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94 年 - 94學年度桃園國民中學英文科試卷#23096 

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1.1. All students looked up gravely to _____ their teacher’s presence; sensing his anger at once, they buried themselves again in their schoolwork.
(A) acknowledge
(B) aggregate
(C) anticipate
(D) articulate

2.2. _____ lifestyles coupled with stress, strain and tensions of all kinds have given rise to a wide range of ailments like hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, heart attacks, and so on.
(A) Demure
(B) Embellished
(C) Nifty
(D) Sedentary

3.3. The army technology, geophones, has been _____ to pick up vibrations caused by animals walking to a waterhole.
(A) deployed
(B) gimmicked
(C) immobilized
(D) maneuvered

4.4. The children with no siblings, particularly if they are male, are usually spoiled by _____ parents and even more by grandparents.
(A) bulky
(B) copious
(C) doting
(D) winged

5.5. The largest crime _____ in the area is believed to run illegal gambling, prostitution and extortion.
(A) commission
(B) franchise
(C) ramekin
(D) syndicate

6.6. The police in the capital have used tear gas to _____ hundreds of protesters who had occupied part of the main government building.
(A) disperse
(B) emit
(C) gratify
(D) sustain

7.7. During the World War II, many poor people in China led a life, traveling on the railroads and camping along the tracks.
(A) vagrant
(B) vibrant
(C) veteran
(D) vulgar

8.8. We should like to ourselves of this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of you.
(A) adapt
(B) assert
(C) avail
(D) adopt

9.9. Just because they say Japanese is difficult to learn, it does not necessarily that they refuse to learn it.
(A) predict
(B) propose
(C) propel
(D) follow

10.10. Jack was overwhelmed by the beauty of a rainbow after a shower of rain.
(A) enchanting
(B) withering
(C) bewildered
(D) attracted

11.A. It’s been four centuries since the Catholic Church condemned Galileo Galilei for declaring that the earth revolved around the sun, and it still can’t admit it was wrong. In 1992, the conclusions of a special Vatican Commission made no mention of the role of Church leaders in 11 the Italian astronomer with heresy. The condemnations of 1616 and 1633, which silenced Galileo and imposed a sort of house arrest, were summed up by John Paul II as a “tragic mutual incomprehension.” 12 a critical book was released this year in Italy—The Galileo Case: From Condemnation to “Rehabilitation.” A Closed Question?—the Holy See decided to fire back. In an August interview with an Italian Catholic weekly, Archbishop Angelo Amato, the No. 2 man in the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, declared 13 was indeed closed. Amato said the real critics of Galileo were “the philosophers” 14 “the Roman cardinals … who all wanted to examine the sky through his famous telescope.” He added that Galileo was provided 15 a servant during house arrest. Give it another century or so and maybe the church will come to confession.
(A) appointing
(B) charging
(C) remarking
(D) seconding

(A) After
(B) But
(C) So
(D) Whereas

(A) the argument
(B) the bias
(C) the case
(D) the critic

(A) as well as
(B) insomuch as
(C) notwithstanding
(D) rather than

(A) by
(B) for
(C) to
(D) with

16.B. Like most doctors, I’m painfully aware that women live longer than men—five years longer, 16 . I used to accept the disparity, assuming it was part of our collective generic 17 , more nature than nurture. But a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health suggests that men’s behavior may 18 need to be blamed. According to David Williams, a senior research scientist at the University of Michigan’s Institute of Social Research and the main author of the study, men outrank women in all of the 15 leading causes of the U.S. death, 19 one: Alzheimer’s. Men’s death rates are at least twice as high as women’s for suicide, homicide and cirrhosis of the liver. Men don’t just have more accidents, they 20 accidents waiting to happen.
(A) by accident
(B) in common
(C)on average
(D) with child

(A) acid
(B) enzyme
(C) inheritance
(D) origin

(A) also
(B) but
(C) moreover
(D) worse

(A) besides
(B) except
(C) for
(D) like

(A) need
(B) make
(C) do
(D) are

21.C. Many people were surprised that former U.S. president Clinton needed to undergo emergency heart surgery in September. After all, didn’t he have the best medical care possible, including frequent testing and all the right drugs? Of course he did, but you cannot test yourself to 21 . Nor will medications cure all your illnesses, especially if 22 irregularly. You see, when arteries are injured by 23 risk factors like high blood pressure or cigarettes, cholesterol is 24 like new plaster repairing a wall. But if too much of the wrong cholesterol 25 , the plaque grows and becomes inflamed. Blood can clot on this 26 surface and rapidly close off an artery in just minutes, even if the plaque was small initially. A stress test can determine whether enough blood is passing by a blockage to 27 an exercising heart on the day of the test. If the artery is 50 per cent closed, the test will often be clean, giving 28 comfort to people who are still at 29 for heart attacks. Many people wrongly believe that these tests 30 health. Like many, Clinton tolerated atypical symptoms of life-threatening blockages before the correct diagnosis was finally made.
(A) safety
(B) save
(C) survive
(D) live

(A) taking
(B) take
(C) taken
(D) took

(A) noticing
(B) caring
(C) demanding
(D) damaging

(A) deposited
(B) rendered
(C) deprived
(D) stricken

(A) persists
(B) surrounds
(C) accumulates
(D) combines

(A) benign
(B) irritated
(C) broken
(D) dehydrated

(A) stop
(B) feed
(C) impede
(D) block

(A) false
(B) submissive
(C) lousy
(D) indispensable

(A) last
(B) risk
(C) all
(D) time

(A) destroy
(B) benefit
(C) guarantee
(D) bring

31.Ⅲ. Reading comprehension: Choose the most appropriate answer. Unexpectedly, after years of flying solo or in small groups, I find myself a manager in a large corporation. Not just that. I am that most unfashionable of creatures, a middle manager. This takes some getting used to. The big company I work for shall remain nameless, but it is a software manufacturer located in a suburb of Seattle (Hint: the Janet Reno fan club has been disbanded.). The media these days are awash in managerial pornography: adulatory profiles of the big-shot chief executive, allegedly revealing the secrets of his success. The bookstores offer shelves of advice about how to be a successful manager. A middle manager with dreams, like so many others, of becoming an upper-middle manager reads the articles and scans the books looking for inspiration. They aren’t much help. Bromides and tautologies are common: treat people like human begins, not automatons; cutting costs saves money. Self-contradiction masquerades as Zenlike philosophical balance: Never lose your temper, but don’t be afraid to get angry. When they don’t contradict themselves, these guides often contradict one another. One chief executive officer (CEO) succeeds because of his maniacal attention to detail. The next CEO’s secret is setting broad goals and keeping her eye on the big picture. One CEO is glorified as a hyperkinetic workaholic. Another is praised for the wisdom of adopting a measured pace and leaving plenty of time for long-term reflection.
【題組】31. The title of _____ best describes the passage.
(A)Middle Management 101
(B) Bill Gates and His Management
(C) CEO’s Mis-management
(D) How to Manage Your Sector Well

32.【題組】32. The hint given at the end of the first paragraph implies that _____ .
(A) Janet Reno must have sung well and owned a band
(B)Janet Reno might have worked for the author’s company
(C)Janet Reno must have managed better than Bill Gates, the CEO
(D)Janet Reno might have done something to damage the company’s reputation

33.【題組】33. The author’s opinions of the media in the second paragraph are _____ .
(A) erotic
(B) loathsome
(C) meritorious
(D) rhetorical

34.【題組】34. The word they in the third paragraph refers to _____ .
(A)the Zen philosophers
(B) media and bookstores
(C) the CEOs and the managers
(D) the books on management

35.【題組】35. The CEOs described in the last paragraph _____ .
(A)have double or multiple personalities without exception
(B) are commonly found in companies based in the author’s area
(C) demonstrate the uselessness of the managerial guides
(D) contradict themselves on a daily basis so as to create a sense of superiority answer for each question.

36.36. Which statement about a teaching approach is appropriate?
(A) A teaching approach is an overall plan for the orderly presentation of teaching materials.
(B) A teaching approach is a procedure for the orderly presentation of teaching activities.
(C) A teaching approach is a particular trick, stratagem, or contrivance used to accomplish an immediate objective.
(D) A teaching approach is a set of correlative assumptions dealing with the nature of teaching and learning.

37.37. Which portfolio refers to a selective collection of student works, teacher records, and standardized performance assessment?
(A) An ownership portfolio.
(B) A feedback portfolio.
(C) An accountability portfolio.
(D) A showcase portfolio.

38.38. Which statement about the theory of whole language teaching is correct?
(A) The teacher is the center of a curriculum.
(B) Whole language teaching is a technology which can be presented in a definite skill.
(C) Whole language teaching can be applied across curricula.
(D) Textbooks and drill sheets are applied frequently in whole language teaching.

39.39. Which of the following methods prevents learner errors?
(A) Natural Approach
(B) Comprehension-Based Approach
(C) Audiolingual Method
(D) Communicative Approach

40.40. Which of the following emphasizes literacy language?
(A) Grammar-Translation Method
(B) Direct Method
(C) Audiolingual Method
(D) Communicative Approach