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94 年 - 94四技二專統測英文#8631 

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1.1. For over 2000 years, paper has been used as a major tool of communication; however, e-mail today has become a ____________ practice.
(A) common
(B) difficult
(C) last
(D) traditional

2.2. John ran into ____________ when he tried to expand his new business too quickly.
(A) stock
(B) trouble
(C) market
(D) floor

3.3. According to research, good leaders are made, not ____________; one learns to be a leader by observing other leaders.
(A) stood
(B) born
(C) lent
(D) moved

4.4. The businessman is very ____________; he gives money to those who are in need of help.
(A) dependent
(B) expensive
(C) generous
(D) rapid

5.5. This piece of land is ____________ for wild animals and plants; it is not open for the general public.
(A) shocked
(B) reserved
(C) responded
(D) smelled

6.6. If we don’t have good telephone ____________, we may sound impolite to other people on the phone.
(A) manners
(B) marks
(C) bills
(D) bases

7.7. These three wooden boxes are ____________; they are of the same size, shape, and color.
(A) remote
(B) real
(C) similar
(D) vague

8.8. The high risk of getting lung cancer still cannot ____________ people from smoking.
(A) discourage
(B) repeat
(C) discover
(D) emerge

9.9. Vocational high school students should have greater ____________ in themselves in order to learn English well.
(A) influence
(B) dependence
(C) confidence
(D) performance

10.10. Last month, fifty couples, who were married for fifty years and more, ____________ their golden anniversary in the city hall.
(A) contributed
(B) confirmed
(C) celebrated
(D) combined

11.11. It is a long ____________ from Taipei to New York. It takes more than 15 hours to fly.
(A) drive
(B) trip
(C) walk
(D) run

12.12. Because his speech was ____________, the audience gave him a big hand.
(A) meaningless
(B) flawless
(C) useless
(D) helpless

13.13. You can find a great ____________ of books and magazines in the library.
(A) variety
(B) blank
(C) excuse
(D) crew

14.14. She is ____________ regular treatment for her illness. And she is making great progress.
(A) falling
(B) sending
(C) living
(D) receiving

15.15. My cellphone is low on battery; it keeps beeping to remind me of____________it.
(A) relaxing
(B) recycling
(C) recharging
(D) reviewing

16.16. Don: Would you mind not smoking in here? John: ____________Where can I smoke? Don: Anywhere outside the building.
(A) No, I’m not.
(B) Oh, I’m sorry.
(C) Oh, you would.
(D) No, you can’t.

17.17. Secretary: Good morning, Johnson’s Computer. Peter: Hello. May I speak to Manager Chen, please? Secretary: I’m sorry. He’s not in right now. ____________ Peter: Yes. This is Peter Li. Please tell him to call back.
(A) He’s always busy.
(B) What’s your name?
(C) It’s a pity.
(D) May I take a message?

18.18. Victor: What kind of movies do you like? Linda: I like action movies. They're so exciting! Victor: But ____________. Well, you know sometimes action movies can be very bloody.
(A) I seldom have time
(B) I don’t have homework
(C) I also like action movies
(D) I prefer comedies

19.19. Phil: So, do you have brothers? Olive: I have two. Phil: ____________ Olive: Yes, they do. They live just down the street.
(A) Do they live close by?
(B) Have you talked to each other?
(C) Do you play together?
(D) Have they called you lately?

20.20. Amanda: I need a big favor from you. Yoko: What favor? Amanda: Could I borrow a hundred dollars? Yoko: No way! ____________
(A) I'll give it to you now.
(B) I have a lot of money.
(C) I want to help you.
(D) I'm broke myself.

21.21. Jack: Andy, it’s me, Jack. Andy: Hi, Jack. ____________ Jack: Nothing special. I’m calling to remind you of the game.
(A) Who’s this?
(B) What’s new?
(C) Who’s speaking?
(D) Where is it?

22.22. Johnson: This headache is killing me. Cathy: ____________ Johnson: No. I don’t like to take painkillers.
(A) Did you take any medicine?
(B) Did you drink too much coffee?
(C) Did you work too hard?
(D) Did you stay up late?

23.23. Jennifer: ____________ When did you last see her? Julia: Last year, at the reunion. Jennifer: Really? How’s she doing?
(A) I haven’t seen Jane for years.
(B) I met Jane yesterday.
(C) I have been to Jane’s place recently.
(D) I had dinner with Jane last night.

24.24. James: Are you going somewhere tomorrow? Harry: ____________ James: Neither do I. Let’s just stay at home.
(A) It depends on the weather.
(B) Tainan is too far for me.
(C) I don’t feel like going anywhere.
(D) I’m going to the library.

25.25. Sarah: What do you do for a living? Philip: ____________ Sarah: You must be very busy then.
(A) I’m 50 years old.
(B) I’m a doctor.
(C) I live a good life.
(D) I live in Taiwan.

26.Job hunters need many skills. They need to know where to look for a job, and they need to be able to write clear, complete information about themselves in letters of application. 26 , they need to know how to transfer this information on to a job application form. Furthermore, they need to know 27 to get information about a job over the telephone. And 28 , job seekers must know the techniques of a job interview. First, where to find a job? Jobs can be found in the daily newspaper, in the 29 advertisement section, as well as on the Internet. Many find jobs by networking – that is, they let their friends and relatives know that they are looking for a job. Networking is increasingly popular, and, 30 , it often works. Once a possible job has been found, what should job hunters do? First, they must learn all about the job and ask themselves these questions: Am I qualified for this job? Do I want this job? Is it challenging? Is it interesting? Does it pay well? If all 31 are answered positively, then the next step the applicants need to do is to apply for the job. Nearly every job 32 some forms of written application. Most job application forms ask for similar information about 33 data, including educational background, employment history, and references.
(A) In sum
(B) In contrast
(C) In time
(D) In addition

(A) how
(B) what
(C) that
(D) it

(A) assembly
(B) hardly
(C) closely
(D) finally

(A) classical
(B) classified
(C) classicist
(D) classicism

(A) best of all
(B) not at all
(C) once and for all
(D) all over

(A) ones
(B) what
(C) these
(D) whose

(A) admits
(B) requires
(C) searches
(D) teaches

(A) anxious
(B) creative
(C) personal
(D) dependent

34.Since the invention of the Internet, many people have predicted a paperless society. This 34 has come to reality as people use the Internet to read newspapers, send and receive e-mails, and access information. 35 , here are others who doubt that computer technology will ever lead to a paperless society. 第 5 頁 共 8 頁 共同科目 英文 People who see the coming of a paperless society believe that the Internet and e-mail will one day 36 people’s use of paper. Because the Internet allows people to read newspapers and access many databases online, they don’t have to use paper to get needed information. 37 , they don’t have to actually buy a paper copy of the document. With e-mails, people don’t need to use paper to send and receive letters and messages. Furthermore, the writing and editing process 38 on a computer, and therefore people don’t need to use paper. But there are others who believe that a paperless society will not become a reality despite the usefulness of the Internet and e-mail. Many people still use paper because both the Internet and e-mail can be a vehicle for 39 to spread. Others rely only on paper for important documents because of 40 concerns. They are worried that their personal messages might be read by someone else.
(A) contact
(B) mail
(C) prediction
(D) computer

(A) However
(B) Moreover
(C) Therefore
(D) Whatever

(A) cause
(B) attract
(C) occur
(D) replace

(A) In case
(B) That is
(C) Unless
(D) Though

(A) had done
(B) is done
(C) was doing
(D) will do

(A) letters
(B) papers
(C) viruses
(D) steps

(A) social
(B) gentle
(C) dressing
(D) privacy

41. Nature is full of examples of cycles. The seasons come and go in a cycle of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The days move in cycles of day and night. And all living things live, grow, and die in cycles. For example, a sapling grows tall and strong. Then, one spring, the tree blossoms. These flowers later turn into fruit or other types of seeds. When these seeds fall, they land on the ground. The seeds can then grow. If the seeds get enough sunlight and rain, they will become young trees. As the trees blossom, the cycle repeats itself. Rain also occurs in cycles. Water evaporates from the oceans and rises into the sky. This means that the ocean water is warmed by the sun and some of it rises into the air. When enough water has gathered together, big rain clouds form. The clouds will release or drop the water. The rain falls on land and ocean alike. When the rain falls on land, the ground soaks up some of it. If a lot of rain falls, the runoff flows into streams, rivers, and lakes. This water, in turn, flows into the oceans. When some of this water evaporates into the air, the cycle repeats itself.
【題組】41. This passage is mainly about .
(A) the growth of trees
(B) the cycles of nature
(C) the falling of the rain
(D) the seasons of the year

42.【題組】42. The underlined word sapling in this passage most likely refers to “ .”
(A) young tree
(B) small child
(C) growing cycle
(D) living thing

43.【題組】43. The underlined word evaporates in this passage most likely means “ .”
(A) falls
(B) melts
(C) turns from air into water
(D) rises from water into air

44.【題組】44. Based on the passage, what happens right after a tree blossoms?
(A) A new tree grows.
(B) The tree dies.
(C) The flowers turn into seeds.
(D) The seeds fall to the ground.

45.【題組】45. Based on the passage, what is one effect of evaporation?
(A) The oceans rise.
(B) Big rain clouds form.
(C) Trees blossom.
(D) The skies become clear.

46.A strong, healthy body can do an amazing job of resisting disease. There are many things you can do to keep your body healthy. Eating proper foods is one of the effective ways. A balanced diet gives the body the nutrients it needs to function properly. Getting plenty of sleep is another good way. A tired, run-down body does not function efficiently and is like a car that needs a tune-up. Sleep refreshes the body and restores the energy necessary to fight disease. Exercise is also important in reducing stress and keeping the body healthy. Regular, moderate exercise, such as running, dancing, swimming, biking or playing a sport, will relieve muscle tension, keep the muscles firm, and make the heart and blood vessels healthy. Exercise, like sleep, makes the body function more efficiently. People who exercise regularly can even strengthen their hearts.
【題組】46. What would be the most appropriate title for this passage?
(A) Doing proper exercise
(B) Getting sufficient sleep
(C) Keeping a balanced diet
(D) Staying healthy

47.【題組】47. How many general ways are discussed in this passage to effectively fight disease?
(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) Five

48.【題組】48. According to the passage, what is strongly suggested?
(A) Tune up your car.
(B) Have more refreshments.
(C) Talk to your doctor.
(D) Do moderate exercise.

49.【題組】49. According to the passage, exercising regularly can do all of the following EXCEPT .
(A) reducing stress
(B) preventing heart disease
(C) giving the body necessary nutrients
(D) keeping the blood vessel function properly

50.【題組】50. The underlined word it most likely refers to .
(A) the disease
(B) the body
(C) a balanced diet
(D) an amazing job