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1.1.Vocabulary: Choose the best word or phrase for each sentence. There has been no rain for several months, and the farmers are _____ in need of water.
(A) decisively
(B) dizzy
(C) diligently
(D) desperately

2.2. I am in _____ of the coming exam. I haven't prepared at all.
(A) dread
(B) duty
(C) discuss
(D) divorce

3.3._____ going through immigration, you must check in at the airline counter.
(A) Senior to
(B) Superior to
(C) Prior to
(D) Inferior to

4.4.Her house is on a __________ site so that she needs to pay such a high rent.
(A) premiere
(B) premier
(C) premium
(D) premise

5.5.Sometimes, while living in a foreign country, one__________ a special dish from home.
(A) cranes
(B) caves
(C) cares
(D) craves

6.6.The teacher __________ the students strongly for their laziness.
(A) retired
(B) relied
(C) reproached
(D) redeemed

7.7.Some students violated the regulations of the university dormitory.     Among the violations was showing a repeated disregard of curfew by returning rate. 
(A) career
(B) carry
(C) time limit
(D) time elapsed

Despite tremendous efforts, the risk " looms" as a possibility in this enterprise. 

(A) comes into sight without a clear form 

(B) comes into sight with a clear form 

(C) benefits from the efforts made 

(D) vanishes in spite of the efforts

9.9.As developed countries vault forward on the back of new technologies, others will fall painfully farther behind.
(A) move quickly
(B) move slowly
(C) launch suddenly
(D) stop suddenly

10.10.I thought that the man might be her husband, or her lover, and that he was pleading with her.
(A) saying complimentary words to
(B) trying to influence
(C) trying to avoid
(D)giving instructions to

11.11.Her story is a poignant modern example of living the American dream.
(A) sharply painful to the feelings
(B) impossible to believe
(C) crazy enough
(D) marvellous

12.12.Richard was born in New Brunswick but spent most of his formative years in Washington D. C.
(A) early
(B) later
(C) formal
(D) informal

13.13.According to the stringent discipline, the shelter officer determined the family should be evicted because they violated the center’s rules.
(A) thrown out
(B) put in the prison
(C) protected
(D) compensated

14.14.The referee threatened to oust the player for repeated violating rules.
(A) kick
(B) kick out
(C) sue
(D) sue for

15.15.The funding of the social welfare programs is dwarfed by the problem.
(A) delayed
(B) accumulated
(C) made small
(D) becoming promising

16.The life expectancy of Taiwanese people continued to increase last year, with the average life span ____16____ 73.7 years for men and 79.8 years for women. ____17____ the 2004 level, the life span of men increased by 1.2 months while ____18____ of women rose by 4.8 months. According to the Department of Health, cancer topped the list of major ____19____ of death for the 24th consecutive year, ____20____ stroke, heart disease, diabetes, accidents and pneumonia.
(A) which will reach
(B) reaching
(C) reached
(D) which have reached

(A) Compared with
(B) Consisting of
(C) Composed of
(D) Contented with

(A) it
(B) that
(C) those
(D) which

(A) results
(B) effects
(C) causes
(D) reflections

(A) following
(B) were followed
(C) following by
(D) followed by

21.(二) From 1950 to 1980, the so-called “Green Revolution” 21 the world. World food production doubled with the introduction of a new approach to agriculture. However, the “Green Revolution” methods no longer 22 to be successful. Though the population continues to grow, food production has 23 to keep up with it. One of the reasons lies in the expense of the new farming methods. In order to get maximum production, farmers must use large amounts of expensive chemical fertilizers. The also need to use expensive chemical 24 since the new grains are more easily damaged by insects. Expensive watering systems are also necessary for these grains, especially in drier areas. Many farmers cannot 25 to buy all the chemicals and equipment.
(A) sweeps
(B) swept
(C) swears
(D) swore

(A) appease
(B) appeal
(C) appear
(D) append

(A) fell
(B) felled
(C) felt
(D) failed

(A) intentions
(B) intersections
(C) insertions
(D) insecticides

(A) afford
(B) afloat
(C) afoot
(D) affect

26. (三) In what is an elite refinement on home schooling—and a throwback to the 26 days of education by governess or tutor—growing numbers of families in the United States are choosing the 27 in private school: hiring teachers to educate their children in their own homes. Unlike the more familiar home-schoolers of recent years, these families are not trying to get more 28 into their children’s lives, or escape what some consider the 29 of the government’s hand in schools. In fact, many say they have no argument with 30 education—it just does not fit their lifestyles.
(A) glided
(B) gilded
(C) guilty
(D) guiltless

(A) ultimate
(B) climate
(C) classmate
(D) mate

(A) regions
(B) reasons
(C) religion
(D) religious

(A) irony
(B) symphony
(C) tyranny
(D) tyrant

(A) necessary
(B) necessity
(C) extraordinary
(D) ordinary

31.(四) Do oysters have little bivalve souls? Do they dream briny dreams, scream briny screams? On a level that I suppose is selfish and somewhat silly, I hope not, because they are alive when they are shucked right 31 us, their deaths more proximal than those of so many creatures we eat. They don’t thrash like the lobster in its scalding pot, but should we nonetheless worry about how they meet their end? And whether that end is a sufficiently compassionate one? These questions seem 32 they once did. Last month Whole Foods, a chain of grocery stores that promotes organic and natural foods, announced that it would 33 live lobsters, saying that keeping them in crammed tanks for long periods doesn’t demonstrate a proper concern for animal welfare. The Chicago City Council recently 34 of foie gras to protest the force-feeding of the ducks and geese that yield it. California passed a similar law, which doesn’t 35 until 2012, and other states and cities are considering such measures.
(A) in back of
(B) in front of
(C) ahead of
(D) because of

(A) less funny than
(B) less challenging than
(C) less imaginative than
(D) less ridiculous than

(A) no longer purchase
(B) no longer cook
(C) no longer sell
(D) no longer display

(A) passed the law of the sale
(B) postponed the sale
(C) extended the law of the sale
(D) outlawed the sale

(A) take effect
(B) take off
(C) take on
(D) take over

36.(一) West Side Story is a musical tragedy based on William Shakespeare's timeless love story, Romeo and Juliet. It is set in the early 1950s, when gang warfare in big cities led to injuries and even death. The plot tells the story of Maria, a Puerto Rican, whose brother is the leader of the Sharks, and of Tony, a member of the Jets. As the opposing gangs battle in the streets of New York, these two fall in love. While trying to stop a street fight, Tony inadvertently kills Maria's brother and is ultimately killed himself. The play opened on September 26, 1957. It ran for 734 performances, toured for 10 months, and then returned to New York. The classic motion picture was released in 1961, which garnered 10 Academy Awards, including ones for Best Picture and Best Director.
【題組】36. The author's attitude toward the play is generally __________.
(A) favorable
(B) critical
(C) awful
(D) pitiful

37.【題組】37. According to the passage, when does the action of the play take place?
(A) In 1961
(B) In Shakespeare's time
(C) In the early 1950s
(D) In 1957

38.【題組】38. It can be inferred from the passage that the Sharks and the Jets __________.
(A) the names of fish and planes
(B) were families in Shakespeare's play
(C) were 1950s street gangs
(D) were groups of actors, dancers and singers

39.【題組】39.Which of the following statement is true?
(A) West Side Story is written by William Shakespeare.
(B) In West Side Story, although Tony loved Maria, he finally killed her.
(C) West Side Story happened in Puerto Rico.
(D) West Side Story was first a play and then a motion picture was released.

40.【題組】40.The word inadvertently is close to the meaning of __________.
(A) finally
(B) accidentally
(C) on purpose
(D) carefully

41.(二) Cat, if you go outdoors, you must walk in the snow. You will come back with little white shoes on your feet, little white slippers of snow that have heels of sleet. Stay by the fire, my Cat. Lie still, and do not go. See how the flames are leaping and hissing low. I will bring you a saucer of milk like a marguerite, so white and so smooth, so spherical and so sweet. Stay with me, Cat. Outdoors the wild winds blow and dark is the night. Strange voices cry in the trees, intoning strange lore. And more than cats move, lit by your eyes green light. On silent feet where the meadow grasses hang hoar, there are portents abroad of magic and might. And things that are yet to be done. Open the door! ---by Elizabeth Chatsworth
【題組】41.The cat and its owner disagree on the __________.
(A) force of the wild winds
(B) proper time to eat
(C) depth of the snow
(D) advantages of being outdoors

42.【題組】42. What are the “little white slippers” in Line 2?
(A) the poet’s slippers
(B) the piles of snow on the floor
(C) snow-covered paws
(D) saucers of milk

43.【題組】43. The owner tries to persuade the cat to stay indoors by __________.
(A) giving the cat freedom
(B) placing the cat near the fire
(C) barring the door
(D) offering food and comfort

44.【題組】44. In Line 8, the word “portents” suggest __________.
(A) the night sky
(B) events that will happen
(C) important business
(D) wild winds

45.【題組】45. To the cat, the night is __________.
(A) comical
(B) mysterious
(C) sad
(D) improper

46. (三) Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in their explorations of North America in the early nineteenth century came across enough unfamiliar birds, mammals, and reptiles. In keeping with President Jefferson’s orders, they took careful note of 122 species and subspecies that were unknown to science and in many cases native only to the West. Clark made sketches of any particularly intriguing creature. He and Lewis also collected animal horns and bird skins with such care that a few of them were still intact nearly two centuries later. While Lewis and Clark failed to meet the mythological monsters reputed to dwell in the West, they did unearth the bones of a 45-foot-dinosaur. In their collector’s enthusiasm, they even floated a prairie dog out of its burrow by pouring in five barrelfuls of water, then shipped the frisky animal to Jefferson alive and yelping.
【題組】46.What does this passage discuss?
(A) President Jefferson’s pets
(B) collector’s techniques for capturing wildlife
(C) discovery of animal species by Lewis and Clark
(D) jobs for trained naturalist

47.【題組】47.In Line 3, “In keeping with” can be best replaced by __________.
(A) following
(B) managing
(C) retaining
(D) delaying

48.【題組】48. It can be inferred from the passage that President Jefferson ordered Lewis and Clark to __________.
(A) bring back animals for a zoo.
(B) try to be naturalists.
(C) compile sketches for a book.
(D) record newly discovered species or animals.

49.【題組】49. In Line 9, what does the word “they” refer to?
(A) Lewis and Clark
(B) dinosaurs bones
(C) mythological monsters
(D) Western dwellers

50.【題組】50. The author compares which of the following animals to mythological monsters?
(A) the lion
(B) the grizzly bear
(C) a tropical bird
(D) a poisonous reptile