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1.1. For centuries, dogs are believed to be the best company to human beings.
(A) friend
(B) animal
(C) enemy
(D) keeper

2.2. If you ask students why they are late for class, their excuses will be very different.
(A) views
(B) rights
(C) reasons
(D) voices

3.3. Small vocabulary size usually prevents readers from fully understanding the text they read.
(A) closes
(B) designs
(C) stops
(D) throws

4.4. In a traditional Chinese family, children have to give back to their family in return for the previous support.
(A) little
(B) curious
(C) main
(D) former

5.5. The summer in Taiwan is humid; the large quantity of water in the air makes it feel even hotter and more uncomfortable.
(A) clear
(B) high
(C) long
(D) wet

6.6. The benefits of vitamins and minerals are emphasized because they play an important role in maintaining good health.
(A) helping
(B) keeping
(C) predicting
(D) starting

7.7. I usually have a busy schedule, but once in a while I spend a few days in the mountains.
(A) always
(B) later
(C) early
(D) sometimes

8.8. Lung cancer, one of the major killers in Taiwan, has long been associated with air pollution and smoking.
(A) dealt with
(B) grown into
(C) related to
(D) treated by

9.9. Customers may pay __________ or use a credit card in major department stores.
(A) cash
(B) change
(C) tape
(D) total

10.10. Writing is a very useful _________ for students. In the future, they can use it at different workplaces.
(A) belief
(B) culture
(C) skill
(D) feature

11.11. The problem was so difficult that most students could not __________ it.
(A) add
(B) open
(C) solve
(D) create

12.12. When in danger, most parents will do what they can to ___________ their children from harm.
(A) help
(B) protect
(C) provide
(D) handle

13.13. The British are the biggest ___________ of chocolate; each person, on average, eats nearly 10 kilograms per year.
(A) producers
(B) growers
(C) managers
(D) consumers

14.14. Office workers ____________ from back problems because they tend to sit still for long periods of time.
(A) suffer
(B) learn
(C) move
(D) transfer

15.15. The victim of the plane crash stayed _____________ for two weeks, and then died last night.
(A) alive
(B) central
(C) obvious
(D) rough

16.II、 對話題:第 16-25 題,請依對話內容選出一個最適當的答案,使其成為有意 義的對話。
【題組】16. Waiter: Are you ready to order? Mr. Li: Not quite yet. Waiter: Oh, ______________, sir.
(A) I forgot to bring the check
(B) please come again
(C) take your time
(D) the seat is taken

17.【題組】17. Jerome: Do you play the guitar? Anthony: Of course. Jerome: _______________ Anthony: Sure, I’d love to.
(A) Can you show me how to play it?
(B) How long have you been playing?
(C) How do you like it?
(D) Do you play it often?

18.【題組】18. Andy: You don’t look well. What’s the matter? Maria: ___________________ Andy: Seems to me you need a good rest.
(A) It doesn’t matter to me.
(B) Are you interested in it?
(C) I’ve got an awful headache.
(D) Is it serious?

19.【題組】19. Waitress: Would you like anything else? Norman: Chocolate cake, please. Waitress: O.K. _________________
(A) I hate chocolate cake.
(B) I’ll be right back.
(C) I’m afraid I can’t.
(D) I like ice cream.

20.【題組】20. Allen: I’m leaving for Tokyo next Monday. Eric: Next Monday? How long do you plan to stay there? Allen: ___________________
(A) Any time.
(B) Since I left.
(C) I’ve just arrived.
(D) For a couple of weeks.

21.【題組】21. Bob: Stop! We can’t cross the street here. Tom: ________________ Bob: We may get hit by a car. Tom: Well, it doesn’t look dangerous to me at all.
(A) Why not?
(B) That’s right.
(C) How’s the traffic?
(D) We’ve got to go.

22.【題組】22. Mary: I’ve got great news. ________________ Judy: Well, what is it? Mary: I have a week’s vacation next month, and I’m so excited! Judy: Do you? That’s wonderful.
(A) This isn’t fair at all.
(B) You won’t believe it.
(C) The store is having a big sale.
(D) John is having a party Friday night.

23.【題組】23. Bill: This weather is really terrible, isn’t it? Karen: I’ll say. The bus always seems to come late on rainy mornings. Bill: ________________________ It sure does.
(A) You did.
(B) You bet.
(C) I can’t do it.
(D) I’m afraid not.

24.【題組】24. (On the phone) Eunice: Hello, my watch isn’t working. Clerk: What’s wrong with it? Eunice: It just stopped. Can you fix it? Clerk: Well, _____________. I’ll have a look at it.
(A) it looks good
(B) get a new one
(C) it doesn’t seem real
(D) just bring it in

25.【題組】25. Jean: Do you often eat out? Eva: Only when I can get a babysitter. Jean: I know. ________________ Eva: You can say that again!
(A) It’s not easy with children.
(B) It’s too late to eat out now.
(C) The restaurant wasn’t quite good.
(D) The babysitter was out for dinner.

26.III、綜合測驗:下面兩篇短文共有 15 個空格,為 26-40 題,每題有四個選項, 請依各篇短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格的答案。 Halloween is a very special holiday. It always falls 26 the last day of October. Originally it came from a Catholic holiday to honor all saints, 27 the holiday customs are of non-Catholic origin. Today in the United States, Halloween is a 28 holiday for children and grown-ups. Children dress up in 29 and go from door to door “trick-or-treating.” Grown-ups give them a treat of candy, cookies, or money. 30 the children don’t get a treat, they will sometimes play a trick on you. On this day 31 is not unusual to see children dressed like witches, black cats, devils, and skeletons. 32 custom is to hollow out a pumpkin and make a jack-o’-lantern. The jack-o’-lantern is then placed in the window with a candle inside. Children and grown-ups alike go to parties on this holiday.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) at
(D) with

(A) or
(B) so
(C) but
(D) for

(A) fun
(B) tiny
(C) silly
(D) dark

(A) hats
(B) shoes
(C) watches
(D) costumes

(A) If
(B) And
(C) Unless
(D) Although

(A) it
(B) this
(C) that
(D) there

(A) A
(B) The
(C) Other
(D) Another New Zealand and Australia are often referred to as the “land down under.” The

33.New Zealand and Australia are often referred to as the "land down under." ,The name grew 33 the idea that these two countries are opposite or below Europe on the globe. While New Zealand and Australia are often linked, they are individual 34 . New Zealand has its unique landscape; it is 35 of two main islands, North Island and South Island. One of the most unusual and beautiful areas of New Zealand 36 the volcanic region around Lake Taupo on North Island. There you will see boiling springs, small lakes with beds of 37 colored rocks and waterfalls. In addition, dairy farming is most important to the country’s economy, and the New Zealanders eat more meat and butter than people 38 else in the world. They also sell huge 39 of dairy products to other countries. Many of the customs in New Zealand would be familiar to travelers from England and 40 because New Zealand was settled by British settlers hundreds of years ago.
【題組】 33.
(A) on
(B) off
(C) out of
(D) over with

(A) companies
(B) combinations
(C) counters
(D) countries

(A) made up
(B) thrown into
(C) put off
(D) sold out

(A) have
(B) is
(C) has
(D) are

(A) bright
(B) brightness
(C) brighten
(D) brightly

(A) anyway
(B) anywhere
(C) anyhow
(D) anyone

(A) farms
(B) origins
(C) amounts
(D) peoples

(A) China
(B) America
(C) Korea
(D) Japan

41.Starting from 1989, World Vision Taiwan 30-Hour Famine has been helping people victimized by man-made conflicts and disasters. Through its network in 92 countries, World Vision delivers timely emergency goods and rebuilds the communities side by side with the people. World Vision Taiwan 30-Hour Famine is simple to join. You may choose to skip a meal or save the unnecessary spending to make a donation; to contribute your support for Online Love and Hope at island-wide 7-Eleven stores; or to invite your friends and family to do the Famine together. The 30-Hour Famine is an event of creativity and inspiration! As an example, the aim of 2002 World Vision Taiwan was to raise NT$100 million, of which 40 million was for domestic relief projects such as Love Your Neighbor and Community-based Disaster Preparedness, and 60 million for 18 international relief projects assisting 3.6 million people in 13 countries. The 30-Hour Famine is ongoing. Be sure that you don’t miss it this year!
【題組】41. The passage was written mainly to ask people to .
(A) join the 30-Hour Famine
(B) deliver emergency goods
(C) start man-made conflicts
(D) become more creative

42.【題組】42. Which of the following is NOT recommended in the passage for people to show their support for the 30-Hour Famine?
(A) Skip a meal.
(B) Make a donation to the Famine.
(C) Join the Famine with friends.
(D) Develop relief projects.

43.【題組】43. According to the passage, which of the following is true about World Vision Taiwan?
(A) It has been in operation for over 30 years.
(B) It is part of an international organization.
(C) It aims to help only the needy people in Taiwan.
(D) It encourages only one member in each family to join the Famine.

44.【題組】44. In 2002, World Vision Taiwan spent 60% of the raised money on __________.
(A) Love your Neighbor Project
(B) Online Love and Hope Project
(C) international relief projects
(D) 30-Hour Famine

45.【題組】45. The word victimized in line 1 most likely means “_____________.”
(A) born with eye problems
(B) made to suffer unfairly
(C) dying from cancer
(D) tired from overwork

46.Nuclear power stations are massive and complex structures. They are designed to withstand earthquakes and violent storms. They include many special safety devices and systems that help to protect the plant, the people working in it and the public, even in the event of a serious accident. However, in spite of the preventive measures, accidents have occurred, for instance, at Three Mile Island in the USA and at Chernobyl in the former USSR. These accidents have raised questions in the minds of many people about the use of nuclear energy to produce electricity. Therefore, some years ago scientists started to consider an alternative source of electrical energy----sunlight. Using sunlight as a source of energy offers considerable advantages. Light from the sun is practically inexhaustible; in other words, sunlight cannot be used up. It is available everywhere. Besides, changing sunlight into electrical energy does not demand fuel such as coal or oil. The system of converting solar energy into electrical energy would do very little damage to the environment.
【題組】46. If a building withstands an earthquake, it is left _________ by the earthquake.
(A) damaged
(B) broken
(C) unharmed
(D) eaten

47.【題組】47. The word plant in the first paragraph refers to the ________________.
(A) nuclear power station
(B) violent storm
(C) preventive measure
(D) safety device

48.【題組】48. Which of the following is true according to the passage?
(A) Accidents had never happened to nuclear power stations.
(B) A terrible accident happened at Chernobyl nuclear power station.
(C) Earthquakes and storms occurred at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.
(D) No safety devices were available at Three Mile Island nuclear power station.

49.【題組】49. Which of the following is NOT true according to passage?
(A) The supply of sunlight is limitless.
(B) Using sunlight as a source of energy can benefit mankind.
(C) Solar energy makes great use of fuel such as coal and natural gas.
(D) Changing sunlight into electrical energy would do little harm to the environment.

50.【題組】50. The second paragraph is mainly about ______________.
(A) nuclear power plants
(B) using sunlight to prevent accidents
(C) protecting the natural environment
(D) a new source of electrical energy