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我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. I called the airline to ______ my flight reservation a week before I left for Canada.
(A) expand
(B) attach
(C) confirm
(D) strengthen

2.2. In order to write a report on stars, we decided to ______ the stars in the sky every night.
(A) design
(B) seize
(C) quote
(D) observe

3.3. Julie wants to buy a ______ computer so that she can carry it around when she travels.
(A) memorable
(B) portable
(C) predictable
(D) readable

4.4. My grandmother likes to surprise people. She never calls ______ to inform us of her visits.
(A) beforehand
(B) anyhow
(C) originally
(D) consequently

5.5. As the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101 has become a new ______ of Taipei City.
(A) incident
(B) geography
(C) skylight
(D) landmark

6.6. Many scholars and experts from all over the world will be invited to attend this yearly ______ on drug control.
(A) reference
(B) intention
(C) conference
(D) interaction

7.7. John had failed to pay his phone bills for months, so his telephone was ______ last week.
(A) interrupted
(B) disconnected
(C) excluded
(D) discriminated

8.8. The organic food products are made of natural ingredients, with no ______ flavors added.
(A) accurate
(B) regular
(C) superficial
(D) artificial

9.9. Jessica is a very religious girl; she believes that she is always ______ supported by her god.
(A) spiritually
(B) typically
(C) historically
(D) officially

10.10. Jane usually buys things on ______. Her purchases seem to be driven by some sudden force or desire.
(A) accident
(B) compliment
(C) justification
(D) impulse

11.11. The week-long rainfall has ______ landslides and flooding in the mountain areas.
(A) set about
(B) brought about
(C) come about
(D) put about

12.12. In the cross-lake swimming race, a boat will be _____ in case of an emergency.
(A) standing by
(B) turning on
(C) getting on
(D) running down

13.13. The ground is slippery. Hold onto the rope and don’t ______.
(A) put off
(B) turn up
(C) let go
(D) take apart

14.14. ______ the weather, the athletic meetings will be held on time.
(A) Instead of
(B) In relation to
(C) On behalf of
(D) Regardless of

15.15. If people keep polluting the rivers, no fish there will survive ______.
(A) at all cost
(B) for a long while
(C) in the long run
(D) by no means

        Whenever a Dalai Lama died, a search began for his reincarnation. The __(16)__ male child had to have certain qualities. __(17)__ was the ability to identify the belongings of his predecessor, or rather his previous self. Another requirement was __(18)__ he should have large ears, upward-slanting eyes and eyebrows. Besides, one of his hands should bear a mark like a conch-shell. The successful candidate, usually __(19)__ two or three, was then removed from his family to Lhasa to begin spiritual training for his future role. The Panchen Lamas were chosen in a similar way. The reincarnated leaders were always “discovered” in the households of lowly families __(20)__ noble ones. This was to ensure that no single and powerful noble family could seize the title and pass it to the next generation. 

(A) chosen
(B) searching
(C) dead
(D) previous

(A) It
(B) All
(C) One
(D) This

(A) what
(B) whether
(C) why
(D) that

(A) having aged
(B) aging
(C) to age
(D) aged

(A) relative to
(B) rather than
(C) as a result of
(D) with regard to

        The CAMBODIA DAILY is launching a world-wide campaign to wipe out malaria in Cambodia. You can help save three lives for only $5 by supporting this effort. Each and every dollar you contribute will go __(21)__ the purchase of family-sized insecticide-treated mosquito nets costing $5 each. These nets are recognized by medical experts as the best hope for __(22)__ the spread of malaria-Cambodia’s most deadly disease. __(23)__ the Health Ministry and the Malaria Center, The CAMBODIA DAILY will distribute the nets to the most__(24)__ areas of the country.
        __(25)__ to this campaign and save three lives for only $5, send your donation to: American Assistance for Cambodia, P.O. Box 2716, GPO, New York, NY 10116. Credit Card donations are also accepted. 

(A) towards
(B) against
(C) down
(D) over

(A) expanding
(B) eliminating
(C) deleting
(D) assisting

(A) In view of
(B) In spite of
(C) In case of
(D) In conjunction with

(A) affected
(B) frequent
(C) effective
(D) included

(A) Contributing
(B) Contribute
(C) To contribute
(D) For contributing

26.        Learning style means a person’s natural, habitual, and preferred way(s) of learning. Research about learning styles has identified __(26)__ differences. For example, one study found various differences __(27)__ boys and girls in sensory learning styles. Girls were __(28)__ more sensitive to sounds and more skillful at fine motor performance than boys. Boys, __(29)__, showed an early visual superiority to girls. They were, however, clumsier than girls. They performed poorly at a detailed activity __(30)__ arranging a row of beads. But boys excelled at other activities that required total body coordination.
(A) cultural
(B) racial
(C) age
(D) gender

(A) for
(B) within
(C) between
(D) into

(A) very
(B) both
(C) still
(D) thus

(A) similarly
(B) moreover
(C) in contrast
(D) in consequence

(A) according to
(B) next to
(C) such as
(D) because of

        Although stories about aliens have never been officially confirmed, their existence has been widely speculated upon. 
        Many people believe that __(31)__ from outer space have visited us for centuries. Some say that life on Earth __(32)__ “out there” and was seeded here. Others say that aliens have __(33)__ what happens on Earth, and are responsible for quite a few legends, and that the ancient Greek and Roman gods, __(34)__ the fairies and dwarfs in many classical tales, were in fact “space people” living here. Still __(35)__ say that aliens were responsible for the growth of highly evolved civilizations which have __(36)__ perished, including the Incan and Mayan civilizations and the legendary Atlantis. 
        A lot of ancient civilizations, __(37)__ the Egyptians, Hindus, Greeks, and Mayans, have left writings and __(38)__ which indicate contacts with superior beings “from the stars.” Many believe that the aliens are here to help us, while others hold that the aliens intend us __(39)__. Still others think that most aliens visit Earth to study us like our scientists study primitive natives and animals, and have no interest in helping us __(40)__.
        It is difficult to comment conclusively on these theories in general, apart from saying that any and all of them might be possible. Maybe time will tell.

(AB) as well as (AC) beings (AD) drawings (AE) in any way
(BC) kept an eye on       (BD) like                  (BE) others   (CD) originated  
(CE) since (DE) harm


        A sense of humor is just one of the many things shared by Alfred and Anthony Melillo, 64-year-old twin brothers from East Haven who made history in February 2002. On Christmas Eve, 1992, Anthony had a heart transplant from a 21-year-old donor. Two days before Valentine’s Day in 2002, Alfred received a 19-year-old heart, marking the first time on record that twin adults each received heart transplants.  
        “I’m 15 minutes older than him, but now I’m younger because of my heart and I’m not going to respect him,” Alfred said with a grin, pointing to his brother while talking to a roomful of reporters, who laughed frequently at their jokes.
        While the twins knew that genetics might have played a role in their condition, they recognized that their eating habits might have also contributed to their heart problems. “We’d put half a pound of butter on a steak. I overdid it on all the food that tasted good, so I guess I deserved what I got for not dieting properly.”
        The discussion moved to Anthony’s recovery. In the five years since his heart transplant, he had been on an exercise program where he regularly rode a bicycle for five miles, swam each day, and walked a couple of miles. He was still on medication, but not nearly as much as Alfred, who was just in the early stage of his recovery.
        “Right now I feel pretty young and I’m doing very well,” Anthony said. “I feel like a new person.” Alfred said his goal, of course, was to feel even better than his brother. But, he added, “I love my brother very much. We’re very close and I’m sure we’ll do just fine.”

【題組】41. This article is mainly about _________.
(A) the danger of heart transplant surgery
(B) becoming young by getting a new heart
(C) the effect of genetics on the heart
(D) the twin brothers who received heart transplants

42.【題組】42. What did Alfred and Anthony have in common?
(A) Lifespan.
(B) Career goals.
(C) A sense of humor.
(D) Love for bicycling.

43.【題組】43. What did Alfred and Anthony think caused their heart problems?
(A) Exercise.
(B) Diet.
(C) Surgery.
(D) Medicines.

44.【題組】44. Why did Alfred say, “I’m 15 minutes older than him, but now I’m younger because of my heart” ?
(A) His heart transplant surgery was more successful than Anthony’s.
(B) His recovery from the heart surgery was faster than Anthony’s.
(C) His exercise program was better than Anthony’s.
(D) His new heart was younger than Anthony’s.

        In 1993, the Metropolitan Museum of Art reluctantly handed over 363 pieces of gold, silver, precious stones, paintings, and sculptures back to Turkey after a court case. Following increasing calls for the return of artistic objects that were removed decades or centuries ago, some of the world’s leading museums have signed a declaration that they will not hand back the ancient artifacts to their countries of origin. They say people all over the world have only been able to fully appreciate ancient civilizations because these museums have provided access to these artistic objects. The ancient civilizations would not be so deeply admired today if these ancient artifacts were not so widely available to an international public in major museums throughout Europe and America. For example, Egyptian culture would not have become so well-known if the museums had not put Egyptian mummies on show. 
        The British Museum has not signed the declaration, but says it fully supports it. Over the recent years, it has faced growing pressure to hand back the Elgin Marbles, sculptures taken from the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, in the 19th century. But the British Museum has said that the Museum is the best possible place for them. “They must remain here if the museum is to continue to achieve its aim, which is to show the world to the world,” said the director of the museum.  

【題組】45. What reason do the major museums provide for not handing back the ancient objects?
(A) Only in the leading museums can the objects be fully appreciated by the world.
(B) It is better for those objects to remain at a certain place than to be moved around.
(C) They need those well-known ancient objects to attract people from all over the world.
(D) Ancient civilizations can only be admired if they are removed from their home countries.

46.【題組】46. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as one of the “countries of origin” in the article?
(A) Turkey.
(B) Britain.
(C) Egypt.
(D) Greece.

47.【題組】47. What does “the world” mean in “show the world to the world”?
(A) The global village.
(B) The leading museums.
(C) The ancient civilizations.
(D) The international public.

        Some animals have organs in their bodies that produce light. When it is dark, they flash their lights on and off to signal to others of their species, to lure prey toward them, or to escape from predators.
        Some fish are found to produce light in the blackness of the sea. When night falls over the Red Sea, tiny flashlight fish rise to the surface for food, each with a pair of “headlamps,” one beneath each eye. With the light produced by bacteria living there, they communicate with other flashlight fish to avoid getting too close to each other, so that the fish may spread out evenly to get enough food. And if a flashlight fish is threatened by a predator, it swims away in a zigzag path, flashing its light on and off very quickly to confuse the animal pursuing it. 
        Certain land animals can also produce light. Fireflies, small beetles that live in many warmer parts of the world, use light to attract a mate. After darkness falls in some parts of North America, female fireflies gather on the ground. The males fly overhead, flashing light from the undersides of their bodies. As there are a number of species of firefly, the males of each kind flash their own particular signal. Recognizing the flashing code of her own species, a female signals back to the male, and he lands beside her. 
        On land as in the sea, living lights can be deceiving. When they are hungry, some female fireflies lure the males of other species to them. They flash a false response when these males signal overhead, but eat them when they land.

【題組】48. Which of the following is the best title for the article?
(A) Mating of Flashlight Fish and Fireflies.
(B) Darkness and Light.
(C) Living Lights and Animal Communication.
(D) Life on Land and in the Sea.

49.【題組】49. Flashlight fish in the Red Sea give out light at night _____.
(A) when they come out for food
(B) as they try to look for their companions
(C) because they want to get rid of the bacteria
(D) so that they can get close to other flashlight fish

50.【題組】50. According to the passage, NEITHER flashlight fish NOR fireflies send out light to _____.
(A) attract a mate
(B) lure their prey
(C) escape from their enemies
(D) find their way home

51.【題組】51. Which of the following statements about fireflies is true?
(A) All kinds of fireflies use the same signals.
(B) Fireflies use their headlamps to communicate.
(C) Male fireflies may deceive females with false signals.
(D) Female fireflies respond from the ground to males’ signals.

52. 52-55為題組 
Brooks, Bruce. Everywhere. HarperCollins, 1990. ISBN0060207299. 70 pages. 

        Peanuts’ beloved grandfather has suffered a heart attack. Peanuts is sad over the possibility of losing his grandfather. Dooley keeps Peanuts company while the adults in the family attend to Grandfather. Dooley attempts to save the old man by a ritual learned from comic books: killing a turtle and trading his soul for Grandfather’s. With the imaginative assistance of Dooley, Peanuts discovers the healing power of hope and love. 
Babbitt, Natalie. Tuck Everlasting. Farrar, 1975. ISBN0374378487. 180 pages.

         The Tuck family has discovered a spring whose water brings eternal life. A man learns their secret and threatens to sell the water to the highest bidder. Mrs. Tuck kills the man and is jailed and sentenced to be executed. Though the family knows she cannot be killed, they worry that their secret will be revealed when they try to kill her.
Baylor, Byrd. The Table Where Rich People Sit. Simon & Schuster, 1994. ISBN0684196530. 52 pages. 
        Around an old kitchen table, a young girl calls a family meeting to show her parents that they should earn more money so they can have nicer things. As she points out they are not sitting at a table where rich people would sit, her parents calculate the value of the desert hills, the blooming cactus, the calls of eagles, and one another’s company. Soon, she realizes that her poor family is rich in things that matter in life. She concludes that this is indeed a table where rich people sit. 
Goble, Paul. Beyond the Ridge. Bradbury, 1989. ISBN0027365816. 32 pages. 

        There is no death; only a change of worlds—the author delivers these reassurances to readers in this book, based on the customs of the Plains Indians in America. The book reads like a prayer, expressing specific beliefs about dying. It describes a woman who is called by her long-dead mother to go “beyond the ridge.” After a steep climb, she discovers a world that is abundantly beautiful, and there she finds the familiar faces of people who have passed that way before her.

【題組】52. Which book is the thickest?
(A) Everywhere.
(B) Tuck Everlasting.
(C) The Table Where Rich People Sit.
(D) Beyond the Ridge.

53.【題組】53. Which book is published in 1990?
(A) Everywhere.
(B) Tuck Everlasting.
(C) The Table Where Rich People Sit.
(D) Beyond the Ridge.

54.【題組】54. Who wrote the book about Native Americans’ view of death?
(A) Bruce Brooks.
(B) Natalie Babbitt.
(C) Byrd Baylor.
(D) Paul Goble.

55.【題組】55. Who wrote the book which shows that money is not the only way to measure wealth?
(A) Bruce Brooks.
(B) Natalie Babbitt.
(C) Byrd Baylor.
(D) Paul Goble.

一、 翻譯題(10%) 說明:1.請將以下兩個中文句子譯成正確、通順、達意的英文,並將答案寫在「答案卷」上。    2.請依序作答,並標明題號。每題5分,共10分。

【題組】 1. 雖然Lily生來又瞎又聾,但她從來不氣餒。

57.【題組】2. 她的故事證明了,我們只要努力必能成功。
58.二、英文作文(20%) 說明︰

提示︰請根據以下三張連環圖畫的內容,以“One evening,…”開頭,寫一篇文章,描述圖中主角所經歷的事件,並提供合理的解釋與結局。