowboat was not damaged
(D) they failed to reach San Francisco
44.44-46為題組 Sometimes the real world can be a confusing place. It is not always fair or kind. And in the real world there are not always happy endings. That is why, every once in a while, we like to escape into the world of fantasy—a place where things always go our way and there is always a happy ending. We want to believe in fantastic creatures in imaginary lands. We want to believe in magic powers, good friends, and the power of good to overcome evil. We all fantasize about being able to fly and lift buildings off the ground. And how good a magic sword would feel in our hand as we go off to kill a dragon or win the hand of a beautiful princess. The amazing adventures of Superman, Peter Pan, and Harry Potter have charmed many people, children and adults alike. The main reason is that these stories offer us chances to get away from this real, frustrating world and allow us to find some magical solutions to our problems. For example, Superman always arrives in the nick of time to prevent a disaster from happening, Peter Pan can fly at will to tease the bad guy Captain Hook, and Harry Potter has his magic power to take revenge on his uncle, aunt and cousin, who always ill-treat him.
【題組】44. People enter the world of fantasy for the following reasons EXCEPT that .
(A) the world of fantasy frightens us
(B) the real world is often disappointing
(C) we can find happy endings there
(D) we can always have our wishes fulfilled
45.【題組】45. Superman, Peter Pan, and Harry Potter have charmed many people, because .
(A) the bad guys always have the upper hand
(B) they end up getting married to beautiful princesses
(C) their solutions are anything but magical
(D) they possess powers that ordinary people don’t have
46.【題組】46. This article about fantasy literature is intended to .
(A) criticize its unrealistic concepts
(B) ridicule those people reading it
(C) explain why people like to read it
(D) teach people to avoid disasters
47. 47-50為題組 In the early part of the twentieth century, racism was widespread in the United States. Many African Americans were not given equal opportunities in education or employment. Marian Anderson (1897-1993) was an African American woman who gained fame as a concert singer in this climate of racism. She was born in Philadelphia and sang in church choirs during her childhood. When she applied for admission to a local music school in 1917, she was turned down because she was black. Unable to attend music school, she began her career as a singer for church gatherings. In 1929, she went to Europe to study voice and spent several years performing there. Her voice was widely praised throughout Europe. Then she returned to the U.S. in 1935 and became a top concert singer after performing at Town Hall in New York City. Racism again affected Anderson in 1939. When it was arranged for her to sing at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., the Daughters of the American Revolution opposed it because of her color. She sang instead at the Lincoln Memorial for over 75,000 people. In 1955, Anderson became the first black soloist to sing with the Metropolitan Opera of New York City. The famous conductor Toscanini praised her voice as “heard only once in a hundred years.” She was a U.S. delegate to the United Nations in 1958 and won the UN peace prize in 1977. Anderson eventually triumphed over racism.
【題組】47. According to this passage, what did Marian Anderson do between 1917 and 1929?
(A) She studied at a music school.
(B) She sang for religious activities.
(C) She sang at Town Hall in New York.
(D) She studied voice in Europe.
48.【題組】48. Toscanini thought that Marian Anderson .
(A) had a very rare voice
(B) sang occasionally in public
(C) sang only once in many years
(D) was seldom heard by people
49.【題組】49. Anderson’s beautiful voice was first recognized .
(A) at the Lincoln Memorial
(B) in Washington, D.C.
(C) in Europe
(D) at the United Nations
50.【題組】50. This passage shows that Anderson finally defeated racism in the U.S. by .
(A) protesting to the government
(B) appealing to the United Nations
(C) demonstrating in the streets
(D) working hard to perfect her art
51. 51-55為題組 Five years ago, David Smith wore an expensive suit to work every day. “I was a clothes addict,” he jokes. “I used to carry a fresh suit to work with me so I could change if my clothes got wrinkled.” Today David wears casual clothes—khaki pants and a sports shirt—to the office. He hardly ever wears a necktie. “I’m working harder than ever,” David says, “and I need to feel comfortable.” More and more companies are allowing their office workers to wear casual clothes to work. In the United States, the change from formal to casual office wear has been gradual. In the early 1990s, many companies allowed their employees to wear casual clothes on Friday (but only on Friday). This became known as “dress-down Friday” or “casual Friday.” “What started out as an extra one-day-a-week benefit for employees has really become an everyday thing,” said business consultant Maisly Jones. Why have so many companies started allowing their employees to wear casual clothes? One reason is that it’s easier for a company to attract new employees if it has a casual dress code. “A lot of young people don’t want to dress up for work,” says the owner of a software company, “so it’s hard to hire people if you have a conservative dress code.” Another reason is that people seem happier and more productive when they are wearing comfortable clothes. In a study conducted by Levi Strauss and Company, 85 percent of employers said that they believe that casual dress improves employee morale. Only 4 percent of employers said that casual dress has a negative impact on productivity. Supporters of casual office wear also argue that a casual dress code helps them save money. “Suits are expensive, if you have to wear one every day,” one person said. “For the same amount of money, you can buy a lot more casual clothes.”
【題組】51. David Smith refers to himself as having been “a clothes addict,” because ______ .
(A) he often wore khaki pants and a sports shirt
(B) he couldn’t stand a clean appearance
(C) he wanted his clothes to look neat all the time
(D) he didn’t want to spend much money on clothes
52.【題組】52. David Smith wears casual clothes now, because______.
(A) they make him feel at ease when working
(B) he cannot afford to buy expensive clothes
(C) he looks handsome in casual clothes
(D) he no longer works for any company
53.【題組】53. According to this passage, which of the following statements is FALSE?
(A) Many employees don’t like a conservative dress code.
(B) Comfortable clothes make employees more productive.
(C) A casual clothes code is welcomed by young employees.
(D) All the employers in the U.S. are for casual office wear.
54.【題組】54. According to this passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?
(A) Company workers started to dress down about twenty years ago.
(B) Dress-down has become an everyday phenomenon since the early 90s.
(C) “Dress-down Friday” was first given as a favor from employers.
(D) Many workers want to wear casual clothes to impress people.
55.【題組】55. In this passage, the following advantages of casual office wear are mentioned EXCEPT______ .
(A) saving employees’ money
(B) making employees more attractive
(C) improving employees’ motivation
(D) making employees happier


第貳部份:非選擇題 一、簡答題(10%) 說明︰1.閱讀下面這篇文章,然後簡答下列問題。答案必須寫在「答案卷」上。 2.請依序作答,並標明題號。答案應簡明扼要,只寫重要詞彙(key words),約 二至三個英文單詞(words)。每題2分,共10分。注意:請勿抄下整句或整行,否則 不予計分。 South America is a place of striking beauty and wonder. The heart of this continent is the Amazon Rainforest, a vast paradise watered by one of the world’s greatest rivers. Because of the tremendous amount of oxygen produced in this area, it has been called the “lungs of the earth.” A team of scientists, teachers, and students, the AmazonQuest team, recently explored some of the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest. They canoed down rivers, hiked along muddy trails, and climbed into the forest to explore and learn. The following is a report by one of the team members: “I watched a small piece of the Amazon Rainforest disappear today. This morning, two men from the village of Roaboia led us into the forest. For 20 minutes, we walked along a path past tall weeds, banana trees, and low brush. Our destination was a 150-foot tall capirana tree, by far the biggest tree around. It would take 10 people holding hands to surround the base of its trunk. The men took out an axe and an electric saw and started cutting into the tree’s silky smooth skin. As beautiful as they are, people here chop down capirana trees for their wood. With a loud roar, the saw chewed into the 150-year old tree. Then, in about 30 minutes after the cutting began, the giant tree crashed down violently and shook the ground under our feet. This, of course, is just one of the millions of trees that fall in the Amazon each year. Brazil’s Environmental Ministry estimates that in 1970, 99 percent of the original Amazon Rainforest remained, but in 2000, only 85 percent. It is estimated that more than 33 million acres of Amazonian Rainforest disappear every year. That means that 64 acres of the rainforest is lost every minute.”

【題組】(1) Which place is called “the lungs of the earth”?

高中(學測,指考)◆英文- 91 年 - 91學測英文#18317

【非選題】【題組】(2) What kinds of people are on the AmazonQuest team?

高中(學測,指考)◆英文- 91 年 - 91學測英文#18317
welovewilliam 幼稚園下 (2015/12/26 00:43):
Scientists, teachers and students

【非選題】【題組】(3) How long did it take the two men to cut down the giant capirana tree?

高中(學測,指考)◆英文- 91 年 - 91學測英文#18317
welovewilliam 幼稚園下 (2015/12/26 00:34):
In about 30 minutes.
welovewilliam 幼稚園下 (2015/12/26 00:35):
In about 30 minutes.
Boom 小二上 (2016/01/13 16:37):
30 minutes.

【非選題】【題組】(4) Between 1970 and 2000, what percentage of the original Amazon Rainforest was cut down?

高中(學測,指考)◆英文- 91 年 - 91學測英文#18317

【非選題】【題組】(5) According to this report, about how many acres of the Amazon Rainforest are lost every second?

高中(學測,指考)◆英文- 91 年 - 91學測英文#18317

【非選題】二、英文作文(20%) 說明︰1.依提示在「答案卷」上寫一篇英文作文。 2.文長120個單詞(words)左右。 提示︰以“The Most Precious Thing in My Room”為題寫一篇英文作文,描述你的房間內一件你最珍愛的物品,同時並說明珍愛的理由。(這一件你最珍愛的物品不一定是貴重的,但對你來說卻是最有意義或是最值得紀念的。)

高中(學測,指考)◆英文- 91 年 - 91學測英文#18317