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1.1. Anyone with a proper identification card can _____ the computers in the office.
(A) assess
(C) accent
(D) assume

2.2. Please _____ your flight reservation at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
(A) confirm
(C) conduct
(D) concord

3.3. The personnel department has requested that the deadline be _____ for two more weeks.
(A) lengthened
(C) extended
(D) increased

4.4. Failure to take preventive measures against pollution may eventually _____ a threat to human survival.
(A) make
(C) reject
(D) pose

5.5. As we age, our _____ rate is bound to slow down. Middle-aged people should, therefore, exercise on a regular basis in order to stay healthy.
(A) feudalistic
(C) specific
(D) prolific

6.6. Because unvented gas fireplaces exhaust directly into the room rather than outside, they also emit pollutants which may _____ some health risks.
(A) run
(C) entail
(D) include

7.7. Requirements of family mediators often look like this: “Mediators in divorce and custody cases shall have at least a baccalaureate degree from a(n) __________ four-year college.”

8.8. Also a Zodiacal constellation, Aquarius has no stars brighter than 3rd magnitude.
(A) comet
(B)group of stars
(C) horoscope
(D) meteorite

9.9. Modern anthropology, in both its physical and cultural aspects, began roughly with the start of the 20th century.
(A) only
(C) approximately
(D) simultaneously

10.10. A bicycle is a two-wheel vehicle propelled by pedals.
(A) powered
(C) characterized
(D) driven forward

11.11. In 1962, Michael Harrington published a little book called The Other America, which was to have a profound effect on American.
(A) incredible
(C) inconsequential
(D) resounding

12.12. Maintaining the correct pH value in a marine aquarium is critical to the well-being of the fishes and the invertebrates it contains.
(A) crucial
(C) funny
(D) interesting

13.13. The chicken pox is a contagious childhood disease caused by a filterable virus.
(A) a lethal
(B)a dangerous
(C) a curable
(D) an infectious

14.14. The proof that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires for the safety and validity of a new medicine should be empirical.
(A) based on experiment
(C) authoritative
(D) well presented

15.15. The use of radar, as well as the two way radio, _____ for state troopers to intercept most speeders.
(A) make it possible
(B)make possible
(C) makes it possible
(D) makes possible

16.16. Internet companies have long wanted to put entertainment content online, but fear of piracy, illegal downloading and disruption of their revenue model have so far made the studios ___________ their product.
(A)hold on tightly to
(B)continue on
(C)keep on
(D)make effort to

17.17. In this chapter, I will examine two current issues in second language research and teaching, __________ with what is certainly the most persistent question in the field: the role of grammar.
(C)being begun
(D)while beginning

18.18. Now that convention center _____, it can seat 500 people at a time.
(A) has enlarged
(B)had been enlarged
(C) enlarges
(D) is enlarging

19.19. The greatest use of a school education is not so much to teach you things ____ to teach you the art of learning.
(A) as
(C) than
(D) that

20.20. Altruism is characterized by a deep sympathy for those less fortunate, _____ that the aim of life should be to contribute more to society than you take.
(A) belief rooted in
(B)rooted in the belief
(C) in the belief rooted
(D) the rooted belief in

21.21. Carbon Dioxide may be absorbed by trees or water bodies, or it may stay in the atmosphere when _____, while it is only in the atmosphere that chlorofluorocarbons find their home.
(A) cars that release emissions
(B)emissions are released by cars
(C) by releasing emissions from cars
(D) released from car emissions

22.22. John believes that someone _____ into the house while Mary was out shopping.
(A) has broken
(B)must have broken
(C) would broken
(D) can have broken

23.23. Few of the gold seekers who flocked to California were experienced miners, _____ did they feel that they had to be.
(A) neither
(C) and so
(D) and either

24.24. Don’t you think the color of this car is much darker than _____?
(A) that of that car
(B)that’s the car
(C) that car
(D) one of the cars

25.25. _____ they sometimes hunt alone, wolves usually hunt in small packs, usually numbering from 3 to 4, but sometimes larger.
(A) Despite
(C) Even
(D) Although

26.One of the most beautiful sights in the bird world is the male peafowl, or peacock, strutting proudly about with its magnificent tail raised and its richly colored tail feathers glistening in the sunlight. The peacock’s many-colored “tail” is not really a tail at all. It is a fan __(26)__ of stiff, beautiful feathers. This fan is __(27)__ by the peacock’s true tail. In addition to the glorious __(28)__, a peacock has a crest of upright feathers on its head. __(29)__, the peahen, or female peafowl, is usually colored a dull brown and has neither fan nor crest.
(A) commanded
(C) consisted
(D) composed

(A) upset
(C) buried
(D) concealed

(A) plumage
(C) plunge
(D) prudence

(A) Therefore
(C) Thankfully
(D) Instead

30. Books are to mankind __(30)__ memory is to the individual. They contain the history of our race, the discoveries we have made, the __(31)__ knowledge and experience of ages; they __(32)__ for us the marvels and beauties of nature; help us in our difficulties; comfort us in sorrow and suffering; change hours of weariness into moments of delight; __(33)__ our minds with ideas, fill them with good and happy thoughts, and lift us __(34)__ ourselves.
(A) that
(C) what
(D) where

(A) accumulating
(C) calculating
(D) calculated

(A) picture
(C) give
(D) take

(A) keep
(C) store
(D) get

(A) upon
(C) into and out
(D) out of and above

35. Repetition, we are told, is an evil in writing. It seems that we are told this practically from the time we begin to write. Yet the skillful writer instinctively recognizes that carefully repeating certain key words and phrases can help tie his ideas together. For example, the mathematician Norbert Wiener begins his discussion of Brownian motion in this way: “To understand the Brownian motion, let us imagine a push-ball in a field in which a crowd is milling around. Various people in the crowd will run into the push-ball and will move it about. Some will push in one direction and some in another.” To use repletion creatively, you repeat certain words of phrases in order to keep the reader’s mind firmly on the subject.
【題組】35. Which is the best title?
(A) Creative Repetition
(C) Crowd
(D) Skillful Writing

36.【題組】36. In this passage, “evil” can mean
(A) Satan
(B)God’s condemnation
(C) weakness
(D) necessary style

37.Genesee (1985) defines Canadian immersion programs as those in which the target language is used for teaching regular school subjects. Content-Based Instruction is generally seen as designed for adult learners only—adults studying language for special purposes. A growing number of universities are offering Language for Specific Purposes courses in foreign languages in a variety of disciplines, particularly in business. To further define Content-Based Instruction, Met (1999) describes a continuum of programmatic possibilities for integrating language and content leaning, ranging from the most content-driven language programs on one end of the continuum to those that are primarily language-driven on the other.
【題組】37. In this passage, 1985 indicates
(A) the year of the publication of a work written by a scholar whose last name is Genesee.
(B)the volume of books published by a publisher whose last name is Genesee.
(C) the number of schools the publisher named Genesee includes in its distribution.
(D) last year’s growth rate.

38.【題組】38. The word “continuum” refers to
(A) range
(B)specific point
(C) grammar
(D) English

39.【題組】39. The phrase “programmatic possibilities” refers to
(A)school curriculum
(B)course descriptions
(C)business teaching methodologies
(D)language teaching methods

40.重新載圖When Discarding Paper Waste 

It’s been frequently noted that confidential information is carelessly discarded in the trash. This practice can let us lose control on our information, and thus put our company and valuable customers at risk. 

From now on, all of the paper waste should be sorted out into recyclable or confidential. Two different colored trash cans are provided in each office, and paper waste must be disposed in a proper box. Especially, confidential documents must be completely shredded to ensure complete destruction. 

【題組】40. What is the purpose of this notice?
(A) To reduce wasted paper
(B)To dispose of paper waste properly
(C) To reorganize office documents
(D) To recycle office documents

41.【題組】41. Which color box is provided for confidential information?
(A) The gray one
(B)The white one
(C) The blue one
(D) Whichever

42.【題組】42. How should confidential information be handled before putting in the trash?
(A) It must be cut into pieces.
(B)It must be recycled.
(C) It must be reviewed.
(D) It was to be painted white.

43.Five planets are visible to the naked eye. With the aid of the telescope, Uranus was added to the list in the 18th century, and in the 19th century, Neptune. Astronomers predicted an even more distant planet would be found. In 1930, this ninth planet was discovered and named Pluto. Recently, some astronomers have questioned whether Pluto is a true “planet” or not. It is even smaller than seven of the moons circling other planet, including Earth’s moon. Its orbit is so strange that for a 20-year period during its long 248-year revolution around the sun, Pluto is actually closer to the sun than is Neptune, a feat no other planet comes even close to. Despite these anomalies, most members of the astronomical society still consider Pluto the ninth planet.
【題組】43.With the discovery of Pluto, how many planets are now visible to the naked eye?
(A) Five
(C) Eight
(D) Nine

44.【題組】44. According to the passage, which of the following is the smallest planet?
(A) Earth
(C) Neptune
(D) Pluto

45.【題組】45. Which of the following statements is true concerning the size of Pluto?
(A) It is larger than the Earth’s moon.
(B)It is the largest moon in the solar system.
(C) It is the smallest planet in the solar system.
(D) It is the smallest moon in the solar system.

46.To resolve a dispute means to turn opposing positions into a single outcome. The two parties may choose to focus their attention on one or more of three basic factors. They may seek to (1) reconcile their interests, (2) determine who is right, and/or (3) determine who is more powerful. 
A. Interests are needs, desires, concerns, fears, the things one cares about or wants. They provide the foundation for a person’s or an organization’s position in a dispute. In dispute, not only do the interests of one party not coincide with those of the other party, but they are in conflict. For example, the director of sales for an electronics company gets into a dispute with the director of manufacturing over the number of TV models to produce. The director of sales wants to produce more models because her interest is in selling TV sets; more models mean more choice for consumers and hence increased sales. The director of manufacturing, however, wants to produce fewer models. His interest is in decreasing manufacturing costs and more models mean higher costs. 
B. Reconciling such interests is not easy. It involves probing for deeply rooted concerns, devising creative solutions, and making trade-offs and compromises where interests are opposed. The most common procedure for doing this is negotiation; the act of communication intended to reach agreement. Another interest-based procedure is mediation, in which a third party assists the disputes, the two sides in the dispute, in reaching agreement.
 C. By no means do all negotiations (or mediations) focus on reconciling interests. Some negotiations focus on determining who is right, such as when two lawyers argue about whose case has the greater merit. Other negotiations focus on determining who is more powerful, such as when quarrelling neighbors or nations exchange threats and counter threats. Often negotiations involve a mix of all three—some attempts to satisfy interests, some discussion or rights, and some references to relative power. 
D. It is often complicated to attempt to determine who is right in a dispute. Although it is usually straightforward where rights are formalized in law, other rights take the form of unwritten but socially accepted standards of behavior, such as reciprocity, precedent, equality, and seniority. There are often different—and sometimes contradictory—standards that apply to rights. Reaching agreement on rights, where the outcome will determine who gets what, can often be so difficult that the parties frequently turn to a third party to determine who is right. The most typical rights procedure is adjudication, in which disputants present evidence and arguments to a neutral third party who has the power to make a decision that must be followed by both disputants. (In mediation, by contrast, the third party does not have the power to decide the dispute.) Public adjudication is provided by courts and administrative agencies. Private adjudication is provided by arbitrators. 
E. A third way to resolve a dispute is on the basis of power. We define power, somewhat narrowly, as the ability to pressure someone to do something he would not otherwise do. Exercising power takes two common forms: acts of aggression, such as physical attack, and withholding the benefits that derive from a relationship, as when employees stop working in a strike.

【題組】46. The most suitable heading for Paragraph A is:
(A) The cost of adjudication
(B)Methods of settling conflicting interests
(C) Advantages of negotiation over mediation
(D) Disagreement of interests

47.【題組】47. The most suitable heading for Paragraph B is:
(A) Handling rights-based disputes
(B)Methods of settling conflicting interests
(C) The use of negotiation for different dispute types
(D) The role of power in settling disagreements

48.【題組】48. The most suitable heading for Paragraph C is:
(A) The use of negotiation for different dispute types
(B)Advantages of negotiation over mediation
(C) The role of dependence in disputes
(D) The role of arbitrators

49.【題組】49. The most suitable heading for Paragraph D is:
(A) Fulfilling employee’s needs
(B)Ensuring choice for consumers
(C) Handling rights-based disputes
(D) Punishing act of aggression

50.【題組】50. The most suitable heading for Paragraph E is:
(A) The role of arbitrators
(B)The role of power in settling disagreements
(C) The role of dependence in disputes
(D) The cost of adjudication